Ep. 31 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

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Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura are back in the cave once again. Bert has a new perspective on Karl Malone. Tom and Bert then start going doing lists to see which alt comics don't know them, which leads them to a more fun conversation on which black comedians don't know them. We even call up black expert Neal Brennan to weigh in! We find out Tom’s experience driving a McLaren after he gives the Kreischer girls a ride. We then get into the discussion of fighting and each of the bears have their own technique. Tom is really aching to cause damage to someone. Will anybody volunteer? Plus, reactions to more of your comments and memes!

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Wesley Pipes
Wesley Pipes Hace 9 horas
My new favorite podcast
Portsmouth Sea Angler
Portsmouth Sea Angler Hace 20 horas
Lee-Ann got back from that car ride with Tommy and didn’t give a fuck if Bert had hot wings that day...
James Williams
James Williams Hace un día
Bert really needs to lay off the red bull
pissonmebeatme Hace un día
I was so high when I watched this that I felt the intensity when Bert was looking for the email
Reasonable Discourse
Reasonable Discourse Hace 5 días
Did anyone else just get a slap chop ad? Wtf
Joe T
Joe T Hace 10 días
Burts looking slimmer than Tom at the moment woah!
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart Hace 11 días
Great podcast. It would be great if tom, was on it. Bert is fucking awesome, but it doesn't negate the fact, that it's not all about him.
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart Hace 11 días
It would be pretty fuckin sweet if bert would let tom actually talk
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart Hace 11 días
It would be pretty fuckin sweet if bert would let tom actually talk
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart Hace 11 días
It would be pretty fuckin sweet if bert would let tom actually talk
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart Hace 11 días
It would be pretty fuckin sweet if bert would let tom actually talk
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart Hace 11 días
It would be pretty fuckin sweet if bert would let tom actually talk
alana Hace 12 días
I'm newer here but I just never understood the guy scream laughing in the back lmao
ThisIsCush Hace 12 días
"First and foremost..." "Oh by the way..." *Drinks*
Jake Ward
Jake Ward Hace 12 días
Bert: *Talking for literally 5 minutes straight* "Can i tell a story for a second?" Tom: "Yeah sure!"
Matt Nalesnik
Matt Nalesnik Hace 14 días
"dude, Twitter is amazing." - no one (and Bert)
RooCH Hace 15 días
1:00:27 Tom's face here is probably the same face he'll have when Tina finally accepts the Scrum challenge
mrcyrilfiggis Hace 15 días
Better get that lawyer Tom before you throw that elbow . Make it legit
Judson Childs
Judson Childs Hace 16 días
Does Bert have a shirt that admits he gets drunk and uses his gun to force his dog to have sex with him?
Andrew S.
Andrew S. Hace 17 días
I always thought Bert was the fat one but Tom looks fatter than Bert. Interesting...
Chris Cassady
Chris Cassady Hace 19 días
Dont want a car well of course i do but im asken for my mom she dien of cancer and kidney failure im asken all my favorite comedians to sign something so i can have a silent auction all she wants is to go camping one more time and with her o2 tanks and everything makes it hard if you want to help me out it would mean the world to me thanks PLEASE keep it up it helps my threw this rough patch my email is kcassady111@gmail.com
michael edward
michael edward Hace 19 días
does berts shirt mean that he wants whiskey ,cock,glock and dogs .. i dont get it ... much love from hamilton ontario canada
Annika Heighway
Annika Heighway Hace 21 un día
Are we just not going to acknowledge how awkward it was when Nadav interrupted a whole conversation to beg Tom to elbow him in the face.
Jack Cheuvront
Jack Cheuvront Hace 21 un día
They didn’t mention Gabriel Iglesias
Joshua Ford
Joshua Ford Hace 21 un día
I love the How Neal Feel crossover!
Cole Hace 21 un día
@YourMomsHousePodcast Thomas, I think you are thinking of the Trex, three wheel car. campagnamotors.com/t-rex-models/
No Name
No Name Hace 22 días
Where does Bert get all his cool baseball caps? None of them ever seen to be sweaty or worn in. It's like he wears a brand new one each episode. I was on his merch site and only saw shirts and tumblers but no hats.
Jef E
Jef E Hace 23 días
God dammit Nadav, you just had to make shit more awkward than necessary.
Steve Regish
Steve Regish Hace 23 días
SKIP ADS - 3:39
Kyle McClanahan
Kyle McClanahan Hace 24 días
Hey Bert, talk more.
Jay Coffman
Jay Coffman Hace 25 días
Every time Bert opens his fat mouth I skip it till tom talks. God I cannot stand him. He sounds like a muppet
James Palmieri
James Palmieri Hace 25 días
59mins Tom starts a story then gets interrupted by Bert who goes on to interrupt himself and never make a full point. Tom has so much patience.
Ryan Wax
Ryan Wax Hace 25 días
“Do you push when you pee?” Bert K.
