Everything Wrong With The Hangover In 19 Minutes Or Less

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The Hangover was such a big hit they ended up making THREE of them... they get progressively less and less funny. Anyway, we went looking for sins in the original and whoa daddy... are there sins?!?!
Next week: 90s classic sins, 90s space sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we count next?
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Biglester Pwomp
Biglester Pwomp Hace 18 horas
FYI people in the military wear their watches like that so they can see them when aiming a gun
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler Hace un día
Some of your theories are easily debunked. Like the tiger for instance, they could have easily dropped him off away from valet and then valeted the car. Could have go it in the way the got it out...minus the drugs lol
SketchyCat !!!
SketchyCat !!! Hace un día
But did you die though? 🤔
SketchyCat !!!
SketchyCat !!! Hace un día
But did you die though? 🤔
shotabreadloaf Hace un día
4:40 is a bruh moment ;-; humor isnt meant to be morally correct because the whole point is that its not normal
Clement Fason
Clement Fason Hace un día
How is there anything bad with this
Sin City Quinn
Sin City Quinn Hace un día
After all these years I still don’t understand what the point of this channel is.
Mr Burns
Mr Burns Hace un día
Funniest movie ever made. Minus 500 sins
Zachary Siple
Zachary Siple Hace un día
Summary: Instead of laughing at one of the funniest movies ever made and enjoying myself after a long day, I'm going to overthink the story.
Kevin Skaggs
Kevin Skaggs Hace 2 días
They actually went to Vegas two days before the wedding, they spend the one night and get messed up, then later Phill tells Tracy they’re going to stay another night, get up and go to the wedding the next day.
Gaspard Viguier
Gaspard Viguier Hace 2 días
I'm just gonna say this. This man pisses me off 😂. He finds the most unimportant shit and finds something to say about it lmao.
Lee Carter Cook
Lee Carter Cook Hace 3 días
4 ads in 9 minutes is too many ads, cinemasins. Now I gotta skip the next 4 videos you post =(
Lee Carter Cook
Lee Carter Cook Hace 3 días
Friggin A make that 6 in 19
Lee Carter Cook
Lee Carter Cook Hace 3 días
5 in 13!
Sameeh Hace 3 días
The narrator really sounds pissed
dylan morton
dylan morton Hace 4 días
He did not sin the the fact that the tiger didn’t eat the chicken
dylan morton
dylan morton Hace 4 días
He did not sin the fact there is a chicken in the Hotel
Wind Ensemble
Wind Ensemble Hace 4 días
You want to talk about product placement with 6 adds in a 20 minutes video
FVCK_IT Hace 5 días
Now we know why Alan is so good at gambling, “never leave the table when you’re on a heater” - Alan’s dad 🤣
earthwatcher2020 Hace 5 días
Enjoying the new ads placed every three minutes too
Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams Hace 6 días
Jeremy, you're a male Karen. It's sad.
Corey Morgan
Corey Morgan Hace 7 días
There is nothing bad about this movie
Adam Bees
Adam Bees Hace 7 días
Maybe roofies and lots of energy drinks could keep the guys going.
Adam Bees
Adam Bees Hace 7 días
Cinemasins sin: Tulsa where?
Harrison McGovern
Harrison McGovern Hace 7 días
Why are u such an sjw
Taheem Lewis
Taheem Lewis Hace 7 días
the fact that there wasnt a johnny depp or a hunter s thompson reference throughout this series is a serious crime
Don’t come outside or you will be carried
Don’t come outside or you will be carried Hace 8 días
The only movie critic we like
Barney Davis
Barney Davis Hace 8 días
this video needed to be 3 seconds long and consistent entirely of the word ‘nothing’
Mungo Munro
Mungo Munro Hace 8 días
Is there a show with more sins?
Vinlie Hace 9 días
I just watched the hangover for the first time a couple months back so this is perfect
tyler starr
tyler starr Hace 9 días
God what happen to this guy
Mad Martian
Mad Martian Hace 9 días
These ads mashed randomly into to EWW videos are fantastic for the comedy. Super smooth. Idiots.
A Name
A Name Hace 9 días
Adding a sin to CinemaSins for not removing a sin when the baby got hit in the face by the cop car door
CBWAVY Hace 9 días
She beats him!
TheBros2theend Hace 9 días
Jesus Christ loves you
Block Head
Block Head Hace 10 días
Haha liberal commentator mad at trump !!
Cristiano Amaral
Cristiano Amaral Hace 10 días
Well the watch on the wrong side is normal for working class people, wearing it like that it's too protect the glass from accidental scratches while working, I'm surprised you never seen someone using it like that. Lots of old people use their whatches that way in my country.
SK19 Hace 10 días
Does everyone have to cram their politics into everything they do now?
Aeroldoth3 Hace 2 días
SK You mean how come it was okay for people to cram politics I agreed with into everything for as long as I've been alive, but now they're expressing politics I disagree with? Aw, poor baby.
Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams Hace 6 días
@Jesse Lee Humphry Yeah, it started 4 years ago when Trump was running for president. Prior to that, the media ate the government's ass so political propaganda wasn't 'needed.'
