Extreme Closet Clean Out ...GONE WRONG (so much regret)

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Hace 2 meses

During self isolation I decided to do a HUGE Extreme Closet Clean Out for the FIRST TIME EVER but it was WAY worse then I anticipated...
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KittyGirl Sushi
KittyGirl Sushi Hace 47 minutos
Poor thing
Abegail Musto
Abegail Musto Hace un hora
Grace Crafts
Grace Crafts Hace un hora
you know if you like murderer podcasts then you should listen to and that's why we drink podcast
Grace Crafts
Grace Crafts Hace un hora
it is also a paranormal podcast at the same time
- Bubble-
- Bubble- Hace 10 horas
I watched this during the end of my clothing sorting, and it made it a little bit easier
Brooke Kimbal
Brooke Kimbal Hace 12 horas
I want her closet omg 🤣
Soleil Ignatowicz
Soleil Ignatowicz Hace 15 horas
i loveeee ur glasses!
Nugget 32
Nugget 32 Hace 16 horas
Itz XxBloodmoonxX
Itz XxBloodmoonxX Hace 17 horas
I have more clothes>w
Emma Waters
Emma Waters Hace 19 horas
Lauren:this is a nightmare Me:I would love to have that many clothes and organize them all
Peridot123pp Hace 17 horas
I am the opposite
A&A Moving Company
A&A Moving Company Hace 20 horas
i dont have a corner as much clothes as you.
Anna P
Anna P Hace un día
“Lauren”does this bring me joy “Few seconds later”...*screaming head of*
The Obby Queen
The Obby Queen Hace un día
I am listening to this with RAYCON EARBUDS
The Obby Queen
The Obby Queen Hace un día
Sorry Lauren, but... this is dumb
Betty Zavadska
Betty Zavadska Hace un día
i cleaned my closet it is not bad but I have 2 closets but not walk in closets and now have 1 closet but lauren oh no lauren I know why you want to die
Dj Puppy
Dj Puppy Hace un día
OMG i love lauren with glasses 8D
Hayden Gilbertson
Hayden Gilbertson Hace un día
Dexter: mom play with me I brought my bone Lauren: DEXTER YOU'RE MAKING A MESS I JUST CLEANED Dexter: I just wanted to play 🥺
Betty Zavadska
Betty Zavadska Hace un día
XD yas so correct
Sharni Mills
Sharni Mills Hace un día
Now I know why you haven't been uploading 😂😝😂😝😂😝
Natalia Huezo
Natalia Huezo Hace un día
am i the only one who didn't expect lauren to have heels 🤣
Luaren: wow I’m cleaning this much clothes at lest this is easy ME: WHYYYY MEEE WHY 19 clothes to PICK UPPPP (My mom:do the dishes7 year old ok hermiolie( Me:wait whattt whyyy MEEEEEEHHHHH ☹️☹️☹️
Molly Tharp
Molly Tharp Hace 2 días
I’m here to complain about my closet. Might I just say... the shelves and racks and stuff around the corner in the back is the size of my whole closet and I have a little more clothes then what Lauren gave away.
Chloplayzgamez xo
Chloplayzgamez xo Hace 2 días
LOL and I thought I had alot
WOSome Girl
WOSome Girl Hace 2 días
16:42 "no makeup" she looks like she has a full face of makeup on. lauren ur beautiful
Ζωη Καρανταγλη
Ζωη Καρανταγλη Hace 2 días
Why do I feel like the end was VERY simular to an employee giving you a tour of their clothes shop lmao?
Gacha_Gamer Hace 3 días
Bobby: That's cool! I have all your merch in one spot Lauren:*mumbles* you better
Serena Park
Serena Park Hace 3 días
the raycon can only be shipped to us and i really want a pair
Sandra Dyer
Sandra Dyer Hace 3 días
Yes... Yes Lauren you are being judged
Edd Elliott
Edd Elliott Hace 3 días
That’s why you never clean out a closet lmao. Tho it makes me want to go through my stuff😬
Vanessa Filges
Vanessa Filges Hace 3 días
i need that closet😂😭
Alanna Griffin
Alanna Griffin Hace 3 días
Turn the left over cloth in to merch lol!!! I would buy it
I luv Gacha
I luv Gacha Hace 3 días
I thought I had way too many clothes
Harper Torres
Harper Torres Hace 4 días
2hy not just get rid of all of them then bye new ones
grace Grace
grace Grace Hace 4 días
My Mom: Go and fold the clothes! Me: Ok! *Watches a Video of a person folding clothes*
Beanie Boo
Beanie Boo Hace 4 días
She has SO many clothes
Eva Bidan-Anderson
Eva Bidan-Anderson Hace 4 días
No one Absolutely no one Me: Trying to find the hot dog costume
Sky Brooklyns
Sky Brooklyns Hace 4 días
For you guys wondering you can get doki doki literature club for FREE on steam
Eva Peticca
Eva Peticca Hace 4 días
shes taking out like eight of my closet and i cant even put a chair in my closet
Eva Peticca
Eva Peticca Hace 4 días
shes taking out like eight of my closet and i cant even put a chair in my closet
Eva Peticca
Eva Peticca Hace 4 días
can i live in you closet please?
