Everything Wrong With London Has Fallen In 17 Minutes Or Less

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Not too long after Olympus Has Fallen... some of the same people go to England for contrived reasons and behold... now London is falling down too. Who'd have thunk it? Here we count the sins of London Has Fallen, and lo, they are many.
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Exviking 6709
Exviking 6709 Hace 10 horas
Sin for cinema sins for thinking an old disused runway was Stansted international airport!!!!
Daniel Cornwell
Daniel Cornwell Hace un día
Who u calling pig dog
Tactical Texas
Tactical Texas Hace 2 días
4:48 the British guards don’t have ammo inside there weapons
Gunny8223 Hace 3 días
Just to clear somethin up real quick. The Marine helicopters used to transport the president fly in threes and constantly shift positioning while flying to discourage any attack, There is no way of knowing which helicopter contains the president until the last minute when he lands and even then they sometimes land one of the decoys first. They always fly in threes.. other then that good job CINEMASINS SINS : 1
Legit I'm weed
Legit I'm weed Hace 4 días
The word of today kids is accetpable casualties
Peter Gruhn
Peter Gruhn Hace 5 días
You forgot to keep it entertaining. Pick one : political vlog, movie fun. Pick only one.
Nabanita Acharjee
Nabanita Acharjee Hace 10 días
Now do everything is wrong with Cinemasins in more or less X seconds
TheTuubster Hace 11 días
Fun fact: The sets for this movie (St. Paul Cathedral entrance and London Streets) are still standing and can be observed in 3D in Google Maps. Search for "42.6411911,23.2906522".
krevo_ 6c
krevo_ 6c Hace 12 días
5:56 Its a Saab... what to expect
TheDuckSCP Hace 13 días
In the movie's fairness, I believe the three helicopters at 3:37 are actually somewhat accurate. Don't quote me on this but apparently whenever the president flys in a helicopter somewhere up to five other identical helicopters fly with marine one in a randomized pattern. I believe this is a safety thing. The other identical helicopters acting as decoys. Though no clue why the possible decoys are using the marine call sign never heard that before. This may also apply to 7:12
Pdrew Hace 13 días
This movie was a BLAST
Van Morgan
Van Morgan Hace 14 días
The President travels with 3 choppers at a time to confuse potential attackers as to which one is his
Admiralcasual Hace 14 días
One more thing Im pretty sure the presidents helicopter has flares for his safety and there would be a special forces ready to rescue him and about the agents Why are they not good at protecting the president is it always just that one guy great and also why would the president has balls to go to other places even tho he almost die and also why hasnt he hired more better agents than those who died Its like those who died were replaced by a same skilled different people
Mahvimcoo Hace 15 días
11:32 had me looking around wondering if my phones was going off or something haha.
Rohan Gupta
Rohan Gupta Hace 15 días
This movie would have been so much better from a British perspective.
matthew Thornton
matthew Thornton Hace 18 días
The whole thing with moving things ahead by a random amount of time is occasionally used to throw off any planned attack no matter where they are
Roger Halt
Roger Halt Hace 18 días
Sees new CS video about the "has fallen" saga, where do we begin!
Rtas Vadumee
Rtas Vadumee Hace 18 días
1:33 nope, we say it like that over here in Britain too.
ShadowFlameGamer_123 Hace 19 días
Olympus Has Fallen (2013) London Has Fallen (2016) Angel Has Fallen (2019) God Has Fallen (2022) Satan Has Fallen (2025)
curtis m
curtis m Hace 19 días
It's cute that he thinks the Secret Service wouldn't ram his car out of the way, killing everyone inside to save the President lol.
Lady Wanderer
Lady Wanderer Hace 28 días
"MI6 safehouse" Not that I'd expect the single digit IQ minds who wrote this movie to get it, but MI6 deals with foreign espionage and is not allowed to operate within the UK - that's the job of MI5.
MST3Killa Hace 28 días
Leaving your cellphone on when recording your voiceover? SinCounter: DING!
J J Hace 29 días
Also why is every other car in London a fucking Vectra? Also trucks are banned at night so one driving around quiet streets after a major attack would raise every red flag
TheK9Queen Hace un mes
1:34 As I Briton... we don’t all say scheduled the same way. There’s this thing called an accent.
kori uk
kori uk Hace un mes
that boris Johnson was too soon man... too soon :(
Atomic Underground
Atomic Underground Hace un mes
Wait go look at 3:02. Air Force One has a drop tank where an engine should be and the shadow of the wing is completely wrong. Lazy VFX.
