Elizabeth Warren: No President Gets To Declare War On Their Own

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Hace 8 meses

With Trump threatening to go to war with Iran, presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren reminds Trump that no President gets to declare war on their own. #Colbert #ElizabethWarren #Interviews
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Jigar Sescon
Jigar Sescon Hace 2 meses
Aha!!! i totally understand all of this now if plural of EYE (WE) trying to push me into the moment self-destruction im afraid i can't do that all human might gone already and they realized not enough human so what will be the next step??? Herbivorous, Carnivorous, Omnivorous get my drip hmmpp😜😜😜 I can eat even PUSSYcat
Jim Leask
Jim Leask Hace 2 meses
She is absolutely right everyone should have Medicare for free!
Nancy McDougall
Nancy McDougall Hace 3 meses
This is what #ElizabethWarren is OK with in her home state of #Massachusetts -- g.co/kgs/1ZkvLz Any good reviews are employees or friends of - and LYING ! CAN YOU IMAGINE IF THIS WOMAN EVER BECAME PRESIDENT OF OUR COUNTRY ?? AND... didn't she LIE (saying she was Native American) for the benefits of her *LIE* ????
Victors Casas
Victors Casas Hace 3 meses
Still to this day she won’t admit our taxes will go up for EVERYONE. She really thinks we are just to stupid not to see through her talking points.
yorocco1 Hace 4 meses
President Elizabeth Warren!!!
Mikey P
Mikey P Hace 4 meses
How to "answer" a question like Elizabeth Warren. Step 1. Under no circumstances do you immediately answer the question directly. Step 2. Filibuster about things that are tangentially related to the question, and/or things that are not related at all. Step 3. Tell the interviewer what question they should be asking (meaning a question you would much rather answer). Step 4. Repeat step 2. until interviewer gives up.
g bridgman
g bridgman Hace 4 meses
So what does the Commander-In-Chief get to do, Lizzie? She can shoot off her mouth all she wants. She's slipping in the polls and doesn't have a hope in hell of becoming POTUS.
Enrique Hernandez
Enrique Hernandez Hace 5 meses
I dont trust her she Hillary 2.0 and flip flop on her political agenda sorry but no...
Argotherat Hace 5 meses
4:46 Are you sure about that?
Argotherat Hace 5 meses
Oh no no no don't tell her Pepelaugh
Just Looking
Just Looking Hace 5 meses
“Well....here’s the thing....” 🤬🤬🤬🤬
dutchgala Hace 5 meses
LOL... =) a good one! Now warren's not for m4all. Today's poll has The 3 B's tied @23% Warren @16.i forgot% Amy @whatever% Buttigieg is designated target next wk debate. Well...here's the thing... the grandparents need to strut their own stuff. *Happy Hopeful New Year!* be brave
Addicti0nz1 Hace 5 meses
I'm sorry but Andrew Yang is just way more intelligent. Yang gets my vote.
UnwarrantedCuriosity Hace 5 meses
Healthcare is a huge part of our life which cannot and should not be compromised on, making it a right seems to be the next step in our cultural evolution.
Jay Dee
Jay Dee Hace 5 meses
Except O’Bama
Poop Cold
Poop Cold Hace 6 meses
she has no idea whats she doing😂😂😂
Athear Nasery
Athear Nasery Hace 6 meses
Food and water are human rights, but you still have to pay for it. So I kind of disagree on how everything has to be "free", otherwise there will be no markets/businesses/jobs. BUT, im just a broke college student, so medicare for all it is! 😂
vinni3c Hace 6 meses
Wealth tax won't work. people will just move their wealthy somewhere else.
Athear Nasery
Athear Nasery Hace 6 meses
Exactly. Plus, you can't liquidate your wealth. For example, Lets say I had 5 million dollars, and a 100 million dollar house. And so my net worth is $105 million. Her wealth tax says she will tax me on $105 million, which would be more than $5 million, but I only have $5 million to pay. So, is she just going to force people to sell there stuff? Also, what if it doesn't sell? I dont think it works
Kenneth Biebighauser
Kenneth Biebighauser Hace 6 meses
Lizzy are you an isolationist like Bernie Lizzy your Wilsonian pitch will leave me broke the Dem in house yes but republican senate no how much taxpayer dollars wasted lizzy how many ?
Kenneth Biebighauser
Kenneth Biebighauser Hace 6 meses
Ukraine Russias back yard ...The Jeffersonian pitch is so laughable Lizzy....Lizzy read Russian US History .........Im stretched beyond belief working poor youve been in goldrush 49 far too long you spew utopian idealism save the world who pays for it lizzie ???
