First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family

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A new addition to the Nintendo Switch family will arrive on 9/20. Nintendo Switch Lite is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take on the go! This dedicated handheld device lets you play all Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode. It will be available in three different colors.
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The Gaming Jag
The Gaming Jag Hace 16 horas
Should it still be considered a “Nintendo Switch” if it doesn’t even switch
Dr.DoritosRMLG Hace 16 horas
*Godam who brings their skate board,bike,and switch to the park like dammmm*
BRINK2011THEGAME Hace 16 horas
Senyuri Hace 16 horas
It looks like the old school Gameboy~
Blue Ender Eye
Blue Ender Eye Hace 16 horas
U can't even use the nintendo labo :( anymore
SlaughTer 19XX
SlaughTer 19XX Hace 16 horas
A dead nobody
A dead nobody Hace 17 horas
Cool now that you have a different switch can we please have a super Mario 3D world port please?
D43mOOnZ Hace 17 horas
It would be fair if they add more battery instead. oooor 200 bucks price aprox. Also, i actually think this was in some kind of manner Made for Pokémon players that are not going to pay 360 bucks just for playing something they were doing for 240
legendarymudkip2096 Hace 17 horas
couldn't tell if it has a port for game cards? no word on the website if it does or doesn't; might be a turn off if all games have to be downloaded through the e-shop
Eli Zasand
Eli Zasand Hace 17 horas
Luisito Comunica ganó la partida de Mario Kart.
Emi Plays
Emi Plays Hace 17 horas
Funny thing is that with the first Nintendo switch I have this issue where dust gets traped in the circle pad making it move randomly. But then I like the Vibration and being able to detach and play on the TV T^T... I also Like the originals Big Screen. If you didn't notice, the Nintendo Switch Lite is slightly smaller than the Nintendo Switch. Which is why at the start of the video you see a boy riding a smaller bike and the other boy riding a larger bike.
Omar Resendiz
Omar Resendiz Hace 17 horas
Sooo, its a psp? Great improvement nintendo. Truly remarkable.
cat boy 336 hammer bro 909
cat boy 336 hammer bro 909 Hace 18 horas
jos fonseca
jos fonseca Hace 18 horas
The one reason why i won't buy a nintendo switch lite. JOYCON DRIFT
Br14n R10s
Br14n R10s Hace 18 horas
What about the Joy-Stick drift
Ultimategaming1219 Hace 19 horas
It's the same but small and no taking the controllers they should make a gadget for a switch like you playing with a control then clip on top of it to play and you ca n ajust the clip to grab on it hard but no they made the switch small
Squrriel. 2
Squrriel. 2 Hace 19 horas
4:24 I like how he makes fun of gamers by like making it hard to look at the sun he might as well just hiss at it lol
John Fernandez
John Fernandez Hace 19 horas
Its almost like a new ps vita but Nintendo made.....
Squrriel. 2
Squrriel. 2 Hace 19 horas
Um so this exists
Mikedawg Hace 19 horas
Petition to make a etika version
Michael Walker
Michael Walker Hace 20 horas
can I get one free
Michael Walker
Michael Walker Hace 20 horas
I really really really really really won't one
Taryn Duggan
Taryn Duggan Hace 20 horas
Switch lite: I’m a handheld Guard: so? Switch lite: I can go to space Guard: Right this way sir
Bacon Squad
Bacon Squad Hace 20 horas
The only thing that changed was the english voice
The Three Js'
The Three Js' Hace 20 horas
You encounter a wild Penguin Avatar! Nintendo uses New Console! Penguin is confused! Nintendo uses read the comments! Penguin takes critical damage! Penguin is defeated!
Friday Rush
Friday Rush Hace 20 horas
I hate this i just bought nintendo switch:(
pandacorn 777
pandacorn 777 Hace 20 horas
Me like the swatch lite
Power Gaming
Power Gaming Hace 20 horas
Gameking Hace 20 horas
uhm, but it´s much cheaper.
ivyquartz Hace 21 un hora
Nintendo DITCH
SquidSquad TV
SquidSquad TV Hace 21 un hora
we just gonna ignore the fact that the switch lite comes out the same day as the raid
John Jacobs
John Jacobs Hace 21 un hora
They should add Bluetooth to the Nintendo switch
Warhero 779
Warhero 779 Hace 21 un hora
Finna buy the switch for my new alien
Warhero 779
Warhero 779 Hace 21 un hora
*Me and the boys buying the switch on the way to Area 51*
Daniel Ayy
Daniel Ayy Hace 21 un hora
Wow, look! It's a Wii U gamepad without the console or TV!
