Ep. 37 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

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Hace 28 días

Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer start off this episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave by eating Krispy Kreme donuts. They give Russell Peters a call to discuss Hinduism, which Bert is interested in possibly joining. They also discuss how often they brush their teeth, celebrities with fake teeth and fake hair, planking, Trinidad James, and Bert's daily caloric intake. Bert and Nadav also talk out their differences.

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David Thilen
David Thilen Hace 5 horas
Bert fat
Clay Tumey
Clay Tumey Hace 16 horas
26:03 This was so frustrating to listen to. The tone was definitely "put your fucking headphones on" and the focus got shifted the fact that the "fucking" wasn't part of the comment. Shit was definitely rude, but dude backpedaled out of that straight into some ass-kissing because he knew it came out rude. That's some chicken shit.
Richard O'Leary
Richard O'Leary Hace 19 horas
18:13 Bert "oh, hand-sana-tana-sizers" 👌
Kirsty Hall
Kirsty Hall Hace 23 horas
Who is that laughing in the background? I'm new here🙋‍♀️
Calumeup Hace un día
Is bert wearing a sod poodles hat!?!
Daniel B
Daniel B Hace un día
So bizare watching this. I recently started covid binging Rogan, YMH and this. To watch them totally throw away all the gains from Sober October in one sitting for laughs... Amazing. I love these guys. Tom being that terrible influencing uncle to Bert, whos mentally and emotionally frozen at 19... This is true art! Thanks guys, for entertaining the masses during this time.
Zevonthethompsongun Hace un día
When nadav is sassy its hilarious everytime. Its what Segura does which is why they work together. But Bert is a sissy lololol
superspeed221 Hace un día
I feel bad watching these sometimes ‘cause Bert gets so vulnerable but he’s such a moron. He talks so highly about himself. He really thinks he’s “aware” of things. He thinks he’s really good at reading people or understanding people and the world around him and it’s clear by all of his “observations” that he’s an oblivious idiot. Great guy but just dumb
Mr soul
Mr soul Hace 2 días
Bert is losing his mind lol
Stage_name_alpha Hace 2 días
"Why use a napkin when God gave you one!" Me after hearing bert talk about his new ass wiping technique.😳
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin Hace 3 días
Bert is a sod poodle fan!
Danny Boy Jango
Danny Boy Jango Hace 3 días
Bert doesn't understand empathy.
Fk Yeah Kenny
Fk Yeah Kenny Hace 3 días
They should had a warning before they started the show that for half the show your gonna be hearing tom and bert making loud eating sounds.. listeners may be disturbed
Julian Gruber
Julian Gruber Hace 3 días
my smile is lopsided too bert
My Grandma Died
My Grandma Died Hace 4 días
Daniel Negraunu - poker player, best hair transplant
Andrew Grow
Andrew Grow Hace 4 días
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-BPRVY0aJdKY.html best 5 seconds
SweetJamesJonesCOD Hace 4 días
Tom must be into bdsm cuz listing to Bert lick his fingers was fucking torture
CodeGreenGamer Hace 4 días
the way bert eats those donuts is mildly sexual..
Ed Barraza
Ed Barraza Hace 5 días
Bert grunting after 1-biting the 8 second donut sent me into a coma after laughing so hard
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Hace 5 días
I feel like they hired a guy to laugh off screen.
Dave Furbush
Dave Furbush Hace 5 días
Tom: Practices good, sensible dental hygiene. Bert: That’s OCD and disgusting. Also Burt: I wipe my own ass with my bare hand.
Dave Furbush
Dave Furbush Hace 5 días
Nadav’s laughing used to be fun... Now? It’s hysterical cackling at literally fucking everything. No matter how funny. It’s getting awkward and grating, and it’s starting to wear on me. 🙄
Blizzealer Hace 5 días
43:30 Anyone who wakes up in a cold house with no power, or not fire started, knows the value of sleeping with your clothes. Then you get to put on warm clothes in the morning.
Dylan Morrow
Dylan Morrow Hace 5 días
If my Sugar shirt doesn't come in the mail in the next week, Bert better personally come to my house and pour me a fucking glass of red kool-aid.
rap freak
rap freak Hace 5 días
Listening to Bert eat donuts is more disgusting sounding than anything YMH has ever played on their videos.
John Harrison
John Harrison Hace 6 días
Who laughs in the background
Jack Hoekstra
Jack Hoekstra Hace 6 días
people with early stages of dementia often think that people are being hostile to them in normal conversations.
Reilly Coleman
Reilly Coleman Hace 6 días
who is the guy with the outrageous laugh in the background?
Aelea Hace 7 días
Nadav = dishonest
Taylor Bartay
Taylor Bartay Hace 7 días
