EXCLUSIVE: Trump goes one-on-one with Hannity to discuss coronavirus response

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President Donald Trump joins 'Hannity' in exclusive interview to breakdown how he is working with Americans to fight coronavirus. #FoxNews #Hannity
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Dusty Boy
Dusty Boy Hace un día
Sparks flys everywhere ✨
Justin Fracer
Justin Fracer Hace 3 días
George Stephenson
George Stephenson Hace 5 días
CREEPY newsboy talks with the king of losers....boring
yew 2oob
yew 2oob Hace 7 días
Yup...100,000 dead from COVID...MAGA (Make American Graves Abundant)
Ryan Racine
Ryan Racine Hace 10 días
Plot twist...he is telling you want you want to hear. How many are dead now (5.26.20) nearly 100 thousand!? Red states are now rising.....He told congress in 2017 that they could reduce the CDC budget because they were at 98% at national stock. Why is he saying the shelf was empty? Make something up now...
Thomas Neily
Thomas Neily Hace 11 días
Hes sharp as a pin. I thank god every day for the greatest president the usa will ever see trump 2020
Alex Hace 11 días
"It's no big deal, we have it under control, It will disappear, it's just like the Flu" United States Coronavirus Cases: Effective May 25, 2020 1,700,541 Deaths: 99,684
Atze7811 Hace 13 días
Nice try to rewrite history you little pathetic propaganda tool. Historian will judge trump by the number of dead Americans no matter how hard you try to deceive distract lie and spin myths.
Dale Peto
Dale Peto Hace 17 días
Everybody should just believe everything TRUMP says. Right up till the point where you get sick and die.
Lesa Arrey
Lesa Arrey Hace 18 días
Love you Mr Hannity WWG1WGA ♥️
Jake jake
Jake jake Hace 19 días
They make a great pair ,they like to talk the talk, one dodged the draft, the other just wants to torture someone.
HadD Hamza
HadD Hamza Hace 22 días
من الاخوت الباغوز هذه رؤيا وصلتني الان... من اخت اقراوها..الان. هذه الرؤيا لو لم يكن فيها تبليغ للامه ولو أن الرسول ما استوصاني ماكنت نشرتها والله وفي بشاره بنهاية الرؤيا تقول المتحدثة اني رأيت في ليلة النصف من رجب تاريخ/٢٠٢٠/٣/١٠ كنت اصلي صلاة الفجر واني بين النائمة والمستيقضه رأيت راية بيضاء وسيف أخضر وبقعه بيضاء عليها حصان ابيض ورجل يرتدي الأبيض يمتطي الحصان كان متجهزا لان يخرج فيه بعدها رأيت الرسول محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم عند الكعبه الشريفه وكانت فارغه رأيته لابس ابيض أيضا ولكن وجهه من نور فقال محمد ابن عبد الله يبايع محمد ابن عبد الله وابتسم وقال (اخرج واحكم بالعدل) وقال قد انطلق المهدي قد انطلق المهدي الليلة (إذا رايتموه فبايعوه ولو حبوا على الأقدام) فكررها ثلاثا ورأيت بعدها طريق مستقيم يوصل للكعبه وكان أمامي وسُد الباب بعلامتين كعلامة إكس (x) بعدها قال الرسول أن الامه ستهلك ويبقى ثلثها مع المهدي المنتظر فقال بلغي بلغي قلت انا يارسول الله؟ قال نعم انتي قلت ااصبح داعيه؟ قال نعم بلغي بالخير وبعدها رأيت أنوار أنوار في السماء وصوت يقول اقتربت الساعه وانشق القمر بعدها رأيت الأرض عليها نار كلها عباره عن نار والسماء حمراء الأرض حمراء و السماء حمراء وصاح صوت من السماء إنذار إنذار صواعق رعد عواصف نار والدنيا شكلها مخيف عباره عن شيء مرعب احمر من شده النيران والنساء يحترقن فيها ويعذبون وصوت يقول سخط غضب غضب ورأيت شكلا في السماء يرعب لونه اسود ملأ أركان السماء ارتعبت من شكله لدرجة الذي يراه يصعق من شده الرعب بعدها قال لي رسول الله اقترب للناس حسابهم وهم في غفلة معرضون ويحكم يا امتى أين امتى عن هذا وقال بنبرة حزن (اريد أن اباهي بكم الأمم) فبكيت حينها وانكسر قلبي لأن الرسول قالها بنبره حزن شديده بعدها قال لي بلغي بلغي بلغي هذه الرساله قلت هل ستتعذب الامه قال رسول الله لي لا تعذب امه يذكر فيها اسم محمد وهذه البشاره بان شفيعنا وحبيبنا معنا في كل لحظه وسيشفع لنا ولكن ان كنا معه ونذكره ، وخلص بعدها فكرت ان هذه أوهام فصار صوت قلنا لكي بلغي بنبرة غضب بعدها امي نامت ورأت في المنام صوت يقول ( بلغو عني ولو بآية) والله على ما أقول شهيد وانا اكتبها وانا متردده ولو ما وصية الرسول لنا ما نشرتها ارجو ان تعمم هذه الرسالة لان هذا تحذير من رسول الله لنا والله على ما أقول شهيد وهذا الذي رأيته لم أضف عليه حرف الله الشاهد فوقنا اللهم اني قد بلغت اللهم فأشهد في الختام ارجو من الاخوه والاخوات بلاش الشتم والسب والتكذيب برؤيا رسولنا الكريم فهذه رؤيا حق لان رسولنا يقول من رآني فقد رآني حقاً فهذا حديث صحيح، وله ألفاظ، منها: قوله ﷺ: من رآني في المنام فقد رآني، فإن الشيطان لا يتمثل في صورتي. و إن كانت الاخت في رؤيها صادقة فلها الخير ولقد بلغت وبلغنا بالرساله ، وإن كانت كاذبه فعليها اللهم بلغت اللهم فاشهد