Jesse Lee Humphry
Jesse Lee Humphry Hace 8 días
If you think it's only "now" then you're either very young or you never paid much attention.
Matt Basterson
Matt Basterson Hace 10 días
Did Todd Phillips hurt you in a past life? You actually sound angry about this movie.
Jared Groff
Jared Groff Hace 10 días
This video made me like this channel a lot less
Spider - Man
Spider - Man Hace 10 días
Stop being so woke and pro SJW nonsense, man. Sinning trump makes you look like a liberal asshole and your channel is slowly degrading with each new video instead of having well thought-out original sins.
Wendy Desparois
Wendy Desparois Hace 11 días
Hey, I like wearing my watch on the inside of my wrist! If nothing else, I find it more comfortable; I already wear my watch band pretty loosely, but I find the added change of it facing inward even more comfortable to wear over the course of a day. But also, do you remember that tiny bit in 'Revenge of the Nerds' (I think the first one, but I could be wrong) where someone asks 3 or so of the nerds what time it is and they all dump their drinks on themselves when turns their wrists to check? Well, if you wear your watch facing inwards that shouldn't be a problem, all you have to do is glance at your wrist.
Swiftie 555
Swiftie 555 Hace 11 días
I haven’t seen this movie and never will because my cousins annoying friend says he likes it
Evin Sabberton
Evin Sabberton Hace 11 días
7:32 what hospital bracelet
whyme777x Hace 11 días
I wear my watch on the inside of my wrist. Ever since high school, through the Navy, through college, and I'm 33 now, so it's not just an elderly thing either.
sogerc1 Hace 11 días
Not wanting to be married to Heather Graham is definitely a sin!
Dayvon Louis
Dayvon Louis Hace 12 días
I was wondering how the tiger actually got there.
Ryan Dahn
Ryan Dahn Hace 12 días
Not being a douche, just honest criticism, I loved you guys a lot more when you pointed out things wrong with the movie in “under 5 minutes”. Now it’s like everything wrong with the movie, anything you think is not necessarily wrong but stupid, way too much commentary, too many reaches, and they’re like 20 minutes long. I might as well watch a 24 minute sitcom in that amount of time.
bentboybbz Hace 12 días
Sins cinemasins 40 sins for sinning a hangover movie for not making perfect sense.
Ruby xx
Ruby xx Hace 12 días
I’ve been waiting for this one for far too long
Fsih Noguld
Fsih Noguld Hace 12 días
Imagine sinning a comedy for political incorrectness... What's gotten into this guy?
ACE380 Hace 13 días
shooters wear watches that way
AwesomeARK Hace 13 días
Imagine watching a movie with this guy
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller Hace 12 días
I imagine it'd be like watching movies with most of the people I watch movies with.
1 Dudes Adventure
1 Dudes Adventure Hace 13 días
you should do "dude where's my car?"
Frikkie Kancho
Frikkie Kancho Hace 13 días
Please do Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny
TrashPanda 365
TrashPanda 365 Hace 13 días
Ya had to bring politics into it
CycolacFan Hace 13 días
No way that Mercedes gets T-boned by an Escalade and is still drivable.
Jason Carter
Jason Carter Hace 14 días
GamingSins sucks. Strike that channel please
Click Bait O’ Clock
Click Bait O’ Clock Hace 14 días
I like Stu’s song
DaVinci2.0 Hace 14 días
“Everything Problematic with The Hangover in Current Year” There, fixed it for you.
Sigourney Weaver
Sigourney Weaver Hace 14 días
Where did they find 80k to pay for the villa for 2 nights?
Sigourney Weaver
Sigourney Weaver Hace 14 días
Dislike for Wokeness
Voided Wanderer
Voided Wanderer Hace 14 días
Ken Jeong made this so much better
Crazed Hace 14 días
Ike Rogers
Ike Rogers Hace 15 días
These comments are too funny. CinemaSins is literally one of the few channels that has barely changed a single thing in years. He sins movies with the same attitude, approach, and scrutiny every single time. Then he sins a movie you like (in the exact same way he always does) and all of a sudden he's lazy, virtue signaling, and whiny. One guy wrote "Yea, it used to be funny, now it's like someone just rambling," It's always been rambling! This movie didn't age well, Todd Phillips is a douche, get over it. Are these people dense? Keep it up CinemaSins
Judas Effect
Judas Effect Hace 16 días
you shouldnt get rid of any of your old cinenasins products you should open a vintage line dude
Rajinder Singh
Rajinder Singh Hace 16 días
Cinema sins seemed like a simp while explaining some of the sins
Χρόνης Φουντουκίδης
Χρόνης Φουντουκίδης Hace 16 días
We do miss politically INCORRECT jokes.. Nice that movies like this exists ;)
Body Rot
Body Rot Hace 16 días
The Dan Band is also in Starsky and Hutch
Danny Bannigan
Danny Bannigan Hace 16 días
What a waste of 20 minutes and 57 seconds lmao.
Stigst Hace 17 días
Everyone knows you don't just eat a bowl of chili from Skyline!!! But I appreciate the reference :)
Shark Facts
Shark Facts Hace 17 días
Hey I'm from Topeka :) 9:35
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