Fifty Shades Darker is the dumbest movie...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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50 Shades Darker Animated Reaction
Check out my video on the first movie:
Fifty Shades of Grey is hilariously dumb...
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Love Is Blind is the dumbest show I've ever seen...
Twilight doesn't make any sense...
Twilight New Moon doesn't make any sense...
Umbrella Academy is kinda weird...
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Red Eyed Rebel
Red Eyed Rebel Hace 24 minutos
Gotta love the squeaky nut shot and gunshot
Smart Alek
Smart Alek Hace 8 horas
Was i the only one who was hoping that it wasnt answer c?
Not Accessible
Not Accessible Hace 14 horas
These poor actors seem like they’re struggling so hard. They’re never going to feel like actual normal human beings ever again.
Rana Jamal
Rana Jamal Hace 16 horas
Do part 3 please😂😂
Passive Aggressive
Passive Aggressive Hace 20 horas
I swear, the music cue when Christian appears is straight from Hollow knight. Look up Hollow Knight on Spotify and listen to the song Enter Hallownest. They just slowed it down for the movie, or someone on team cherry has issues.
Dia Hace 22 horas
Next on: Fifty shades Freed please.
babyxgrl87 Hace un día
5:54 Final fight! "Oh, my car."
alka tandon
alka tandon Hace un día
agent 312
agent 312 Hace un día
Can you react to the movie called "Shorts" PLZ
גורי גליגנשטיין
גורי גליגנשטיין Hace un día
We are still waiting for the last one
Martin Elsässer
Martin Elsässer Hace 2 días
You should be doing fifty shades of black. It is fifty shades of grey but a lot better. It is pretty fun.
MinaVenus 22
MinaVenus 22 Hace 2 días
I suggest 6 years on Netflix
Oh yeah, Stream BWL and ON
Oh yeah, Stream BWL and ON Hace 2 días
Why she talks like that? Like... idk is that how she actually talks? Whispering and trying to sounds sensual kind of stuff? It sounds so irritating for my ears I'm sorry
Ivon Arsova
Ivon Arsova Hace 2 días
I can't wait for him to watch the third movie😂
ms connolly
ms connolly Hace 2 días
Love this channel
Mita Widyastuti
Mita Widyastuti Hace 2 días
Lmao and then BOOM comes 365 days
aysha afri
aysha afri Hace 2 días
Rather than watchg film🎥 I prefer wtchg it frm here😂
Screaming Ruski
Screaming Ruski Hace 3 días
How did you make the most inappropriate movie somehow child friendly like wtf.
Quiyl Hace 3 días
You gotta do the third movie That was way too funny
Random with Vile
Random with Vile Hace 3 días
I’ve literally never watched any of these bcoz I respect my eyes😂But Alex is amazing so I come here instead
Richa Jain
Richa Jain Hace 3 días
Oh pls do the third movie plsss
박서라 Hace 3 días
If every movie is dumb why dont you write one that makes sense 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Madhura Bhagat
Madhura Bhagat Hace 3 días
Please complete the trilogy. Also let me tell you, I enjoy the "devil's tango" and the marching band wayyyy too much GO ALEX
PhatomWarrior Hace 3 días
You think that ex girlfriend was something maaaaan wait until the 3rd movie lol
Bethan & Sophie
Bethan & Sophie Hace 4 días
“There’s so much of my face in here” I relate to that on a spiritual level when it comes to my Snapchat memory’s
Paprika Harris
Paprika Harris Hace 4 días
why did she get harry styles?? lol i dont get it
Ana Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez Hace 4 días
Like for real my husband is name christian now here is the funny part my name Ana spelled exactly that way
AmyARMY Slytherin
AmyARMY Slytherin Hace 4 días
*This makes Twilight look like a FUCKING M A S T E R P I E C E*
Sonal Singh
Sonal Singh Hace 4 días
harry styles cutout!!!
Jamie Muñoz
Jamie Muñoz Hace 4 días
... Ana reminds me of Vanya... Like don't get me wrong I love Ellen Page but this girl just screams VANYA FREAKING NUMBER SEVEN at me
Cool Beans
Cool Beans Hace 4 días
“She’s just sitting there touching his *b o o b* 👁👄👁”
Gei'Anna Scott
Gei'Anna Scott Hace 4 días
There's a movie named BEASTLY you should watch I like it but it's very corny
Bar Bitch
Bar Bitch Hace 4 días
the only thing I don't find cringey about this movie is when christian sits on his knees with his hands turned upwards. that was kinda sweet. but that's it...
