Elton John- Daniel

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Hace 11 años

One of Elton John's greatest hits--Daniel.


Shawn Marney
Shawn Marney Hace 4 horas
Jill Winwood
Jill Winwood Hace 22 horas
Daniel is a lovely name
Jill Winwood
Jill Winwood Hace 22 horas
I love this song 👍
Lilly Akles
Lilly Akles Hace un día
my condolences to all of you that lost the Daniel in your life. Seems everyone has a daniel in there life i know i have.
Daniel's channel
Daniel's channel Hace un día
Sad, and good song.
Mike Wayson
Mike Wayson Hace un día
when Bernie Taupin wrote this song he wrote this about a war veteran who wanted to come back home and have peace. He didn't die, he just didn't want any attention from anybody. He wanted to live a normal life.
eric giuglaris
eric giuglaris Hace un día
elton the best 60s
Richard Kwaning
Richard Kwaning Hace 2 días
Who’s here just to see how the tune went for that Daniel James chant on the subreddit?
Ewan Kelly
Ewan Kelly Hace 2 días
Yeah, I have no idea what part of the song the tune is though.
Dirtyplayer59 Hace 2 días
Seems everyone has a daniel in there life i know i have.
Will Ritter
Will Ritter Hace 3 días
I'd be honored if some Elton John fans would take a listen to my acoustic piano & vocal performances of LEVON and ROCKET MAN on my YT channel in tribute to the masters of 20th century composition and lyrics (Elton and Bernie Taupin). Live acoustic with no autotune. Thanks and peace.
Kristene VanEyk
Kristene VanEyk Hace 3 días
Dear Mr. Kansas. I can relate to your observation, I was named after a backup signer from a band my parents liked back in the day
Septia Woman
Septia Woman Hace 4 días
"God bless every single one of you Daniels."
c Sila
c Sila Hace 5 días
Such a beautiful song. Reminds me of a painful loss from my youth. But life goes on, and I'm happier than I've ever been. Wish that for everyone who have posted about their losses.
Mark Riva
Mark Riva Hace 5 días
That’s one hellova feel good song.
BENK CHAFIK Hace 5 días
Connor Elijah Harkness
Connor Elijah Harkness Hace 6 días
I lost a daniel... daniel alexander tucker... my best friend... 2003-2019... you always loved this song...
Claudia Juarez
Claudia Juarez Hace 7 días
Daniel's gone, boys.
William Castillo
William Castillo Hace 7 días
Johnny .Boy,everything you said except I lost my brother Danny,a little over a year ago,but that's beautiful.God Bless and Rest Their Souls.I should've been a better bigger brother,also.I hope wish and pray,he forgives me.I forgot Jesus Christ,I'ma Sorry.
Daniel Ohebshalom
Daniel Ohebshalom Hace 7 días
My dad named me after this...
Rejane Rodrigues
Rejane Rodrigues Hace 8 días
Marion Kaucic
Marion Kaucic Hace 8 días
14 million views anyone?
Derek obrian
Derek obrian Hace 8 días
A dream even when the dream is over, beautiful song. X
MR F Hace 9 días
Daniel mi Brother..muito linda música 😁😄
Ó música linda!
ruth hall-doty
ruth hall-doty Hace 10 días
So very sorry for your loss no words to express that kinda loss
Macaroni Hace 10 días
If this song didn’t make you cry the comments sure will
Josué Sanches
Josué Sanches Hace 10 días
Grande Elton! Linda canção!
Dentje Hace 11 días
I miss my brother! His name is Denzel. It must be the clouds in my eyes :'(
Caramelobolos Hace 11 días
Me emociono muito quando ouço!
Rose Jesus
Rose Jesus Hace 11 días
Linda demais essa música gosto de todas sou sua fã Elton John 😘😍
Knowledge Seeker 78
Knowledge Seeker 78 Hace 12 días
Pharaoh my god king You are cold and deceased Are you still half insane...
frawldog Hace 13 días
Wasting away in margarita vile!!
Frederick Stanley
Frederick Stanley Hace 13 días
Elton & Bernie, the Lennon & McCartney of the 70's.
360 core
360 core Hace 15 días
Jesus , daniel must be a bad luck name. I 'am hearing that name with alot of death's. I will remind myself if i have a kid not to name it daniel.
Denis Lessard
Denis Lessard Hace 16 días
i got the name for my son after hearing this song. i took all kinds of crap from my ex for wanting to name him daniel. the nurse on the floor said to her "he looks like a daniel". then it was ok. you figure it out.
Erin cholico
Erin cholico Hace 16 días
I heard this song in an episode of "all about eve"
Arthur Archambeau
Arthur Archambeau Hace 16 días
About a soldier leaving for Vietnam
Inbal Ida
Inbal Ida Hace 17 días
i've been reading about Laika, the dog that was sent to space, and her story reminded me of this song... i wish it wasn't, and that Laika was just a regular, happy, loved dog... rest in peace 💙
Richard Redick
Richard Redick Hace 17 días
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore anyone?
Dinah Guimaraes
Dinah Guimaraes Hace 18 días
Linda música só recordações e nada ++++++
Vickie Teague
Vickie Teague Hace 19 días
