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Update on our trip:
Pursell Farms:
Thanks for watching today's video at Pursell Farms. We're super excited to upload a ton of content in the next few weeks from out here! Hopefully you guys enjoy!
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Brice Butler

Porter Matt
Porter Matt Hace 3 horas
i miss gm golf without micah i also miss bro five brodie>Micah
T2MYoungboober Hace 14 horas
He said you can’t blade on the last shot
Aleksandr Vagimov
Aleksandr Vagimov Hace 2 días
18:33 micah should have won because garret had HORS and missed the green i am confused
Karan Driehuys
Karan Driehuys Hace 4 días
1:43 Stephen is an absolute unit
Jonah Graham
Jonah Graham Hace 11 días
everyone’s face when micah hit that shot 🤣🤣🤣
Brian Collins
Brian Collins Hace 12 días
3:48 might be the funniest moment on this channel. Matt’s face when his moment to talk is taken is priceless. And the way he was interrupted was just comedy gold 😂
Roman Hache
Roman Hache Hace 14 días
Mika recording with the hiccups is the best thing ever😂😂😂
David Borgailo
David Borgailo Hace 14 días
these guys are on that gas
Jared Anderson
Jared Anderson Hace 15 días
Micah actually won on 3 lucky shots lmao
acidshot 46
acidshot 46 Hace 19 días
Micah got rid of my boys almost right off the bat, still love you Garrett ;)
johnathan mcvean
johnathan mcvean Hace 19 días
i love this african american i forgot his man but he is a great guy
yourboilfitzty phil
yourboilfitzty phil Hace 21 un día
didnt garret say that he couldnt thin it??
MacAttack MacAttack
MacAttack MacAttack Hace 24 días
U guys messed up a little
Abraham Walther
Abraham Walther Hace 25 días
Your still a buety
Abraham Walther
Abraham Walther Hace 25 días
Tell your friend to stop doin that face it’s not funny 🤬
Carlos alem
Carlos alem Hace 27 días
buenas la verdad muy bueno video me encanto necesito el nuevo material me retiro les dejo kisses muchas gracias
Kelan Lucas
Kelan Lucas Hace 29 días
He bladed the chip but he said you cant blade it
123 456
123 456 Hace un mes
“Stephans not gunna hit the green” rude by Garrett lol
Sergio carter
Sergio carter Hace un mes
hola la verdad excelente video lo disfrute bastante ansioso de el proximo grabación me despido les mando besitos gracias
Paul Panamarenko Jr.
Paul Panamarenko Jr. Hace un mes
That was awesome.
Stacey Wilson
Stacey Wilson Hace un mes
That chip tho
jero spotAAA
jero spotAAA Hace un mes
why are people compete when they have zero chances to win?!
Briar Does Everything
Briar Does Everything Hace un mes
It should have been hors to hors after the flop shot because two people hit the green so he gets another letter
Aleksandr Vagimov
Aleksandr Vagimov Hace un mes
micah should not have an o
Blake Adkins
Blake Adkins Hace un mes
19:54 he said u can’t blade it and then he blades it and won😂
Gam3r 3723
Gam3r 3723 Hace un mes
1 like= One hat or shirt adjust by Garrett.
Michael Labram
Michael Labram Hace un mes
Love it.
J Red
J Red Hace un mes
Yall were all flappin some horse lips on the video and it was hilarious
Cj Dew
Cj Dew Hace un mes
Matts reaction when Micah wins lmaoooo
thomas overall
thomas overall Hace un mes
Why does Brice act like he’s from the streets when he’s got money?