Chris Hauke
Chris Hauke Hace 6 meses
"But will taxes go up for the middle class?" -- noticed that she did NOT directly. answer that question.
Kenneth Biebighauser
Kenneth Biebighauser Hace 6 meses
Hillary worked for the Young Republicans in 60 following the fraud in Cook County....investigating ....Democrats up up up giving things the cookie jar is gone Lizzy .....
Kenneth Biebighauser
Kenneth Biebighauser Hace 6 meses
Why dont you do instead of babble .....The Republican Senate doesnt play .........
Kenneth Biebighauser
Kenneth Biebighauser Hace 6 meses
My 10th graders in da hood last monday would eat you alive.... ride the greenline along with Amy Klobuchar some Fri Sat nite....talk is cheap lizzy ....
X Hace 6 meses
Elizabeth Warren 2020. billionaires tears are delicious
Schooling Diana
Schooling Diana Hace 7 meses
My mom, a nurse, always said insurance companies were practicing medicine without a license, because they hadn’t examined the patient & didn’t have a medical license authorizing them to diagnose.
David1701G Hace 7 meses
Her credibility on her claims to native heritage used to advance her career to be false, claims of gender discrimination by claiming that she lost her job due to pregnancy was proven to be false. Her polices have proven to be flawed. So why is she so appealing ?
David1701G Hace 7 meses
Her credibility on her claims to native heritage used to advance her career to be false, claims of gender discrimination by claiming that she lost her job due to pregnancy was proven to be false. Her polices have proven to be flawed. So why is she so appealing ?
Fedup Upset
Fedup Upset Hace 7 meses
why not ask elizabeth warren what is her time line and ask if its several decades to present is that a form of her own corruption.
Schooling Diana
Schooling Diana Hace 7 meses
Fedup Upset She said it’s within 10 years, for full implementation.
Fedup Upset
Fedup Upset Hace 7 meses
feckless and discusting this is why i cannot watch public tv and especially morons like stephen colbert, just pathetic is answers and leading questions without any real questions asked. he was just pandering a panderer. why not ask elizabeth has she ever been corrupt is she corrupt. when did she first start fighting for basic human rights? feckless every leading question. pathetic and disgusting!
J Sev
J Sev Hace 7 meses
It's moronic to compare nations -- each is unique and needs its own plan and solutions. Dummies don't understand that. Nice try 'netherlands'
H Boogie
H Boogie Hace 7 meses
She doesn't answer the question. Whereas Andrew Yang gives clear answers to every questions. Yang2020
Chrundle T. Great
Chrundle T. Great Hace 4 meses
And that’s why even though I am a conservative Libertarian I would vote Yang over anyone in 2020. He’s honest, intelligent and uses empirical evidence and real statistics in his HONEST answers. He’s legit!
Chronic Motivation
Chronic Motivation Hace 4 meses
Jordan Adams
Jordan Adams Hace 7 meses
I love how slanted these late night shows are.
You would have to be nuts to listen to this idiot.
Shogan Ninja
Shogan Ninja Hace 7 meses
The way i see it.. if you cant answer a simple yes or no question. You are untrustworthy an will never get my vote
quillber Hace 7 meses
As much as I like Bernie, Warren is by far the more energetic and physically capable candidate. Bernie has been important but he literally just had a heartattack. Warren's policies match up pretty squarely against Bernie's anyway. Warren has been very public for a long time, Bernie only does interviews at election time, thats why I like her.
Prithvi Sihag
Prithvi Sihag Hace 7 meses
She cozies up with Killary, and unlike Bernie couldn't take a stand for this Tulsi smear by the queen of warmongers
If We Won
If We Won Hace 7 meses
Yang 2020
Alexander Everhart
Alexander Everhart Hace 7 meses
Yin 2020
If We Won
If We Won Hace 7 meses
Cool idea but it will never happen here, too expensive and we middle class folks cant afford more taxes which by the way will most certainly go up
Bernie Turner 2020
Proc Grease
Proc Grease Hace 7 meses
the military communist industrial complex shell's out 1.25 million dollars an hour on exclusive benefits for a protected class of people. ... blame the corporations = blame the workers of the nation.
ykqy Hace 7 meses
Bring Ben Shapiro and he’ll end this “debate”
ykqy Hace 7 meses
Barack Hussein O'Toole true
Obama O'Reilly
Obama O'Reilly Hace 7 meses
Ben Shapiro DESTRÖYS talk show host with his Huge Intimidating LŌGICS and FÄCTS
My Body My Choice! Say NO to Vaccines!
My Body My Choice! Say NO to Vaccines! Hace 7 meses
You mean Ben "Israhell First" Shillpiro don't you?
