Elizabeth Warren: No President Gets To Declare War On Their Own

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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With Trump threatening to go to war with Iran, presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren reminds Trump that no President gets to declare war on their own. #Colbert #ElizabethWarren #Interviews
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Amanda Nichols
Amanda Nichols Hace 14 horas
She was against single payer comprehensive healthcare (M4A) up until 3 years ago.
Alex Dominguez
Alex Dominguez Hace 19 horas
UGH, Stephen tried to help her, gave her a winning answer on Medicare for All and she refused to use it. She's bought.
hector heck
hector heck Hace 17 horas
LOL. He did. Just goes to show you how bad she is. She couldn't answer the question because it's not part of her prepared campaign speech. She pivoted to her speech as soon as she could.
ilmas ashraf
ilmas ashraf Hace un día
useless candidate everyone is medicare . medicare treatment suck they are not effective
Mr. Satyre
Mr. Satyre Hace 2 días
Congress (and that means you, Warren) relieved themselves of the duty to declare war long ago, and have done nothing to retake that power.
Kali Hace 3 días
Jeez let her talk. He keeps interrupting her.
hector heck
hector heck Hace 15 horas
@Kali to be fair, Newsom is a very skilled politician and rolls with the punches quite well but we should see more of this when it comes to political interviews.
hector heck
hector heck Hace 15 horas
@Kali Thank you. If you want to see a classic search YT for "Adam Carolla interviews Gavin Newsom". If you're not aware, Carolla (the Man Show) has a southern California based podcast. Newsom is a northern California political hack stumpin around the state for visibility for an eventual governor run. He's now California's very liberal governor. This is gold. :)
Kali Hace 16 horas
hector heck Nice perspective. I didn’t think about it in that sense! 👍
hector heck
hector heck Hace 17 horas
You have to interrupt politicians to knock them off their stump speeches otherwise they just drone on and don't answer the questions. Note how she pivoted to campaign mode as soon as he let her speak. He's a bad interviewer, at least when confronting his side of the political spectrum.
steve t
steve t Hace 3 días
Was she out to lunch when Obama did it?
MrBadBricks Hace 4 días
The fact that these two people have the audiences that they do should be terrifying to anyone that cares about the United States of America!
Cc Hace 5 días
She needs to explain how a single payer health care system would actually work. Start by talking to experts in countries that have these systems. Some solid information would make people more confident.
Lauren Alexandria
Lauren Alexandria Hace 5 días
She seems like she really is passionate and caring !
hector heck
hector heck Hace 17 horas
"Seems" is the key word. She's a politician. Assume every word she says is a lie and assume she doesn't care about anyone. Most of the time, you'll be right. Start there and you'll understand politics.
Stefania Puskas
Stefania Puskas Hace 5 días
She is brilliant!!
FromTacoma Hace 5 días
Stephen, quit being a tool. U know what the Hell she is talking about when it comes to healthcare. How many times do progressives have to explain common sense!
Jesseaffiliate Hace 6 días
I lived in Finland almost 30 years and avg tax rate of 31,3% is awful. this avg of +-30% is something for middle class people pays, for salaries 5k/month and more you pay +-50%. Many people speaks about tax paradises like Malta (my current place) but rather tax paradise than the paradise of tax collectors !
Scott Gates
Scott Gates Hace 2 días
Lmao you're an idiot
Geeknoid Hace 6 días
A President can not declare war on their own citizens - Opps I guess she forgot about Obama approving drone strikes against American citizens
Jenny senn
Jenny senn Hace 6 días
Good luck finding a doctor. We will end up with a two tier system. The rich who can pay for their care and the rest of us not having access to care. Doctors can't stay in business getting paid at Medicare rates for everyone. You will wait forever to get surgeries etc. These people are idiots. We can't allow them to have any more control of our lives. They don't care about us. They only care about power.
