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Brightburn. This movie had such a cool premise, and I picked it as my sleeper hit of the summer, but... sadly... the premise is the best thing about the movie, and the movie itself is full of issues and sins. We didn't count the issues, but we counted the sins.
Next week: recent horror and recent super.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Kyle desean
Kyle desean Hace un día
anyone notice as soon as he hits the table all the games turn off? 3:01
Zane Colon
Zane Colon Hace 5 días
hahaha he did a ntsf:sd:suv:: reference that was kinda funny
Orion Terry
Orion Terry Hace 6 días
Sin 101 - No, you're the true CSI agent. Cause his symbol written in blood on the ground still leaves it open for possibilities... DING and DING! One for you, one for the movie...
Daniel Pomerantz
Daniel Pomerantz Hace 7 días
What about the fact that the CSI where using a polaroid camera in the diner crime scene and yet later we see the aunt with an iPhone 7.
Alex Wright
Alex Wright Hace 8 días
I like the concept of “Beware the Superman” but it’s becoming so common to the point it’s borderline cliche. You have to do something different from it. Like The Boys (TV show) having a vigilante team or other Superheroes existing in the world. Also Elizabeth Bank’s character in this is so freaking stupid. She was in denial about her son. You ever seen a ten year old break someone’s arm in one go?
ThaQuake Hace 9 días
How do you not take off sins for the kill on Roy
Josh Ammari
Josh Ammari Hace 9 días
Holy shit thats roy from the office
Emperor Kellanved
Emperor Kellanved Hace 9 días
Still the best Super Man movie ever made.
Mello Money
Mello Money Hace 11 días
Why did they rename him .. absolutely stupid 🤦🏽‍♂️
Mello Money
Mello Money Hace 11 días
I hate this fucking movie with a passion just because they tried to make superman a horror character 👎🏾
Mello Money
Mello Money Hace 11 días
An evil superman movie thats like 50 sins right there
xZombiexHunterx Hace 13 días
what he said at 5:58 omfg im spitting out my drink from laughing hahahaha
Andre Montoya
Andre Montoya Hace 14 días
The entire end credit sequence ruined the mood of the movie, it was just lame set up for a "dark" supervillain team
Lana Gramlich
Lana Gramlich Hace 15 días
The arrival in this movie is a direct descendant of Superman '79, where we learn that the Kents had wanted children but hadn't been able to have them (among many other things.)
Jay Blue
Jay Blue Hace 15 días
Added way too many sins for dumb reasons.... seriously wtf, u just added because YOU disliked the movie not everyone else dislikes it ya know.. Asshole.. Worst video of yours I've seen yet....
Peter Harris
Peter Harris Hace 18 días
Hey be honest you would have sinned it if they had done a flashback too
Chris Devarro
Chris Devarro Hace 18 días
That Ah Haaaa!!! Lol
Yoga Bayu
Yoga Bayu Hace 19 días
Giran 0
Giran 0 Hace 19 días
I liked it when movies start at the beginning, I'm so sick of fucking flash backs
Willie Harris
Willie Harris Hace 19 días
It was a good movie. There was nothing wrong with it, especially since blockbusters are usually riddled with problems.
Justin Hackstadt
Justin Hackstadt Hace 20 días
I hated this movie. It portrayed all the wrong behavioral patterns that undermines everything in psychology and justifies it with that stupid ship of his. Guh
timber72 Hace 21 un día
That's not discount Chris Pratt. It's discount Jon Krasinski.
N0tDaForti Hace 22 días
When he adds a sin cause the kid's a brat :| wow
AceCraze Hace 23 días
I’m an easily scared person but god damn I didn’t even notice half the “scares” and such god awful acting.
jeffthemagicalpufferfish colbert
jeffthemagicalpufferfish colbert Hace 23 días
As a Brandon I can confirm we all enjoy our footsteps being completely silent and constantly being in frames we shouldn’t. It’s gotten to the point where I’m the demon creature in the back of every picture in the house
lesROKnoobz Hace 24 días
this movie seems like it's terrible
F Mills
F Mills Hace 25 días
Everything Wrong with Brightburn...SIKE!... Zero sins because there's nothing wrong with the movie.
