Elton John- Daniel

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Hace 11 años

One of Elton John's greatest hits--Daniel.


Daniel Cantu
Daniel Cantu Hace 9 horas
Gaby Leduc
Gaby Leduc Hace 9 horas
Thinking about my little brother dan❤ fly high kiddo 5/25/2018
Vera Downey
Vera Downey Hace un día
Wonderful memories and being at home every thing good and looking forward to going out the weekend great times full of love and happiness 70 great year x
Gary smith
Gary smith Hace 2 días
What a beautiful old school song yours sincerely Gary
Josh Lunt
Josh Lunt Hace 2 días
Hard to believe this classic song is 47 years old this year!
Winston The Wonder Pug
Winston The Wonder Pug Hace 2 días
My stepfather from when I was 10 to 27 is Daniel Lee Delancey from Upland California. He was the best stepfather I could have ever asked for. Thank you Dan for being so awesome. Rest in peace with my beautiful mother Joyce Marie Delancey and sister Jeanne Marie Hill. I can't wait to see the three of you again when it is my turn to come to heaven❤❤❤❤❤
Snm Abey
Snm Abey Hace 3 días
How many Daniels are there in the comment section
AUDE SAPERE Hace 3 días
*_My nephew Daniel went missing, was found in a cornfield in Ireland 6 mnts later, tucked in a suitcase. Killer got 14 yrs..R.I.P Daniel MacAnaspie_*
wolfy Hace un día
AUDE SAPERE so sad to hear that.Killer should have gotten life
David Crandall
David Crandall Hace 3 días
The deleted verse explained that "Daniel" was a Vietnam vet who returned home to the farm after the war, couldn't find peace, and decided to leave America and go to Spain.
WeirdozChannel Hace 2 días
Didn't know that. Thanks for sharing
Mike McCarty
Mike McCarty Hace 4 días
I had a brother once
Dave Marr
Dave Marr Hace 4 días
this songs about Daniel rather they were in college together!
J O Hace 4 días
👁👁 oh Danny.🌈🤷‍♂️
木倉谷哲也 Hace 4 días
Nigel Olsson’s drumming is so melodious!
Rosa Silva
Rosa Silva Hace 6 días
Que Elthon John, meu artista preferido. Completo compositor e cantor
Алексей Фадеев
Алексей Фадеев Hace 7 días
Слов нет!👍
Unknown Infamous
Unknown Infamous Hace 8 días
My brother Daniel tried calling everywhere looking for me and couldn’t find me so he killed him self when we were 17-18. This song played on my way to his funeral... I still miss him...
Mary Spangenberg
Mary Spangenberg Hace 8 días
Hard to pick a Sir Elton favorite but this is it for me. Not sure why. It draws on forlorn emotion for some reason.
Jim Gustafson
Jim Gustafson Hace 9 días
just kills me this song
M&M ♥️♥️♥️
negoandre TV
negoandre TV Hace 10 días
Bom demais
Tania Hortelano
Tania Hortelano Hace 15 días
Graciete Santos
Graciete Santos Hace 15 días
Daniel... sempre, sempre vou ouvi-la, incansavelmente. Anos 60, 70... se eternizaram na minha memória e de uma infinidade de outras pessoas. Belém do São Francisco -PE. 04/02/2020
0ephera Hace 16 días
What a freaking great song! So much clouds in my eyes!
Deep Heat
Deep Heat Hace 16 días
Splitting hairs but aeroplane taillights are not red but white!
september quest
september quest Hace 17 días
One of my favorite songs by E John..reminds me of my youth...this is why he is epic.. Best .when certain songs stick in your mind..esp after many years and esp when they mean something ..that's when you know the song and the artist behind it is great..good.. unforgettable.....
Sonia N Villafañe
Sonia N Villafañe Hace 18 días
Que asco
Darlene Calder
Darlene Calder Hace 18 días
Love Elton John
C Wilt
C Wilt Hace 19 días
Susan you’re younger than me do you still feel the pain of the scars that won’t heal.................... Must be the clouds in my eyes
Carlos Jimenez
Carlos Jimenez Hace 20 días
No puedo con esta canción....se la cantaba a mi perro al pasear....un día regresé a casa y no lo ví más!!!! Odié a mi familia, lo extraño.....mi alma necesita llorar....
Amanda Santos
Amanda Santos Hace 22 días
Deep Heat
Deep Heat Hace 16 días
Edvaldo Bispo
Edvaldo Bispo Hace 23 días
Êta com é bom ouvir essa música.coisa boa pra quem tem ouvido.hoje se tem muito é latrina ao invés de ouvido.
beats chavez
beats chavez Hace 24 días
This song makes me cry so much knowing my best friend daniel passed away it's gonna be 8 years since his been gone I cant help but cry when hearing this
Arline Souza
Arline Souza Hace 25 días
Jaciene Suzarte
Jaciene Suzarte Hace 25 días
Elton Daniel pra eu possa seguir
EmperorN Hace 27 días
One of the most beautiful songs ever made.
Smokey Ham
Smokey Ham Hace 27 días
Love this song, Never new why. Reminded me of my brother going away to college in 1977.
Siya Nhanchengo
Siya Nhanchengo Hace 28 días
Who's still listening this year 2020.
Deep Heat
Deep Heat Hace 16 días
Oh go away you nuisance!
ian ballantine
ian ballantine Hace 29 días
remember this song vividly, i was a young 13 year old helping out my Da at the Hibernian Club, shouldn't have been working behind the bar, made a lot of money in tips as they were short staffed, met Roger Hunt amongst others and got his Autograph, always remember what a Goliath of a Man he was,
ian ballantine
ian ballantine Hace 29 días
i remember this song
Lisa Pagliaroli
Lisa Pagliaroli Hace un mes
My friend Daniel died in a car accident when we were in 11th grade and it broke my heart. He sat by me in English class and to see his empty desk right be me was sad and shocking. This song was on the radio all the time back then, before You Tube, I tunes, and the internet actually. And I think of him every time I hear this song. Every time.
