FIFA 20 | Official Reveal Trailer ft. VOLTA Football

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Break New Ground with VOLTA Football in FIFA 20, releasing September 27, 2019. Build your player, pick your gear, and express your style in football playgrounds all over the world.
Pre-order the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition and play VOLTA three days early :
VOLTA Football takes the game back to the streets with the authentic culture, creativity and style of the small-sided game played on streets, courts and futsal pitches around the globe.
Learn more about FIFA 20:
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EA SPORTS FIFA Hace 18 días
Break New Ground with VOLTA Football in FIFA 20
owen wurzer
owen wurzer Hace un hora
Fix career mode
Aaron we
Aaron we Hace 10 horas
I rather pirate this than buying it. Oh I mean "surprise ownership"
The Dave
The Dave Hace 13 horas
Will this game have *Surprise mechanics* ?
Bintang Azhar
Bintang Azhar Hace un día
Eat Sport upgrade to carer mode transfer player var real celebration full league Indonesian league Korean League competition for Indonesia is Shopee liga 1 liga 2 liga3 national competition piala Presiden or Present cup club ( liga 1&2) Piala Indonesia ( liga 1 2 and 3)
Xx_SEBROMM81200 _GAMING_xX Hace 2 días
OneGun Son
OneGun Son Hace 3 minutos
I can't wait to not play this! 🖕
JXCKL2108 Hace 2 horas
Use me as a "update Aguero's face" button
Lee jones
Lee jones Hace 4 horas
Hope its better than the last 1 ive been buying fifa games since the indoor pitches in the 90s. Fifa 19 is the worst ive ever played. 1000s faults.
Adidas Fun
Adidas Fun Hace 6 horas
fifa 20 is 👭💃 < Pes 20 is 😎⚽
Faye Korubo
Faye Korubo Hace 6 horas
This is good but Ea fix career mode please
Faye Korubo
Faye Korubo Hace 6 horas
Lukas Riegler
Lukas Riegler Hace 6 horas
Ich werde dan nur noch Fifa 20 Spielen
KubeLo Leszcz
KubeLo Leszcz Hace 6 horas
The only one think which i like in this trailer is music ❤
Matthew Carroll
Matthew Carroll Hace 6 horas
Pete Bazan
Pete Bazan Hace 8 horas
If FIFA 20 is bad.. I. Will give PES a chance.. I never played it... Anyone have Intel on thee game?
Youssef Tarek
Youssef Tarek Hace 8 horas
So uhm were is the trailer?
illuminati Hace 9 horas
pls add the Juventus fans saying SIIIII after Ronaldo celebration
Diabos 1982
Diabos 1982 Hace 9 horas
vai ter estádio da luz??
Aaron we
Aaron we Hace 10 horas
Instead of buying this it's better to get a "surprise ownership"
CyberIOS Hace 10 horas
john stevens
john stevens Hace 5 horas
CyberIOS imagine playing fifa on the switch lol
Iron4ian plays
Iron4ian plays Hace 10 horas
It cool luckily you no need to buy two games one fifa one street soccer
bas kallen
bas kallen Hace 10 horas
Fifa has CANCER
MEGALLANIC Hace 12 horas
FIFA street returns
O James
O James Hace 12 horas
People, let us not get tricked into these flashy stuffs anymore. This time is definately going to be PES. Just gimme man red or whatever the teams are called, it's PES for 2020.
Антон Шунин
Антон Шунин Hace 13 horas
Do yard players make feints like 5 star players?
MERHABALAR AQ Hace 13 horas
Fifa is pay to win game
Lil revert-
Lil revert- Hace 13 horas
I pre ordered it 🤪
Daniel De Carlo
Daniel De Carlo Hace 16 horas
Name of this song?
Bogdan Hace 17 horas
Add liga 1 Romania, please 🇷🇴🇷🇴❤
Its Aya Boi
Its Aya Boi Hace 17 horas
@EA SPORTS FIFA Can we have second choice shorts like Manchester United?
ŠOMÖ Međ Hace 22 horas
EA SPORT Why you do not take best players football in your trailer of fifa😕🤔
Ryan Records
Ryan Records Hace 23 horas
I want the old penalties.
