Ep. 23 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

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Hace un mes

The 2 Bears are back in the Cave this week for ANOTHER extra episode to help you stay safe at home! First, remember to check out Bert Kreischer's special "Hey Big Boy" and Tom Segura's special "Ball Hog" on Netflix now!
The bears start off with sharing a drinking game someone made on Bert's podcast habits called "Bertus Interruptus." Can you survive it? Then Tom shares his story behind his new "Wash Your Hands" merch and the story of contacting the widow of the famed "Wood" who most of you have seen via text messages.
Bert talks about his recent trip to the dentist and how much of an emergency his root canal was. He was sleeping with RAW ONIONS in his mouth! All new teeth for Berty Boy? Then Tom and Bert trade stories about getting fired (which makes Bert LOSE CONTROL) , sleeping around in their early days, and how good Bert is at listening/acting.

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Attorney Macro
Attorney Macro Hace 18 horas
I should not have tried eating cereal when Bert talked about his wifes face hole
Zachary Keel
Zachary Keel Hace un día
Tried the drinking game and now I can’t walk. Thanks guys
Chad Bro Chill
Chad Bro Chill Hace 2 días
20:00 fuckin bert
Chad Bro Chill
Chad Bro Chill Hace 3 días
fuck stand up you guys should just do pods
john y
john y Hace 3 días
At 50:36 Bert sounds like he's making a gay porn ahahaha
Michael Purpuro
Michael Purpuro Hace 4 días
And that’s why they call him Tommy BUNZ
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks Hace 7 días
Bert's special was better..... Don't @ me
Devo_stator Hace 8 días
So did Bert actually do the photo? Rofl 🤣
LiveTrash Hace 8 días
Listened to the audio today, came for 49:25 to see what happened. Love it...
Elliot Tierney
Elliot Tierney Hace 13 días
If you look up Wood's pictures on PornHub, you can see that the original photo has been tampered with. Who knew photoshopping a big cock on someone would make them into the biggest (pun intended) hero and the face of washing your hands.
TheEverettSchulter Hace 13 días
Please drop beach body as a sponsor. They are a super predatory MLM
Corey01851 Hace 14 días
Correction. Getting fired over your addiction you thought you were doing a great job hiding is the worst feeling in the world. But it can save your life.
Jeremy Shutt Jr.
Jeremy Shutt Jr. Hace 14 días
Who here from tiktok
Jason Langston
Jason Langston Hace 14 días
OMG I bought one of those shirts! I am glad to hear all the proceeds go to his family.
Matthew Johnston
Matthew Johnston Hace 14 días
Hey the podcasts are pretty quiet. Like on both mobile and pc i have the volume turned max and its still pretty quiet. I have to use a speaker to hear it clearly from across the room fwi.
nyk31 Hace 15 días
What's with all that snorting? Tom has corona for sure
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Hace 18 días
Yes Bertram....the fact that you no longer do laundry is fascinating! 😂
Phil Hencel
Phil Hencel Hace 18 días
Can't stop watching Bert falling off the chair. Not to mention Tom and the producers' reaction to it. Now more than ever, LAUGHTER should be life's only contagion.
Ayden Wilson
Ayden Wilson Hace 19 días
49:30 for the getting fired bit
JOHNWHAN THE3RD Hace 20 días
where's the link
Madison Hace 20 días
49:30 you'll thank me
MangoGamer -_
MangoGamer -_ Hace 20 días
tik tok brought me here
Boss Hogg
Boss Hogg Hace 21 un día
Burt you’re not stupid for being irritated by this BS but you are stupid for watching CNN
HagbardCeline42 Hace 22 días
I've watched Bert fall out of that chair about 50 times now. 49:30
badlydrawnkyle Hace 22 días
I’m disappointed with my friends because I have never gotten a Wood message. They have failed me.
michael dietz
michael dietz Hace 22 días
34:13 - 34:35 is so funny tom is just like what the fuck is happening right now.
sabahiya Hace 22 días
Bert's beard is gorgeous
ッΛCE Hace 22 días
49:23 😂😂😂
Tom D
Tom D Hace 22 días
It's crazy that Bert got fired from barnes and noble for replacing all the books with Mein Kamph
Wyatt Johnson
Wyatt Johnson Hace 24 días
A shout out to a KC Rock radio show host. Love this one
Ben Gadoury
Ben Gadoury Hace 25 días
Dakota Brown
Dakota Brown Hace 25 días
Come on, 2 in show add spots and ESwomen adds. Great way to have single time viewers
Rojo Car
Rojo Car Hace 28 días
Jesus Bert, SAY LESS
Ramon_vimberg Hace 28 días
Theres actually a norwegian show called "tangerudbakken borettslag" ehich follows a family with downs around , its like a reality show
Mat Hace 28 días
fuck man im going to be bert when i get older but without the money.
Allen Wilson
Allen Wilson Hace 28 días
So it sounds like Brad's dental options are 1.) Clinical crown lengthening or 2.) Dental implants for at least his lower molars. Implants should be around $3,000 each, plus or minus a thousand.
Matt McDaniel
Matt McDaniel Hace 29 días
whoever that guy is who periodically laughs at the jokes in the background, keep him and give him a raise. he amplifies my enjoyment of this podcast by 30%.
seven caso
seven caso Hace 2 días
same!!! it's one of the funniest parts of the podcast
john y
john y Hace 3 días
I thought it sounded like josh laughing
Patrick Hace 11 días
It's Nadav. My sources tell me the podcast got like 300k more views just because of him.
cody Hace 29 días
Bert's marriage is the perfect example of why men shouldn't get married if they are successful and the female hasn't accomplished anything.
Johnny James Jamrock
Johnny James Jamrock Hace un mes
