FaceTune Battle ft. Nikita Dragun

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James Charles

James Charles

Hace 4 meses

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I battled one of my best friends, Nikita Dragun, to see who's the real queen of FaceTune! Photo Retouching is one of the most controversial topics in the makeup community, but Nikita & I are KNOWN for a good sister snatch. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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VV VV Hace 2 horas
sorry but i think nikita
Kenkenwashere Hace 4 horas
Who is rewatching his other videos from before he bleached his hair...I can't look at his bright hair
Emma Nissen
Emma Nissen Hace 4 horas
3..2...ad ad 1
oti nane
oti nane Hace 8 horas
so what exactly is the point of doing a 2 hour make up look if you gonna facetoon the crap out of it in the end -.-
Ava Henley
Ava Henley Hace 8 horas
At 17 seconds you spoke too soon Nikita lol love you James and Nikita
xXBillie PlayzzXx
xXBillie PlayzzXx Hace 19 horas
Sisters4life 3 girls
Sisters4life 3 girls Hace 19 horas
Nikita’s scream!!!!!!!!!!!😂🤣😂🤣
Kendra Ryan
Kendra Ryan Hace 19 horas
i am at 18:10 and i think Nakita won ;)
Alexis Salvatore
Alexis Salvatore Hace 21 un hora
No one: Not a single soul: Nikita: 20:02 😂
Abercrombxe Hace un día
Change the title to "Nikita bullying James for 21 minutes"
Edie xx
Edie xx Hace un día
nikita: 👁👄👁 james:oH mY GoD NiKitA!😌😂
ihoney beeei
ihoney beeei Hace un día
I love how Nikita is taking James down and roasting him on him own channel this is why I stand Nikita
Gabby Rhodes
Gabby Rhodes Hace un día
Omg tell me why I got a face tune ad before the video started
shanice N
shanice N Hace un día
No one:
Val McDonnell
Val McDonnell Hace un día
Wolf_Moonlight Galaxy
Wolf_Moonlight Galaxy Hace un día
WhO's HeRe AfTeR ThE TeA
FortniteproXox Fortnite duh
FortniteproXox Fortnite duh Hace un día
The people who are hating on james Charles are jealous! Don't listen to them hun There jelly of u
Angelica Flake
Angelica Flake Hace un día
The nails tho, the sound when they tap their phones. Asmr XD
Angie S
Angie S Hace un día
nikita and james taking shots at each other for 21 mins
Blossom Schovanec
Blossom Schovanec Hace un día
No wonder-
Amy Cotter
Amy Cotter Hace un día
Honour Bohls
Honour Bohls Hace un día
*Nikita dragging James for 21 minutes*
Saony Trott
Saony Trott Hace un día
It" really" is a touchy subject mmm..
Gabby Plays games
Gabby Plays games Hace un día
MilevenShipper -3-
MilevenShipper -3- Hace un día
No ones going to notice that James has pins as his earings xD
Baby boy chase
Baby boy chase Hace 2 días
Jaylens bf lmaoo (Inside joke from school)
ᔕᑭOᑎᘜIᗴ ᑭᒪᗩᑎTᔕ
ᔕᑭOᑎᘜIᗴ ᑭᒪᗩᑎTᔕ Hace 2 días
7:44 when i say something bad about someone then they get hurt so
Chizuru Hikari
Chizuru Hikari Hace 2 días
Sad thing is ...I'm a girl and they are more girly then I am ...
Jenna Cruz
Jenna Cruz Hace 2 días
Nikita bullying James while he’s laughing knowing it’s true
ASMR With roxi!
ASMR With roxi! Hace 2 días
She is so rude
Daisy_Plays _
Daisy_Plays _ Hace 2 días
Nikita is rude af if I’m being honest
codgamer k
codgamer k Hace 2 días
Larissa Alvidres
Larissa Alvidres Hace 2 días
Nikita is so damn toxic, she’s that friend that says things to be funny to friends but is actually hurtful
Brayer Tuilata
Brayer Tuilata Hace 2 días
i love you and i chose both
Chloe Jasmine
Chloe Jasmine Hace 2 días
0:52 Asmr
Itz.Snowy_ Diamond
Itz.Snowy_ Diamond Hace 2 días
*tap tap tap*
Naara Zuniga
Naara Zuniga Hace 2 días
I love they’re friendship specially the fact that Nikita is shading James to his face n several others...she’s so funny!
Mia Kizer
Mia Kizer Hace 2 días
