Fetty Wap - Pretty Thang [Official Audio]

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Harlem Fetty

Harlem Fetty

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The official audio for Fetty Wap's "Pretty Thang" - Out Now!
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Fetty WapPretty ThangFetty Wap - Pretty Thang [Official Audio]Pretty Thang Official Audio

Nuggets Are good
Nuggets Are good Hace 5 horas
We all know if he put Yaaa baby in the intro he would blow up again and use better beats
Toumany Bate
Toumany Bate Hace 10 horas
Salut fetty wap
Austin Kopecky
Austin Kopecky Hace 19 horas
His music is just as good I want him to be on top
Cj Mareinez
Cj Mareinez Hace 22 horas
We need old ferry that 2015
Skylar Thomas
Skylar Thomas Hace un día
This song😭❤❤❤
Chrissy M
Chrissy M Hace un día
Doesn't everyone at some point haha .. may have a comeback moment 🤹‍♂️👌
untitled795 Hace un día
Bianca Jones
Bianca Jones Hace un día
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-VnWvKJLFIsA.html Dope sound
Mike S
Mike S Hace 2 días
Fetty needs a new record label, these guys suck
Fade Akin
Fade Akin Hace 2 días
Exotic butters
Exotic butters Hace 2 días
Fetty why’d you leave, you could have still been the 👑 of rap
YLN kueda Namibian
YLN kueda Namibian Hace 2 días
I fill like fetty is stille on top cos his one of thos artist u just love
Hubert Bebe
Hubert Bebe Hace 3 días
Still bangs tho
ZUHJ Dany Hace 3 días
I want to go back to 2015!
Cedy Rosa
Cedy Rosa Hace 3 días
5 years later I only came back to hear “YAAAAAAA BABY”
kekq Hace 4 días
remember the good days when 1738 came out man, I remember when I use to be so happy just listening to the song, brings back so much memories, really gets me in my feelings, of only we could go back Instagram - kekqiscute Twitter - kekqiscute Twitch - kekqiscute
brittany twigg
brittany twigg Hace 4 días
lets go back to 1738 days
GS9 Visions
GS9 Visions Hace 5 días
Daddy wap
Hope Mwende
Hope Mwende Hace 5 días
Fetty wap is a mood
Lynn Hace 5 días
Like if fetty was god in 2015
Ramatu Jamanca
Ramatu Jamanca Hace 5 días
QuwayXD Hace 5 días
I still think he cold ion know why he fell off like that
NENE • Hace 5 días
Remo Cabaltera
Remo Cabaltera Hace 6 días
fetty is back
Isaiah Dahgoat
Isaiah Dahgoat Hace 6 días
Fetty bro you should do a song to the same beat you did before kinda like lil uzi did with p2
Mike G
Mike G Hace 5 días
look up rgf island pt 2 snippet, it’s not the same beat but has that same flow and hook. 🔥
Isaiah Dahgoat
Isaiah Dahgoat Hace 6 días
To bring back 2016 vibes😔^
AqUa_ Cuban13
AqUa_ Cuban13 Hace 6 días
What happened to Fetty and when he change he's name
Bill Benjamon
Bill Benjamon Hace 6 días
happy sound bouncing
Hollywood469 Hace 7 días
Damn... WaP ever gonna come to Minnesota!!?!! 😎😇😍
Its offensive to ugly people like me lmaoooo😂😂
Perma_ Soft
Perma_ Soft Hace 7 días
Nour Elsayed
Nour Elsayed Hace 7 días
We need him for a comeback.
jonthan Steele
jonthan Steele Hace 7 días
Fetty didn't fall of just all the fake fans left
clutch4enko Hace 7 días
Same thing
Rose Donati
Rose Donati Hace 7 días
I been waitting for this
marieme Hace 7 días
Im like yeah shes fine
brando2fie.__ Hace 7 días
Hole vibe
BackPackRapFan Hace 8 días
ahh mainstream cash grab at its finest... This dude aint coming back y’all.
AVA prod.
AVA prod. Hace 8 días
bruh trap queen was released five years ago.... 😭
Boodie Lover
Boodie Lover Hace 8 días
Nice come back ☺️
Bloodsplatter Playz
Bloodsplatter Playz Hace 8 días
So glad he’s back
Damian Kuoppala
Damian Kuoppala Hace 8 días
Ayyye this a banger tho‼️
Chris Gwaupo
Chris Gwaupo Hace 9 días
He’s making a comeback
Shwetha Sriram
Shwetha Sriram Hace 9 días
