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Join editor at large Amiel Stanek as he attempts to cook a potato in almost every way possible. Which method is the best? Is it juiced potatoes? No, it's definitely not juiced potatoes. But maybe it's worth trying because life is for living and it's good for you. Or maybe not, because it is absolutely disgusting.
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Every Way to Cook a Potato (63 Methods) | Bon Appétit

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Da SwaggerFish
Da SwaggerFish Hace 5 minutos
Wait- are you the person who buys ALL the potatoes in my math notes?
Simon the Why
Simon the Why Hace 20 minutos
*Soviet union and Ireland wants to know your location*
The Chill Potato
The Chill Potato Hace 53 minutos
Is it ok to watch potato being cooked?
Rafael Monjardim
Rafael Monjardim Hace un hora
I'm feeling so cursed after this
easysqweasy Hace un hora
dishwasher? yes
_ Trxst_Ixsuxs _
_ Trxst_Ixsuxs _ Hace 2 horas
Why are you eating my friends?😔
Random stuff with Gianna
Random stuff with Gianna Hace 2 horas
Let’s just take a moment to remember all of the potatoes that he wasted in this video rip
GamingOrungutang Hace 3 horas
Do Kumara
John Gottschalk
John Gottschalk Hace 3 horas
I think you can't pre-record the audio because it just kills the BA vibe and character of the presenter. Also lack of face also really kills that aspect for me.
Patrick Kali
Patrick Kali Hace 3 horas
everybody gangsta till the company realizes that he had to use at least 63 potatoes for this video
Carlis Malpass
Carlis Malpass Hace 3 horas
Lol if you think a mini convection oven and a regular convection oven are the same you have a long way to go
Jack H
Jack H Hace 3 horas
Woah woah woah. Did you just make mashed taters without the skins
Cromwell the Conqueror
Cromwell the Conqueror Hace 4 horas
Ricer, that’s not a Japanese car that has been modified by an imbecile!
Cromwell the Conqueror
Cromwell the Conqueror Hace 4 horas
In Soviet Union cooked potato bourgeoisie
Manakuuchiha Hace 4 horas
Amiel prefers creamy mashed potatoes with no peels, which makes him a coward.
Tala B
Tala B Hace 5 horas
What if you were to put it in a kettle or teapot with a teabag as it boils?
Karanjot Singh
Karanjot Singh Hace 7 horas
Why am I watching this
Puddlenaut Hace 7 horas
Why does he hold the fork upside down when eating the mashed potatoes??
Michelle Berry
Michelle Berry Hace 8 horas
Doesn't peel potatoes, or add seasoning, complains that they're half cooked and bland?
Sad Sweethearts Club
Sad Sweethearts Club Hace 8 horas
Derplordx20 Hace 8 horas
my mom uses a sandwich bag in microwave that works well
Martín Pérez
Martín Pérez Hace 9 horas
3:30 11:00
dearloaf Hace 11 horas
Every way to cook rice? I need this one lol
ٰQuality ْEarrape Videos
ٰQuality ْEarrape Videos Hace 11 horas
_p e r s o n_ : How do you bake your potato? Me : *_D i S h W A s H e R_*
Emma Reneau
Emma Reneau Hace 12 horas
Juiced potato is cursed
Metalhammer1993 Hace 13 horas
When you put the potatoes in the mixer for mashed potatoes my brain went totally "nooo" cause well that´s what wer in Germany call "Tapetenkleister" (glue for tapestries) as it is just that on stzickiness, consistency and taste. that´s one way to NOT make mashed potatoes^^ food processor same but our "Kartoffelpürre" is kinda like the pommes pure´ just with hand mashed potatoes not riced (well depends on preferances i like them more chunky) and not THAT much fat. my mum used to mash the potatoes put them back into the pot they were cooked in and add milk, butter and depending on the dish muscat for seasoning. And Microwave really? it´s this stupid it just might work (although i literally expected the potato to go boom) and haven´t you learned yet, that the dehydrator is satan´s offspring^^ i´m shocked the rotisserie didn´t butcher it this time^^ and foiled potato on a grill. Just some salt and thyme in there and god they are delicious.however they go with the coal usually. at least that´s how we used to do them in summer. (works brilliantly with big mushrooms too. obviously thyme isn´t the way to go there)
Potat O
Potat O Hace 13 horas
MrNotadream Hace 14 horas
25:44 it's not 'kebab' potato. It's Shish potato. Shish means sword. kebab is the kind of meat, in 'Shish kebab'
El3an Hace 14 horas
Please don't tell me you guys actually sat here and watched this on normal speed?
Motion Waltz
Motion Waltz Hace 16 horas
these vids are pretty entertaining but i can never shake the feeling that BA is in bed with some of these products (or maybe even getting paid to make competitor’s products look bad......like why give so much hate to the instant pot or the stand mixer?) he also gives more attention (read: seasonings) to the potato in some methods compared to others, and obviously the bland potato is gonna taste worst
Saul Diaz
Saul Diaz Hace 16 horas
Pretty much the ones that interested me 1:23 baked potato 1:56 twice baked potato 3:33 boiled and roasted potatoes 4:04 scalloped potato 6:25 boiled 8:05 hand mashed 8:51 rice mashed 10:21 pommes purée 10:59 duchess ---- 13:38 fried styles --- 14:57 twice fried French fries 15:30 frozen French fries 16:11 tater tots 16:46 potato chips 18:50 home fries 19:17 hash browns 19:46 pommes anna 22:27 sous-vide 25:43 grilled
Portal_Percrime Hace 17 horas
20:51 Here are spaghetti made of potato
Jonathan Villarreal
Jonathan Villarreal Hace 18 horas
I'm curious what would happen if you made the more doughy mashed potatoes into shapes and baked them. Almost like potato cookies.
