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Watch the full FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Opening Movie right here ahead of the worldwide launch of the game on April 10, 2020.
The planet's very life force is drained as Mako energy by the shadowy Shinra Electric Power Company.
In the city of Midgar, a flower merchant gazes upward as a train pulls into a station…
FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is a reimagining of the iconic original with unforgettable characters, a mind-blowing story, and epic battles.
The story of this first, standalone game in the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE project covers up to the party’s escape from Midgar, and goes deeper into the events occurring in Midgar than the original FINAL FANTASY VII.
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final fantasy viifinal fantasy vii remakeffviiffvii remake

GAMES Ƥvp Hace 5 horas
comenta en español
IdealSound & Performance
IdealSound & Performance Hace un día
Plz release early! We're all stuck inside anyway!!!!
IdealSound & Performance
IdealSound & Performance Hace un día
Might have to go play the original..but how? PC original? PC updated? Ps1? Hmm..
Yan Zhang
Yan Zhang Hace 3 días
So it’s only disc 1? 5~6 hours story?
Fourth Hace 4 días
Aight I'm jumping on the FFVII Remake ship right now. I got one problem though, I've never played any of the FF games and I am absolutely clueless about the story.
christian Selberg
christian Selberg Hace 4 días
I hope you add Materia levels grinding ability and all that was in orginal ff7, would't be fun if its only story driven power levels locked with no real grinding to max level early game choice.. don't get me wrong i don't love grinding but becoming 'op' is something that i loved in old ff7-10 and such games. :D
Aryo Dindamarsa
Aryo Dindamarsa Hace 13 días
Next FF9 remake
Blanca Lilia Ruiz
Blanca Lilia Ruiz Hace 16 días
Aerith still doesn't have the HOLY materia in her hair...😩
MasamuneChad Hace 17 días
I feel like I'm 9 years old again. Has it been that long? I can't wait to see this chapter of the story fully realized as a full AAA title.
DengrayKai211 Hace 17 días
damn that one winged angel creeping on you theme song is awesome!!
Andrew Perez
Andrew Perez Hace 18 días
Love the symbolism with the vulture (Sephiroth).
viper2003923 Hace 18 días
if this doesnt win GOTY im gonna be a tad upset, the graphics alone are amazing imo, and assuming they dont deviate too far from the original storyline (which cmon its SE, i doubt theyll deviate too far) the story will be spectacular as well, plus and this is my own opinion but i cant wait for the bike chase section in GLORIOUS HD! :P
RedNether Hace 19 días
2:26 You people do realize who's theme is that right? No wonder Aerith just fucking books it out of that alley.
Rafal Gancarz
Rafal Gancarz Hace 19 días
2:26, the choir chants "estuans interius ira vehementi", those are the lyrics from the one-winged angel.
T Striker
T Striker Hace 20 días
The new intro isn't quite mid 90s scifi hyper soundscape, but it's still good.
Vagrant Ender
Vagrant Ender Hace 20 días
UltraGamer Hace 22 días
Welcome back Cloud Strife!
lejdcool1 Hace 22 días
-flower gets crushed people who've played the game: Oh that's some foreshadowing... people who hope she lives: The foreshadowing is her flowers gonna get destroyed by cloud in part 3!
vinegar titties
vinegar titties Hace 22 días
just played the demo, and man i cant wait
Miau Mamiau
Miau Mamiau Hace 23 días
La madre que me parió
WhiteRoseSamurai Hace 23 días
Don't fuck up.
Sorroche Hace 23 días
Para mas información de final fantasy:
Jostinch 555
Jostinch 555 Hace 23 días
Vine por el vídeo de Auron porque no me había enterado xd
Alberto Rodriguez Martinez
Alberto Rodriguez Martinez Hace 23 días
like si vienes de @auronplay
Alexandre Alessi
Alexandre Alessi Hace 23 días
Whouhouhouhouhouuuuuu !!!!!!!
Dave Fowler
Dave Fowler Hace 23 días
Wish it wasn't filled with so much foul language. I wanted my kids to be able to play this. :(
Dave Fowler
Dave Fowler Hace 21 un día
@Zachery Musselman Yes I remember. I think intelligent people can make better use of words other then cursing words.
Zachery Musselman
Zachery Musselman Hace 21 un día
The old one had cursing
Otano Retro Play
Otano Retro Play Hace 23 días
Vengo por Auron Lechuga.
saul mamani quispe
saul mamani quispe Hace 23 días
Likes si es que Auronplay te recomirio
pfromdapab Hace 24 días
People can say pussy or whatever else but there is absolutely nothing wrong with someone feeling an emotion that stems from over 2 decades ago and getting a bit emotional about it. Even a grown ass man. We are just human. That being said I personally didn’t cry but playing this and hearing THAT MUSIC. I def had that lump in my throat. I had to fight it a bit not to shed a tear! Lol 😂
pfromdapab Hace 24 días
Game looks great. Like really great. But what I’m worried about most is if there is no release date for the next episode or episodes being as from what I’m hearing is this is an episodic game. How are they going to do that with the PS5 on the horizon? Is this game going to cross over from PS4 to PS5? Anyone know? And how will your progress transfer over from episode to episode? Wish this was just all together in one multi disc game like the original but I understand as it looks like they are really hashing out the lore big time which is AWESOME.