AJ Key
AJ Key Hace un mes
Micah: look how big that water is
Riley Viellion
Riley Viellion Hace un mes
Best bad shot of this video
ThomasKlarskov Hace 2 meses
how did micah win? he bladed the wedge that was not allow :D
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Hace 2 meses
you could have given him a letter after the flop shot though because you were closest and 2 people hit green
CaptainCap_YT Hace 2 meses
Garret said you can’t blade it and micha bladed it
Matty Green
Matty Green Hace 2 meses
how did tig get an o on the practice green
Adam Doerge
Adam Doerge Hace 2 meses
Micah pisses me off
Aiden Zimmerman
Aiden Zimmerman Hace 2 meses
He bladed it so it didn’t count
Bino Hace 2 meses
Garret: yes Micah:"Sinks ball"
kaden charpentier
kaden charpentier Hace 2 meses
When garret said “you have to chip it” on the last hole
kaden charpentier
kaden charpentier Hace 2 meses
When garret said “you have to chip it” on the last hole
mike S
mike S Hace 2 meses
Matt is a legend that's why micah chose to give him the letter hes intimidated by his greatness lol
Drew Phillips
Drew Phillips Hace 2 meses
The least consistent rules ever 😂😂
matthew owen
matthew owen Hace 2 meses
lmao, please make another one
Crisbatero Hace 2 meses
Doesn´t Matt know how to talk at a normal speed? makes me nervous and makes me quit almost all of your videos....not funny for me, good golfer, but not comic as pretend to be. Sorry, just my opinion.
Noah Pace
Noah Pace Hace 2 meses
want more of these!!!!!!!!!!
Winter Hare
Winter Hare Hace 2 meses
4:49 So nobody's gonna talk about how good Matt's face is?
Aidan Welz
Aidan Welz Hace 2 meses
I played at old edwards a few months ago pretty cool course.
Michael Tegan
Michael Tegan Hace 2 meses
Garrett low key cheating giving Micah HO when he only had H.... Garrett hates losing
Grace.thegolfer 18
Grace.thegolfer 18 Hace 2 meses
I was rooting for Garrett, dang
Trexx_golf Hace 2 meses
19:27 when Micah hits his ball in the water, and hear Matt, “YES!! Haha” I was dying 🤣
Arlan Yoder
Arlan Yoder Hace 2 meses
Micah, stand on your head and drink a glass of water!
Grayson Fischer
Grayson Fischer Hace 2 meses
and add to that on hole five Micah can't give a letter to Bryce because nobody else hit the green
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown Hace 2 meses
"Don' hit the green, you get a letter" Garrett Comes down to him and Micah with neither hitting the green...yeah, no letters given. LOL
:Axel-Knight-Kevin: Moss.
:Axel-Knight-Kevin: Moss. Hace 2 meses
how come everyone can do backflips tf
Kashish Malik
Kashish Malik Hace 2 meses
im dying when steven says im not talking because i dont like matt
Apaze _R4z3
Apaze _R4z3 Hace 2 meses
Great video like always plz like
landon langenbau
landon langenbau Hace 2 meses
Let’s all agree Micah needs to go. He doesn’t fit with the OG gm golf vibe.
ceejayy0 Hace 2 meses
Any chance of a wheel of not ideal with bryce?
Brydon Hewett
Brydon Hewett Hace 2 meses
Would love to see a what’s in the bag video from all of y’all, also explaining average club head speeds and yardages.
Indio Hace 2 meses
What a win
Indio Hace 2 meses
Omg Micah.....
Indio Hace 2 meses
Wow what those flops though wow guys
Zach Miller
Zach Miller Hace 2 meses
19:54 “you can’t blade it”. So technically Garret gets the win🤷🏼‍♂️
Lasse Bertelsen
Lasse Bertelsen Hace 2 meses
Micah gave Bryce a letter and sent him out of the game even tho he was the only one on the green...
Man of Steel
Man of Steel Hace 2 meses
Was that a Pepsi Garrett? What happened to no Caffeine? Smh
baseball kid2
baseball kid2 Hace 2 meses
Time out why whenever they did the flop shots did garret not give micah the extra letter since he was closest?
Kyle Barco
Kyle Barco Hace 2 meses
Brice repping Gwinnett county!!!!
Brayden Larson
Brayden Larson Hace 2 meses
At the end garrett missed the green so doen't he get a letter and he's out
MikeyVlogs Hace 2 meses
those greens are so fast good lord
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