Mthunzi Comfort
Mthunzi Comfort Hace un mes
You're definitely an even bigger star Sir Elton
daniel occoner
daniel occoner Hace un mes
Its amazing how this song never fades out of existence, It seems many young people love it as well even today. Its one of those songs I guess thats haunts the memory. Thank You Elton.
Que música. Linda. !!!!
Mae West
Mae West Hace un mes
It's about abuse...
Malcolm Burns
Malcolm Burns Hace un mes
This song is about a Vietnam Veteran returning home to his small town with PTSD and the people wanted to talk to him about the war so he packed up and left..This is supposedly his brother talkiing. Being a disabled Vietnam vet I really started to appreciate this after I learned the meaning..Also had a best friend Named Daniel I lost a year ago. Sorry for all of you with a loss..Thanks.
Malcolm Burns
Malcolm Burns Hace un mes
And the scars never heal.
Big Road
Big Road Hace un mes
Is this his butt lover..
jari heinonen
jari heinonen Hace un mes
This .ee Ludwig here
jari heinonen
jari heinonen Hace un mes
jari heinonen
jari heinonen Hace un mes
Mr_Keyboard Hace un mes
I was named after this song.
Michael Melling
Michael Melling Hace un mes
05blackdog Hace un mes
Seen Sir Elton John last night at the Hunter Valley Wineries NSW Australia part of his Yellow Brick Road Farwell tour .Whole concert was amazing especially liked this song.72yrs young and he rocked 20,000 strong crowd.
luiz souza souza
luiz souza souza Hace un mes
My Love music
Fernanda Rizzo
Fernanda Rizzo Hace un mes
Virginia Clark
Virginia Clark Hace un mes
Reminds me of Daniel in the lion den. ❤🦁😍
Krystal Lee
Krystal Lee Hace un mes
David Jackson
David Jackson Hace un mes
As much as I love this song. Fuel did a Awesome version of this song. Not too many groups can do good cover song. But Fuel really nailed it on this song
Teresa Vasey
Teresa Vasey Hace un mes
I agree, thank you for introducing me to Fuel.
Cassandra Sutton
Cassandra Sutton Hace un mes
I named my son after this song. He’s beautiful and I do miss him so much and he’s the brightest star ever!
MrWierchawsky Hace 29 días
Your son is lucky child ,have a pretty mother ,congratulations.
Fabrício da Silva Olivera
Fabrício da Silva Olivera Hace un mes
Boa viagem ao passado ano 90
Jack O'Hara
Jack O'Hara Hace un mes
My boyfriend and I just broke up. His name was Daniel and we met living in Spain. Goddamn do I miss him 😥
eddy knox
eddy knox Hace un mes
what a brilliant song
Darren Anderson
Darren Anderson Hace un mes
his older brother Daniel goes to war and brings home the pain of living through it...
vichy76 Hace un mes
I feel the same about this tune, very emotional & deep
Idalina Silva
Idalina Silva Hace un mes
Happy New year Elton 😍😍😍🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤👑👌🎉💪👍🙌✌👏👏👏😚😚😚
Ryan Hansen
Ryan Hansen Hace un mes
llaptoo Hace un mes
Who came here after watching Ready or Not 😭😭😭
Vance Fulcher
Vance Fulcher Hace un mes
I was 15 years old on vacation with my parents in Laredo TX and this song came on the radio. My daddy started to change the channel and I said no daddy I love this song. My daddy played country music and I played Bass in his band but I loved all music. And Everytime I hear this song I think of my daddy. He didn't like Rock but he didn't change the channel that day and he actually liked the song. Very special moment in my life ❤️
Hakeem WILLIAMS Hace 25 días
It's always those small moments that wind up meaning so much
Debie Paulley
Debie Paulley Hace un mes
My brother Daniel last 2/6/18 but I always played this to him He was my air
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher Hace un mes
ginny matthews
ginny matthews Hace un mes
My son Daniel was named after this song........... It holds enormous and profound emotions for all of us because, tragically, he was murdered at age 27. This song was played at the Memorial service we held for him just before the police found his body.... 6 months of hell for all of us... Such a fitting song, and also a song that he really liked..
Road Rover
Road Rover Hace 27 días
@ginny matthews Very very sorry to hear about that. I completely understand your reaction and grief. Best wishes and condolences to you and your family from across the world x
ginny matthews
ginny matthews Hace 27 días
@Road Rover a random and wanton stabbing, in an after pub gathering......... A loose cannon was amongst the group.... immediately followed by massive clean up to remove all traces and evidence.. people 'brought in' to help...... the murderer took my son to a forestry commission woodland, and buried him. He and three wrong',uns were arrested and put in prison awaiting trial. Eventually Daniel's body was found, as the murderer took the police to the burial spot. So.... at long,long last we were able to have a funeral. You may not understand that this gave us a feeling of huge relief, with, of course, enormous sadness as well. The sadness will last forever
Road Rover
Road Rover Hace un mes
May I ask ask what happened?
John P
John P Hace un mes
I tried, but the rest of you felt differently..
Barb Ramsey
Barb Ramsey Hace un mes
Justin Bieber's Changes: NOT GOOD
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