Family Of 9 Save Over $1000 on Grocery Shop | Extreme Couponing

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Tiffany Ivanovsky and her family have a house filled with their stockpile fo groceries. They use couponing as a way to save for their 7 kids to go to college.
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Dani Stark
Dani Stark Hace 3 horas
I bet she laughed when people were stockpiling tissue
myriam BN
myriam BN Hace 3 horas
I wish we had coupons like that in France !
ThatRandomPerson 523
ThatRandomPerson 523 Hace 20 horas
This woman got toilet paper for dayzzz 💀.
Normality MSP
Normality MSP Hace 21 un hora
anyone watching whilst we are in isolation?
elina wozniuck
elina wozniuck Hace un día
this is the lady in ur math problem
F.B.I Hace un día
Everyone be calling her weird till lockdown hits.
Hello I’m here It’s me
Hello I’m here It’s me Hace un día
I like that she uses coupons to save for her kids college. But the fact is like on the hotdogs and stuff will that stuff expire?
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman Hace un día
This family does have too much. But 6 kids? Geech ya you have 6 kids you need to coupon.
Julianne Mcculloch
Julianne Mcculloch Hace 2 días
So this was in February of this year and the Coronavirus is here, looks to me like they have enough that she needs to just stay away from stores because other people may need those supplies that she has and can't get them because she keeps on buying all the stuff. Now in my opinion I think if people there where she lives, she could donate some of that stuff to her neighbors. Because it looks like she has a store and people are desperate especially when it comes to toilet paper and canned goods. So if she's feeling overwhelmed take two or three months without going to the store and buying stuff except for milk and butter and bread.
jillains Hace 2 días
Well done!!!
Your favorite Ginger
Your favorite Ginger Hace 2 días
I cant beleve it went from 1,000 to about 50 bucks
Angela Hace 2 días
Gwendolyn Bracken
Gwendolyn Bracken Hace 3 días
Can I get some Toilet Paper I have 4 kids we don't have a car and no more toilet paper 400 Hampton Drive, Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601
Madison J
Madison J Hace 3 días
I bet they will be good during this quarantine
Hayden Rhea
Hayden Rhea Hace 3 días
I'm watching this in 2020 while we are quarantined from the corona virus and that family ain't gonna be running outta toilet paper..
F C Hace 4 días
A lot of that stuff is not good at all and some of it extremely pollutant. But when you have 7 kids I guess couponing is a lifeline
Sirisha Reddy
Sirisha Reddy Hace 4 días
Couponing people seems to be the safest during this pandemic.
Chai Latte
Chai Latte Hace 4 días
I could really use some of that toilet paper right about now 😭 #toiletpapershortage lol I might get into couponing just for the sole purpose of stashing hope toilet paper 🧻 lol
FilmVisionary Hace 4 días
Did she refer to her children as a ‘litter’? 😯😂
Fiery Cactus
Fiery Cactus Hace 4 días
200 bars of soap 300 packs of toilet paper dam she’s set for corona
Alexandra Balogova
Alexandra Balogova Hace 5 días
Austria is si much different like u can use only one coupon in your whole order and then it’s done u can’t use it again
DoJo Hace 4 días
and in germany most coupons cannot be applied to already discounted goods :(
Damm she has toilet paper
Angie Beaumont
Angie Beaumont Hace 5 días
Seriously, who calls their kids "litter"
Sadhbh Benson
Sadhbh Benson Hace 5 días
0:40 all that toilet paper is worth 100,000 dollars now that people are stock buying
Dancing Devils
Dancing Devils Hace 5 días
She ready for coronavirus
Romyana Srah
Romyana Srah Hace 5 días
Dude this family was prepared for covid-19 all the time
madelyn grace
madelyn grace Hace 6 días
i love the narrator, she’s hilarious😂
Isha cllnts
Isha cllnts Hace 6 días
Oh toilet paper
Taurus S Mills
Taurus S Mills Hace 6 días
Well your prepared for coronavirus isolation
Abdow Eisa
Abdow Eisa Hace 6 días
Well they wouldn't have a problem with corona.
Pixel Gaming
Pixel Gaming Hace 6 días
When people laugh at her... now look who’s laughing now
Veronika Aghova
Veronika Aghova Hace 7 días
How is it possible that there is hunger in USA with these coupons?
