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About a year ago I made a video called "Deep Content That Isn't Deep At All" and I've wanted to make a sequel for a long time now, so here it is! I hope you can hold your breath cuz we're going deep...FAKE DEEP!!!!! WATCH ENJOY LAUGH THANKS
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comment "i can feel something down there" if ur reading this


kurtis connerkurtis connorfake deepdeep content

Lydia Suber
Lydia Suber Hace un mes
hey watch this video again
Sweegan Hace 20 horas
chewi K O
chewi Hace un día
Sweegan Hace 2 días
ᴍ okay okay ?
Sweegan Hace 2 días
I am your turtles pet fish blip blop
I am your turtles pet fish
I am your turtles pet fish Hace 2 días
lmao this is my third time
Evie N
Evie N Hace un hora
"she was a peanut... But he was allergic to peanuts" that got me dude 3:47
Danielle P.
Danielle P. Hace 2 horas
"80% of boys have girlfriends, rest of 20% have brain." 👏🏻💫💞👏🏻💫💞
luckys mom
luckys mom Hace 9 horas
Kurtis dresses like a lesbian. He's got good taste lol
God Dog
God Dog Hace 15 horas
dumb hair
kpopanalysis Hace 18 horas
I’ve literally never seen anyone transition into ads as smoothly as the mayor of Kurtistown does.
kpopanalysis Hace 18 horas
He was a skater boy. She said, “see you later boy”.
Samantha Paige
Samantha Paige Hace 23 horas
I did subscribe for the extra greeting
merry Hace un día
she was a poem, but he was jared
happy kat girl
happy kat girl Hace un día
So during coronavirus we all turned into bob ross?
Hak Shoe
Hak Shoe Hace 6 horas
i just scrolled down and liked ur comment because no one will ever know this comment exists
Lejia Zhang
Lejia Zhang Hace un día
I think the you gotta be a beast it's the only way they respect you quote is from Nicki Minaj.
gangstsa bob
gangstsa bob Hace un día
Kurtis: But there’s a- Ad: meet mia
gangstsa bob
gangstsa bob Hace un día
Ur hair is stupid
Rachel Greenway
Rachel Greenway Hace un día
rly wish he named the video... "pretty deep bro"
crispyein Hace 2 días
Mad props to the joker voice actor guy. I would have been laughing the entire time.
Some songs I guess
Some songs I guess Hace 2 días
She was a poem, he was Jared, 19, who never f**king learned how to read
pepper unity
pepper unity Hace 2 días
totally deep comment: do u ever wonder why Kurtis always says to be nice to him at the end of a video? kurtis... who hurt you? read that again
Dorothy Murphy
Dorothy Murphy Hace 2 días
I wanted the extra greeting thank you for the lovely greetings
Coral Canyon Golf Course
Coral Canyon Golf Course Hace 2 días
ur hair is sexy
Listen idk
Listen idk Hace 2 días
Mora Mitchell
Mora Mitchell Hace 2 días
I should not be laughing this hard lmao
poopy head
poopy head Hace 2 días
that blood person dancing- what- the fuck...
black hearts
black hearts Hace 2 días
this is the deepest video that i've ever seen
Ayaana Lindsay
Ayaana Lindsay Hace 2 días
She was a poem But he was Jared, 19 Couldn't fucking read.
adie obieta
adie obieta Hace 2 días
did anyone else kind of understand what noah was trying to saying at the award show :/ i hate myself for it
Star Butterfly
Star Butterfly Hace 3 días
She was a poem, but he was Jared, 19
Jim likes to jam
Jim likes to jam Hace 3 días
She was a girl...but he was the joker
Hayden Maslar
Hayden Maslar Hace 3 días
Phone bad book good
CJ Hunt
CJ Hunt Hace 3 días
"read it backwards" hmm yes, uoy gnisahc em
Napots Ome
Napots Ome Hace 3 días
She was a poem... ... but he was Jarred, 19
Caitlín Rose
Caitlín Rose Hace 3 días
She was a poem... but he was Jared, 19
Emma Martinez
Emma Martinez Hace 3 días
i can feel something down there
Jamie Barricelli
Jamie Barricelli Hace 4 días
I just discovered your channel and I’ve been binging all of your videos and let me tell you...I feel something down there
Eva Soto
Eva Soto Hace 4 días
I hate it when I want to get a divorce and my man can’t read Also the fact that I am a peanut pushed me to the divorce cuz he is allergic to me I just want to be my poetic peanut self
pranjal sharma
pranjal sharma Hace 4 días
Parody of a Parody 2:04
Jelly Nono
Jelly Nono Hace 4 días
She was a poem. But he was dyslexic
Emily Jeska
Emily Jeska Hace 4 días
bread baking instructions: bake until golden brown :) some fella ages ago who’s about to invent toast: *read that a g a i n*
Rose Rose
Rose Rose Hace 4 días
The first one threw me off dude like who called them a monster?! Lmfaoo
Angi Miller
Angi Miller Hace 5 días
This comment is about how stupid his hair looks
Agustina Gimenez
Agustina Gimenez Hace 5 días
"She was a poem,but he couldn't read" Is he Jared 19?