xx zx zxzxx
xx zx zxzxx Hace 6 días
hector heck
hector heck Hace 17 horas
Aidoon Hace 6 días
Gotta love all the external countries commenting on America's way of life. Without us you wouldn't be able to afford your precious tax free tuition, or health care. We literally pay you billions of dollars in defense funds so that you can defend yourselves. God knows you cant or wont whenever you're threatened by a neighboring country. NONE of you would even exist if it weren't for the U.S. and Allies entering the 2nd world war. The United States of America, the only country IN THE WORLD where free speech exists. If you said half of the things you like to post like coward internet warriors, in your own countries, You'd probably be beheaded. America's the worst, just don't be gay in Iran because then they'll throw you off the top of a building. Americans and their love of guns, hahaha pewey, except hows that knife crime going over in the UK? Gun buyback yeah, Australia has a handle on that. Still having shootings and knife murders. So don't sit there on your high horse and down us Americans. Maybe the next time some dictator is knocking at your door, we'll sit here on OUR high horses and look down our noses at you. Just ask the French how well it went when O'l Adolph came a knocking. Their government, which you people want in every aspect of your lives, rolled over and played dead. Handed the keys to the country right on over. (NOT blaming the valiant French people. They fought for years to liberate their country after their government failed them)
Aidoon Hace 4 días
@SpecialistBR Yeah, and we pay most of those countries defense funds. Don't come at me with bullshit. Leftists, gotta love it when they only pull out one segment of an entire argument to TRY and make a point. WE PAY THEIR DEFENSE FUNDS!!! There would be none of those countries without the United States or the monies that we pay so they can afford to arm their armies. They had better come to our defense. BETTER meaning that in my mouth every god damned shit hole country that you listed above, BETTER get out of bed and walk on nails if we ask them to. When they STOP taking US dollars then you can talk shit. Until then, recognize, that you come from a 3rd world dirt hole that no one cares about. When you can support all your cute little free tuition and free health care on your own, then you can talk shit. Until then, if I want to hear shit from you, I'll squeeze your head.
SpecialistBR Hace 4 días
I don't know if you were even born before 9/11/2001, because you sound like a toddler. But after that day, when more than 3 thousand americans were killed by terrorists that your government helped create back in the 80s, every member of NATO stepped forward in helping the US and most of them even sent troops to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight alongside US troops. So you better wash your mouth before talking about Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Georgia, Ireland, North Macedonia, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine, Australia, Bahrain, El Salvador, Jordan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Mongolia, Singapore, Singapore, South Korea, Tonga and the United Arab Emirates because they also literally spilled blood in foreign soil to help defend your personal safety and freedom to come here to ESwomen and say stupid shit.
Pierre cim
Pierre cim Hace 7 días
Answer the question!!!!!!!
enigma Hace 8 días
trump is like a god...and a peace monger...so eat it..lol
T Ban
T Ban Hace 9 días
Btw, i am waiting to die and already told I don't qualify for disability. Obamacare changed my doctor's and the new ones I have now told the government there was nothing wrong with me and I should go back to work and pay more taxes. The Democrats are just trying to make it worse.. if I were illegal, they would put me on public assistance. But I'm an american so that makes me a deplorable human being..don't understand how you all can lie to yourselves about healthcare for all...
T Ban
T Ban Hace 9 días
Love how she explains that obamacare sux. Feel bad about her wanting to make it even worse.
G Sterling
G Sterling Hace 9 días
If Warren keeps lying about her past, including losing her teaching position due to pregnancy, her phony native American heritage, etc., she'll be an even bigger gift to the Republicans. She will soon rival crooked Hillary for dishonesty...
Joel Stuart
Joel Stuart Hace 10 días
Elizabeth Warren is not what she seems to be.
Joel Stuart
Joel Stuart Hace 6 días
@panda vlogs but not better than Bernie Sanders
panda vlogs
panda vlogs Hace 6 días
Joel Stuart better than trump though 🤷🏻‍♀️
twenlil Hace 10 días
She is a lying toad ! And I am not even a braindead Yanks like most of her stupid naive supporters ! She is not Native American. The Harvard Crimson, the daily student newspaper of Harvard University, was founded in 1873. It is the only daily newspaper in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is run entirely by Harvard College undergraduates. In 1996, Harvard believed that Pocahontas was a Native American. Here's the extract of the article. "Of 71 current Law School professors and assistant professors, 11 are women, five are black, one is Native American and one is Hispanic, said Mike Chmura, spokesperson for the Law School. Although the conventional wisdom among students and faculty is that the Law School faculty includes no minority women, Chmura said Professor of Law Elizabeth Warren is Native American." www.thecrimson.com/article/1996/10/22/survey-diversity-lacking-at-hls-pa/
Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch Hace 10 días
Cornholebert Spokesman for the yeast infected minds of the third bathroom party. Wipes with leaves, is not going anywhere.
leslie choudhury
leslie choudhury Hace 10 días
Liz and Bernie for 2020. Let's do it America.
Lyfan Deth
Lyfan Deth Hace 10 días
Actually the Constitution does not say the President must ask Congress to use military force, the War Powers Act puts weasel words on that. The Constitution is simpler, it says *only* Congress has the power to declare war. Which IIRC was last done for WW2, not Korea, not Vietnam, not any middle eastern incursion....weasel words.
