Ethan and Grayson AFTER SURGERY

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Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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We don't remember anything and we apologize in advance...
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Zoe Norris
Zoe Norris Hace 4 horas
why is this me high😂😂😂😂
Kardiye TV
Kardiye TV Hace 5 horas
Mom: “I’m worried about Grayson for a lil bit your fine” Ethen: don’t worry he’s fine he’s more buff than me😂😂
Maci Titus
Maci Titus Hace 7 horas
Grayson: YOU JUST GOTTA chill DOG
Maci Titus
Maci Titus Hace 7 horas
Elissa Zimmerman
Elissa Zimmerman Hace 9 horas
i just wanna dance man i just wanna swivle them hips man the starts dancing
Elissa Zimmerman
Elissa Zimmerman Hace 9 horas
9is this what it feels like having a tampon in but in ur face we have two tampons we both have two tampons
gacha sugar
gacha sugar Hace 12 horas
18:15 me trina be cute for my bf
Samantha McCoy
Samantha McCoy Hace 21 un hora
“GIVE IT.” ... “Sorry, that was aggressive.”
Bay Lane
Bay Lane Hace 23 horas
You guys rock. Made me my weekend.
Locknloaded Hace un día
From watching this vid I felt really sleepy
mya cheyenne
mya cheyenne Hace un día
"they just took him in... give him back. i need that mans. i wAnT mY mAnS"
Jay Black BVB
Jay Black BVB Hace 2 días
“Yo was that anaesthesia dairy free?” Im dead 😂
Michelle Barbeitia
Michelle Barbeitia Hace 2 días
“They best take care of him”😂😂
Leah Ann
Leah Ann Hace 2 días
@0:43 he looked like he got possessed 😂
Linda_Engelhart Hace 2 días
Looks like they switch personality 😂 Gray is the wild one now
Alannis Vallarino
Alannis Vallarino Hace 2 días
Why was Ethan for the first time being the respondsable twin and being crayzy???
BeArGi0919 Hace 3 días
Grayson dancing is the funniest and cutest thing I've ever seen
BeArGi0919 Hace 3 días
G: "its over my mouth" E: "leave it there pleeease" I died 😂😂
Elizabeth Clarke
Elizabeth Clarke Hace 3 días
Jaelene Robinson
Jaelene Robinson Hace 3 días
He got bars
Felishia Annabell Witjaksono
Felishia Annabell Witjaksono Hace 3 días
Why grayson's nose is bleeding after the surgery
Nina Longoria
Nina Longoria Hace 4 días
Love how they are arguing half of the time
Savannah Lawless
Savannah Lawless Hace 4 días
"We used to be a goop, then we split into 2 goops, and now we in dis bitch" XD
Michayla Reed
Michayla Reed Hace 5 días
Mom:be a little nicer gray you 2 are brothers Grayson:I love him but he's annoying but j love him
Michayla Reed
Michayla Reed Hace 5 días
Ethan:Is this medicine dairy free. Doctor:Ya Ethan:Okay I just had to make sure
Rosie Hace 5 días
at like 11 10 did gray say that he wants to get to home lol or is that just me aha ?? Xxxxx
Brooke Padgett
Brooke Padgett Hace 6 días
No one: Ethan: " He a tHiCk BoDy FeLla " 8:30
Annabelle Kornemeyer
Annabelle Kornemeyer Hace 6 días
"I want apple juice...... ew I hate that s."
Kara Hace 6 días
Bro this is so much more exciting than my wisdom teeth. I wore normal clothes, I slept, I woke, I got up, I left, I went home, I cried. Thass it
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley Hace 6 días
Lilly Ferg
Lilly Ferg Hace 6 días
They labeled their hands with E and G lol
jo o
jo o Hace 6 días
16:23 y do I hear the hormone monster from big mouth
jo o
jo o Hace 6 días
12:39 a second of normal
Ella Smith
Ella Smith Hace 6 días
Guys, I had the same surgery when I was in grade two. Then in grade six I had a worse surgery for my back and I asked my parents to film me loopy but they didn't :(
Luna M.