Peter Meeuwis
Peter Meeuwis Hace 22 días
Wayne Waterman
Wayne Waterman Hace 22 días
Whine , whine, whine. Everybody that wants to go to work just shut up and go already. Don't bring the virus home to everybody else and go live in a tent somewhere. Drop by Mar A Lago and see if Trumph will take you in?
Tall DudeXX
Tall DudeXX Hace 26 días
Breaking news - Trump just blamed his stupidity on the virus in his brain!
stan marsh
stan marsh Hace un mes
trumps weak a horrible negociator ...afterall Pelosi broke one off in him ( us ) didn't even use grease …..he should of got on tv and read that bill off and said here's what they want made them look bad but now he looks very weak , corrupt even he's so weak ….why get rid of him he'll sign anything they put before him....Pelosi should write a book ….art of the deal ….pt 2 ...trumps weak don't let him be in charge of your tax dollars
Kenny Williams
Kenny Williams Hace un mes
Theres No such a thing as this virus.... Its Fake new's Honest to peoples ,,is just another way for the trumpsterDumpster to show his so called power ...All if it & i do Mean alll of it .... he's starting to get scared & he can't run for his money any more .... Biden will be Out President Soon
Cabdi Siciid
Cabdi Siciid Hace un mes
Lawyers say why'd goofiness with PMS and the nights are still being, a result tells nothing about it,, maybe hes girl's 9ices. Do 2, and don lemon tie tell u lie,..hhhh what for more details abouts atsh.
Paul Chung
Paul Chung Hace un mes
Shame on u u were the one that downplayed and gove mis info and keep sayong fair media fake news. Shame on u fox and orangeman
Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan Hace un mes
Trump is a moron
blazing blade
blazing blade Hace un mes
Sean hannity you are perfect definition of a liar start picking on yourself for saying thousand different thing each of them contradicting each other
MALU DA ENIGMA Hace un mes
Dr.Oz?? Fausci is the expert....Bottom line is this Trump dropped the ball.The swine flu didn't not shut down America or killed Americans unnecessary if we were self sufficient to make our own and stop buying foreign we could have been better prepared
Joey Sutton
Joey Sutton Hace un mes
hannty can Acttck whatever he wants
Joey Sutton
Joey Sutton Hace un mes
nail him
Joey Sutton
Joey Sutton Hace un mes
Trump hannty is nantey Trump take hannty down shut him down
Joey Sutton
Joey Sutton Hace un mes
Trump can not you
Joey Sutton
Joey Sutton Hace un mes
Trump Hannty is not nice guy
Joey Sutton
Joey Sutton Hace un mes
Trump Hannty is sick puppy
Meliodas Wraith
Meliodas Wraith Hace un mes
He chooses the news before the president of China
TheRightThing Hace un mes
Reagan captured the emotions of the nation with his poetic eulogy to the crew of the space shuttle Challenger after it exploded. President Clinton channeled the country’s anger and grief after the bombing of an Oklahoma City federal building. President Bush shed tears and shared hugs with the families of those killed on Sept. 11, 2001. Obama wept openly after the school massacre in Newtown, Conn., and sang “Amazing Grace” at a service for black churchgoers killed by a white supremacist in Charleston, S.C. Mr. Trump has led no national mourning. In his daily news conferences, he makes only perfunctory references to those who have died as he stiffly reads opening remarks, exhibiting more emotion when grieving his lost economic record than his lost constituents.
