Establishment Dems Hold 'Stop Cenk Uygur' Meeting

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who the fook is that guy stevens
who the fook is that guy stevens Hace 2 días
Cenk is shit he didn't need a fucking meeting to stop him Kyle
Michael ARMIJO
Michael ARMIJO Hace 15 días
What did I say to you brain washed morons. Your punk got his ass kicked so bad he not ever going to run again. NOW THAT IS THE HEART OF A FIGHTER. lol lol now he's back in his bubble where his NON UNION employees have to kiss that big fat ass. Humiliated you and himself. Just as I said..... now it's BERNIE'S TURN FOR HUMILIATING . GET A JOB.
shady c network
shady c network Hace 20 días
Come on though Kyle tyt gets money from Al Jazeera.
shady c network
shady c network Hace 20 días
Wow Kyle was really pushing hard for Ole chunk yogurt lol.
Marina Boyd
Marina Boyd Hace 21 un día
Is it POSSIBLE the Cenk's friends dont know how BAD of a candidate he was? How do progressives think they are going to stop ANYTHING, when they let the DCCC get away with cheating Bernie in 2016, AND in 2020. Burning shit didnt work for the KKK, the lack panthers, or black lives matter. The Progressive movement is failing because progressices have amnesia. The MLK, tea party, and people fighting for hat marriage didnt burn shit down.
Yojimbo413 Hace 22 días
Lmao Kyle. They didn't need to do anything. Dude got 5%. He had no shot to win. It's over. It's over.
PunkFuckUp Hace 23 días
tbh that slogan "outsiders are american" could use some work..everything else in the ad was pretty good though
Will M
Will M Hace 23 días
Thank goodness Trump will win again and the money I worked hard for to pay for my own private Doctor isn't going to someone else. Plus I'm not a drug addict or alcoholic raising my chances of having all sorts of medical issues.
Joshua Loren Squires
Joshua Loren Squires Hace un mes
Kick ass Kyle. 9:58.
Flying Dog
Flying Dog Hace un mes
Cenk sux whale dick.
Supreme Overseer
Supreme Overseer Hace un mes
Low life s*um cenk is not going to win. The only thing that he forces is his dong into a horse.🐒🐒🐒
KingTekins Hace un mes
Cenk is for the working class until they try to start a union.
Danny Boy 777
Danny Boy 777 Hace un mes
I'm voting for Cenk Uygur
Per Bear
Per Bear Hace 26 días
You where one of the few thousands 😂😂😂😂
Jennifer MacKinnon
Jennifer MacKinnon Hace un mes
To place Cenk on the same level as AOC and the squad is just ridiculous. He does not match them iñ intellect, class, know how or sincerity. The sooner he loses the better it will be. As it is, everyday we run the risk of him doing or saying something inappropriate or embarrassing. His actions can only hurt the progressives.
Helpful Review
Helpful Review Hace un mes
Lmao!!! Cenk “the Armenian genocide denier” is here to save the day, please he can’t fill a small middle school lunchroom with people.
decembrist Hace un mes
Except that he isn't a denier, you lying piece of shit
Doug Grinbergs
Doug Grinbergs Hace un mes
"Him and I" - pronoun-challenged millenials all missed the same class? (:-(
Scorpio Cove
Scorpio Cove Hace un mes
It’s it’s just beginning why? Because their policies are for the people...go progressives..go cenk
AlDim000 Hace un mes
Well, the hit is happening right now, using some union shenanigans to generate bad press for him.
Shawn Stoyle
Shawn Stoyle Hace un mes
Maybe they just wanted a union?
74554N 41-5H4TTi
74554N 41-5H4TTi Hace un mes
He really did age fast 🙄
MIke MIhaljevich
MIke MIhaljevich Hace un mes
These guys on the left are preaching to the choir. This gets the Democrats nowhere. They are going to split the party if they are not careful. Stupid.
Torfinn Zempel
Torfinn Zempel Hace un mes
AOC for Speaker, Cenk as majority whip. Coupd you imagine anyone saying "No Cenk, I don't want to vote for Green New Deal." Not a chance.
Torfinn Zempel
Torfinn Zempel Hace un mes
"Back to FDR style politics" Thanks for the most accurate comparison for Bernie Sanders!
Kyle Hoorn
Kyle Hoorn Hace un mes
“It’s not 1987 anymore. It’s 1930s” lol
Elizabeth Forsyth
Elizabeth Forsyth Hace un mes
I would LOVE to see Nancy Pelosi try to tell him to keep quiet and bow down🤣🤣🤣
Ben Rae
Ben Rae Hace un mes
Godspeed, Cenk. If I still lived in California, I'd vote for you.