Fallon Wainwright
Fallon Wainwright Hace 4 días
hey now I'm not the only pin trailer on ESwomen
Maddie Hello
Maddie Hello Hace 4 días
Yeah I have like about 11 shirts and 7 pants and a couple of shoes 😔
Evy and Emy
Evy and Emy Hace 4 días
Cloes XD
Milan Carney
Milan Carney Hace 4 días
I am a kid and I'd do not like cleaning so you have a big closet I was just take all of those clothes and just throw in the closet
Milan Carney
Milan Carney Hace 4 días
I love how you're pretty high heels Mrs.Lauren
Betty Sanders
Betty Sanders Hace 4 días
Last week got rid of 3 bags of clothes. Also me 5min later ordered a bunch of more clothes.. My mom....gurl this ain't helping you Also my mom what did I just create. Lol
Andrea Hoffus
Andrea Hoffus Hace 4 días
this is me tho it toke me years cleaning my room
XXizzy MoonlightXX
XXizzy MoonlightXX Hace 4 días
Why is ray on sponsoring all ESwomenr ahhhhhhh🤭🤔🤨🤨🤨 Did anyone else see her Billie Eilish shirt when her and gloom did the avocado series Like yes Comment no
elishia cox
elishia cox Hace 4 días
This shows just how much Lauren is committed to ESwomen
Eryn Campbell
Eryn Campbell Hace 4 días
Me: sees Raycon Also me: GRAY
Pepper•Wolf•Gachaz Hace 4 días
Lauren if I had as many clothes as you I would Never Look Trashie again
Taylor Hannah
Taylor Hannah Hace 4 días
You have a problem and the answer is get rid of it all then buy new clothes
Tomie LaBeff
Tomie LaBeff Hace 4 días
Wait Lauren what is ur sisters ESwomen
see girls have a lot of clothes LOL
Robin Smith
Robin Smith Hace 4 días
5 days
Isla de Swart
Isla de Swart Hace 4 días
Dexter is so cute
Marchwithme Real
Marchwithme Real Hace 4 días
I’m happy that you have a good style and I’m not worried about the things you have.👍🏻👌
tera snyder
tera snyder Hace 4 días
You have more cloths than anyone I've ever seen
Karye_ Kawaii
Karye_ Kawaii Hace 5 días
Nobody Me when I see a spider: 17:45
ThatHatedSpork Hace 5 días
am I the only one who noticed the senpai shirt- just me- aight-
Callie Brad
Callie Brad Hace 5 días
Bi have to figure out where to put all the hangerrrrs
Poisoned Wolf Gacha
Poisoned Wolf Gacha Hace 5 días
Yesterday I cleaned out my drawer of stuff I won't wear and stuff that doesn't fit. I ended up with 4 FILLED TO THE BRIM trashbags 3 of them clothes, and the other 1 shoes. That was ALL MINE
Why do I do this
Why do I do this Hace 5 días
I tried this it took 2 weeks
Bella Smith
Bella Smith Hace 5 días
I saw this video two weeks ago and tried to clean my closet too now it’s even messier now I actually have to spend my whole week to clean a tiny closet
Katie Thackeray
Katie Thackeray Hace 5 días
Does anyone else think Lauren looks better in glasses?
Ahmira Banion
Ahmira Banion Hace 5 días
Wow when she said it is currently 7:16 it was 7:16 here what are the chances
Anna Paris
Anna Paris Hace 5 días
Thank you sooooo much for the promo code! My parents Said i can get them because the’re way less expensive than the wireless earbuds they were going to get!
_Starla Devil_
_Starla Devil_ Hace 5 días
When you were wearing the yellow vans crop hoodie I was like: “HOLY CRAP I HAVE THE SAME ONE!!!!!!!”
Isabelle Love
Isabelle Love Hace 5 días
Lauren’s closet is literally bigger then my room..... 😂😂😂
Unknown Potato
Unknown Potato Hace 5 días
Anyone else realize it was yellow then white 😂
FigitFun07 Hace 5 días
If I was Lauren I would be legit screaming to death 👿
Elena Rupp
Elena Rupp Hace 5 días
Lauren says sims is not gaming
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