Alexi Taimela
Alexi Taimela Hace un mes
5:54 its saab what do you fucking expect
Sapier UK
Sapier UK Hace un mes
I still cannot understand how the filmmakers let the Drill that the Guards were marching be so bad. I know that some were supposed to be bad guys that somehow got into a Guards regiment and on duty on the correct day, unlikely as that is but the others there were supposed to be real Guards. Anyone that has ever seen the Guards march should be able to see that the actors playing them have never marched using British drill a day in their lives. The NCO in me wanted to Beast the lot of them.
XYZ NΣO Hace un mes
Angel has fallen
smh124 Hace un mes
Oh dont worry its just another nationalist movie made by racist retarded yanks what can you expect eh...
ZechsMerquise73 Hace un mes
I couldn't get 10 minutes through this crappy movie.
gmav Hace un mes
this makes me sad for liking the movie
Danny Bee
Danny Bee Hace un mes
Title: Everything wrong in 17 minutes or less Video: 17:36
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Hace un mes
marine 2 and 3 are decoys,this is so terrorists don't know which chopper to shoot down but does nothing if they shoot down all 3
Dylan Milner
Dylan Milner Hace un mes
The reason why they penetrated is because it was made by America soooooo
Noah 21M
Noah 21M Hace un mes
Can’t wait for “Everything wrong with Angel has Fallen”
my angel &C4
my angel &C4 Hace un mes
portaltohellgames Hace un mes
To be fair to the opening credits the car pulling up for drop off in the location it did made perfect sense.
YeetusД Feetus
YeetusД Feetus Hace un mes
I know us Brits don't know much about guns (I mean I do but I digress) but a policeman that is not clad in black bullet proof armour with a black SMG but instead in standard uniform with a AK-47 is definitely not a police man. Plus like all the Queen's guard and like all the army stuff is pure bullshit and the functioning army/SAS/Royal Marines/RAF and RAF Regiment/MI6/MI5/CTSFO and the gang would have stopped it all in 30 minutes and less. Plus at the safe house scene: who the hell is he fighting? It looks like British soldiers. What, is it plot twist terrorists again? With their unlimited British army uniforms and SA80s? Plus, it is night time in Britain and somehow its night time in the US as well? Timezones?
Trent Estes
Trent Estes Hace un mes
You are just, arrogant, dumb and completely wrong about this movie. Never watching one of this idiotic videos again. Do some research.
Abraham Jin
Abraham Jin Hace un mes
Petition to make the Royal Guards’ guns muskets
Abraham Jin
Abraham Jin Hace un mes
Kai H yes
Kai H
Kai H Hace un mes
Abraham Jin or return it back to the pike or sword
Jack Hussey
Jack Hussey Hace un mes
I’m watching this 2.49am Tuesday 7th January drunk from a night out as peaky blinders while still loving this video ❤️
WolverineBlues Hace un mes
I like watching this film not because its any good just because I get to see London getting fucking demolished...... Shit hole.
Traian Daoaga
Traian Daoaga Hace un mes
When the prime minister dies 30plus WORLD leaders come to one place (in movie WORLD) So you want to Tell me that MI5 didant quadrupled checked every thing....BS
Mauro Moens
Mauro Moens Hace un mes
No what is acctually wrong with the movie is why the minister or president dies and suddenly all the world leaders must go see him off.... the only time they all come togheter is in belgium when they do stuff for the UN
Ezekyle Abbadon
Ezekyle Abbadon Hace un mes
That Guardsman deiced he was fed up of being a simple Guardsman so decided he would earn his commission as a Lieutenant by buying an officers tunic from the 70's at 3:55. I dare say the Coldstream wouldn't have any of that bollocks.
jakenc123 Hace un mes
Literally the worse, most impossibly unrealistic movie in the history of action movies. +200 sins
Atomic Tank Girl
Atomic Tank Girl Hace un mes
Arya at the End... Oh fuck all, stop it... we all know Arya would fuck up every villain in cinemasins....
Atomic Tank Girl
Atomic Tank Girl Hace un mes
11:32-11:33 Uh... what was that ding for? You know keeping your phone on during recording is a sin.
