Everything Wrong With Suits "Pilot"

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TV Sins

TV Sins

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Hot shot lawyers! Quippy speeches! Attractive humans! Finally television gets around to a lawyer show with Suits. Here's everything wrong with the Pilot!
Next week, we sin a show that is apparently not about John Carter's wife.
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Anaythebeast Hace un día
Harvey is a croissant😂
Gabby Hace 3 días
please do brooklyn 99, blindspot or new amsterdam (2018)
Redd Lane
Redd Lane Hace 3 días
I don’t know why those blue, four colour pens are a sin?? At my work they are the best pen to have and a hot commodity
Movie Shorties
Movie Shorties Hace 7 días
Issy Ollie
Issy Ollie Hace 9 días
The best insult in this is when he calls Lewis haveys associate 😂 3:20
Waka Maka
Waka Maka Hace 10 días
blackberry sin XD!!!
Anna Larissa
Anna Larissa Hace 11 días
There are moments in this pilot not in the original suits pilot i watched
Giovani Mensah
Giovani Mensah Hace 13 días
9:27 basically how every case goes for them
Christoph Waltz
Christoph Waltz Hace 14 días
Do The Contest from Seinfeld Mr. Scott.
Isheanesu Musengi
Isheanesu Musengi Hace 15 días
opening a dojo for button ninjas ..anyone interested?
Harry Gallo
Harry Gallo Hace 17 días
Do everything wrong with the crown
Jonathan King
Jonathan King Hace 20 días
Holy shit i just realized, 'Sinsung' that's awesome lol
Hunny Senpai
Hunny Senpai Hace 24 días
Do White Collar or Criminal Minds
KAZ Vorpal
KAZ Vorpal Hace 25 días
If the woman is your superior, it can't be sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is about POWER, not the absurd repression of all normal social activity relating to the two sexes interacting.
Cam Dolan
Cam Dolan Hace 25 días
9:16 I'm so pleased with myself that I understood that reference
May Hace 26 días
are you seriously married or do i still have my tiny chance
big dick bandit
big dick bandit Hace 26 días
What happened to Rick Sorkin?
starinthem Hace 27 días
I can't believe the Duchess didn't get a sin off
Stupify iOS
Stupify iOS Hace 27 días
Missed the opportunity to add an outtake "Suit Up".
Azalea Hace 28 días
Umbrella Academy?
Prachi Kumar
Prachi Kumar Hace 28 días
No one makes sense in Suits and I cant believe I had never noticed it
Steven Chihandae
Steven Chihandae Hace 29 días
10:07 Gold
blood dragon
blood dragon Hace un mes
Everything wrong with Lucifer and the good place ! I did my waiting !!
Tahlia_ Malfoy&Depp
Tahlia_ Malfoy&Depp Hace un mes
Please do a Gravity Falls one!!
Chapman CHEUNG
Chapman CHEUNG Hace un mes
Do How I Met Your Mother!!
Nemo Cruxial
Nemo Cruxial Hace un mes
Do Psych
ETHAN HODGES Hace un mes
Do more doctor who or Brooklyn 99
Daksh Gupta
Daksh Gupta Hace un mes
Do a eww Brooklyn nine-nine
J Duds
J Duds Hace un mes
Mike litt
Abby Thomas
Abby Thomas Hace un mes
Everything wrong with Teen Wolf!
Abby Thomas
Abby Thomas Hace un mes
Everything wrong with Riverdale!
Abby Thomas
Abby Thomas Hace un mes
Everything wrong with Legacies!
Abby Thomas
Abby Thomas Hace un mes
Everything wrong with The Originals!
Abby Thomas
Abby Thomas Hace un mes
Do Pretty Little Liars!!!!
Luisa Alvarez
Luisa Alvarez Hace un mes
Plsss do mad men
Roger Skagerström
Roger Skagerström Hace un mes
Wintertime my friend stored his Ducati in his apartment livingroom - on the third floor. Involved a night time operation containing big dudes and a plank.
jp_jp1212 My epic name
jp_jp1212 My epic name Hace un mes
CamCakes Hace un mes
TV sins looks hard! EVERYONE: please do this show omegalawl
Leeunem Hace un mes
5:44: Can he go up?
Aniket Pandey
Aniket Pandey Hace un mes
Sin the The Gifted Tv series
Eyþór Ingi Einarsson
Eyþór Ingi Einarsson Hace un mes
Can you do one on the How i met your mother pilot
Joseph Shin
Joseph Shin Hace un mes
please do more episodes of suits
Sounds like someone frustrated with everything in his life 🤣
Anna Hace un mes
please do NCIS
Gamunu Balagalla
Gamunu Balagalla Hace un mes
Did anyone noticed SINSUNG? 😆
amp Hace un mes
EWW; Dexter, Brooklyn 99, Gotham, Daredevil, Punisher, Power & Prison Break
amp Hace un mes
everything with power please
Vaibhav Bagepalli
Vaibhav Bagepalli Hace un mes
Everybody Loves Raymond
Gabe B
Gabe B Hace un mes
Kinda surprised there wasn't a quip about how long blackberries were around after the show started in 2011.
Gabe B
Gabe B Hace un mes
Y'all gotta do burn notice and psych.
X_Online Hace un mes
9:18 I understood that reference
Cass Larsen
Cass Larsen Hace un mes
Please do Highlander!!!
Dovah Kiin
Dovah Kiin Hace un mes
Still waiting for you to tear apart Scrubs!
I'm the father of God, and I'm disappointed in God and you gullible melon farmers
I'm the father of God, and I'm disappointed in God and you gullible melon farmers Hace un mes
They didn't shop at Ede & Ravenscroft and buy powdered wigs and wear so much royal regalia they have to crawl.
N1T3 SH0T Hace un mes
Do more stranger things and also do Brooklyn nine nine
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Hace un mes
I would add 2 more sins for those nasty ass moles on Harvey's face! The guy is wearing a $5000 suit and he can't pay Dr. Pimple Popper to laser off a couple zits; lame.
Harjot !!!
Harjot !!! Hace un mes
Blackberry *sin
Vidhur Divakar
Vidhur Divakar Hace un mes
Hahahahaha that was a nice "Mike Litt" Simpsons reference!
Vehaan Nagarwala
Vehaan Nagarwala Hace un mes
do lucifer
Anthony Lugo
Anthony Lugo Hace un mes
Scott Korin
Scott Korin Hace un mes
I can't even figure out what this show is actually about
Celeste Kierans
Celeste Kierans Hace un mes
Can you do Fargo??? ☺️
Chase Temple
Chase Temple Hace un mes
Excuse me! Can you do Everything Wrong with "Lucky Star" - "The Girl Who Dashes Off" please? It's because there's an arson attack at the studio of Kyoto Animation.
a2cg2ogle Hace un mes
can you do one about black mirror season 5?
adven Hace un mes
do evangelion
Brandon Hicks
Brandon Hicks Hace un mes
Please do an episode of Psych. It's my favorite show
Christina Kim
Christina Kim Hace un mes
Please do the crown
Entrepreneurial Life
Entrepreneurial Life Hace un mes
"why is the pool closed?" Plot reasons kid. and you are the that has to suffer for it! LMFAO
Sia Fast
Sia Fast Hace un mes
Do how to get away with murder
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams Hace un mes
Please do "Penny Dreadful"
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