Rob Wright
Rob Wright Hace un mes
Sucking upto Bernie no matter what.
Voltaire Hace un mes
Pelosi is a POS politician
momana Hace un mes
It's gonna be A W E S O M E!
Per Bear
Per Bear Hace 25 días
@momana I dont understand whats intresting bye loosing all the time?
momana Hace 25 días
@Per Bear You aren't looking at the whole picture here. If We want change for We the People, the establishment must go and what happened here is the ass got up off the pot. It just got interesting.
Per Bear
Per Bear Hace 26 días
Oh yeah...Cenk did amazing...just like his predictions 😂😂😂😂
Jill Polsiinelli
Jill Polsiinelli Hace un mes
All the attacks on Cenk and Bernie just cause me to support them even more, because they scare the shit out of the MSM and the status quo,
bemoore4 Hace un mes
Clicked to hear about a meeting being held to stop Cenk from winning the election and ended up watching a 15 minute campaign ad for Cenk. Fine....but that's not what the title suggested was going to happen. Where's any evidence that the meeting being held is determined to "Stop Cenk"? That tweet? that's it?
Per Bear
Per Bear Hace un mes
Cenk will stop himself....A guy that has nonstop since the election, been telling his audience that the President will resign and that he has no friends and allies left, will never be taken seriously
OldGens Squad
OldGens Squad Hace un mes
cenk 2020
Per Bear
Per Bear Hace 26 días
Oh yeah..... how could this go wrong 😂😂😂
Javimonotheism Hace un mes
Donated to Cenk for Congress and Bernie on a monthly basis. Its not much but made sure at least its 20 bucks.
Joe Storto
Joe Storto Hace un mes
Just send his ass back to turkey
Swordsquire Hace un mes
Cenk is not the someone to be trifled with, for all the dirt they think they can dig up on him, he shows up with a backhoe to dig up their dirt.
R BR Hace un mes
Will be increasing the amount of my donation. #Cenkforcongress.
Per Bear
Per Bear Hace 26 días
😂😂 you fall for this scam too? How much did you donate?😂😂
BenNuttinYahoosreel Hace un mes
"Cenk is a Russian asset." - Typical Democrat.
BenNuttinYahoosreel Hace un mes
The Left is eating itself and it's delicious to watch. Your intersectional singularity is toxic. Your key leaders like Bernie is pretending to embrace that nonsense to pander to the witches of Eastwick. #WALKAWAY
Khalid Shoaib
Khalid Shoaib Hace un mes
Good luck man! Change the America in a better way.🤩
Per Bear
Per Bear Hace 26 días
Yeah Cenk is the right man...he got 6%😂😂😂😂
shadow-ban buster
shadow-ban buster Hace un mes
Here's a reason for voting against fat brown Cenk that has nothing to do with his regressive will cost the US taxpayers big bucks to reinforce the floors in the house to support his massive weight.
briquetaverne Hace un mes
******* Go FDR style Politics. Go Huey Long style Politics. Go Bernie Sanders style Politics and Go, Go, Go, Cenk "The enforcer" Uygur style Politics. ****** I'm so damned mad at what our leadership has done in Both political parties, in Washington, in both houses of Congress, in the SCOTUS and especially in the Whitehouse since Ronald Reagan these last 39 years, that I just sent off $50 bucks to Cenk's campaign in hopes that the money helps elect him so that he can make the establishment "Clubbies" Sh*t in their frocks!
Thomas C
Thomas C Hace un mes
I would honestly argue that AOC *is* such a leader, such an enforcer, in many of the things she has done. I have watched many of the times she exhibited that strength in grilling people in her legislative roles in the house, and I have seen it in the way she has approached her treatment by the media and other politicians. Cenk Uygur is absolutely as you described, I just wanted to point out that the bit about AOC at least not being that sort doesn't hold water.
Hafiiz Rahman
Hafiiz Rahman Hace un mes
I remember a comment from another video. AOC: "I tried to be civil about it...." Cenk: *Slams through the doors of Congress*
Lick Tasty
Lick Tasty Hace un mes
Sorry, Cenk would get nothing done. It would be entertaining but Cenk's a blowhard, a windbag. Too argumentive without the charisma to back it up. His reaction to opposition is to fight. His reaction to ANYTHING is to fight. Cenk would only make headway in the political arena if he were a dictator, because he lacks any sense of diplomacy.
Pauls Country
Pauls Country Hace un mes
Cenk supports Bestiality, this channel must too, even Bernie dumped Cenk.Stop supporting animal abusers you like shameless communist.