Noodle Confeiti
Noodle Confeiti Hace 24 días
Theres a loveless theater at 3:09 reference to the other half wing brother of sephiroth which gave me a theory about the final franchise of the game when sephiroth and the other half wing person combined “MOTHER WILL REBORN AND WILL GUIDE THE PLANET TO THE PROMISED LAND”
Evrey Hace 8 días
Wrong there. Loveless was just a background detail in the original game. Then Gackt came and turned it into some kitshy Poesiealbum to quote from. There is, however, a _real_ reference to Crisis Core: Apple juice advertisement from whatever that village was called again. Banora or something?
Gunj Chowwiwat
Gunj Chowwiwat Hace 24 días
Part 2 ---> release 2040. You've already waited for 2 decades, what about 2 decades more.
Gunj Chowwiwat
Gunj Chowwiwat Hace 24 días
It looks really good for a fake game.
Zachery Musselman
Zachery Musselman Hace 21 un día
You're fake
OhNoItsGojira Hace 24 días
For the first minute and 33 seconds this was like the Bully 2 trailer we deserve 😂
Epic Halcyon
Epic Halcyon Hace 24 días
Screaming Fan Boying Hype When Barett Said : Get Down Here Merc...My Eyes * w*)
Julio 23
Julio 23 Hace 24 días
Alguien que no ha jugado esto y duró más de 2:30m viendo el video, en serio, que cojones.
D C Hace 25 días
CaptainKupo Hace 25 días
why did you have to fuck this up :(
Anton Ironstag
Anton Ironstag Hace 25 días
FF7 ready to revolutionise the gaming world AGAIN. A new generation will get to experience this masterpiece
Michael Kavanagh
Michael Kavanagh Hace 25 días
I'm 37 years old and I've told my 13 year old son about me playing this game when I was his age! Can't wait for this to come out
Zrein Hace 22 días
wow! same age as me! but my cat daughters arent able to play XD
moshpitfuneral Hace 25 días
I’m 17, 18 next month, and was raised with FFVII, VIII, X, and X-2. Seeing this made me feel like my child hood is getting shaken awake and my current self, the Smash Ultimate Cloud main and FFXV, is screaming at how just good this is. The gameplay makes the NieR:Automata fan in me just lose it cuz the combat system is fairly similar, add in the kick ass command system and I’m dying inside. I was born at the right time and raised by the right parents to be able to fully enjoy this and understand why it’s so huge in the Final Fantasy and even just the gaming communities. It also makes me feel like SquareEnix is plotting something huge, in 2016, FFXV came out and has pretty good reviews, following that in 2017 was NieR:Automata was even better ratings, near perfect by people who play it, and now in 2020 a remake of the Final Fantasy with damn near perfect, if not perfect, ratings. This is gonna outdo them all combined and SE is gonna give us something big after this is done. There’s even rumors of another title(or titles) making it into the Drakengard/NieR series, and considering how good those 5 games are, another one would be phenomenal if they can figure out how to make it work with Automata’s true ending. I’m so fucking excited and happy
Tøy Chikitø
Tøy Chikitø Hace 25 días
Quien más vino x auron?
ByDanix Hace 25 días
hermoso!!! Viva el auronPlay
NHON HAU DO Hace 26 días
Watching few first second and i almost thought it was warcraft 3 reforged human cinematic :((
Joel Alarcon
Joel Alarcon Hace 26 días
Like si viene por Auroplay-san
Glace Coco
Glace Coco Hace 26 días
Papitoooooooooo es una pasada
Bernabe esteban :3
Bernabe esteban :3 Hace 26 días
Wualapope xd auronpepino
Genni G Fox
Genni G Fox Hace 26 días
Do you still get to change their names? Probably not.
Briangel Ismael Abreu Hernández
Briangel Ismael Abreu Hernández Hace 26 días
Vine por AuronLechuga
Quom Hace 26 días
Viene por AuronPlay, alguien más? :v
Miguel Chapetón
Miguel Chapetón Hace 26 días
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia Hace 26 días
Sebastian Galarza
Sebastian Galarza Hace 26 días
Quien más está aquí por Auronplay ? Deja tu like que yo lo vea
pablo saucedo
pablo saucedo Hace 26 días
like si vienes de ver el video de auronplay san jajaja
Danilo Burbano
Danilo Burbano Hace 26 días
Yonatan Chaverra
Yonatan Chaverra Hace 26 días
like si vienes por auron :V
Sir.Alberto De La Cruz
Sir.Alberto De La Cruz Hace 26 días
Vine por auronplay-san.
Ro Ge
Ro Ge Hace 26 días
Esto lo jugue de niño y es la ostia😮
U Hace 26 días
david lucano
david lucano Hace 27 días
jesus leon
jesus leon Hace 27 días
Auronplay es lo máximo gracias por recomendarme este juego
VJDT Easymore Guitar.
VJDT Easymore Guitar. Hace 27 días
Súper genial. Súper Súper.
Bryan Vallejo
Bryan Vallejo Hace 27 días
Vengo por AuronPlay uwu
슬픈--K૯vïn Hace 27 días
Quien viene por el Auronplay :v?
Stefanie Kulman
Stefanie Kulman Hace 27 días
Quién aqui por auron?❤️
Angel Gaston Romero
Angel Gaston Romero Hace 27 días
De_ panax
De_ panax Hace 27 días
Quien vino por auronplay. :v
Anllelo Dávila
Anllelo Dávila Hace 27 días
Chale, yo nomas vine por Auron.
Stephen Sanders
Stephen Sanders Hace 27 días
can't wait to play Tifa and Aerith
Ghettê Hace 27 días
2:13 Oh boy
Stephen Sanders
Stephen Sanders Hace 27 días
i just played the demo this game is the best of the best :p
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