But like he still as good as he was in 2015...its just he lost his hype but his music is still rly good
Emzy 1738
Emzy 1738 Hace 6 días
Reasons for Fetty Waps decline: First off, the dude took a long ass break as of 2016 He hasn't released a GOD DAMN album since 2015, that's a whole damn 5 years ago. (The album is called "King Zoo" and the fans still waiting) He's ONLY been dropping mixtape's like: (Bruce Wayne, For My Fans, Trap n B) He rarely drops music videos He hardly drops shit on ALL platforms, it's been mainly on SoundCloud for some reason His label "300" don't prioritize him as an artist and doesn't promote any of his mixtape's, you know, the one job that a label is supposed to do, PROMOTION By the end of 2015, Fetty got into a major bike accident which he STILL hasn't fully recovered from. On live I think he said he's 95% recovered. This prevented him from going on stage for a long while The dude had A LOT of kids and baby mama troubles which made him put a halt on all his music for a while The man is not on enough features with TOP artists. In interviews, he said " I don't want an artist to make a comeback, I want to do it on my own" The dude has beef with his hood in Patterson New Jersey which took a big mental toll on him
Nour Elsayed
Nour Elsayed Hace 7 días
All we need is the "1738!"
Sweaty Beast
Sweaty Beast Hace 9 días
Getty’s so good I’ve been listening to him since I was little and I’m 12 now
Frxst_AB Hace 9 días
Bro fety wap will nd needs to be on top again :(
Trill flaco
Trill flaco Hace 9 días
to be real i personally think he didnt fall off. its just that the fake fans left him
Candice xo
Candice xo Hace 9 días
I need fetty to get a better management team
Nikhil Nidamarti
Nikhil Nidamarti Hace 9 días
He going to come back. Hotter than ever
sg quise
sg quise Hace 10 días
This is the fetty wap I remember
Cotton candy Sugar
Cotton candy Sugar Hace 10 días
Can someone please tell me who the artist is?
Silva Panda
Silva Panda Hace 11 días
Been ages since I’ve listened to fetty...this is a banger tho🔥🔥💯
Deeny Poteeny
Deeny Poteeny Hace 11 días
I love this song. This shot is a whole mood! 🥰😍❤️
jose gerardo
jose gerardo Hace 11 días
Everyone just listen to the song non stop or tell people to listen let get this man up
2GOATED !! Hace 12 días
clutch4enko Hace 12 días
My mom: tell me turn that song off Me:why Mom:we have the biger speakers😎
clutch4enko Hace 12 días
This is somthing wrong with this song 🤬 It's have a end 🥺🥺😪
REDxEYEDxBEAST Hace 12 días
Blitz Hace 12 días
This song will be played on gta 6 radio
Shiara Ruth
Shiara Ruth Hace 12 días
Love him 😩💓
Nue Money
Nue Money Hace 13 días
This the real wap shit too fire🔥🔥🔥🔥 #TheRealMaxxOutMurda
D-man Stoner
D-man Stoner Hace 13 días
Fetty Vocal Cluntch🔥🔥🔥Fallow my channel
Poppy Boy
Poppy Boy Hace 14 días
I want 2015 again
Jordan Holdcraft
Jordan Holdcraft Hace 14 días
Wtf happened to Fetty wap😭 his music is t the best anymore I miss his old style😔
raidz Hace 14 días
His music changed a lot that’s why he fell off his flow changed since 2016
Paul Puglia
Paul Puglia Hace 14 días
This song is fire
Amr Halawa
Amr Halawa Hace 15 días
Fetty bring ur old voice and get a better media team
Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela Hace 15 días
To fetty, bruh we need some new nice music
Rishi Dasgupta
Rishi Dasgupta Hace 15 días
Naw this dont bang like 679
drako314 Hace 15 días
Bruhh 🔥🔥u dropped this👑
DARKSKYS gaming Hace 15 días
I remember when I was little I would listen to trap queen and just vibe so hard
jellioz Hace 15 días
just patiently waiting for that one song that’s gonna put him back where he was 4-6 years ago
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