Sha Hace 7 días
With all that branded food she's gonna give her kids diabetes and heart diseases
Capri Sanzari
Capri Sanzari Hace 7 días
This is like organized hoarding 😂😂😂
Thomas Bekkenes
Thomas Bekkenes Hace 7 días
Biggest saving would be snipping his Johnson so no more kids gets produced.
Bobbi Holmes
Bobbi Holmes Hace 7 días
Because me and my family limited space we coupon for things like laundry, cleaning products and hygiene stuff not food
Esme Chavez
Esme Chavez Hace 7 días
Well done I guess couponing is good because now there is Coronavirus and we need all that to survive
Rosie Hugs
Rosie Hugs Hace 7 días
He moved his mouth and head like he did a line. 😂 totally joking
Payton Baringer
Payton Baringer Hace 7 días
They are living in wonderland with all that toilet paper!
Maliza Maria
Maliza Maria Hace 7 días
How do you save if you’re buying more than you need and a bunch just expires or rots.
Gavin Riddick
Gavin Riddick Hace 7 días
You know she’s loose
Saoudatou Barry
Saoudatou Barry Hace 7 días
You guys been ready for cornavirus
grace rose
grace rose Hace 7 días
0:39 shes going to be thriving in self isolation
Remember The good ol’ days?
Remember The good ol’ days? Hace 7 días
vibls Hace 7 días
Action movie music at the register 🤣
Lila Games
Lila Games Hace 7 días
The toilet papers we all tell now
Rico g
Rico g Hace 8 días
Where would she put all that food when her house is already full and bursting at the seams?
Cool Spot
Cool Spot Hace 8 días
I am learning about coupon because my girlfriend and I will be having six kids so we need to save.
Please enter a name
Please enter a name Hace 8 días
Guys I think she is set for the coronavirus Me: can I have some 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
Lila Games
Lila Games Hace 7 días
Please enter a name the toilet paper gimme gimme!
D B Hace 8 días
People with this many kids disgust me. With limited resources in the world, there is no room for this much greed.
DemonAbyss Hace 8 días
why is she buying more when she already has 3 years worth, buy when you're around 2 months left??? wth is wrong with her.
C X Hace 8 días
I love the narrator
surfie007 Hace 8 días
So this is what Americans resort to when they have to pay for university
softshellturtle Hace 8 días
the clip of the black lady praising them was literally from a different store?????? So fake 😂😂
Jaden Rolle
Jaden Rolle Hace 8 días
She’s all set now so she should never be inside the store
Nico_ Moon1
Nico_ Moon1 Hace 8 días
ok but how are they not overweight? my stress eating could never
Rahul Shah
Rahul Shah Hace 8 días
Why does she have 7 kids if she doesn't have enough money for them?
_ BeanBoi _
_ BeanBoi _ Hace 8 días
Extreme couponers are laughing now that the virus is putting us on lockdown.
zander88990 Hace 9 días
Bonita Buchanan
Bonita Buchanan Hace 9 días
What does the husband do?
Galexy Mermaid
Galexy Mermaid Hace 9 días
Good for that girl honestly
Natalija Cekrlija
Natalija Cekrlija Hace 9 días
Well you guys are ready for corona
Mehmet Kaygisiz
Mehmet Kaygisiz Hace 9 días
Covid-19 loading..... Her : Hold my coupons
Kitti Kovácsová
Kitti Kovácsová Hace 9 días
I would like to know where are you getting those coupons? Here in Europe we don't have any opportunity to do it this way
Save The World Kid
Save The World Kid Hace 9 días
They do be prepared for the coronavirus
harrysinghsandhu sandhu
harrysinghsandhu sandhu Hace 9 días
Corona quarantine done well
Hannah Khan
Hannah Khan Hace 9 días
I think it’s actually a good thing
Sai Kyaw Than Htay
Sai Kyaw Than Htay Hace 9 días
Damm she’s already ready for corona
True Fruits
True Fruits Hace 9 días
It seems cool but the food is unhealthy and highly proccessed
Hunter Hancock
Hunter Hancock Hace 9 días
Well now she got the cash the toilet paper🤣
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