First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family

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A new addition to the Nintendo Switch family will arrive on 9/20. Nintendo Switch Lite is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take on the go! This dedicated handheld device lets you play all Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode. It will be available in three different colors.
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Bubble Dum
Bubble Dum Hace 22 horas
so basically, its worse
What am I doing with my life studios Ultra
What am I doing with my life studios Ultra Hace un día
Nothing like a space man brining a Nintendo switch lite along
Shadow22 Ultimate
Shadow22 Ultimate Hace 2 días
It’s lite not light
flufft flufft
flufft flufft Hace 2 días
pls give me nintendo
Alexandra Pühringer
Alexandra Pühringer Hace 2 días
Darf ich eine zum Geburtstag geschenkt bekommen 17 Oktober bundesstraße 1 heißt das 🏠
Brayden Schneider
Brayden Schneider Hace 2 días
Nintendo switch is dead switch lite has over
Brayden Schneider
Brayden Schneider Hace 2 días
Nintendo switch is dead switch lite has over
1spore2 Hace 2 días
This is the best thing since the gba advanced sp and the ds lite!
Sqq da dude
Sqq da dude Hace 3 días
Nintendo Switch Lite: Plays in handheld mode. Nintendo 3DS and 2DS XL: Am I a joke to you.
Allen Naorem
Allen Naorem Hace 3 días
Really like the fact that this official ad is direct and to the point. He makes sure to explain the key differences quite well and no confusion whatsoever is created.
RAJESH KUMAR Hace 3 días
I want in India with PUBG & call of duty mobile
Minebeast Hace 3 días
Yiloot Hace 3 días
Where is apex legends for switch?
Weirneir Hace 4 días
i wish it was availabe in red colour...
Tal the gamer
Tal the gamer Hace 4 días
Nintendo stuck.
Rose Brothwood
Rose Brothwood Hace 4 días
Sooooooo basically a DS?
Cats Hace 4 días
So just a Wii U
Snap that’s gonna go Camera
Snap that’s gonna go Camera Hace un día
Cats very funny and original
Smelly Feet
Smelly Feet Hace 4 días
What's with the gay music?
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Hace 4 días
My mind is like a joycon, always drifting away
Justin Cintron
Justin Cintron Hace 5 días
Can you make a blue and red one
Snap that’s gonna go Camera
Snap that’s gonna go Camera Hace 4 días
There is sorta blue but not red
Calum Lindsay
Calum Lindsay Hace 5 días
Plainrock when looking at the turqouise one: WWWHHHYYY, NINTENDO??? Me: That's a-- SDSLAYER100: *cutesy* me: 0w0 that's a good way to look at it. SDSLAYER100: *merci beaucoup*
Snap that’s gonna go Camera
Snap that’s gonna go Camera Hace 4 días
jocelyn Hace 5 días
anyone getting airplane safety video vibes..
Marjorie Ramirez
Marjorie Ramirez Hace 5 días
Guácala esto no me gusta no le llega ni a los pies de la original
zUltra Hace 5 días
Lol $200 Switch's exist on eBay
MMGAMER50 Hace 6 días
So its a smaller Nintendo switch?
Pasteliica Hace 4 días
Tcof Hace 6 días
How it look ? not great. This size doesn't change much. I want something small that can fit my pocket. This is useless. Should make it more portable.
Tcof Hace un día
@Snap that’s gonna go Camera What the ppoint ? new release game doesn't go to DS anymore. And do that something they shoudn't do ? These suppose to be for outside need, more portable and carry around. Yet, they make the size roughly the same ?
Snap that’s gonna go Camera
Snap that’s gonna go Camera Hace un día
If it’s to small buy a ds
Falls_Gaming_ PT
Falls_Gaming_ PT Hace 6 días
How to get bullied at school.
Cassidy Kimmins
Cassidy Kimmins Hace 7 días
I brought 2 switches the other day, 1 is original and 1 lite, I cannot wait till sword and shield comes out so I can do evolution trade my stuff
channelsthat SuckLIKe theses
channelsthat SuckLIKe theses Hace 7 días
I want a red Nintendo Switch Lite. Please make it.
Dennis Bowen
Dennis Bowen Hace 8 días
I was a big critic on this since it seemed this console didnt include a game in the us, but when I saw that yall had a decent price point for switch online (20 bucks a year vs like 60 or something on playstation and xbox) which also includes both a nes classic library and snes classic library, that more then makes up for it. I hope however that the joycons dont fail but I paid for a four year warranty so I think Ill be ok.
oreo Hace 8 días
hahaha jokes on you nintendo. Im getting a 3ds xl?.
Cøøkîė !
Cøøkîė ! Hace 8 días
Isn’t it just a WIIU?
Snap that’s gonna go Camera
Snap that’s gonna go Camera Hace un día
Zackery Argueta
Zackery Argueta Hace 8 días
I went to best buy and I was able to play with the switch lite and it felt amazing! - zack
Surp Nurp
Surp Nurp Hace 9 días
I’ve always wanted a glorified Wii U
Cheesy Potato
Cheesy Potato Hace 9 días
I guess the Lite is just a Nintendo switch and 3DS mashup
Turd Sandwich
Turd Sandwich Hace 9 días
I love it so much
MoahGentle Hace 10 días
I always found the Switch to be too bulky to use as handheld. I think I'll give Lite a go.
Luix Michael Yeso
Luix Michael Yeso Hace 10 días
I have switch lite
joe Hace 10 días
This sounds like x forts
joe Hace un día
@Snap that’s gonna go Camera hes a youuber look him up
Snap that’s gonna go Camera
Snap that’s gonna go Camera Hace un día
X forts?