Birtha Butt
Birtha Butt Hace 7 meses
Princess Sackapoo. What a low character person.
Brian Williams
Brian Williams Hace 7 meses
just here to post "bernie sanders"
Louis Rein
Louis Rein Hace 7 meses
I can't stand this woman! To hell with ALL the Democrats !!!!!!
EvilLordBane Hace 7 meses
Here we go. The phony outrage. Obama did it 9 times while in office. Where was the outrage then?
razbojnik66 Hace 7 meses
As a Swiss citizen, I have been most thrilled by the solutions of Andrew Yang. His analysis and ideas initiate the ground for a new humanistic capitalism.
Itsinthewayyoumove *
Itsinthewayyoumove * Hace 7 meses
she didn't answer the question. Absolutely incredible that people would vote for her
Amanda Nichols
Amanda Nichols Hace 7 meses
She was against single payer comprehensive healthcare (M4A) up until 3 years ago.
Alex Dominguez
Alex Dominguez Hace 7 meses
UGH, Stephen tried to help her, gave her a winning answer on Medicare for All and she refused to use it. She's bought.
hector heck
hector heck Hace 7 meses
LOL. He did. Just goes to show you how bad she is. She couldn't answer the question because it's not part of her prepared campaign speech. She pivoted to her speech as soon as she could.
ilmas ashraf
ilmas ashraf Hace 7 meses
useless candidate everyone is medicare . medicare treatment suck they are not effective
Mr. Satyre
Mr. Satyre Hace 7 meses
Congress (and that means you, Warren) relieved themselves of the duty to declare war long ago, and have done nothing to retake that power.
k. Hace 7 meses
Jeez let her talk. He keeps interrupting her.
hector heck
hector heck Hace 7 meses
@k. to be fair, Newsom is a very skilled politician and rolls with the punches quite well but we should see more of this when it comes to political interviews.
hector heck
hector heck Hace 7 meses
@k. Thank you. If you want to see a classic search YT for "Adam Carolla interviews Gavin Newsom". If you're not aware, Carolla (the Man Show) has a southern California based podcast. Newsom is a northern California political hack stumpin around the state for visibility for an eventual governor run. He's now California's very liberal governor. This is gold. :)
k. Hace 7 meses
hector heck Nice perspective. I didn’t think about it in that sense! 👍
hector heck
hector heck Hace 7 meses
You have to interrupt politicians to knock them off their stump speeches otherwise they just drone on and don't answer the questions. Note how she pivoted to campaign mode as soon as he let her speak. He's a bad interviewer, at least when confronting his side of the political spectrum.
steve t
steve t Hace 7 meses
Was she out to lunch when Obama did it?
MrBadBricks Hace 7 meses
The fact that these two people have the audiences that they do should be terrifying to anyone that cares about the United States of America!
Cc Hace 7 meses
She needs to explain how a single payer health care system would actually work. Start by talking to experts in countries that have these systems. Some solid information would make people more confident.
Lauren Alexandria
Lauren Alexandria Hace 7 meses
She seems like she really is passionate and caring !
hector heck
hector heck Hace 7 meses
"Seems" is the key word. She's a politician. Assume every word she says is a lie and assume she doesn't care about anyone. Most of the time, you'll be right. Start there and you'll understand politics.
Stefania Puskas
Stefania Puskas Hace 7 meses
She is brilliant!!
FromTacoma Hace 7 meses
Stephen, quit being a tool. U know what the Hell she is talking about when it comes to healthcare. How many times do progressives have to explain common sense!
Jesseaffiliate Hace 7 meses
I lived in Finland almost 30 years and avg tax rate of 31,3% is awful. this avg of +-30% is something for middle class people pays, for salaries 5k/month and more you pay +-50%. Many people speaks about tax paradises like Malta (my current place) but rather tax paradise than the paradise of tax collectors !
Scott Gates
Scott Gates Hace 7 meses
Lmao you're an idiot
Geeknoid Hace 7 meses
A President can not declare war on their own citizens - Opps I guess she forgot about Obama approving drone strikes against American citizens
Jenny senn
Jenny senn Hace 7 meses
Good luck finding a doctor. We will end up with a two tier system. The rich who can pay for their care and the rest of us not having access to care. Doctors can't stay in business getting paid at Medicare rates for everyone. You will wait forever to get surgeries etc. These people are idiots. We can't allow them to have any more control of our lives. They don't care about us. They only care about power.
