Everything Wrong With London Has Fallen In 17 Minutes Or Less

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Not too long after Olympus Has Fallen... some of the same people go to England for contrived reasons and behold... now London is falling down too. Who'd have thunk it? Here we count the sins of London Has Fallen, and lo, they are many.
Next: Recent action/adventure CGI-heavy movie that probably won't get a sequel.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Alex Castro
Alex Castro Hace 3 horas
Hey, I see you guys copying and pasting from the IMDb Goofs tab.
johnsonrob Hace 12 horas
Films (movies) like this are the reason why Trump thinks that he can buy Greenland >
Recluse Spider
Recluse Spider Hace un día
Borris Johnson will just kill everyone like the current US president
CopeyCapri Hace un día
The car at 5:58 looks like a Volvo...if so then i think thats probably the most realistic part of the film...
Cydonia Hace un día
literally the worst film I've ever seen
sandalssuck Hace un día
Why is the main terrorists nose so goddamn huge?!
username1nmillion Hace un día
*EVEN THOUGH* I enjoyed this and agree with you about what you've pointed out I'm {only slightly} disappointed you chose to find fault with a Movie starring 1 of my favorite action hero actors -> Gerard Butler. I'll be "CUT" {triggered} *IF* in a future video criticize the latest installment of this franchise *ANGEL HAS FALLEN* I actually had a hand in helping Gerard Butler write the script for that. 👨‍⚖🤬🙋‍♂️👥💬
Mr.BigBoss7 Hace 3 días
Schwans has some dope shit to stuff your freezer
Catherine 480
Catherine 480 Hace 3 días
As someone regularly shunned for talking during movies, this channel is now the only place I wish to watch films ever again; take that, family! (Though I think they benefit too from this deal).
David Davies
David Davies Hace 3 días
Everything Wrong with CinemaSins: "Why is everything going on in London like nothing even happened?" You clearly didn't see the people walking away from the scene of the London Bridge attacks while still holding their beers very carefully so as not to spill any. If you're a terrorist, London is the worst place to attack if you want to cause widespread panic.
Raditz _
Raditz _ Hace 4 días
Watch any movie, then straight after youtube cinemasins and see if you saw the same sins🤔
Wafflegamer 2384
Wafflegamer 2384 Hace 5 días
3:46 it’s the chopper that gets shot down first in an attack
Liam Crider
Liam Crider Hace 5 días
6:00 it’s a Saab, it’s made to last.
Rory Cox
Rory Cox Hace 6 días
thanks for pronouncing 'buckingham' correctly!
Josh Luck
Josh Luck Hace 7 días
Awful film, such a ridiculous plot
Joshua Myers
Joshua Myers Hace 8 días
3:46 The Beast's windows are tinted in real life
PDX LockPicker
PDX LockPicker Hace 9 días
You take that back about underworld! It's edited beautifully
Ricky Larios
Ricky Larios Hace 9 días
The real sin here was you pronouncing “despacito”
Nigel Day
Nigel Day Hace 10 días
Never heard of this but it looks 💩💩💩💩
Gee Emmy
Gee Emmy Hace 11 días
The fact that this movie had the balls to waste Angela Bassett and Morgan Freeman is unforgivable.
Anibal Guerra Karekides
Anibal Guerra Karekides Hace 11 días
and yet, they made a third movie with the same motif
Tiago Morais
Tiago Morais Hace 11 días
I was rooting for the attacking force
Kenz Ricky Guan
Kenz Ricky Guan Hace 12 días
If they made Philippines has fallen that would be cool
NeedFor_Burnout HD
NeedFor_Burnout HD Hace 12 días
Angle has fallen is very good and better than the older ones to be true
Kelvin Kinyanjui
Kelvin Kinyanjui Hace 12 días
"We'll do it live. Fuck it!!" has to be the greatest critic line ever 😂😂
James Jackson
James Jackson Hace 12 días
The three helicopters are to confuse possible assasins as to which chopper the president is actually in.