Luna M. Hace 6 días
poor Ethan XD 17:28, 16:28
yuck fou, diabetes!
yuck fou, diabetes! Hace 6 días
This is my favorite video. If I'm feeling a bit down, this one always makes me giggle. Thank you for sharing. 😊
Ember Hawk
Ember Hawk Hace 7 días
Mille ! Millz
Mille ! Millz Hace 8 días
What did they need to have surgery for
kennedy arthur
kennedy arthur Hace 8 días
*when you get really high with your best friend for the first time when you’re like 14 lmao* 😹
Lilly Bozzo
Lilly Bozzo Hace 9 días
you said "even loopier" and i was like "oh no, this cant be good"
Bëbėh Wøłfïē
Bëbėh Wøłfïē Hace 9 días
“That hit the shpot” -Ethan Dolan ,2019
Baouie Woo
Baouie Woo Hace 10 días
Gabriella Davila
Gabriella Davila Hace 10 días
Priel S.f
Priel S.f Hace 10 días
*So that’s why they especially Grayson sound like they have a cold all the time*
ThinkableMind Hace 10 días
Them after surgery:Keeps talking Me after surgery :trying to feel myself
Sharon Boore
Sharon Boore Hace 10 días
Pan motherf**in cakes😂
P u s h a e h
P u s h a e h Hace 10 días
"You look Like A Fool..." "WE LOOK THE SAME!" *Silence*
SouthOfHessen Hace 11 días
And thats the reason why i quit doing roofies and heroin.
tia maria
tia maria Hace 11 días
no one: ethan throughout the whole video: 🤫
jannat humaira
jannat humaira Hace 11 días
Ethan wants to take care of his lil bro and dab his eyes 😍😭I’m crying in a cool way!
Monica Salvatore
Monica Salvatore Hace 12 días
Why did they swap behavior from the Wisdom teeth video?🤣
Katt Whittaker
Katt Whittaker Hace 12 días
“IM ITALIAN!” & “he’s a thicc body fella” Absolute favourite Ethan quotes. 😂💜
Sephora W
Sephora W Hace 12 días
stop touching me brother!!
Courtney Krause
Courtney Krause Hace 13 días
ethan: omg your humiliating me grayson: ...i’m just busssssting i dowwwn
David Hatch
David Hatch Hace 14 días
I love pancakes
zumakitty6 Hace 14 días
Ethan: "I'll take care of him, he's my little brother..." Ethan: "come here, to me" Grayson: *"AY"* Ethan: "come closer, I got to dab your eyes" I was crying while my heart was melting 😂❤ love these two at 10:13
zumakitty6 Hace 14 días
i'm just really wondering if they ever got those pancakes😂😂
Jaden McHugh
Jaden McHugh Hace 14 días
The fact that the doctors had to identify them by writing and E and a G on their hands
Bree Erickson
Bree Erickson Hace 14 días
The amount of time they said it was Tuesday🤦‍♀️😂
destiny rose
destiny rose Hace 14 días
“im high on life right now”
Skylar Dowell
Skylar Dowell Hace 15 días
Ethan- “are my eyes open?” *intense staring* Ethan- “ohhhhhh”
Skylar Dowell
Skylar Dowell Hace 15 días
Ethan- I got a tear drop... but I’m not em... I’m not emo Me as a emo- tf
Marina Martinez
Marina Martinez Hace 15 días
Grayson:YOu LooK lIkE A FoOL Ethan:we look the same Grayson:😐🤐 😂😂😂I'm dead
Zurgz Hace 15 días
10:42 "Ay STOP, touching me brutha"😂😂
Simssimmer Hace 15 días
“Is the anesthesia dairy free?” 😂😂😂😂😂
Charlotte Hace 15 días
That hit the shpot!
Jcv Gang
Jcv Gang Hace 15 días
Watch ur profanity
DavetheCapriSun Hace 15 días
They had to write E and G on their hands. 😂😂😂
Daily Wolfie
Daily Wolfie Hace 16 días
B4 this i thought Grayson was the chill one.... Anyone In 2020 watching????
Kaylee Halcomb
Kaylee Halcomb Hace 16 días
Dude the roles reversed from the first time to now
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