maynunal Hace un mes
Important note: not only is Trump letting coronavirus run rampant among immigrants in his concentration camps, he’s continuing to deport detainees by the dozen; effectively exporting the virus to South and Central American countries. He’s a global health DISASTER.
Todd M
Todd M Hace un mes
Its like a dream I am on a sinking boat and the captain is weird Uncle and more concerned about a beauty pageant...oh wait it's reality
Blue Line Tactical Solutions
Blue Line Tactical Solutions Hace un mes
This aged well 😂. Nothing to see here, just two of the dumbest men in America talking on the phone.
Gar Sm
Gar Sm Hace un mes
20,000 likes --- I wonder how many are now dead.
Gar Sm
Gar Sm Hace un mes
Back in the day before we were all injecting and drinking Dettol ... people were still taking hydrochloroquine. And there were only hundreds dead then. Thank God Hannity called Trump tp account for his inaction and false advice.
Devesh Bose
Devesh Bose Hace un mes
Love this guy...hillary would be weak
Mik Rod
Mik Rod Hace un mes
In some cases we’ll get a piece of the companies the government will own some of the big companies sounds like socialism
Carsten Asplund
Carsten Asplund Hace un mes
Propaganda ….. Listen to this now 04-26-20
Chaika? Yes, Chaika. Chaika
Chaika? Yes, Chaika. Chaika Hace un mes
Jan. 22 “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.” Feb. 10 “Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away.” Feb. 24 “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. … Stock Market starting to look very good to me!” Feb. 27 “It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” March 4 “Some people will have this at a very light level and won’t even go to a doctor or hospital, and they’ll get better. There are many people like that.” March 9 “The Fake News Media and their partner, the Democrat Party, is doing everything within its semi-considerable power ... to inflame the CoronaVirus situation.” March 10 “We’re prepared, and we’re doing a great job with it. And it will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.” March 15 “This is a very contagious virus. It’s incredible. But it’s something that we have tremendous control over.” March 17 “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.”
William Peterson
William Peterson Hace un mes
Ask him why he ignored the warnings of the WHO and of his own advisors. Ask him why he fired his pandemic corps!
sockpuppetbitme Hace un mes
This is why so many people are never Trumpers. He's simply unfit to handle a crisis. He's responsible for thousands upon thousands of deaths now, and he's not even ashamed or embarassed. He MUST be a psycho...
tRiShA456 Hace un mes
So we're just going to ignore the fact that he...no no...THEY (meaning trump and hannity) downplayed it from the start? I mean there is actual video and sound.
kaspar Johan Birkeland
kaspar Johan Birkeland Hace un mes
And We not starter opp nothing befor Gates giv ewry one an Vaksin and satans mark inside ewery one ???
kaspar Johan Birkeland
kaspar Johan Birkeland Hace un mes
And Bill Gates + Dr.fughci make this VIRUS !!!????
Eric F
Eric F Hace un mes
Speak for yourself I don't wanna go back to work lol
Kathy Solorio
Kathy Solorio Hace un mes
Al Bristol
Al Bristol Hace un mes
Wow, So here we are two weeks later. DID ANY AMERICAN NOT HAVE A VENTILATOR? Oregon was sitting on 150. Pres.TRUMP waw right we didn't come close to needing 10k ventilators. The media went nuts on 40k ventilators. Apologize to Trump you liberal scum
DJ UNCLE GEN Hace un mes
Why is asking for 30,000 vents annoying to you.... say that to the face of a dying family memeber
Neil Hamp-Adams
Neil Hamp-Adams Hace un mes
What is the scrolling list for?? You can't even read it???!!!!!!
Neil Hamp-Adams
Neil Hamp-Adams Hace un mes
What the f&£k? Does he own you?