no one: james: MAWMAAAA
Erin Garcia
Erin Garcia Hace 2 días
He/she is pretty but mean
Angel Rain
Angel Rain Hace 2 días
I didn’t even know Face tune was a thing ... this is scary 😭
Sapphire Smith
Sapphire Smith Hace 2 días
Did anyone else get an ad every time they count down to one just before the reveal 💀
Ami Marušić
Ami Marušić Hace 2 días
You two are sooooooooooooo beautiful with out face tune❤️😍 But i love you aniways🥰🥰🥰
Angie Forever Star
Angie Forever Star Hace 3 días
Hearing those nails click on the screen makes me cringe
Kanny Hace 3 días
7:43 Me
Laura López
Laura López Hace 3 días
0:17 Oh really?
Maya Xoxo
Maya Xoxo Hace 3 días
3..2..1.. advert😆
Nina Rhodes
Nina Rhodes Hace 3 días
Cuz I did 😂😂
Nina Rhodes
Nina Rhodes Hace 3 días
Is anybody ordering the James Charles palette now(way after it’s released lol)
dulcie forino
dulcie forino Hace 3 días
i hate nikita oml she jus drags people on dAiLy bAsIs
Giulia Frantzi
Giulia Frantzi Hace 3 días
I'm only watching that cause you can see they HATE eachother and it's funny watching you talking shit to eachother and pretending you like one-another!!😂😂 But let's be real... YOU GIRLS SLAAAAAY
Spooky Honeybuns
Spooky Honeybuns Hace 3 días
This was released on my birthday... So that’s why it was shit
marilene dasilva
marilene dasilva Hace 4 días
what app is this?
Jaquline Kosakowski
Jaquline Kosakowski Hace 4 días
*i dye my hair blonde* 5 fucking minutes pass james: “i just bleached my hair”
Renity 101
Renity 101 Hace 4 días
The lace front on her wig tho 💀
Hockey Girl27
Hockey Girl27 Hace 4 días
I don’t like Nikita at all, she annoys me sooo much
Maria Laborte
Maria Laborte Hace 4 días
The sound of their nails tapping on screen is driving me crazyyyy
Twoja Zelka
Twoja Zelka Hace 2 días
Maria Laborte asmr
leopardgecko14 ttwen
leopardgecko14 ttwen Hace 4 días
Not to offend anyone including James or nikita, but I think nikita was a little rude and it made james uncomfortable
Random_ Jill
Random_ Jill Hace un hora
leopardgecko14 ttwen that’s what she does no offence
The K9 Training Couple
The K9 Training Couple Hace 4 días
Hello can you make another video of steps of how to start your own makeup line
dae박대야 Hace 4 días
nikita looks the same in pictures, videos and irl wtf 😔
xX •clowned• Xx
xX •clowned• Xx Hace 4 días
Nikita: 7:44 Read More Me: YASSS
xX •clowned• Xx
xX •clowned• Xx Hace 4 días
Yah I look at Nikita and James as role models...
Crystal Kong
Crystal Kong Hace 4 días
James won. Nikita was great but I think she went “too far”
mya east
mya east Hace 4 días
11:36 Nikita:screams me:takes headphones off
Jaimini Lakhanpal
Jaimini Lakhanpal Hace 4 días
Potato Puffs
Potato Puffs Hace 4 días
Frenemies ..
yee haw
yee haw Hace 4 días
who's here after all the scandals and shit
Sienna Deller
Sienna Deller Hace 4 días
Wait..... is James Charles a girl or a boy?? I’m confused share in the comments if you can tell me
Alexia Salinas
Alexia Salinas Hace 3 días
Sienna Deller male
selome yared
selome yared Hace 4 días
if beauty influencers promote unleashing your inner artist, that means you should always be yourself, and embrace yourself, right? videos like these with millions of people watching them promote certain features that you need to be pretty. it’s truly sickening. these people need to understand that they have an influence on a lot of people. they seem to throw around the word “influencer” in the beauty community a lot. they need to know what it means.
Aila Isabella
Aila Isabella Hace 4 días
James:How much facetuning do you use? Nikita:YESSS
Nyema Madden
Nyema Madden Hace 4 días
The shots that have been fired in this video
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