Ferris Bueller's Day Off | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad

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Josh Gad

Josh Gad

Hace un mes

Bueller? Bueller? Josh gathers the cast of Ferris Bueller--as well as some VERY special surprise guests--to pay tribute to one of the most iconic films of the 80's and the man who created it. Be here at 9am PT/12pm ET on June 28th, because you know, life moves pretty fast.... and you are not going to want to miss this!
Directed by James Merryman
Produced by Meghan Monaco
Executive Produced by Taylor Stuewe
Edited by Will Newell & Alex Stuewe
Matthew Broderick
Alan Ruck
Mia Sara
Jennifer Grey
....and many more!

Thank you to our episode partner Barefoot Wine. Barefoot believes in bringing communities together, so they are sponsoring this episode of Reunited Apart and will be kicking off our fundraising efforts this week with a $25,000 donation. And thank you to all of you who are able to add on to this donation this week as well. For this episode, we’re fundraising for CORE. CORE provides financial relief when a food and beverage employee with children faces a health crisis, death or natural disaster. As the world faces the biggest pandemic in our lifetime, they continue to honor their mission by providing support to families affected by COVID-19.


Olivia Rogers
Olivia Rogers Hace 42 minutos
I think Jake would be more convincing as Alan and Mia's son than Matthew and Mia's.
רוסטיק בניחס
רוסטיק בניחס Hace 3 horas
Legacy Hace 8 horas
imagine if they got the dude who played the principal, (he’s a sex offender)
Olivia Rogers
Olivia Rogers Hace un hora
I know, it's a shame. He could've contributed a lot to this discussion.
Interesting Hace 15 horas
Legend has it that he still doesn’t own a car.
cburg4383 Hace un día
This, was amazing! Thank you Josh and everyone else for helping bring a little joy and laughter during these troubling times.
Nick Willis
Nick Willis Hace un día
Ben stine is so sweettt!!
Felix Sanchez
Felix Sanchez Hace 2 días
Honestly, if you have dry eyes by the end of this video, either there's something wrong with you, or you have literally no feelings at all for anything (in which case I'm very sorry for you). I'm still wiping tears, even after sharing this to my Facebook page and writing up a little something for this video there. Honestly Josh Gad, I'm Hoping that you make more of these videos with such amazing casts. Can't wait till the next one!!!
Michell Aillon
Michell Aillon Hace 3 días
The way Matthew Broderick looks at everyone so lovingly is so wholesome. I hope they know how much happiness they've brought to so many with this work.
Toastrack Man
Toastrack Man Hace 3 días
Loved watching this, reminds of how young i was when i first saw the movie. How the years fly by, great actors 😊
E Minarik
E Minarik Hace 3 días
can u do avengers pls
SeanTheMan1 Hace 3 días
There would be no Deadpool movie if it wasn’t for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
Interesting Hace 16 horas
Jonny Marshall
Jonny Marshall Hace 4 días
Only one comment... brilliant. Great to see the cast back together. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Gublicity Hace 5 días
Should’ve added the principal, his character was funny
Jackie Stutmann
Jackie Stutmann Hace 6 días
Love the cast. This was a great video until the end..severe profanity spoiled it for me. Why include all the F-bombs and the GD's?
Amy Charters
Amy Charters Hace 6 días
Omg the best
Shorn Wallaby
Shorn Wallaby Hace 6 días
I wish Jeffrey Jones had made an appearance here.
andy palermo
andy palermo Hace 7 días
This totally made my day. My friend sent me this link, and I am so glad I watched. Thank you for bringing all these iconic characters together.
keke Mc Magoo
keke Mc Magoo Hace 7 días
🤓📄 connection to a contract and stockmart economy . anyone? anyone? It's called a bond. Economic bond? Hehe 😋👍
keke Mc Magoo
keke Mc Magoo Hace 7 días
Hmm? Image the made another movie , but in reverse . This time the student for bueller day became the teacher at the school. 🤓📄 Ferris Bueller Jr ? Ferris Bueller jr ?
BeAsTBoYz Hace 8 días