James Halder
James Halder Hace un mes
I am no scholar nor politician just an ordinary person working and surviving day to day. I do not represent any political party, just natural thought as a lay man. Presdent Trump is not a politician he is genius business man. This man is a builder, he knows how to build the Country. He is not a man of speech but action. My dear fellow American please understand , he is doing much more than than he speaks. The world looks upon USA when they are in need and save them from peril, USA is always there to help. But in returns we do not be acknowledged. We are in crisis for the misinformation from WHO we lost valuable life and money and USA pays them the major portion for their organization. My words to our media friends, you are our voice our front line, our face, please do not forfeit us from having a peaceful life, we all love you folks as you are one of our brother and sister, you can build a better world if you stop fake news. Please appreciate our president help him to deliver us from this crisis. Please remember the words of JFK. ..... see what you can do for the country, not what the country can do for you.... it will build this country more stronger and United. Forget and forgive look beyond.
Fall Colours
Fall Colours Hace un mes
Mr Trump is such a wonderful, kind and caring man.
Alan Tally
Alan Tally Hace un mes
People who vote Democratic are seriously out of touch with reality.
Pennilane not telling
Pennilane not telling Hace un mes
I'm Canadian ...Mr Trump I think your awesome and the best president ever...You totally have my support.. I wish you were In our country...to run Canada
Idalmis Olivera
Idalmis Olivera Hace un mes
We need return to work. We can use mask of Yotta Sky Group. It is a excellent protection. Also we need to make our own products, come back our bussines
Conservative Thinking Americans
Conservative Thinking Americans Hace un mes
I guess my question is simple........... WHY EXACTLY is the government pretending their numbers are "Accurate" when they've ADMITTED that they are faking these numbers??? They ARE counting non-covid deaths as covid-19 deaths, they are then feeding them into their models and using the false information to scare people into giving up their liberties!!! I've tried to maintain my support for Trump............ but the longer he goes along with these lies........... the LESS I LIKE HIM!!! I did NOT support Trump when he ran for office because he was a lifelong democrat...................... Now he's looking like maybe I was right to begin with!!! Supposedly a smart man, stands there and listens to PROVEN LIES and just agrees!!! I'm ashamed to be an American after watching my countrymen give up their freedoms for a government CREATED bullsh*t "emergency". This was ALL PLANNED AT EVENT 201
Rachelle Schaub
Rachelle Schaub Hace un mes
Lynn Hargett
Lynn Hargett Hace un mes
Sean Insanity, Trump and FOX should be sued. You should be ashamed. However, suspect some personality disorder, so I don't really expect to see them humble themselves and admit they were wrong. Really, if i had a loved one to die of this, i would look into suing them.
Man Cave 624
Man Cave 624 Hace un mes
Raymond Lalonde
Raymond Lalonde Hace un mes
lol god wasn't kind to you in the brain department
sina mumuta
sina mumuta Hace un mes
Pray for your safety and security God bless you PRESIDENT Trump and forgive your enemies, let God deal with the evil power
Jim Scott
Jim Scott Hace un mes
Trump’s travel ban is moronic. Obama didn’t apply a travel ban during the Ebola outbreak .
Wiktor Jespersen
Wiktor Jespersen Hace un mes
Google still spreading who fake stuff. Shut who down
Wiktor Jespersen
Wiktor Jespersen Hace un mes
Shut it down for 40days smash it
elvar g
elvar g Hace un mes
Boring and lick up moron interview.
MR. JP Christian
MR. JP Christian Hace un mes
Yes need to Re-Open The Mid-West We are Ready to get back to work. We have very low numbers with the corona virus .
MR. JP Christian
MR. JP Christian Hace un mes
President Trump is Awesome.
Jim Scott
Jim Scott Hace un mes
MR. JP Christian Awesome the way Covid-19 is Awesomely nationwide .
MR. JP Christian
MR. JP Christian Hace un mes
We Love the 2nd Amendment. Gun in the Left Hand and Bible in the Right Hand. The Left Wing Socialist Democrats wants to take away Our Guns and Our Bibles.
MR. JP Christian
MR. JP Christian Hace un mes
Confess & Repent & Ask for Forgiveness. Ask God the Father in the Name of Jesus for the Anointing Power of the Holy Spirit. God Bless You. Brother JP.
MR. JP Christian
MR. JP Christian Hace un mes
We Love Hearing from our President every Day.
Martin Brodie
Martin Brodie Hace un mes
I have a 10cc syringe filled with "disinfectant" with your name on it.
MR. JP Christian
MR. JP Christian Hace un mes
We Love Our President.
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