Michael Brodie
Michael Brodie Hace 10 días
EW would Wag the Dog first chance she got. She would be in for a rude awakening after her 1st meeting with the JCS. The next election is a formality of Trump's re-election unless gas at the pump and unemployment rise significantly.
Amanda Cole
Amanda Cole Hace 10 días
I think what she missed saying is that yes, your taxes will probably go up a little, but your out of pocket costs (insurance, co-pays, etc) will go away. Any increase will come from money you were already spending and now won't have to spend. So you will actually end up paying less.
hector heck
hector heck Hace 17 horas
Remember when Obama said we'd pay less? I've paid more every year since.
moparmon Hace 11 días
says the person who lied about being Native American.
M Taylor
M Taylor Hace 11 días
She'll be next president.
hector heck
hector heck Hace 17 horas
I hope that's a joke and I hope you can handle it when she fails. Seriously, there isn't one candidate yet that can beat Trump as of today. Not even close. Trump's slaughter meter is pegging at 200% for the win.
twenlil Hace 10 días
Taylor the braindead moron, She will not. She will lose to the dotard ! She has no charisma and lies as much ! You are stupid to believe that she will be. You are a poor judge of character !
Jeremiah bass
Jeremiah bass Hace 11 días
Somebody should have told you guys nothing in life is free.what are you people going to do when the wealthy and industry move their money and your jobs out of the country or they go broke over these stupid ideas and we become a third world country? This country was built of off hard work never quite figure it out on your own no help no handout God fearing people. It's taken generation of people sacrifice to build the greatest country man has ever know and you snowflakes are trying to destroy it. You cannot take something from someone that's not yours . That's called theft . You cannot spend what you don't have.
Floris-Jan van der Meulen
Floris-Jan van der Meulen Hace 11 días
Hawi Jack: let me answer that for you. These are the tax rates in the Netherlands in 2019: Taxable income Percentage Up to 20,384 euro 36.65% From 20,385 till 68,507 euro 38.10% Above € 68,508 euro 51.75% Not specified here are various rebates e.g. anyone earning less than € 20.384 gets a tax rebate of 2,477 euro. There are also housing (rent) and health care subsidies. And if you own a house you may deduct the mortgage rent from your taxable income first.
Vincent DiLallo
Vincent DiLallo Hace 12 días
She refused to answer the question. Multiple times. Also, the president is allowed to use military force if whoever is sitting in office deems it necessary; they just can't declare war or utilize a prolong engagement without congressional approval. "Prolong engagement" isn't really defined though; but if the president wished to conduct a strike without congressional approval he is well within his power to do so.
Justin TX1988
Justin TX1988 Hace 12 días
"No President gets to declare war on their own" Right, except the fact that EVERY President has done this exact thing while you've been in office and NOT ONCE did you have a problem with it.
hector heck
hector heck Hace 17 horas
A president may not declare war, but we and congress have allowed them to use force whenever they want. Clearly the same thing, but since Congress doesn't want to run things and defers their power every chance they get, this is where we're at.
Mimi P
Mimi P Hace 12 días
I really like her plans and ideas
Aron Benner
Aron Benner Hace 13 días
if treason could be described these two people would be whores paid to put out crap
DAVID P. Hace 13 días
Stephen Colbert is a liar and a POS. Elizabeth Warren is a lying witch, almost as bad as Killary, except she hasn't ordered the murder of anyone ... yet. She, like the vast majority of Democrats is also a traitor to America and the American people. Politicians who use their political office for personal gain can be impeached; Therefore, most of the Democratic party (Probably all) can and should be impeached.
tao master Waka
tao master Waka Hace 13 días
This is about beto right
Keith Whiteley
Keith Whiteley Hace 14 días
The govt does well and cheaper. Medicare is going broke the VA isn't doing a good job and they spent your social security money.
Keith Whiteley
Keith Whiteley Hace 14 días
Our public schools suck and govt controlled healthcare would suck. There's very few things the govt doees
Zechariah Prince
Zechariah Prince Hace 14 días
Hahaha! the most pathetic trash i've seen yet today! Thanks Stephen for your memes. Trash anti American filth
ally enright
ally enright Hace 14 días
She would make SUCH a better president than Trump. Like the difference between night and day.
Terry DeRush
Terry DeRush Hace 14 días
Now I see where all the stupid people are.
