Emma Chamberlain & Ethan Dolan Speak On Their Relationship & React To Jake Paul's Wedding 7.12.19

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The Hollywood Fix

The Hollywood Fix

Hace 6 meses

#EmmaChamberlain & #EthanDolan Speak On Their Relationship & React To Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau's Wedding At SoulCycle In West Hollywood 7.12.19 - TheHollywoodFix.com
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The Hollywood Fix
The Hollywood Fix Hace 6 meses
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Cast Il
Cast Il Hace 6 meses
you are a good paparazzi!
Reba Boles
Reba Boles Hace 6 meses
I love your
dipa datta
dipa datta Hace 6 meses
Ķ0&9()990, . .. ?;'@@)(&(99
giselle seron
giselle seron Hace 3 días
no one: emma: i- i- i’m just- uh- a ghost
Martha Thomassiny
Martha Thomassiny Hace 3 días
CEO: of Let me ask u this
Lily Lamble
Lily Lamble Hace 5 días
How come no one noticed Emma opening her arm to Ethan and he rejected??! 0:21
Day Z
Day Z Hace 5 días
Wtf let them live their life
Erin Julia
Erin Julia Hace 5 días
They were such good sports, if that happened to me i would flip shit
Hussain B
Hussain B Hace 6 días
why is ethan looking 10x more hotter here
Canvas 2
Canvas 2 Hace 9 días
Dolan twins get invited and they decide not to go gr8
hanna jochems
hanna jochems Hace 11 días
Can you just stop bothering people? This isn’t human behaviour jeez
Alyssa Buchleitner
Alyssa Buchleitner Hace 13 días
That guy in the background 🤣🤣
emmy a
emmy a Hace 13 días
3:07 I thought that was Joe Goldberg
alex grace
alex grace Hace 14 días
omg i remember when this came out
billie eilish
billie eilish Hace 15 días
This is actually inspiring me to workout
Wolvv_ _ _ Jama
Wolvv_ _ _ Jama Hace 16 días
Wait why did Ethan go with Emma *if your remember the video turning into Emma chamberlain* I thought Ethan never wanted. To go back their again and grayson wanted to go 😕?
Ruby-Jean Jones
Ruby-Jean Jones Hace 18 días
This....my friends.....is where it all ended
AvexGab Hace 20 días
I wish they were still together. They were so cute. I feel like the whole emtha and ethma stuff totally put them off.
atunaisa Vaka
atunaisa Vaka Hace 21 un día
She literally is the like the best she doesn’t like thinks she rich and do something to other ppl feel bad she is the best
Catherine and Nick
Catherine and Nick Hace 26 días
This interview is still my favorite😂
Liv Loeffler
Liv Loeffler Hace 26 días
Ethan- Grayson is at home building some crap! * Little did Ethan know he was getting pranked*
Breylynn Trussell
Breylynn Trussell Hace 27 días
Not yet 🤦🏼👀
Louise Thomas
Louise Thomas Hace un mes
I miss this 😭
Lowkey lofi
Lowkey lofi Hace un mes
Emma is obviously annoyed
Moon自殺 Hace un mes
Id be embarrassed to be a fan and wait outside of some place for them, get a life man lmao
seabiscut Hace un mes
Its sad because they try so hard to explain themselves but they really don’t owe people that
Lotte’s World
Lotte’s World Hace un mes
I just love fragrance -Ethan Dolan
dolans lvst
dolans lvst Hace un mes
who.. *talks* to people like this?
Brooklyns world454545
Brooklyns world454545 Hace un mes
Why does everyone keep asking if they are dating if they are they are and if they aren't they aren't we just need to let them be because there is stuff that people want to keep private
lmao hi
lmao hi Hace un mes
ethan is literally so perfect wth
Hessa Aldereih
Hessa Aldereih Hace un mes
Where’s Grayson? “He’s at the house building some shit” LOLL 😂 Poor Grayson always left out😂
Hessa Aldereih
Hessa Aldereih Hace un mes
Emma is so freakin cute
Beautiful Cuts
Beautiful Cuts Hace 2 meses
This should be titled Ethan Dolan drinking air for 3 minutes straight
Rachel Castillo
Rachel Castillo Hace 2 meses
tbh I miss ethma, even if it wasn't even a thing, I still miss it, tbh I don't even like Emron. I'M SORRY DON'T COME AT ME! 💀