I love love Elton John would just love to see him in concert what an amazing performer
Rebecca Bromell
Rebecca Bromell Hace 19 días
still listening 2019!
Daisy Pillai
Daisy Pillai Hace 19 días
So many memories. lost my second brother in a car accident in 1983 and my older brother used to play this song over and over again. Cried throughout. He aslo passed away in 1987. Now this song just brings back so many memories of my brothers. My second brothers name was Daniel. :(
2011Ohmygoodness Hace 18 días
Sweetheart I am so sorry. I'm glad you have your memories of them. Music is wonderful that way.
Melissa George
Melissa George Hace 22 días
The CIA will be trans-dimensionally Flayed.
Melissa George
Melissa George Hace 22 días
Those who protect demons an devils are both a demon and a devil. Get them.
Melissa George
Melissa George Hace 22 días
Death to Demons and Devils.
vsma70 Hace 23 días
Great... Another week of this floating in my head. God, I miss Daniel...
Gonzalo P
Gonzalo P Hace 23 días
Maestro de la balada!!!!
Jeffrey Rothman
Jeffrey Rothman Hace 24 días
This song makes me feel the beauty of being human...
Harvey Murtagh
Harvey Murtagh Hace 24 días
rip daniel my older brother. found this song the day after you died 18 months ago. every word in this song makes sense about you, you worked in spanish orphanages looking after kids. you were also older than me. you weren’t only my brother you were my best friend. hope your okay mate, i’m still waiting for you to pay me a visit from heaven.
James Kennedy
James Kennedy Hace 25 días
Daniel my brother.........
Suze Cope
Suze Cope Hace 29 días
I've Loved this song since I was 16! Now I'm 60, n Still Loving it!!! Plus, my son's name is Daniel, n I can't see him for 5 years n it's breaking my heart!!! So, I've made a connection to this song, n it helps lil bit
Andréa Barbosa
Andréa Barbosa Hace un mes
ticinetal Hace un mes
I always liked this song, but it now has such special meaning for me, As I recently developed a strong friendship with a man named Daniel. Though I saw him a week ago, I miss him a lot already, and can’t wait to see him and his wife in a couple of months. Here’s to you pal!🍸
Mohammed Jarjarah
Mohammed Jarjarah Hace un mes
Lovely song from the lovely old days. I used to listen to it early 70’s.
Timothy Winfree
Timothy Winfree Hace un mes
No joke one of my favorite songs to get stoned to.
Dineo Ramahali
Dineo Ramahali Hace un mes
My dad always plays this song it's always stuck in my head😂😂😂😂❤😛
David Kennedy
David Kennedy Hace un mes
Always takes me back to 1990 when my son Daniel was born, just a short 29 years later and me makes me feel so proud.
jimmie jo Barrett
jimmie jo Barrett Hace un mes
He has so much heart in his Music. Love Elton John. Thanks For all the good Music.
Jack Frost
Jack Frost Hace un mes
I read somewhere that Elton John had a secret brother named Daniel and he died in a plane crash on the way to Spain and this song was written for him.
Phil Williams
Phil Williams Hace un mes
The words were written by Bernie Taupin, as he did for almost all Elton John songs. He said "The story was about a guy that went back to a small town in Texas, returning from the Vietnam War. They'd lauded him when he came home and treated him like a hero. But, he just wanted to go home, go back to the farm, and try to get back to the life that he'd led before. I wanted to write something that was sympathetic to the people that came home." There is no secret brother.
Surgar Kay
Surgar Kay Hace un mes
Why why I am just trying to be complete
Ethan Edon
Ethan Edon Hace un mes
My dad just died and I remember when we sang this song all the time of he is looking at this. You are the best dad ever that whey one could have and I hope you know that pls like it and make me happy when he died it was the best thing that could happen to me know I know he is not in no pain no more and the last donut he had was the one I gave him pls like it and make me more happy about it pls .
Jacquelin Rojas
Jacquelin Rojas Hace un mes
aliyamoon80 Hace un mes
This was one of my favorite songs by Elton John. I didn't name either of my sons Daniel. Came close, but didn't do it. That's okay though.
Lucy Martin
Lucy Martin Hace un mes
The amount of Daniels in the comments....
Patrick Lin
Patrick Lin Hace un mes
Ariana Vieira
Ariana Vieira Hace un mes
lindaaa amooo ❤
Ange Ortiz Felix
Ange Ortiz Felix Hace un mes
Redtube I always love you and I will always be your friend no be scared Alba fear of me because I am the same person run the day that you know me and you Uncle all your family I love you thank
Ange Ortiz Felix
Ange Ortiz Felix Hace un mes
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Oliver Ladsungnoen Olsen
Oliver Ladsungnoen Olsen Hace un mes
This song is so great!
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