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins Hace 14 días
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my spine (and I’m only 40; it happens), spinal stenosis, severe spinal nerve damage from 6 impacted discs in my spinal cord, spinal bone spurs, degenerative disc disease, neuropathy, gastrointestinal problems from the Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I have continuing cognitive issues from having Lyme disease in the past. I have a good job with good insurance (that I pay $489 a month for), but because of my numerous health issues which prevented me from doing my job, I had to go on disability through my employee benefits which only gives me 75% of my original wage. AND I SPENT OVER $16,000 DOLLARS OF MY TAKE HOME PAY ON MEDICAL COSTS AND PRESCRIPTIONS LAST YEAR ALONE; JUST FOR ME ALONE! I have a young adult disabled daughter (who has schizophrenia) and a teen disabled step daughter (she’s Autistic) who live with us for their own safety, and both have special therapies and a lot of medicines that are outrageously expensive. But they must have them to survive! I cry so many nights when I’m trying to go to sleep from the sheer stress of worrying about how I’m going to take care of everyone. We live pay to pay, and many times I’ve had to choose between paying the electric bill, the mortgage, or the phone bill. And many time I’ve not gotten my own medicines because one of the girls needed a refill on theirs. And I always put my kids before myself and would go without in a second so they can have what they need. Sometimes it’s just impossibly hard and we just scrape by. Despite both my husband and I being college educated (we both have Master’s Degrees) people with decent jobs and having worked hard all our lives! But Healthcare is eating my family and I alive. We’re drowning and need a life preserver. I hope 2020 brings it. This is the perspective my vote will be coming from.
R G Hace 14 días
In Portugal we have both private and public healthcare and it works very well!. You don’t need to eliminate private in order to have public! Have both! And of course the rich will continue to use private cause its faster service, but at least you leave the poor with one way to get treated. Just don’t take private away. Lots of people will loose their jobs too. You will loose a lot of votes!.. America is all about having freedom of choice.
Greg Hargis
Greg Hargis Hace 14 días
They cant Declare War "DUH", but they can send troops in for 90 days. IS it possible people would actually vote for her as President? It would take this country years to recover from her.
Magdalena Carmichael
Magdalena Carmichael Hace 14 días
This is the first I'm really listening to her. She's like a female Jimmy Carter. She's wholesome and relatable, will probably live to be 100 doing charity work but defeat the Donald monster? Gonna need a lot of 1-ups.
Michael P
Michael P Hace 14 días
It's funny all these healthcare crisis' that Warren is talking about , I've never experienced... sounds more to me like she's complaining about socialized healthcare or HMO care... but I imagine she'll eventually tell us how the middle class is going to pay for it.
bob oh stephens
bob oh stephens Hace 14 días
Elizabeth Warren is a Conspiracy Theorist as a rich ruling class Socialist she wants all the sheeple to be dipped for lice fleeced and fed soylent green. Nocahantas 2020
Emily Grace
Emily Grace Hace 15 días
Families go broke because of Government regulations that States enforce to surpress the indigenous people of America.
maegap96 Hace 15 días
Of course he can bomb .. and congress never EVER gets to decide on military force ... unless its not under the state emergency or national security provision.... which it ALWAYS is ... and congress is bypassed literally every single time for the past 100 years+ this old lady is totally full of crap .. id take trump at his worst over her at her best, any time.
Dee Alfaro-Baeza
Dee Alfaro-Baeza Hace 15 días
I feel lile he needed to let her speak, he didn't so this to Bernie, could be due to him amd Bernie having more of a rapport, seeing as Bernie has been on the show 9 times!
VEYETave Hace 15 días
"What would convince you that the Iranians did this?" Where the f did this question come from? Do people have to be persuaded by any possible means that Iran did it? To blame everything on Iran is the ultimate goal you are pursuing? WTF man? How can you not see thousands and thousands of Yemeni women and children and fishermen getting bombed to their death by US-backed Saudi-Emirati forces? How can you just ignore the economic terrorism the US has been waging on Iran for years? What would convince you Colbert that hundreds of thousands of people are getting killed everyday in the Middle East with US-provided weapons and by US-backed dictators and butchers who would saw a journalist into tiny bits? Of course you do not want to see any of these because you are paid to be blind...
Deanya Schempp
Deanya Schempp Hace 15 días
Yikes. "I accept your point"? She thinks he's fighting her, and he's really trying to help her understand that she has to have better answers, and better answers exist. She is not even listening. It's a real disappointment -- I hoped for more from her, and I think he did too, from the way he keeps scratching his head. #ColbertTells haha
Nick Noga
Nick Noga Hace 15 días
Warren has some skeletons in her past... lying about her heritage to get into Harvard for one. She also said she'd accept corporate PAC donations if she were to become the nominee. To me, it's Bernie all the way.