Bert knows he's no ones boss right? "does he still live with his parents"... *takes showers in the pool*...
Effing Osprey
Effing Osprey Hace 7 días
Bert,......... really bro? Really?
Jurel Hace 7 días
For the love of GOD, never let Bert eat donuts into the mic EVER AGAIN. Almost had to turn the podcast off..... 🤢
ella mcguire
ella mcguire Hace 8 días
Also nadav doesn’t eat and like smokes and is the gambling thing a joke or I j don’t know whether to feel bad or not
ella mcguire
ella mcguire Hace 8 días
Bert I feel a lil sorry for sometimes hope he gets the help he needs :) love this fuckin podcast
iManicDepression Hace 8 días
Always the victim with these guys
David Matia
David Matia Hace 8 días
He definitely speaks very dry and is very aggressive in his tone but doesn’t actually mean it. I agree with Bert when he told him to put his headphones on I felt a way 🤣
mma 1st
mma 1st Hace 9 días
I shut this gross shit off as soon as he said they're losing listeners
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez Hace 9 días
I don’t feel so bad now eating two eggs then 1 in the morning lol
OGtheGrouch Hace 9 días
Anyone else notice how Latin Tom is with that donut dunk?
kmdan Hace 9 días
Bert planking: To be fair, he really did a 3 minute plank: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-ud_znxXjhKE.html
Jonathan A Kling
Jonathan A Kling Hace 10 días
Today, what you will see may be disturbing to some viewers. Two men eat donuts, and talk about the eating of the donuts. That is all.
SSCL Hace 10 días
im on bert's side, nadav has bitch voice or something, everything he says sounds condescending
Danny Laguer
Danny Laguer Hace 10 días
Legit wanna beat Nadav up 🤣
Robert Minnix
Robert Minnix Hace 10 días
still can't tell if it's a bit
Anthony Guzman
Anthony Guzman Hace 10 días
What does Russell say on the phone call about Brennan neal?
RUSEV sauve
RUSEV sauve Hace 10 días
RUSEV sauve
RUSEV sauve Hace 10 días
CRYO SINS Hace 10 días
I thought joe rogan or someone told that story of chick choking out a guy at a bar?
alex i
alex i Hace 10 días
Why’d he have to eat into the mic like that :(
Leo Puni
Leo Puni Hace 11 días
i swear this podcast is just tom laughing at bert for an hour lmao
Sampson jacobds
Sampson jacobds Hace 11 días
metallica enter sandman
seeboone Hace 11 días
Bert is the definition of a man child
Weston Prather
Weston Prather Hace 11 días
I hope Bert has a cardiac episode and the doctor is a 2 Bears fan and calls Bert a fucking dipshit for all of the things he says and does regarding health and diet. Also that finger licking part made me truly hate him as a person.
Ben Porter
Ben Porter Hace 12 días
Who tf puts a Krispy Kreme donut in a microwave for 30 seconds? A god damn psychopath thats who.
Daniel Fozard
Daniel Fozard Hace 12 días
Can piggy chew with his mouth closed next to the mic?
BeckyKendall Hace 13 días
Bert is nasty! 🤮 not showering, wiping his ass with his bare hands, licking all his fingers eating like a slob, breath stinking not brushing his teeth until mid day or not at all! Gross I gag thinking about it 🤮🤢
SOWNR g Hace 13 días
If you really think about it.. Anything can be a shirt, shit punctuation on a hoodie would sell. They sell shirts with nothing on it. You can get overpriced ones at the liquor store. Same goes for any apparel. Even cups
Alfredo Orona
Alfredo Orona Hace 13 días
Bert's licking the fingers on his ass wiping hand
Elliot O'Flynn
Elliot O'Flynn Hace 13 días
Bro I am so tired of hearing that guy's cackling in the background
Caleb Paul
Caleb Paul Hace 13 días
1:08:00 Bert it’s definitely alcohol related irritability, I have that shit too
Joshua Towers: Radio
Joshua Towers: Radio Hace 13 días
Every podcast needs the guy laughing hysterically in the background... Adds to the quality of the show... Just sayin'...
Stephen Jenkins
Stephen Jenkins Hace 13 días
I always enjoy Bert, but the more I listen to him talk about his real life and habits the more I realize being his friend must be fucking exhausting.
Adrian Lomeli
Adrian Lomeli Hace 13 días
Bert's chewing pissed me off I had to stop listening . Bert's just annoying and it's clear Tom feels bad for him and carries him
Austin Elliott
Austin Elliott Hace 13 días
Nadav laughing in the background makes these podcasts 1000% better then they already are
Kris Fleischer
Kris Fleischer Hace 13 días
Bert has 12 doughnuts,a gallon of Kool aid and a fucking Diet Coke!!!!
Samuel Patrick Brigante
Samuel Patrick Brigante Hace 13 días
Bert will look like Boogie2988 if he gets fake teeth
Tyrone Notwatson
Tyrone Notwatson Hace 14 días
10mins in and I’m still waiting for it to start 🤷‍♂️
Paydn Davis
Paydn Davis Hace 14 días
Hearing Bert eat is the worst ASMR ever.
Ariel Hibdon
Ariel Hibdon Hace 14 días
Leave our man nadav alone
Nichole McCann
Nichole McCann Hace 14 días
Call me crazy but I think Bert is addicted to sugar
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