Bryan Dov Bergman
Bryan Dov Bergman Hace un mes
Kyle really needs his ass kicked
Philly Steve
Philly Steve Hace un mes
I loVe Cenk, but that ad SUXXXXXXXXX!
Josef Picken
Josef Picken Hace un mes
Whos Cyek Uger?
LalalalaLola Hace un mes
I hope Cenk is elected. I might even give to Cenk2020 because it's important we get him in Congress.
Per Bear
Per Bear Hace 26 días
Did you really belive in this scam? Perhaps you donated too?
keely _cn
keely _cn Hace un mes
Cenk's kids are so cute. That ad is really long though did they run that whole thing on TV? Is he doing well there? Does anyone who live there in that district have any insight?
Bob Bluefield
Bob Bluefield Hace un mes
Pocahontas was a registered republicon loser for 30 years of her life. She is against medicare for all If she makes it to the general election she has already stated she will take money from the ultra rich to run her campaign Warren is as much of a progressive as she is a native american Warren is a liar We are voting for Medicare for all, We are voting for Sanders Why would we replace liar in white house with a another liar? Warren lied about her race in order to further her academic career
James Parker
James Parker Hace un mes
No matter how much Secular Talk, TYT, Sam Seder or Dave Pakman I watch the ESwomen algorithm keeps trying to feed me Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Colbert and Seth Meyers.
Scott Davis
Scott Davis Hace un mes
What if the Democrats were as open to new ideas like Bernie's as the Republicans were when they were hijacked by Trump...
Junior Bricuyet
Junior Bricuyet Hace un mes
If Bernie dosenot win this we need to go to the streets and stop everything EVERY THING comes to a Holt! DNC can not get away rigging elections again.
Junior Bricuyet
Junior Bricuyet Hace un mes
Id like to see cenk denounce warren for her smears on Bernie
Kay Omholt-Montague
Kay Omholt-Montague Hace un mes
DAMN!! That was powerful!
Arteta's Arse-bandits
Arteta's Arse-bandits Hace un mes
Fuck the DNC!
Jason b
Jason b Hace un mes
That ad is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🖖They should be scared!
erikbarrett85 Hace un mes
Is Kyle still under TYT? Disappointed in this
erikbarrett85 Hace un mes
Do you ppl LIKE Jjjenk's lying baitin' ass???!!!!!???? This looks like WWAYYY too many people ggggenk people, what the hell is happening. Awesome?! JESUS Kyle.
Gravity Wave Surfer
Gravity Wave Surfer Hace un mes
Jessica Mayberry
Jessica Mayberry Hace un mes
Just donated $100, and I don’t even live in California. Give ‘em hell, Cenk!!!
Tony . May
Tony . May Hace un mes
Anyone who critiques Cink just can’t stand the truth !
anna bayard
anna bayard Hace un mes
Junk Uglier is a smear merchant and a liar and his channel is a propaganda channel. I am very surprised nobody has assaulted this inbred racist in the streets. Death to TYT.
Saffron Hace un mes
Im cooming
Joe Kerry
Joe Kerry Hace un mes
They need to quit this shit. Just let it happen organically; you cannot lead for ever.
HarrisonCountyStudio Hace un mes
California is a cesspool. I don’t want anyone form California telling me how to live.
Phillip Strenger
Phillip Strenger Hace un mes
How big of a joke of a nation are we where we get to the point where people like Trump and Cenk can hold political office? Lol. If he wins, time how long it takes for him to use nepotism to get his stupid and inept nephew a job up there in DC. Lol.
Simmer Pete
Simmer Pete Hace un mes
Just thought he was a TYT host. Lmao
J da high roller
J da high roller Hace un mes
If he wins this is what CHANGE looks like
Per Bear
Per Bear Hace un mes
@J da high roller beeing wrong in a prediction, means of course nothing, but when you state something 100%, its alittle more than just a prediction...Especially when you do it over and over non stop...but thats not the worst part. The predictions where so obviously wrong and ridicoulus...anyone with alittle brain or political insight would know that
J da high roller
J da high roller Hace un mes
@Per Bear so the fact he doesn't get 100% of his predictions right disqualify him how?? And what the hell is his opponent doing for the people!!?? Better question my man
Per Bear
Per Bear Hace un mes
What will he change? Nice campaign video, but the guy is completly delusional....non stop since election telling his audience that the President will resign and that he has no friends and allies left
Thunder, lightning and fire
Thunder, lightning and fire Hace un mes
Vote for president trump and the republicans again in 2020
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