Face Reveal of Mystery Man in Our New House! Tested Who's Better at Hacks by Matt and Rebecca

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Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca

Hace un mes

Rebecca Zamolo recently had a name reveal of the mystery Man during a smurfs in real life challenge. However before that Matt and Rebecca realized Maddie was taken. They tried spending 24 hours escaping a train for a face reveal. Now we have finally trapped the pizza delivery person and will do a face reveal. First we need to test him and he said his name is Connor. Why would Maddie's brother betray us like this. He has to spend 24 hours in the tiny house before we can reveal his secrets. Matt believes it is Connor because he likes to video games like fortnite, minecraft, robox and piggy. But he is so bad at basketball. Rebecca thinks that it is Zoe because he fails the eye test on the last to fall in the pool challenge. Maddie believes it is Oreon because he went missing right before this major event happened. Who do you think will reveal themselves with this face reveal? Maybe it is another mystery person we haven't thought of? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo Hace un mes
What clues in the Smurfs video did you see to help figure this out??
Melissa Kargbo
Melissa Kargbo Hace 4 días
Magi Emilova
Magi Emilova Hace 10 días
Magi Emilova
Magi Emilova Hace 10 días
Faith Douglas
Faith Douglas Hace un mes
✍🏼 ✍🏼✍🏼 ✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼 ✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼 ✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼 ✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼
Faith Douglas
Faith Douglas Hace un mes
Rebecca Zamolo it’s Agent r
Lauren Bryant
Lauren Bryant Hace 3 horas
Miranda Newberry
Miranda Newberry Hace 6 horas
Do the face reveal Rebecca and Matt please do it I want to know who the mystery person is I think it is Conner I think Matt is right because Matt asked what his name is and he said Conner so I think it is Conner so I'm with Matt on this one Rebecca
camden casey
camden casey Hace 6 horas
Zahra Stiles
Zahra Stiles Hace 15 horas
I think it's Robbie rib because he was talking about auditions
dadang kusumawardhana
dadang kusumawardhana Hace 15 horas
That is madie crush's
Tom A
Tom A Hace 18 horas
Mandy sed Oreon and Matt sed corner and Rebecca sed zoe
chubellyn corollar
chubellyn corollar Hace un día
I think that is orion
Murphy Stone
Murphy Stone Hace un día
Agent r
cozychompsfn Hace un día
Hi Rebecca
Rosabel Izaguirre
Rosabel Izaguirre Hace un día
connor that him at the little house
I knew it was agent r I knew it
noah Segrest
noah Segrest Hace un día
Yes It is Zoe
noah Segrest
noah Segrest Hace un día
Not Conner
Denise Hall
Denise Hall Hace un día
It is agent R
Laicie Bell
Laicie Bell Hace un día
How did every think happen?
Deshawnna Cornwall
Deshawnna Cornwall Hace 2 días
itttttttsssss corner
Deshawnna Cornwall
Deshawnna Cornwall Hace 2 días
Ade Hdz
Ade Hdz Hace 2 días
comiel Faizo
comiel Faizo Hace 2 días
DollyPop Land
DollyPop Land Hace 2 días
Rebecca I feel like Rz has to do with something.
hey aim so scare
James Hutchinson
James Hutchinson Hace 2 días
The 2 bros Gg
The 2 bros Gg Hace 2 días
You can tell by the annoyed voice
vicky ashton
vicky ashton Hace 2 días
It's AR clone
We Love Smart Keto
We Love Smart Keto Hace 2 días
We Love Smart Keto
We Love Smart Keto Hace 2 días
Roro Ar
Roro Ar Hace 2 días
I know who it is for a complete the video I promise you is that I don’t know what name is but it’s up Maddie‘s crush promise you I did in the video when I saw it I just knew it was just in my head that he marries grass I forgot your name
Cleo Master
Cleo Master Hace 2 días
Jamaliah Rasidi
Jamaliah Rasidi Hace 2 días
How about agent s
abigail Hace 2 días
I figured that jst soy on them
Lexi’s Channel
Lexi’s Channel Hace 2 días
I know who the mystery person is just tell me on Instagram
Jayden Cabral
Jayden Cabral Hace 2 días
It’s agent r but Conner
Nancy Brown
Nancy Brown Hace 2 días
its adint r sory rebecca i cant speel
carlos portillo
carlos portillo Hace 2 días
It's none of them
Keith Diermann
Keith Diermann Hace 2 días
100% Connor
arjun magar
arjun magar Hace 3 días
i thimnk it zoe
Franklin Family
Franklin Family Hace 3 días
I think it is a
Zeray Akolom
Zeray Akolom Hace 3 días
I love your comments pary that cause I hate the other people's comments
Jt End
Jt End Hace 3 días
Mastery person agend r
Jt End
Jt End Hace 3 días
Mastery person agend r
Gilbert Maranan
Gilbert Maranan Hace 3 días
3:01 none of u guys are rait thats agent r
Nikolas Collins
Nikolas Collins Hace 3 días
Rebecca be craefull
Nikolas Collins
Nikolas Collins Hace 3 días
yes i thank it is it conner
Sophie Liggett
Sophie Liggett Hace 3 días
Agent R
Aya Ismail
Aya Ismail Hace 3 días
Its agent are
Laura Johnson
Laura Johnson Hace 3 días
Yes agnat. R
Camryn Nibblett
Camryn Nibblett Hace 3 días
It’s not Zoe
London Brown
London Brown Hace 3 días
It’s agent r
Giselle Valdez
Giselle Valdez Hace 3 días
umm i think they are country
Elisa Fernandez
Elisa Fernandez Hace 3 días
I think. Its coner
Huru Tercan
Huru Tercan Hace 3 días
AnnieTheGymnastic Girl
AnnieTheGymnastic Girl Hace 3 días
Jump in the polo which should be back on right every time right so so you have sure the lever to the wall and I don’t know what I’m talking about but OK and I’m five5My name Natalia tour at my best friend
inaya malik
inaya malik Hace 3 días
Princess Alana
Princess Alana Hace 3 días
Glyn Pargeter
Glyn Pargeter Hace 3 días
Ivanna Chaviano
Ivanna Chaviano Hace 3 días
Shae sprinkle
Shae sprinkle Hace 3 días
agent r
Hira Nawed
Hira Nawed Hace 3 días
The mystery man is not agent r it is robierob I am sure 🌈🌈🌈🌈
Jenevy Rios
Jenevy Rios Hace 3 días
It's totally agent r
Ahmad Woodley
Ahmad Woodley Hace 3 días
And ya girl know
glrfreem5 Hace 4 días
Not really she was out for oo 😃 ooooo 🤣😃 ooooo inhibit and it is the money for it the one who has the money for it the other is that the power to go on
Muhammad K
Muhammad K Hace 4 días
Is Zoe
Isabelle Kane
Isabelle Kane Hace 4 días
I think it is The pizza person
Ava Carter
Ava Carter Hace 4 días
Agent R
Melissa Kargbo
Melissa Kargbo Hace 4 días
Lee Greenslade
Lee Greenslade Hace 4 días
shri2911 Hace 4 días
Ma Jaerhiana Rich Almasa-Roque
Ma Jaerhiana Rich Almasa-Roque Hace 4 días
Matt I saw a red person in your house tour when Rebecca is pranking you!
Marie Dehu
Marie Dehu Hace 4 días
Its agent r
JaShaun Williams
JaShaun Williams Hace 4 días
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