IcantSignIn Hace un mes
5:50 He doesn't mention the cop car starting to flip before it ever reaches the car it's supposed to be crashing into. Premature car jackulation. Worst crash scene ever...maybe.
dsmyify Hace un mes
Best bit was when everyone from London was relieved the President was safe.
dsmyify Hace 17 días
@matthew Thornton ~ they'd have used one explanation for them all. It was propaganda for the hill billies, who need to believe that a foreign ally thinks of the US president the same way they do, which we don't.
matthew Thornton
matthew Thornton Hace 18 días
That's because it meant one less explanation of why they weren't able to protect world leaders properly
Grim Snark
Grim Snark Hace un mes
7:09 I think you mean "shed-ule".
shdwarli Hace un mes
Another sin: "It has been 2 weeks since London has fallen..." If I remember correct, the bridge was gone, the towers where down and people where crushed... 2 weeks later and you already have fixed the bridge and started scaffolding with clear progress on rebuilding - I wish decision making would be as fast as that where I am....
Erin Anne
Erin Anne Hace un mes
London was literally under attack, the primister was shot. And the whole of London was taken over and ONE single American walks in and saves the day and the best part...they wave the AMERICAN flag in England....stupid
Richard Dupuis
Richard Dupuis Hace 6 días
Americans save everything..... Americans captured U-571 and got the Enigma machine. Americans went to Iran and rescued the hostages in Argo. History has nothing to do with American movies.
Erin Anne
Erin Anne Hace 7 días
Nate D Torres Donald trump is your president need I say more
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson Hace 7 días
As the popular words says, "America, @$%^ Yeah, Commin again to save the Mo$#%^(%$)(kin day yeah"
Owen Chau
Owen Chau Hace 13 días
@Jax dunno maybe one of the countries being fucked over by the US for no fucking reason
Jax Hace 14 días
Owen Chau what country are you from?
Antony Bennett
Antony Bennett Hace un mes
can’t believe you didn’t sin the fact a secret service agent thinks he can tell the greatest special forces unit in the world what to do and what plan to use 😂
P Romich
P Romich Hace 2 meses
The CS guy is too dumb to know the French assisted in the American Revolution? Wow. That's sinfully stupid.
Dee Cipher
Dee Cipher Hace 2 meses
God, the dialogue in these movies is just unbearable. It's like the people writing the script have never had a real conversation in their lives.
British big M
British big M Hace 2 meses
8:23 I’m pretty sure that there would be civilians hiding in the underground
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Hace 2 meses
0:33 Philippines!
fokeyjoe Hace 2 meses
Sins 44/45, I disagree. It would take time for news of the terrorist action to reach the other parts of London, if anything, people would be just hanging around wondering where to go and how to get there.. buses running would be convenient to get home since the tube would be the first thing to start shutting down in a terrorist incident. That said, in later scenes, what's incredibly surprising are the subsequent shots of London where it's totally empty.. particularly of the locked tube station. In that time, you'd still have a hoard of people still trying to get in, hassling the staff that would still likely be there, or on their phones trying to work out how to travel instead. Every other scene, you'd still have some prat having an argument with someone on a phone. All those producers don't know how to London!!
Ya Boy Blue
Ya Boy Blue Hace 2 meses
ONE!! Just one Google search and you'd know that as a security measure, Marine One always flies in a group of as many as five identical helicopters. One helicopter carries the President, while the others serve as decoys. Marine One only uses that call sign when the President is on board. Upon take-off these helicopters shift in formation to obscure the location of the President. However, unlike the movie, they are constantly shifting positions in an effort to prevent any attacks from the ground. Jesus sins writer, lazy much? You can't bitch at movie writers for not doing THE THING YOU DID'T DO!
thomas allen
thomas allen Hace 2 meses
Marine 1 2 and 3 are designed and look exactly alike the regularly change the position in the air and you never know which one POTUS is on also yes when an attack on the POTUS takes place secret service has one job get the president to safety no matter the cost so yeah basically in this situation they would say fuck civilian lives
Spiz103 Hace 2 meses
Also Prime Ministers usually don't get state funerals......
Shr1mpSush1 Hace 2 meses
The way Jeremy says "FUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOU!" is gold! 😂
Greg Carter
Greg Carter Hace 2 meses
"Prime Minister Clarkson"....sooooo...Jeremy Clarkson becomes PM? I'm down with that
Fred Thorsen
Fred Thorsen Hace 2 meses
How in the world the second Total recall film fell through the gaps for so long is beyond me. Will never forget that elevator.
Captain_Coleslaw Hace 2 meses
That car was a Saab, so it is actually made of brass LOL
classicalhero7 Hace 2 meses
Do "Angel has Fallen".
Kosh800 Hace 2 meses
Raven's Rave Reviews
Raven's Rave Reviews Hace 2 meses
I'm sorry but where the fuck were the army
Randy Trudeau
Randy Trudeau Hace 2 meses
A condom with a pee flap!!!!! Gold Jeremy Pure gold
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