Chahel Gupta
Chahel Gupta Hace 4 días
Johanna Ehmann
Johanna Ehmann Hace 4 días
I love your vidios
Nubian ntando
Nubian ntando Hace 4 días
7:39 killed me 😂😂😂
Undead Ladybug
Undead Ladybug Hace 5 días
These movies get even worse when you realize these people met, started dating, broke up (for all of three days) and then got married in less than two months. The whole series up until the last book's epilogue with their son is only six weeks.
Sasha Giryan
Sasha Giryan Hace 5 días
Fifty shades freed? 👀
LukeSter78 Hace 5 días
do fifty shades freed
i just idk
i just idk Hace 5 días
React to Sharkenstein please!!!
Pauline deGr
Pauline deGr Hace 5 días
'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' movies might be right up your alley
Liza Sev
Liza Sev Hace 5 días
can you please do merlin a show on netflix
SpazmaticPunk Hace 5 días
Haha I was rollin on the floor!! Love this! 😂😂
Sophie Monday
Sophie Monday Hace 5 días
You should check out Just add magic
Awesome Leigh
Awesome Leigh Hace 6 días
You should do the vampire diaries tv show
Weevil Underscore
Weevil Underscore Hace 6 días
You missed out on a title name. Fifty shades darker is fifty shades dumber...
Jessica Leonard
Jessica Leonard Hace 6 días
New series? Two words: Bridget Jones. 🤣🤣🤣
nsims0303 Hace 6 días
Wow this came out on my birthday. I love how you break things down and your voice is great. Keep up the good work.
Chelsea Muller
Chelsea Muller Hace 7 días
Briana Castillo
Briana Castillo Hace 7 días
I hate this movie with a burning passion it’s so stupid like who tf has a contract for a dam relationship wtf
Abigail Cruz
Abigail Cruz Hace 7 días
What about the "Bring it On" or "Step Up" series?? 👀👀
Zyx Carstairs
Zyx Carstairs Hace 7 días
Fallen, that's exactly the kind of movie you are looking for
Widad Laassikri
Widad Laassikri Hace 7 días
“i brought you here to negotiate” “… no”
angelart 4evr
angelart 4evr Hace 7 días
please do this on fifty shades freed. Hahahahaaaa
Lucka Hace 7 días
Nobody's gonna talk about that Harry Styles part
5D25V-Villegas Rios Priscila Belén
5D25V-Villegas Rios Priscila Belén Hace 7 días
You could do "Me Before You" I think it's really romantic and has great music
NinaNiterose Hace 7 días
Watching the movies this way is just so much more entertaining.
GUCCI_MOCHI Hace 7 días
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that he has a whole file about his ex girlfriends
GUCCI_MOCHI Hace 7 días
His name is Christian , THE IRONY
Rana Ahmed
Rana Ahmed Hace 8 días
The whole movie is like crishian I don't wanna 👁👄👁 Then proceeds to do the devil's tango
sweety kumari
sweety kumari Hace 8 días
it was an utter bullshit and bakchod movie...
Jinnat Jahan
Jinnat Jahan Hace 8 días
What would this movie's real name can be? By the way I heard another one of 50 shades like : fifty shades of freed. Can we d get a react?
Hannah Jamison
Hannah Jamison Hace 8 días
Bruv ya gotta make Fifty shades freed tho I love this series
Holly Herzog
Holly Herzog Hace 8 días
For the love of all that is holy please do 50 shades freed
patricia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
patricia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Hace 8 días
you should react to Fifty Shades Freed since you’ve done the past two movies LMAO
Jordzyi1 Hace 8 días
Stupidest movie ever invented.
Liv Hace 5 días
Then you surely didn't see 365 days...
Sarah Veller
Sarah Veller Hace 9 días
I love how Harry Styles was conveniently put into this lol.
AshleyAdam16 Hace 9 días
Review Nic Cage's Vampire Kiss
Heather G
Heather G Hace 9 días
Her "essentials" are the same as mine, wow
Riddhima Chaudhary
Riddhima Chaudhary Hace 9 días
Please do no kiss list
365 Days is the worst movie I have ever seen...
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