Brandon Turnbloom
Brandon Turnbloom Hace 26 días
Tom being an LSU fan and wearing an Alabama shirt blows my mind
Winston Smith
Winston Smith Hace 26 días
War Eagle Tom, you tool.
mdmclay Hace 26 días
Tom looking thicc up!
mdmclay Hace 26 días
This is Berts best podcast ever!
Steezy Breez
Steezy Breez Hace 29 días
That moment when bert forgets to delete the absolute filth on his phone and Tom gets curious.. is it really the Twitter he's concerned about 🤷‍♂️ I see some body language lol
bob bobdr
bob bobdr Hace 29 días
Bert & Tom m.eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-XuNxbzLI9L8.html 👌🏽🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
DM R Hace 29 días
Scott Aukerman definitley knows who Bert is. But he definitely is the butt end of the joke. I think he referenced his no shirt thing once
Sean Gibson
Sean Gibson Hace 29 días
"If one of us steps in shit we would both smell it." Thanks Bert.
pablo Escobar
pablo Escobar Hace un mes
One love
XymXir Hace un mes
"Chappelle and Jordan are very similar in that they're both black." - Brent Klansman
Wanye Kest
Wanye Kest Hace un mes
I feel bad for the guy Bert called, he sounded so happy to speak to him but Bert didn’t give a shit 🤣🤣🤣
Dan K
Dan K Hace un mes
I am watching my first episode of you guys after the Bourbon Junkies mentioned your channel tonight. Like and subscribed , you guys are hilarious.
Joey isamazing
Joey isamazing Hace un mes
The reason I don’t fight in situations like those is because if we fight I wouldn’t pull out a weapon or beat someone when they are unconscious, but you never know if they will. I like fighting but not when you don’t know if they will pull out a gun
Seth Reed
Seth Reed Hace un mes
I like how these two talk about really famous comedians like they arent super famous comedians lol
Dakota Lafever
Dakota Lafever Hace un mes
when bert pulled his hair back he weirdly looked like "no neck ned" 🤣🤣🤣
Stephen Jenkins
Stephen Jenkins Hace un mes
In nine years when Tom is celebrating his 50th birthday, there will be lots of people thinking to themselves that they thought he turned 50 ten years ago.
jessica smith
jessica smith Hace un mes
I think you’re all reaching with Bert’s shirt. Maybe look at some real racists out there...Trump and his MAGA idiots.
Bill Murry
Bill Murry Hace un mes
A Huuuuuuuundred percent
Bill Murry
Bill Murry Hace un mes
Bert: "This is the best fitness tracker I've ever used" Also Bert: "This is the only fitness tracker I've ever used"
ballsmcgallz Hace un mes
I Love Bert. I love him. But Jesus do I have to turn down the volume when he starts laughing and squealing lol The man seems happy. Gotta give him that =]
MCCLOG Hace un mes
This Podcast is just the modern day Jerry Springer. Not in a good way. Half of their shtick is making fun of people with mental diseases.
Parker DePond
Parker DePond Hace un mes
I was going to say “whole shit you guys where fat” then I realized this was after 4 years of sober October.
Boss Life Blog
Boss Life Blog Hace un mes
I love all the laughs in this pod
metalfuk1 Hace un mes
10 minutes of Bert staring at his phone. Good podcast guys.
Roy Linville
Roy Linville Hace un mes
omg you guys telling LeeAnn's reaction to the supercar was so cute
Caleb Gallegos
Caleb Gallegos Hace un mes
Bert looks good with longer hair
William Miller
William Miller Hace un mes
The 3 wheel car is a Polaris slingshot
RYAN ALLEN Hace un mes
Neal Brennan!!! I will watch this religiously if you bring on Neal on the reg.
James3790 Hace un mes
8 minutes in and all that theyve done is try to sell a hundred things.
Greg Bernier
Greg Bernier Hace un mes
In high-school my friends and I stopped in to the gas station on our way to a swimming hole or something. There was a cop in there with a fresh fade. One of my friend's goes sick fade officer and touched the back of the cops neck 😆 who the fuck does that. Then he proceeded to steal several candy bars right in front of the cops face.
ceppy Hace un mes
Terrible shirt Tom, get that crap off and put that LSU shirt back on!
Dalby1617 Hace un mes
I can’t watch anything with Bert. Guy is fully tiktokked
Story Optics
Story Optics Hace un mes
Half the time when Bert is talking it sounds like he is mid nervous breakdown. Hysterical giggling and laughing and shit. Desperately trying to convince himself that things are great.
Zaiah Wildebeast
Zaiah Wildebeast Hace un mes
Bert was about to go in on Gentrification and i wanted to hear that
Siracha Sugar
Siracha Sugar Hace un mes
15:08 happens when you cross the dimensional plane of Serial Killer Land too Racistville
The FALSE Prophet
The FALSE Prophet Hace un mes
Jordan wouldn’t have won without Pippen
Brandon S
Brandon S Hace un mes
Yo you guys should have your first guest chace leopard or bring him on your moms house im really interested in this guy
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