The true disappointment Tom felt when Bert said he didn’t have anymore Xanax.... I felt that
Benjamin Conant
Benjamin Conant Hace un mes
Hey Bert, implants, I'm doing it now. It's, not pleasant.
GARTH BR00KS Hace un mes
Instead of drinking to bertus interruptus can I just back hand a hoe, I like that more.
Ryan Crowe
Ryan Crowe Hace un mes
Man, when bert started talking about his dental issues I got some real anxiety
Lil Miagi
Lil Miagi Hace un mes
Toms face when Berts starts talking abou his wife dey skin in her belly button and the hole in her face. I never laughed so hard!!!!
Steven Lavigne
Steven Lavigne Hace un mes
First episode I've ever seen of this show. Subscribed for life
Benny Screws
Benny Screws Hace un mes
Speaking of getting fired whose idea was it to make these guys the spokespeople for beach body...
greekosdarkness Hace un mes
To explain the dental story if bert would like to know (I'm a dentist) the reason for the scan was to look if you had cellulitis which means you need antibiotics through iv asap. The reason the regular dentist couldnt treat the tooth was because molars have multiple roots that have thinner canals. Regular dentist especially during corona do not have the equpitment and time to do them. Another thing they probably did was put some cotton in to allow healing of the dental tissues since the infection was so prominent. The decay to the next tooth probably needs a filling your primary dentist can finish the root canal and do the filling same appointment. One key thing I see my patients do is stop taking their antibiotics which is not advised because the infection is still there. Root canal cleans your pulp out but does not clean the periodontal area where the infection resides. Since you have no pulp you wont feel pain until the infection reaches the gingiva or adjacent tooth, and then you will start losing teeth since it is no long a tooth problem but a gum problem. Another thing to ask your primary dentist is mouth guards to protect your crown. Grinding your teeth is one of the biggest causes of teeth with crowns fracturing and us having to either pull it or put a post in it. If bert reads this I would advise him to set up.a filling appointment and get a proper cleaning because with his medication, dry mouth causes cavities and gingivitis. To answer Bert's question, the reason we give you the lecture of coming in is because we see patients that know they need a filling but wont come in until it starts hurting. Which by then it's not just a filling but a more involved treatment like root canal. We just want to prevent that because seeing people in pain just makes us feel so frustrated because a lot of people dont listen.
Ben Gutwein
Ben Gutwein Hace un mes
49:00 omg! Lol
bcherbs Hace un mes
Insurance Salesman, with a podcast?
Pedro Garcez
Pedro Garcez Hace un mes
I’ve watched the clip of bert falling more than 200 times
Danielle Lynn
Danielle Lynn Hace un mes
1:27, after Tom has said over and over “ I have an older sister and a younger sister,” Bert goes “ I didn’t know you were a middle child.” 😂🤣😂 What?!?!
Ultirian Heavy Industry
Ultirian Heavy Industry Hace un mes
I was drunk by like 15 mins, jeeze he fiddles with himself loads?! XD
justin hepditch
justin hepditch Hace un mes
Anyone know the hat Bert is wearing this episode? I want one.
Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams Hace un mes
49:25 Berry falls down goes BOOM. Cackles from background
Matthew Abel
Matthew Abel Hace un mes
the guys drinking to this are all dead
Ari Pournaras
Ari Pournaras Hace un mes
one of the best things about this podacast is the guy laughing in the background :-D
BellaFutureDrake Meza
BellaFutureDrake Meza Hace un mes
Bert that is a Corpus Christi Hooks hat. double A affiliate of the Houston Astros....CC my hometown .......Were you in town??
SC Fulmer
SC Fulmer Hace un mes
can you make the intro more annoying?
Andreas Karlsson
Andreas Karlsson Hace un mes
Put a mic on the guy looking up shit
yankee doodle
yankee doodle Hace un mes
49:13 it sucks even more when you dont see it coming.
Asad Hace un mes
How has Bert gone so long with people convinced he’s actually funny? Must be the “Rogan effect”
Phanny packster
Phanny packster Hace un mes
Brush your damn teeth Burt!
Tad Saxington
Tad Saxington Hace un mes
Hmm, very convincing to have Bert push BeachBody.com
Neil Darling
Neil Darling Hace un mes
You gotta watch out for the sneaky ones! I will text my friends about your special if you text your friends about my music - rock on!
Morten Berg
Morten Berg Hace un mes
Tom - your getting fat again .... 😂👍
Earl McCoy
Earl McCoy Hace un mes
Take a shot every time Tom adjusts the screw on his mic.
Corey Bowser
Corey Bowser Hace un mes
I wonder if Toms back hurts.... from carrying Bert through the last couple years of his career...
Terin Stewart
Terin Stewart Hace un mes
That's the takeaway you get from this???
C Levy
C Levy Hace un mes
Tom has so much patience when he's dealing with Bert. I don't think I could do it.
Andrew Wrobel
Andrew Wrobel Hace 13 días
It’s called being friends? Lol
Depth From Above
Depth From Above Hace un mes
Sex with strangers is only good if your sex consists of pretty basic stuff. If you’re a BDSM type, it’s pretty boring.
Kinshasa PR.
Kinshasa PR. Hace un mes
OMG I've probably watched the part with Bert falling a dozen times and the fact that my girl doesn't see how is it funny makes is so much better!!!
Asad Hace un mes
Nick P. Maybe cuz your girl actually has a sense of humor
William Case
William Case Hace un mes
Hardest I've laughed in forever. Best fall ever. That poor chair. 🤓
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