Aurelion Sol
Aurelion Sol Hace 12 días
Makes a movie about London being attacked, manages to still make it about the USA
zhaviator Hace 13 días
5:56 Its a Saab, so basically a tank, in a crash with an squishy Opel/Vauxhall, I'd say its pretty realistic, -1 sin movie, +1 sin Cinemasins
Zombie Xing
Zombie Xing Hace 14 días
Angel has fallen.... Does anyone else feel *sequencing* is a sin?
It was 6:30 inside that building!
George Pearson
George Pearson Hace 14 días
*London’s fallen* Rest of Britain: it all ways happens to them doesn’t it
Ash Space
Ash Space Hace 14 días
1:36 that's racist ding!
Cr4t3rus Hace 14 días
Damn, came here to see Boris Johnson..
Toby Hudson
Toby Hudson Hace 15 días
No hate but did u just sin a british accent lol 1:38 kinda racist ngl
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman Hace 4 días
Toby Hudson British isn't a race. so no. not racist.
sviraman Hace 14 días
They sinned a bad british accent
Saber ToothGaming
Saber ToothGaming Hace 15 días
another sin at 7:20 how did the main helicopter call out that they are being lasered but the first heli had no idea XD
Saber ToothGaming
Saber ToothGaming Hace 15 días
0:20 and for many of us sparks my very first child heart attack with one of the most TERRIFYING GHOST CAR VIDEO CLIPS FROM OUR CHILD HOOD AHAHAHA
Stillnot Telling
Stillnot Telling Hace 15 días
Grenades have a 7-10 sec delay on the fuse.
Charlie-Mia Hace 15 días
Bitch we are your oldest ally because we’re the majority of your ancestors, back from when we colonised America with most of Europe. Every American is British, but not every Brit is American. (Slowly starts chanting “one of us” whilst chugging the rest of the rum before going back to work)
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman Hace 4 días
Charlie-Mia um no. every American is NOT british. we had huge immigrant groups come in the 1800s and 1900s from Italy, Germany, China etc. oh and we have black Americans. they definitely aren't British. leave it to a Brit to be condescending and wrong lmao.
w. callens
w. callens Hace 15 días
why in a highrise instead of the WH? cause its Still being desinfected nu then. remove one sin pls
frankpinmtl Hace 16 días
Nice THX 1138 reference. The car chase in that movie is much better then anything in this one...
Slipknot Shady
Slipknot Shady Hace 17 días
Just watched Angel Has Fallen, but this one is the most explosive and exciting out of the three.
Regan Ling
Regan Ling Hace 17 días
Benjamin Kasolo
Benjamin Kasolo Hace 17 días
Do Mr. Robot on TV Sins? Americans love it. :P
Stockwell Santley
Stockwell Santley Hace 17 días
Also - Charing Cross Station? Look up the real Charing X, one of the busiest stations in London, and you'll see how NOT Charing X that weeny little place is. Looks more along the lines of flipping Ruislip!
Stockwell Santley
Stockwell Santley Hace 17 días
'...or they left it up to Boris Johnson'. *weeps*.
All Chemicals Tunisia
All Chemicals Tunisia Hace 17 días
3:51 *could this movie be any slower ? Chandler is very proud man
LaPugsley Hace 17 días
Anyone thinking the British military would let anything like this happen, is wrong as is. Especially the queens guards. A platoon of guards, who (based off rotations & time) have been fighting in Afghanistan. Suddenly have a couple of blokes in their unit, who have no idea how to march. And thought absolutely nothing of it?