Dr. jack bright
Dr. jack bright Hace 25 días
Imagine if the background music was bad guy vvveeerrryyy slow and it gets louder the farther into the movie
Bo Cowan
Bo Cowan Hace 26 días
I love how he goes about how big the girl’s room is 😂
Bo Cowan
Bo Cowan Hace 26 días
Some stories in comics and tv show that ma and pa Kent had trouble getting pregnant
Dominic Viner
Dominic Viner Hace 26 días
Would love to see you make a movie, just picking it apart in unnecessary ways. I get its probably comdey but I guess it wasn't funny
Robin Held
Robin Held Hace 27 días
see these videos are awesome, i dont even have to watch the movies or read critisism, its just two in one lol
Weedz420 Hace 27 días
The police also had a picture of the symbol drawn in blood right beside the crashed truck. That's not suspicious or anything the deer must have done it.
Vlad V
Vlad V Hace 27 días
1st horror movie where the husband is rational and the wife is an idiot
I need a hug plz
I need a hug plz Hace 28 días
Supermans mom was infertile in the original
Matt Tuffy
Matt Tuffy Hace 28 días
When I was 10 I had the back end of a dart hit my right eye, basically shattering it. I can confirm that from an object injuring your eye, that one, blood does not come out (unless the skin around the eye was cut), and two, the vision is super blurry like when looking under water. So I hope that helps 😛
Chryssesandchaos Hace 28 días
I actually love this movie, hope there's a sequel where he's wreaking havoc and the world is facing Alien apocalypse.
Lord R
Lord R Hace 28 días
Didn’t even take the shot and put “cereal killer” in the subtitles during your pun...
Olle Selin
Olle Selin Hace 29 días
It's about damn time that the Superhero genre is useful to something
Jake Spies
Jake Spies Hace 29 días
1:18 - That's called a leitmotif you pleibian
Randy Randerson
Randy Randerson Hace un mes
Did anyone else hate these characters as much as I did? Fuck all of them
daniel hill
daniel hill Hace un mes
I love the movie you suck I’m going to unsubscribe from you
varun gurjar
varun gurjar Hace un mes
I stopped watching movie when mother said ' Noah was drunk and blah blah blah and her son has nothing to do with that, and obviously after 10 seconds of seeing his son pushing a giant of a father like a cat.'.
TonesTheGeek Hace un mes
Honestly the thing most wrong with this is that Brandon was Genetically predisposed to be evil. So the entire nature vs nurture argument is completely invalid. You want an evil superman movie, place the kid who has just as much potential for good as well as evil and put him though hell. Give him a harsh life and rough childhood like so many sadly experiencing in the real world, then when he has reached the understanding that he lives in a world where the weak are always at the mercy of the strong, give him his powers. He would then have the mindset that he has been given the means to seek vengeance against a society that has wronged him all his life, he never had real parents, never felt loved, never got any of the things that would have given him a strong moral center. Instead his heart knows only anger and rage, and he knows that the ony way for the world to make sense is if he forces it to. That would be a evil Superman.
Tara L. Blackmore
Tara L. Blackmore Hace un mes
Wtf is a mommy boner
sorrento114 Hace un mes
OMG a Cinema Sins that isn't 45 minutes long!
AZRAIEL 1984 Hace un mes
This is a fucked up and disgusting movie. I want nothing to do with it.
Monty2289 Hace un mes
I had no idea this movie was a horror film and not just a thought experiment with horrific implications. And maybe the latter isn't movie worthy but I honestly can't take Brandon psychopathic cinematic creeper tendencies seriously. Several times in this movie he will Stealth bye or kill by doing shit a 12 year old with super strength would never do. The easiest method would be to just punch the victim hard once really time since once you're that old you UNDERSTAND the concept of a punch. Instead he brutalizes victims like a monster/beast. Maybe that's the point but then what's the difference between this and a sci fi horror movie at that point.