Mako Antalik
Mako Antalik Hace 19 horas
10:20 and THIS is what they give us in school
Mr. Pickles The Demon Possessed Dog
Mr. Pickles The Demon Possessed Dog Hace 20 horas
This guy deadass sounds like Remy from ratatouille.
ItsAlex128 Hace 20 horas
Four minutes eh 🤔 *puts it for 4 mins 1 sec*
RTX RBX Hace 20 horas
I feel offended when he complains about it... Because I’m used to ‘Playing’ on a potato
falcon 1776
falcon 1776 Hace 20 horas
You are such a &^*
Donald Duck
Donald Duck Hace 20 horas
Why no sweet potatoes
Jumping JuneBug
Jumping JuneBug Hace 20 horas
So many potatoes had to die to make this video..... R.I.P
Rangya Alif
Rangya Alif Hace 21 un hora
Maybe a furnance from minecraft is the best
Eythan Martin
Eythan Martin Hace 21 un hora
he just saved me from my kitchen nightmare
sail boat dude
sail boat dude Hace 21 un hora
Me: show this video to my Irish freind Irish friend: *P O T A T O*
Swaggy Turtle
Swaggy Turtle Hace 22 horas
My favourite way to cook potatoes is slice them about 3cm thick put some oil in a pan let it heat up and fry them and put vinegar on them
Milk Man
Milk Man Hace 22 horas
For people on that potato mono-diet this video is the dream
FBI Hace 22 horas
Bruh at least DONt EAT AS a APpLe DONT BLeND BECaUse ThE ROOTs ArE bAd FoR yOu it CAn KIlL AnD if u SEe The poTaTo gReEn UR DEaD
chimmini cricket
chimmini cricket Hace 23 horas
ᵢ ₗₒᵥₑ ₚₒₜₐₜₒₛ
BadlyDrawnAvocado Hace 23 horas
To make perfect hasselback potatoes they have to be MUCH smaller, then served with a Sunday roast or chicken= GLORIOUS.
Lenny Testa
Lenny Testa Hace 23 horas
It’s 2am and I’m watching a thirty minute video about patatos.
A True Wisconsinite
A True Wisconsinite Hace 23 horas
Anyone know what that blowtorch tip is??
The Hentai Entrepreneur
The Hentai Entrepreneur Hace 23 horas
*Volcaned potato*
A True Wisconsinite
A True Wisconsinite Hace 23 horas
Love that Opinel
Temporarily Misplaced
Temporarily Misplaced Hace 23 horas
A good way to see if the potato is ready is by sticking a sharp knife in it. If it say IDI NAHUY! then is not ready
Lunatics Eclipse
Lunatics Eclipse Hace un día
I don't care how you cook a potato as long as it tastes like heaven to me :>
Vince Nastawa
Vince Nastawa Hace un día
Hail potato
Erin Crawford
Erin Crawford Hace un día
12:06 "DO NOT heat in microwave for more than four minutes" *Heats in microwave for 4:01 You rebel.
Joseda Goat
Joseda Goat Hace un día
My mom makes really creamy potatoes with a hand mixer idk I never see anyone else using it
i swear im not emo
i swear im not emo Hace un día
Welcome to Idaho
Random Idiot Online
Random Idiot Online Hace un día
Lowkey disappointed I didn't see mashed potato pancakes
Forestt L.
Forestt L. Hace un día
Take a shot every time he says potato 😤
maniac 695
maniac 695 Hace un día
26:27 I bet the tater planks would be even better with some cheese melted on top tiny bit of chives and some bacon yea that would be a good apppatizer
Fxsja625 Hace un día
Someone send the link to the video to Sasha Braus right away she need to see this
connor 31556
connor 31556 Hace un día
Bruh what's up with this guy and creaminess
Hoern dog
Hoern dog Hace un día
64 - the gas chamber
Silly Hello
Silly Hello Hace un día
Idaho loves you
TheFel0x Hace un día
I like this video. Greating from Germany. 🇩🇪
Skittle, sans wife and gf
Skittle, sans wife and gf Hace un día
*Get me a potato...*
Florida man
Florida man Hace un día
I found most of these helpful as I am not a potato fanatic, my only criticism would be if you are going to use a stand mixer the setting and potato mater a lot more. for example, red potatoes work much better (in my opinion) as mashed potatoes having a very smooth texture and they are also more comparable in size to a reset potato, also consider adding milk. however, these are only recommendations based on my opinion.
- Pickle -
- Pickle - Hace un día
I cooked the coal potatoa wrong!
Huld muh Beerr
Huld muh Beerr Hace un día
Whu calls a pan a skillet
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