Daniel khavari
Daniel khavari Hace un día
FIFA 20 news : tiktuk tikruk tiktuk
Rui R11
Rui R11 Hace un día
Fifa trailer or nike trailer? Kkkkk😂 PES 20! 🖒
Sinbad Hace un día
So basically FIFA Street DLC for Fifa 19? Okay
Bahtiyar Madridista
Bahtiyar Madridista Hace un día
PES = gameplay pro FIFA = gameplay robot
Bahtiyar Madridista
Bahtiyar Madridista Hace 5 horas
Fifa only wins the license, the gameplay more like a robot wkwkwk
john stevens
john stevens Hace 5 horas
Bahtiyar Madridista pes is literally for players who aren’t good enough to play fifa players lol
MD Hace un día
Si,ok il calcio femminile.Ok Fifa street.Ok tutto,ma la difesa di questo gioco la volete migliorare?!(Che i difensori vanno a cazzo)Vogliamo mettere un raddoppio decente?Delle scivolate che prendano o gambe o palla?E poi i portieri hanno la stessa animazione da anni,la cambiamo per favore? Ma tutti gli sviluppatori non si rendono conto di queste cose? (Oltre a tante altre ovviamente)
Luuk Dokter
Luuk Dokter Hace un día
What’s the song?
NinjaFF Hace un día
emad MD
emad MD Hace un día
Fix Barcelona Team faces and all Spanish and Italian league !!
emad MD
emad MD Hace un día
Barcelona team is great team and most players faces fake
Horeee Moreee
Horeee Moreee Hace un día
Fifa 20 bumu aq bende birsey sanfim 18 in aynisi amk
whadup Hace un día
Every year the same exact game behind a new flashy trailer.
Finn Holman
Finn Holman Hace un día
This better be like Park on 2k
Alex Ki Heon Kim
Alex Ki Heon Kim Hace un día
Please focus on fixing the existing modes instead of (or before) creating new ones. I have been FIFA career mode user since FIFA 2004 and I am not pleased with how you guys don't pay any attention to the offline users.
Paolo Vivenzio
Paolo Vivenzio Hace un día
Spero che questa modalità volta che anno inserito la tolgono e solo una merdata che mi interessa giocare al calcio per strada aggiustata la modalità carriera allenatore invece di inserire questa stronzata sicuramente se fifa 2020 sarà così con questa modalità volta passo a pes
Sam Lynch
Sam Lynch Hace un día
Winning 2-0 at half time, in the second half they score 2 goals to make it 2-2 in the last second I have a chance right in front of goal, I barely but any power into my shot but of course it smashes the crossbar. FIX YOUR SCRIPTED ASS GAME
Sam Lynch
Sam Lynch Hace un día
Will this game be fucking scripted ?
Huda Hashmi
Huda Hashmi Hace un día
I want to get FIFA 20
Emre Akif Yıldız
Emre Akif Yıldız Hace un día
FIFA 19 =40$ FIFA 19+ Volta football=200$
Masse Hace un día
Why no Volta on the nintendo switch!? This mode would be perfect for this console, simple little 1on1 matches on little pitches with the joy cons...I ask you again EA, why!? Without Volta mode, which would be a great chance for EA on the nintendo switch, I will not go for it, that is really a pity!
غسان محمد
غسان محمد Hace un día
EA: do you want to fix career mode? yes:10000$ no:100$
LEGAMER PS4 Hace un día
porque vocês não vão tomar no CU com o Lixo desse jogo , seus bosta lixoooooooooo
Ali Al Khamis
Ali Al Khamis Hace un día
If this song isn’t in fifa 20, I dont want it
Icey Streams
Icey Streams Hace 2 días
Improve career mode and make online career mode if you can.
Jose alcaraz
Jose alcaraz Hace 2 días
Song ??
Hunter Prey
Hunter Prey Hace 2 días
FIFA please fix player models so that they move better! Please let it be the best football simulator! fix everything that was in all other fifa!! Please, we will all be grateful to you!
Николай Корпусев
Николай Корпусев Hace 2 días
Fifa20 Liverpool Edition
Doableanimal90 Hace 2 días
The trailer will be better than the game .
Golden Wario
Golden Wario Hace 2 días
9️⃣8️⃣% flashing images 2️⃣% game
Synergy Xeno
Synergy Xeno Hace 2 días
Community: How much time and dedication can you in to a trailer than the actual game? EA: *Yes*
Synergy Xeno
Synergy Xeno Hace 2 días
not much of a reveal
oilersman95 Hace 2 días
Everyone: Fix career mode. EA: How about a soccer version of world of chel?