josie morrissey
josie morrissey Hace 5 días
She was a lesbian But he thought she was an American Damn
Miles Ried
Miles Ried Hace 5 días
She was a poem, but he was Jared, 19
tommy the kid
tommy the kid Hace 5 días
Noice hair bro i lit love it
Cyanide Sunshine
Cyanide Sunshine Hace 5 días
We need a map of kurtistown!
KM Hace 5 días
I can assure you a lot of those (esp the strangers things one) were definitely jokes
Fatima Hace 5 días
she was a poem but he was jared,19
✞Deathdate✞♡︎ Hace 5 días
She was the ice.....but his ice skates didn’t fit his feet
✞Deathdate✞♡︎ Hace 5 días
The joker is like, one of my favourite movies and is very hard to make cringe and the fact that the internet can do that is just sad
Emily Kit Kemmerer
Emily Kit Kemmerer Hace 5 días
I can feel something down there 🥴🎂
Oh Walter
Oh Walter Hace 6 días
Guys there I think there’s a hole in the matrix because I just saw my neighbor bringing in his GROCERIES
Ju K.
Ju K. Hace 6 días
wow he wasnt joker..ing
ashlyn waite
ashlyn waite Hace 6 días
is that nouh scented mayo
Eijirou Hace 6 días
I fuin loved that joker movie
Cassidy Newman
Cassidy Newman Hace 6 días
ok not to be that person but i feel like either i’m the only one who gets what noah is saying OR everyone does get it they just continue to make jokes about it because it’s a fucking awkward quote 😂😂
randomm Hace 6 días
she was subscribed, but he didn't give her an extra greeting
Pastel sadist
Pastel sadist Hace 6 días
I just can't stop laughing over "but he couldn't read."
ur lord and savior aileen
ur lord and savior aileen Hace 6 días
a 10 yr old boy accidentally killed his mom, his dad starts crying the boy says “what r u doing?” the dad says “I’m crying!” the boys says “why?” the dad says “ bc im sad “ the boy says wow I wish I knew what that felt like, but it’s all good bc she was dead but he was a fucking idiot
FeverDreamur Hace 6 días
I got diagnosed with severe depression at 11 lol
izabella rice
izabella rice Hace 6 días
FeverDreamur same but at 12 lol
BlackJay Hace 7 días
Bla Bla
Bla Bla Hace 7 días
Kailey Williams
Kailey Williams Hace 7 días
I can feel something down there
Baboon Queen
Baboon Queen Hace 7 días
I’m a stranger things fan. But like that stranger thing one is so stupid!
NoSleep Fangirl
NoSleep Fangirl Hace 7 días
I may be misunderstanding but im pretty sure Nancy broke up with Steve so... Swich the roles He was a peanut But she couldnt read
egg egg
egg egg Hace 7 días
I'm sorry but what the fuck was that noah squirtino clip
That one weird dude in the corner
That one weird dude in the corner Hace 7 días
*watches intro* ...dat hair
Legendary Hace 7 días
Ur hair syupid
Suchi Hace 7 días
I don't know why I loved the part 2:44 to 2:48 lmao
aquamarine ancient soul
aquamarine ancient soul Hace 7 días
Your puns are the best. THE BEST.
hxney daycore
hxney daycore Hace 7 días
me liking his hair:
Bronwyn Edwards
Bronwyn Edwards Hace 7 días
"you gonna show me how you squirt?" me: takes earbuds out and goes to bed "alright that's enough internet for today"
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