Do an American Pie reunion!!
Matacron Hace 8 días
NOT THAT I BLAME HIM, but I'm starting to believe that Josh only does these things so that he can geek out over celebrities doing his favorite lines. :D
Brady Polk
Brady Polk Hace 8 días
Hey Josh do a Titanic movie reunion
the gay nomad
the gay nomad Hace 9 días
Can someone unite me with Betty White? eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-oWgz9pzCTfQ.html
Chris Pratt Fan 01
Chris Pratt Fan 01 Hace 9 días
whats the song playing in the background at 8:20 called
W T Hace 10 días
It's never over Ferris
Gary Bruyere
Gary Bruyere Hace 10 días
Broderick still looks about 35!
Todd Rossmanith
Todd Rossmanith Hace 11 días
Where is the actor that played Ed Rooney at?
iheartmoviemusic Hace 12 días
No Edie McClurg???
Rick Nobers
Rick Nobers Hace 12 días
Thanks from a Gen Xer. Keep em coming! Breakfast Club, Short Circuit, and even the Toy Story voices!
bizzaro1988 Hace 12 días
I wonder if Matt was in Donegal
bizzaro1988 Hace 12 días
Rabbit is good! Rabbit is wise!
Max Adams
Max Adams Hace 13 días
Brining out Jake Gyllenhaal for me was the one missing piece of the video. The 80's, midwestern US feel that Ferris Bueller gives off almost goes hand in hand with the atmosphere you get when watching Donnie Darko, despite not being in the same area (although, Ferris Bueller's house is only a few blocks down from Donnie Darko's in reality) Vastly different genres of film, yet united by making me wish I was a teen in the 80's, especially living in the outskirts of Chicago.
rivenrock Hace 13 días
Well that was pretty much perfect in every way.
Tony Paez
Tony Paez Hace 14 días
Great Job Josh! I grew up with all of these as a troubled teen in the 80s. Ben Stein summed it perfectly that these films left you feeling better whatever you were dealing with. Perfect ending to the FBDO reunion. Still here forever..
Джуги Чикори
Джуги Чикори Hace 14 días
and when harry potter?
Mark Plain
Mark Plain Hace 14 días
As another Gen X'er, let me say thank you: . This movie (even in its day) was dorky but yet sooo fun !!! You know when I was about 18 I made my way to Chicago for the first time and my main aim??: go to the top of the Sears town, stand on the rails and look down. For a short while, I was Ferris. . When we came across a cordless phone for the first time.... man I was Ferris. I rigged my radio tape deck to try play a pre-recorded snorring sound..... I broke my expensive tape deck in the process (I was NOT Ferris). Back then I was soo bummed... today I just laugh. . And now for the clinche: One day, I did it!!!! with the help of a friend, we cut school together and went into the city for a memorable day... to be the best of my life!!! I was FERRIS!!!. I did not have the guts to go into any high end restaurant or drive some high end car.... but I did have fun.... you know I can't quite remember what the hell I actually did that day. Gawd that was a long time ago...... But it must have been fun. . Thank you again guys !!!
Jeffrey Akers
Jeffrey Akers Hace 15 días
There are SO many people that would absolutely love to see THE SANDLOT reunited, done properly. a few have tried but I think you can do it right.
Fancythebold Hace 15 días
Billy madison 25th anniversary reunion
MrGladstone1968 Hace 15 días
Inacreditável! O elenco de "Curtindo a Vida Adoidado" em videoconferência. Um marco histórico.
Luiza Takiguchi
Luiza Takiguchi Hace 15 días
AstralChanteuse Hace 15 días
fabricioejia m
fabricioejia m Hace 16 días
Proyecto X please next ando please subtítulos in spanish
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas Hace 16 días
Amazing, please do this with more 80s classics like Kickboxer bloodsport and lionheart
Chris Thumann
Chris Thumann Hace 16 días
Love you, love your content...intro song has to go bud. 😏
Taylor Emerson
Taylor Emerson Hace 16 días
I say we should have the lost boys reunion, but Joel sumacher died not too long ago this year ☹️
MrPixelptlk Hace 16 días
I could see Tom Holland as Ferris.
albert orkenbjorken
albert orkenbjorken Hace 17 días
Great episode!! Never ending story please!
Nancy Harrison