Corbae L
Corbae L Hace un mes
I think cinema sins would be good at cinema sins.
Alquin Ilagan
Alquin Ilagan Hace un mes
Brightburn is actually Saiyan invasion gone right
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus Hace un mes
Kyle shoulda had a bullet made of the ship's metal...instead of rubber.
PodcastBits Hace un mes
Another attempt by James Gunn to prove how edgy he thinks he is.
Macs Power
Macs Power Hace un mes
I though you would sin the fact that in the first scene when they are in bed they had 2 room lights and 4 lamps on. And the diner scene where nobody else noticed the really big rifle box on the floor.
FunZies Hace un mes
Brandon?! SNAKE! SHUAN!
Omen Dragon
Omen Dragon Hace un mes
I personally loved this movie.
Roy Vainqueur
Roy Vainqueur Hace un mes
Dude you're so funny 🤣 🤣 🤣
The Motley Channel
The Motley Channel Hace un mes
"We didn't count the issues, but we counted the sins." So that’s 127 sins. That leaves... how many issues?
Francesca Gonzalez Ramos
Francesca Gonzalez Ramos Hace un mes
Brightburn is one of the worst film since Dragonball Evolution and the 2010 remake I Spit on Your Grave (Unrated).
Max Caulfield
Max Caulfield Hace un mes
This is what happens when you marry Roy
riveratriunfo Hace un mes
I agree the movie isn't perfect but MAN did you hate it to death 🤣 I actually thought it was entertaining.
Chef PP
Chef PP Hace un mes
1:58 that laugh though
Lorénzo Richards
Lorénzo Richards Hace un mes
this is the worst fucking movie I’ve ever watched
Lorénzo Richards
Lorénzo Richards Hace un mes
this is the worst fucking movie I’ve ever watched
Lorénzo Richards
Lorénzo Richards Hace un mes
this is the worst fucking movie I’ve ever watched
Kyle Jewell
Kyle Jewell Hace un mes
2:25 you said Bob Marley, but i believe it was actually Bobby McFerrin you finished and performed that song.
Teo Quan Le
Teo Quan Le Hace un mes
11:28 sans
Mike Wiederhold
Mike Wiederhold Hace un mes
Forgot to give a sin for the part where he kills his uncle in the truck and leaves his bloody calling card ..which the sheriff already knew from the previous disappearance ...yet they went on to just say a deer accident 🤦
Striking Scorpion Exarch
Striking Scorpion Exarch Hace un mes
As someone who was an Infantrymen in the US Army... Im with you camping SUCKS! AC rules! You will never catch me sleeping in no tent unless A. Im homless B. The Zombie Apocalypse (Or Caronavirus Apocalypse) or C. My car broke down and i can't get help right away. Any other time as soon as i started sweating or thought about how i could be home on my Xbox or Computer and I would pack up and head home.
BlackSH0veldeath Hace un mes
This movie had so much potential to be cool. I mean first of all, they got past the first obstacle films like this usually fuck up, and that's that they were able to get an R rating. So they coulda really made this film so much more intense. Some of the scenes looked cool or satisfying like when he splats the sheriff on the porch. But the only scene that really had any sort of suspenseful engaging excitement, and even this scene they made it lose most the suspense it could have had, but when the dad snipes him in the back of the head. Cause you are wondering if the dad will do it. If he will turn around first. If it will kill him if he does hit him. They coulda let that scene breath for another 5 seconds or so, and really make you nervous. Cause it's surprising when you see that papa bear went for the head shot no less. And then that sets a precedent for the rest of the film that you can't kill the kid with guns or knives or anything. But even that you learn too late in the film (I mean they show he is pretty much indestructible, but still) I donno I was pretty excited about this film and was just so let down. And for a 90 minute evil super hero film to feature Elizabeth Banks for 80 minutes of it, who the fuck made that decision. B
Christian Bjerga
Christian Bjerga Hace un mes
9:07 :) :) :) :)
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