George Pearson
George Pearson Hace 14 días
If London falls the rest of Britain will be fine, Most other members of the military will just re take it
ahmed magdy
ahmed magdy Hace 18 días
this movie is garbage
DJ Hace 18 días
2:26 Cinema Cins is correct, just some more info. The United States declared independence from the British and without the help from the French, they likely wouldn’t have won the revolutionary war. Until WW1 America was unsure of what to think of the British, and even had classified (declassified in the 1970’s) plans to invade the UK or protect against an invasion if necessary, this changed during and after WW1
& Dragon &
& Dragon & Hace 18 días
Cinema sins are not fallen (2019)
News Daily
News Daily Hace 18 días
Has Fallen franchise: exists Producers: It’s free real estate
Boeing 747
Boeing 747 Hace 19 días
You should have removed 20 for the Marine 2 sacrifice bc of the realism
明けの明星サタン666 Hace 19 días
"Textual harassment" lol
M. Ali
M. Ali Hace 19 días
Fuckheadistani. Fuck this racist shit movie 😂
Andy Kroet
Andy Kroet Hace 19 días
You are exited,Kermit
Hudson Jaxson
Hudson Jaxson Hace 19 días
What an absolute unbelievable shit of a movie. You should blow up the pope too while hes sitting on the toilet by a mechanic team of ant with bombs strapped them ffs lol
White Alliance
White Alliance Hace 20 días
I would never see this movie bro even the sin count is boring... And i love your channel. This a bad movie
Serous Cervelat Gaming
Serous Cervelat Gaming Hace 20 días
I went to DC and marine one and two protect marine three. Sometimes they are empty but people won't know which one the president is in.Thats why there are two beast in this movie there is only one
BigFan Hace 20 días
3:06 looks like a part of the tubular assault situation from rainbow six siege
Gareth Burton
Gareth Burton Hace 20 días
There is suspension of disbelief, then there is abomination of a film. Possibly one of the worst action films I've ever seen and as for the explosions... just no.
Blix Hace 20 días
1) grenadier guards don’t carry live ammunition in their guns while on guard they keep it in their sentries 2) a secret service agent can survive everything but the SAS which is the world’s most elite special force looses men in the final scene like leaves falling of trees The film makes it look like the UK is more pathetic than it is British armed forces would’ve been deployed instantly after the attack It is stupid
Barry Scott
Barry Scott Hace 20 días
It’s kind of disturbing how this film seems to act like breaking the Geneva Convention is justifiable.
Roger Skagerström
Roger Skagerström Hace 20 días
HAHHAHA The graphics driver update comment xD
MysteriousGadget Hace 20 días
6:00 No, but it's a Saab )))
S1eeper.R6 Hace 20 días
BileMonkey Hace 20 días
Other car not brass, but a Saab. 2 Ton of Scandinavian steel. About the only legit part of this whole movie.
Cassandra Hace 20 días
Because that's a thing us brits do we keep calm and carry on even after terrorist attacks.
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman Hace 4 días
Cassandra lol
MasterCraft MK2
MasterCraft MK2 Hace 20 días
i had to google pejorative & syd field lol
Thomas Hogg
Thomas Hogg Hace 20 días
isn't the biggest sin here that the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT is telling the UK GOVERNMENT what to do in an EMERGENCY SITUATION? We've had the IRA for a long fucking time, you guys got hit by a couple of planes that did nothing to the infrastructure *rofl*
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman Hace 3 días
Thomas Hogg no one has trivialized your attacks. you're just a disgruntled POS. i agree America shouldn't try and be the world police - just like you guys shouldn't have gone around invading and using imperialism just to get rich off of other nations. your condescension is palpable. you're disgusting for trying to joke/trivialize 3000 people dying. it's not a footnote - it was the largest terror attack we ever saw. fuck you. you aren't special either - you were just "good" at fucking up countries like India due to your racism.
Thomas Hogg
Thomas Hogg Hace 3 días
@Natalie Freeman yes I do, because you Americans have trivialised the IRA, the Metro bombings and constantly get into conflicts then leave others to finish (Gulf War) and fund the terrorists who were once your allies (Gulf War - Taliban) that you betrayed. And the USA wonders why everyone hates when they see themselves as the World Police of Peace. Stop interfering with other countries and telling people what to do, like the axis ally Japan, and you won't get another Pearl Harbour and Twin Towers. (and on the case of trivialising 9/11, in the act it was violent yes but in the history books its a fucking mild footnote. You guys aren't special. You want worst mentions? Look at disease and natural disasters)
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman Hace 4 días
Thomas Hogg imagine being a trash human being who thinks 9/11 is funny and something to trivialize 🙄 you make Brits look bad.
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore Hace 20 días
6:47 -- Lawrence O'Donnell is ALWAYS a win! DING!
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