Gaynor O Brien
Gaynor O Brien Hace 13 días
Did not lie
hmoob ceevxwm
hmoob ceevxwm Hace 15 días
Most people know back in 2016 that Hillary was corrupt and not fit to be president, but Warren betrayed the candidate for the people (bernie) and endorsed Hillary. Warren is just another Hillary, maybe just slightly better, but not enough to be president.
hmoob ceevxwm
hmoob ceevxwm Hace 15 días
Most people know back in 2016 that Hillary was corrupt and not fit to be president, but Warren betrayed the candidate for the people (bernie) and endorsed Hillary. Warren is just another Hillary, maybe just slightly better, but not enough to be president.
scott bowling
scott bowling Hace 16 días
ally enright
ally enright Hace 14 días
Better than our current, first nazi president! 😃
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins Hace 14 días
scott bowling You spelled Pocahontas wrong 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
BobbyBlackout Hace 16 días
LIES, LIES, LIES! Pocahontas! It's a beautiful day and Donald J Trump is here to deliver the good news!
Jimmy Billips
Jimmy Billips Hace 16 días
Good idea she can not get it done
mirror talk
mirror talk Hace 16 días
She is a Moron ...Colbert and her should do a 69 ...that's Comedy😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤠👌
Jon Emery
Jon Emery Hace 15 días
mirror talk----If you look in the mirror, you'll see who the real moron is....
devananda giri
devananda giri Hace 17 días
Lizzy 2-faced Warren! Scum she-bag faker! Berney will eat her up alive and quite soon!
DAVID P. Hace 13 días
Bernie is no better, he is a Nazi like most of the socialist Democratic party, and are therefore traitors to this country. Nazi Germany WAS a socialist nation.
kdriggs4 Hace 17 días
4:03 Warren explains her plan to cover "Medicare for all" is to tax people that make over 50 million a year 2 cents for every dollar they make over 50 million. According to the Social Security Administration, in 2017 only 205 people in the USA earned more than 50 million dollars. These 205 people made a combined 19.95 billion dollars in 2017. Estimates for what it would cost for everyone to have medicare is between 28-32 trillion dollars over 10 years, or roughly 3 trillion per year. To put it all into perspective, Warren could tax these people 100% of what they earn and would still fall 2.8 trillion dollars short PER YEAR to cover the cost of medicare for all.
kdriggs4 Hace 17 días
Warren can't even give Colbert an honest and straight forward response to how is she's going to pay for medicare for all...and he's a liberal!
yuping sun
yuping sun Hace 17 días
thank you Warren! we need medicare for all if Israel has medicare for all, and Canada has!
Jake Marshall
Jake Marshall Hace 17 días
all "developed" countries have universal healthcare apart from the US and South Africa.
Zich Ragland
Zich Ragland Hace 17 días
She definitely has a familiar ancestor........Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies is spot on. LOL
Zich Ragland
Zich Ragland Hace 13 días
@ally enright If "cool" is what you look for in a leader, you are most definitely part of the problem.
ally enright
ally enright Hace 14 días
She’s cooler than Trump.
James L
James L Hace 18 días
​ Debby McCormack How do you know this is the way it will happen? The Obama administration told the american public a complete lie, and Liz warren was part of this bill. She actually said (along with many other democrats) that you have to pass this bill, so we can see what's actually in it. SHE is the criminal is this case, not our President.
James L
James L Hace 18 días
@D E. You are not correct. Quit representing a false narrative about a country which you may, or may not be a citizen.
NeutronStarPilot Hace 18 días
How you answer the "will taxes go up to pay for Medicare for all"? You say "No, Because you stop paying the private taxes to insurance companies, no copays no deductables and no profit motivation, you stop paying the private taxes, overall you save money as a working class/middle class citizen" No sound bite for MSM
RAsphalt Hace 14 días
How about Medicare? It mainly serves older Americans who are the most sick and it is one of the best-loved, most well managed government programs. And it is already in place she just wants to expand it.
hector heck
hector heck Hace 14 días
With government healthcare you get no motivation to provide good service. Good or bad, doesn't matter. People still have to come to you. My state can't issue driver's licenses correctly. How hard can that be? You think people want the DMV for their healthcare? LOL
deputy dogg
deputy dogg Hace 18 días
The lady indian by blood. She is a nut
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