Nancy Harrison Hace 18 días
Thanks, Josh Gad, for getting them together! I love this movie so much. Now I am pushing 50 and my kids love it too! Thanks all!
Linet Perry
Linet Perry Hace 18 días
Absolutely loved this wonderful time. Thank you everyone!!
Apache9821 Hace 18 días
This was entertaining to watch, however my favorite part was when Matthew Broderick read some memorable Ferris lines, all of these years later he jumped completely back into character, talk about a pro! His line reads were better than anyone else’s! 👌
DeckerdSmeckerd Hace 18 días
Ferris Bueller in the original movie was a guy that figured getting free of the system was skipping school. That's about right for a guy his age. If they ever did a sequel, a 50 year old guy doesn't want a day off. If he wanted a day off, he would take a sick day. Even more than that, if he told his boss he was fed up or burned out, he would probably give him a week or two off. Ferris Bueller, if he is going to represent what 50 years olds want, would rather have the rest of his life off. Ferris Bueller has to get away from whatever enslavement he has found himself to be in. Then maybe, he can be to 50 year olds what he was to school kids. He has get to get away for good and have the rest of his life. He has to retire early and its got to be clean. The movie was about getting away and getting away with it without regrets. Plus, of course all the things that happened and changed the characters were inside that experience. I doubt even Ferris Bueller is floating on a cloud at age 50. At least, at the beginning of the movie, but surely he really wants to. Don't know though. I could be wrong about that. Maybe his feet never really touches the ground, but I think it would be somewhat un-relatable to most older people.
Sarah Mathiason
Sarah Mathiason Hace 18 días
Matthew was perfectly cast, but Alan made the movie perfect.
Veronica Robin
Veronica Robin Hace 18 días
Mia Sara is so freaking gorgeous! 😍
pgritty5 Hace 18 días
Jennifer Gray is a stone cold FOX! 🦊
nico Hace 19 días
Josh Gad thank you so much for bringing back my childhood heroes, back to the future and Ferris buellers day off were my favorite movies in the 1980s they will always be in my heart . thanks for this series this is the best
Tracy Rudnick
Tracy Rudnick Hace 19 días
This made me so happy, I cried! Thank you!
um hi it's she-she
um hi it's she-she Hace 19 días
Matt's face when Jennifer joined...
Sinneric Hace 19 días
You should have explained why you didn't include Principle Rooney/Jeffrey Jones. Just avoiding the topic and trying to sweep it under the rug was an act of abject cowardice.
Matt Storm
Matt Storm Hace 19 días
Please please do Princess Bride next!
- ManillaZilla
- ManillaZilla Hace 20 días
We need spaceballs next ngl....
Esther WilsonCannon
Esther WilsonCannon Hace 20 días
Goonies Reunion!!! We need a Goonies reunion :D
Scott Guffey
Scott Guffey Hace 20 días
This couldn't have possibly ended any better way than having Matthew do his final 4th wall break with "You're still here?!?.....Go home... It's over!"
Johnny fout
Johnny fout Hace 20 días
That felt more like a class reunion than any of my class reunions. I"ve been a teacher for 25 years, and a day doesn't go by that, after asking the class a question, I don't say "Anyone, anyone?""...also, Jennifer Grey is still extremely hot.
rob leddy
rob leddy Hace 20 días
sammy charles
sammy charles Hace 20 días
thnx josh, gold again, saw it at the cinema when it first came out; awesomeness film of all time
Physoni Hace 21 un día
God they have The Greatest Movie Of All Time And Alan Aged so much
lol Hace 21 un día
thank you
Lon Tanner
Lon Tanner Hace 22 días
My god Mia Sara still looks amazing. Still my dream woman. I've been wondering what she looks like now for yeaaaaaaaaaaars. So gorgeous.
Andrea Roberts
Andrea Roberts Hace 22 días
Plain and simple...this was awesome!!! I could watch any John Hughes movie again and again. He was amazing.
Doug G
Doug G Hace 22 días
I like the way everyone pics the most shitty room in the mansion to video from.
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