Ramish Taseer
Ramish Taseer Hace 2 días
plz add more in career mode plz
Michel Oscar Walters
Michel Oscar Walters Hace 2 días
Fix career mode & Pro Clubs PLEASE, or definility i wil not buy this game, every year we cry about the same thing.
john stevens
john stevens Hace un día
Michel Oscar Walters they need to fix gameplay first
Артур Сакаль
Артур Сакаль Hace 2 días
Vpm t
Vpm t Hace 2 días
I hope they update the commentary and add other country commentary
Agent Nemphis
Agent Nemphis Hace 2 días
Mbsbekend Mb
Mbsbekend Mb Hace 2 días
Paolo Vivenzio
Paolo Vivenzio Hace 2 días
Vanno messo questa modalità che meritata e invece di inserire allenatori reali nella modalità carriera e la var anno messo questa che non mi piace proprio se è così non lo compro quest'anno fifa
hachento gamer
hachento gamer Hace 2 días
Как песню нназывается
North Rival802
North Rival802 Hace 2 días
Fix bugs on Ultimate team
Papa Mike
Papa Mike Hace 2 días
Only reason im considering getting back into fifa is cos of fifa street
Marko Bakic
Marko Bakic Hace 2 días
0:34 0.25 speed
Никита Бугорсских
Никита Бугорсских Hace 2 días
Nice street foot 😊
Al Amin Oladiipo
Al Amin Oladiipo Hace 2 días
Fifa 20 supposed to have new features like when FIFA 19 developed uefa champions league instead only Street football is new
Teh_Billyzz m
Teh_Billyzz m Hace 2 días
Hanzu Boiii
Hanzu Boiii Hace 2 días
I hate this game so much EA DIEEE!!! This game is rigged as hell
Мухомор Hace 2 días
What's the difference we gonna see in Career Mod Fifa 20? EA: Different menu Color!
TheAlmightyyGod- Hace 2 días
Trash as always and ofc bringing FIFA Street so people could buy smh it's always be the same with game as usual.
Its Aya Boi
Its Aya Boi Hace 2 días
@EA SPORTS FIFA Can you make the football players and atmosphere more realistic and make this a good FIFA and not the same as Fifa 19.
TheBrosXD Hace 2 días
Literally what’s the difference between any fifas every year they just add wacky new stuff to the game Like if u agree Comment if u don’t agree
Jimmy Vlogs
Jimmy Vlogs Hace 2 días
ChicagoMade AG
ChicagoMade AG Hace 2 días
كدش وكراوي
كدش وكراوي Hace 2 días
In pro Club Please hide the player's rating Because in the search when they watch the player level 90 all players want to play with him And the other team run away do not want to play because the level of the player 86 The game begins with only two players
Mc Nuggets
Mc Nuggets Hace 2 días
No i want to see what level my teammembers have. Those 78 guys are terrible
Mohammed Alyafey
Mohammed Alyafey Hace 2 días
I got migraines after watching this
Mayck Shehata
Mayck Shehata Hace 3 días
0:34 the first bug lol
soubido Hace 3 días
Everyone: Please fix and improve Career Mode EA: Volta
Raxxer Hace 3 días
Fifa street
Макс pro play
Макс pro play Hace 3 días
TheTürk Hace 3 días
fifa 2020= pes 13
Rolo Tomassi
Rolo Tomassi Hace 3 días
EA: Please third Kit for FC St.Pauli.❤💘❤💘💘❤
The Bashing Blooper
The Bashing Blooper Hace 3 días
What is this song
Ilan03Beast Hace 3 días
Fifa 17 with DLC 3.0
MAX egurnov
MAX egurnov Hace 3 días
Russian location please
Michael redruM
Michael redruM Hace 3 días
Ea,fix the career mode,please🙏🙏🙏🙏
Manos Kallimanis
Manos Kallimanis Hace 3 días
Plz ea put volta on nintendi switch
FetviGameX Hace 3 días
Fifa : Show Pes: Enjoy!
Erick Pruneda Meza
Erick Pruneda Meza Hace 3 días
It's the same to FIFA 13
Ijaz Ahmed
Ijaz Ahmed Hace 3 días
Watch this to boost your drug trip. It works. 😇
dAnya Hace 3 días
Say music pls
Josh _101
Josh _101 Hace 3 días
If only there game was as good as their advertisement
Mohammed Alruhaish
Mohammed Alruhaish Hace 3 días
Fifa 14 is the best
Afonso Morais
Afonso Morais Hace 3 días
The problem nowadays is knowone cares about what the fans want ea just wants the money But if fifa keeps getting " updates " like this PES will eventually become more profitable because they work on everything
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