Zaman Kwekha
Zaman Kwekha Hace 22 horas
It’s kinda the same except u can’t connect it to a TV and u can’t take joy cons off. I don’t like it
Serenity Love M-Gutierrez
Serenity Love M-Gutierrez Hace 22 horas
So it's like the Sega game gear
7 idiots ruined my life
7 idiots ruined my life Hace 22 horas
My wallet is screeching in delight cause I wanted to get a switch soon and since I wouldn't play on the tv anyway, this switch lite would be great. 100-130€ saved
CMP T Hace 23 horas
Why didnt make smaler
Water Sheep
Water Sheep Hace 23 horas
Almost everyone already HAS a switch, nobody would want a downgrade! Plus, it took away what the switch WAS, so you shouldn’t call it a switch, anyway. not to mention it has LESS GAMES! The only bright side I can think of is that it’s cheaper! Also, this isn’t apart of the rant, but does anyone else think the back of the switch light looks like the back of the Wii U
CMP T Hace 23 horas
WTF this is the 1ds
Erol Metecan Duren
Erol Metecan Duren Hace 23 horas
We all have heard the rich kids waiting for the new switch ever since it was rumoured
Thomas Meagher
Thomas Meagher Hace 23 horas
So your telling me that this is the same size as the regular console with no bonus features it's the same price and I cant even play It in tabletop mode or on the TV . ILL TAKE IT 😁
xJohnVgamer 256x
xJohnVgamer 256x Hace 23 horas
The switch has a brother now :DDD
Amazing Duck
Amazing Duck Hace 23 horas
We did it boys Nintendo in space!
RoccitPlayz Hace 23 horas
You can do this on the normal switch
NintendoMan 941
NintendoMan 941 Hace 23 horas
Dat is very gud tho.
Jake Mauer
Jake Mauer Hace 23 horas
Sold my Switch because of Joycon drift. Really bums me out because I love Nintendo.
kiltha_ Juice
kiltha_ Juice Hace 18 horas
You really had to sell your switch because of that? You could have got one of those joycons with a dpad, and problem solved
Maka Albarn
Maka Albarn Hace 23 horas
You could have bought a new pair of joycons (although they’re ridiculously expensive)
Kyle Shepherd
Kyle Shepherd Hace 23 horas
Just a question to everyone should I buy a Nintendo switch lite when it comes out or spend the extra $100 to buy the regular switch (I don’t have a switch)
mrsobz5 real
mrsobz5 real Hace un día
My mom sold my switch so I'm sad she spent a lot of money then sold it for like 50$ and ten people wanted it I got it for my birthday then some guy got it for his son for his birthday so if u think that's dumb plz like
Spinellious Hace un día
Looks like a stick of butter
Willow Hace un día
I'm still rocking a Wii u hehehe
Lol B O I
Lol B O I Hace un día
2:23 me when my sister doesn't want the last chip
Steven Perez
Steven Perez Hace un día
Honestly this should have been Named something else Completely, It doesn’t Switch to anything.
Nodto Modley
Nodto Modley Hace 18 horas
aeroshep 2
aeroshep 2 Hace un día
Did they not learn from the Gameboy micro
KindaCool Comix
KindaCool Comix Hace un día
Switch lite looks like it sucks it’s a switch with less features
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez Hace un día
So cool
jauns Hace un día
Yeah is cute but this have BLAST PROCESSING?
Steven Perez
Steven Perez Hace un día
So you take your Bicycle to the Skatepark where you plan to play Video Games? Okay then...
LvDoesYT HD Hace un día
When nintendo says that Switch Lite will have more than 2000 games on their website but they talk only about a few of them.
trickytroyboy 1
trickytroyboy 1 Hace un día
What is the point in this
Nodto Modley
Nodto Modley Hace 18 horas
A cheaper dedicated handheld model that acts as an alternative option to the regular Switch.
Matthew Juasemai
Matthew Juasemai Hace un día
I love this plus it’s coming out on my birthday
Omr4n Gaming
Omr4n Gaming Hace un día
What happens if that too starts drifting
Maka Albarn
Maka Albarn Hace un día
This is releasing the same day me and the boys storm Area 51
drake patrick
drake patrick Hace un día
Make it 4 dollars 💰
Traps are GaY
Traps are GaY Hace un día
What about those traumatising motion sensitive shrines in breath of the wild when there will be no motion control on the switch lite
LemonnadeTV Official
LemonnadeTV Official Hace un día
Well they should have added the grip more comfortable...
Super Kirby 24
Super Kirby 24 Hace un día
3:02 I'm sorry is he playing on the switch lite where he might mess something up?
Super Kirby 24
Super Kirby 24 Hace un día
So where's the switch that only works on the TV? Where's the switch that only does tabletop mode?
Taco Kuri
Taco Kuri Hace un día
Nintendo Switch but without the Switch
Blue carno WR
Blue carno WR Hace un día
It’s a small Wii U
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