Mariana Ch.
Mariana Ch. Hace 2 meses
i'M a gHosT
beyondwildestdreams Hace 2 meses
who’s here after Emma and Aaron? 😳
aex0tiic Hace 2 meses
I wish they still hung out..😭
SM peace
SM peace Hace 2 meses
Noooo hate but maybe theyr doing this on purpose?
кαѕєу Hace 2 meses
for some reason i dont want to watch this because of how scared i am..
Makayla Blake
Makayla Blake Hace 2 meses
Omggg the impression was spot onnnnn💀 what is this guy’s accent?
Fei C
Fei C Hace 2 meses
hated this
Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward Hace 3 meses
I’m getting second hand awkwardness from this😂
cascadestars Hace 3 meses
seriously......... who cares? who cares who is making out with who?!
Clara holo
Clara holo Hace 3 meses
Its they're Private life ya'll not ok
Creative Minds
Creative Minds Hace 3 meses
Why r u being a beyotch
Alexis Monica
Alexis Monica Hace 3 meses
am i like the only one who sees Ethan and Emma as just friends?! i think it would be kinda weird for them to be a couple! people are only shipping it because Emma is like the only girl-friend the twins have (i’m guessing)
Chillz Ville
Chillz Ville Hace 3 meses
Elise Doman
Elise Doman Hace 3 meses
Honestly who dose this guy think he is
serena vera
serena vera Hace 3 meses
be a good fan and let them have their own time. don’t wait for them outside of a literal SOUL CYCLE CLASS. they never get a break i swear
Deanna T
Deanna T Hace 3 meses
Ethan did get invited lol
ForEva Maeva
ForEva Maeva Hace 3 meses
What the hell is wrong with this guy And here I am giving him views
JackyrCheese Peeza
JackyrCheese Peeza Hace 3 meses
The probably can’t go to this soul cycle anymore
Suga kookies & Tae
Suga kookies & Tae Hace 3 meses
Emma in this whole video is such a MoOd “iM jUsT a GhOsT” *im CACKLING*
Harrison Clayton
Harrison Clayton Hace 3 meses
When I grow up I wanna be an asshole and work for the paparazzi.
Rosalie Mya
Rosalie Mya Hace 3 meses
emma is so pretty wtf
Hi ITS ME Hace 3 meses
No offense but ethma shippers pick at every little thing they do, like guys COME TF ON
Dizzy Fridays
Dizzy Fridays Hace 3 meses
1:08 is the time for ethma being confirmed (im jkkkk)
Makayla Burke
Makayla Burke Hace 4 meses
alice hyland
alice hyland Hace 4 meses
lol grayson was at home planning a prank xD
Abigail Purple
Abigail Purple Hace 4 meses
I think Ethan was thirty! 😂 drinking empty water
Talitha Barrington
Talitha Barrington Hace 4 meses
okay did anyone else notice that they are wearing matching earrings?😍😢🙊
Cherise Viljoen
Cherise Viljoen Hace 4 meses
Emma and Ethen looked so embarrassed when the guy asked about the relationship stuff
BaileeGermanotta Hace 4 meses
Do fans not realize no one wants to take fucking pictures sweaty af after a workout? Jesus Christ
Lily May
Lily May Hace 4 meses
0:20 Emma goes to put her arm around e , e : NOT GETTING EXPOSED TODAY !! 😂
Mabongie Mgaga
Mabongie Mgaga Hace 4 meses
Y is Ethan lying saying he didn't get an invite to Jake n Tanas wedding? I mean Jake went to their house perwonally, but they said they won't make it cause it was clashing with their sisters birthday
3 1 / 0 3
3 1 / 0 3 Hace 4 meses
iM jUsT a gHosT EMMA WHY
CanIusethebathroom CanYou
CanIusethebathroom CanYou Hace 4 meses
Shawn and camila pulled a ethan and emma lmao.
Katie Eldeen
Katie Eldeen Hace 4 meses
i honestly hated this. like damn mind your own damn business and stop trying to get them to say what you want them to
ParisHiltonsnextBestFriend I
ParisHiltonsnextBestFriend I Hace 4 meses
LAKSHANAAA AHAHAHA (i hope you see this comment and know that i found the video 😭😭😭😭😭)
Julia Paiva
Julia Paiva Hace 4 meses
Me this entire video: 🥴🥴
Vanessa Turrubiates
Vanessa Turrubiates Hace 4 meses
Ethen and Grayson did get a invite
Mysvie Hace 4 meses
“nOT yEt” LOL
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