Modco Hace 10 días
i like how the first bit is just saying "yeah bud your missing out if your buying the lite"
kiwi pp
kiwi pp Hace 10 días
Nintendo switch lite trailer: shows many people playing Reality: plays my switch in the dark by myself
Juliet Watson
Juliet Watson Hace 2 días
Miloš Hace 6 días
Heitor Carneiro Bispo
Heitor Carneiro Bispo Hace 10 días
Not soment the switches 2020: wii 80 ( CD/DVD ) 2021: Wii 360 ( portable ) 2022: Wii one ( portable ) 2024: Nintendo trix ( portable CD ) 2024: gameboy trix ( portable ) 2025: gameboy trix 3D ( HD portable ) 2026: gameboy trix CD ( CD/DVD ) 2026: gameboy trix 3D CD ( CD/DVD ) 2028: hollyplay and maxplaxplay (portable) 2029: N4DS 2030: N4DS Lite 2031: N4DSi 2032: N4DS xl 2033: N4DSi xli
Heitor Carneiro Bispo
Heitor Carneiro Bispo Hace 10 días
Switch pro - switch 4 09,99 bucks in national Nintendo final portable - CD/DVD console 49,99 bucks in national
Heitor Carneiro Bispo
Heitor Carneiro Bispo Hace 10 días
Wii 80 - N4DSi xli 30,00 bucks in Japan , brazil , usa , europe , national
Little Demon Ęløise
Little Demon Ęløise Hace 11 días
I prefer normal switch
Ronisson Silva
Ronisson Silva Hace 11 días
4:25 represents max resolution
FLEX Hace 11 días
I prefer the lite just so i dont have to play with my little brother.
Taiga Aisaka
Taiga Aisaka Hace 11 días
Nintendon't Switch
Valbone Ademi
Valbone Ademi Hace 11 días
Lachlan MACLEAN Hace 11 días
Switch is better
Te todo un poco y mas Wepa
Te todo un poco y mas Wepa Hace 11 días Support her channel thanks
Otakutech gaming
Otakutech gaming Hace 11 días
But you can't switch on tv Ninten don't switch
Amari Cole
Amari Cole Hace 12 días
I now have the yellow switch lite I love it
Hacker Dude
Hacker Dude Hace 12 días
So its Nintendo switch lite is the Nintendo switch without the 'switch'... Nintendo lite?
Patrick Ngo
Patrick Ngo Hace 12 días
The Nintendo switch lite is the 3Ds without the 3d
sarina gumpok
sarina gumpok Hace 12 días
Can it run Minecraft pe lite?
Jaiken900 Pflucker
Jaiken900 Pflucker Hace 12 días
Go to a skate park and bing a bunch of gear and skate boards and huge Backpacks and instead of Riding skateboard like normal people plays Nintendo switch
Beastly McLaren
Beastly McLaren Hace 12 días
Why are you playing video games at a skatepark? 😂 don’t you go there to skate?
Rumuel Nathanael
Rumuel Nathanael Hace 13 días
I want a red colored one.
Hassan Ahmad
Hassan Ahmad Hace 13 días
Had to be nice and share my switch with some random kid in the plane I WANTED TO PLAY ZELDA NOT MARIO PARTY
lolipop Hace 14 días
So a Wii U
robert kemp
robert kemp Hace 14 días
When will the switch 2 come out?
Ernesto Gomez Jr
Ernesto Gomez Jr Hace 14 días
Im crying its that good!😂
MrOldPal ]
MrOldPal ] Hace 14 días
Imagine falling backwards on their bike with those back packs. You could just roll out
Lexi Santos
Lexi Santos Hace 14 días
I remember staying up till 3am playing on my ds now everyone is getting a switch rip ds
Fluorescent Memer
Fluorescent Memer Hace 15 días
Nintendo: Hey all, we are releasing a new console Everyone: :D Nintendo: its a new switch Everyone: :DD Nintendo: and its a wii u without a console Everyone: :|
Apenas um Stormtropper
Apenas um Stormtropper Hace 9 días
@Marth gamepad
Marth Hace 11 días
How is this like the wii u at all?
Georgia. Hace 12 días
Fluorescent Memer it’s basically a psvita
Columbus41 Productions
Columbus41 Productions Hace 15 días
When I hold my switch lieing down my arms hurt
SHAGGY -OW Hace 15 días
Joalyson Marinho
Joalyson Marinho Hace 15 días
Me nintendo switch lite me yea
donald Rivera
donald Rivera Hace 16 días
Thanks you Nintendo.
BaconHairBoy Oof
BaconHairBoy Oof Hace 16 días
2017 Nintendo switch 2019 Nintendo switch v2 2019 Nintendo switch lite 2020 Nintendo switch pro 2021 Nintendo switch A 2023 Nintendo switch S 2023 Nintendo switch X 2023 Nintendo switch Z 2024 Nintendo switch i 2024 Nintendo switch 2 2025 Nintendo switch 3 2025 Nintendo switch mini 2025 Nintendo switch XL 2025 Nintendo switch pro mini 2025 Nintendo switch mini XL 2026 Nintendo switch mini i 2026 Nintendo switch mini XL i 2026 Nintendo switch tab 2026 Nintendo switch 4 2029 Nintendo4DS 2031 Nintendo4DSi 2033 Nintendo4DS XL 2033 Nintendo4DSi XLi 2038 Nintendo Switch 5 2043 Nintendo DS Switch v4 5 tab lite pro asxzi mini xl
Roachan Hace 16 días
I love how they made a video so clear, that even monkey's understand what he means. Idk if its because their target audience.
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