xx zx zxzxx
xx zx zxzxx Hace 7 meses
hector heck
hector heck Hace 7 meses
Aidoon Hace 7 meses
Gotta love all the external countries commenting on America's way of life. Without us you wouldn't be able to afford your precious tax free tuition, or health care. We literally pay you billions of dollars in defense funds so that you can defend yourselves. God knows you cant or wont whenever you're threatened by a neighboring country. NONE of you would even exist if it weren't for the U.S. and Allies entering the 2nd world war. The United States of America, the only country IN THE WORLD where free speech exists. If you said half of the things you like to post like coward internet warriors, in your own countries, You'd probably be beheaded. America's the worst, just don't be gay in Iran because then they'll throw you off the top of a building. Americans and their love of guns, hahaha pewey, except hows that knife crime going over in the UK? Gun buyback yeah, Australia has a handle on that. Still having shootings and knife murders. So don't sit there on your high horse and down us Americans. Maybe the next time some dictator is knocking at your door, we'll sit here on OUR high horses and look down our noses at you. Just ask the French how well it went when O'l Adolph came a knocking. Their government, which you people want in every aspect of your lives, rolled over and played dead. Handed the keys to the country right on over. (NOT blaming the valiant French people. They fought for years to liberate their country after their government failed them)
Aidoon Hace 7 meses
@SpecialistBR Yeah, and we pay most of those countries defense funds. Don't come at me with bullshit. Leftists, gotta love it when they only pull out one segment of an entire argument to TRY and make a point. WE PAY THEIR DEFENSE FUNDS!!! There would be none of those countries without the United States or the monies that we pay so they can afford to arm their armies. They had better come to our defense. BETTER meaning that in my mouth every god damned shit hole country that you listed above, BETTER get out of bed and walk on nails if we ask them to. When they STOP taking US dollars then you can talk shit. Until then, recognize, that you come from a 3rd world dirt hole that no one cares about. When you can support all your cute little free tuition and free health care on your own, then you can talk shit. Until then, if I want to hear shit from you, I'll squeeze your head.
SpecialistBR Hace 7 meses
I don't know if you were even born before 9/11/2001, because you sound like a toddler. But after that day, when more than 3 thousand americans were killed by terrorists that your government helped create back in the 80s, every member of NATO stepped forward in helping the US and most of them even sent troops to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight alongside US troops. So you better wash your mouth before talking about Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Georgia, Ireland, North Macedonia, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine, Australia, Bahrain, El Salvador, Jordan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Mongolia, Singapore, Singapore, South Korea, Tonga and the United Arab Emirates because they also literally spilled blood in foreign soil to help defend your personal safety and freedom to come here to ESwomen and say stupid shit.
Pierre cim
Pierre cim Hace 7 meses
Answer the question!!!!!!!
potroast Hace 8 meses
trump is like a god...and a peace monger...so eat it..lol
T Ban
T Ban Hace 8 meses
Btw, i am waiting to die and already told I don't qualify for disability. Obamacare changed my doctor's and the new ones I have now told the government there was nothing wrong with me and I should go back to work and pay more taxes. The Democrats are just trying to make it worse.. if I were illegal, they would put me on public assistance. But I'm an american so that makes me a deplorable human being..don't understand how you all can lie to yourselves about healthcare for all...
T Ban
T Ban Hace 8 meses
Love how she explains that obamacare sux. Feel bad about her wanting to make it even worse.
G Sterling
G Sterling Hace 8 meses
If Warren keeps lying about her past, including losing her teaching position due to pregnancy, her phony native American heritage, etc., she'll be an even bigger gift to the Republicans. She will soon rival crooked Hillary for dishonesty...
Joel Stuart
Joel Stuart Hace 8 meses
Elizabeth Warren is not what she seems to be.
Joel Stuart
Joel Stuart Hace 7 meses
@panda vlogs but not better than Bernie Sanders
panda vlogs
panda vlogs Hace 7 meses
Joel Stuart better than trump though 🤷🏻‍♀️
twenlil Hace 8 meses
She is a lying toad ! And I am not even a braindead Yanks like most of her stupid naive supporters ! She is not Native American. The Harvard Crimson, the daily student newspaper of Harvard University, was founded in 1873. It is the only daily newspaper in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is run entirely by Harvard College undergraduates. In 1996, Harvard believed that Pocahontas was a Native American. Here's the extract of the article. "Of 71 current Law School professors and assistant professors, 11 are women, five are black, one is Native American and one is Hispanic, said Mike Chmura, spokesperson for the Law School. Although the conventional wisdom among students and faculty is that the Law School faculty includes no minority women, Chmura said Professor of Law Elizabeth Warren is Native American." www.thecrimson.com/article/1996/10/22/survey-diversity-lacking-at-hls-pa/
Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch Hace 8 meses
Cornholebert Spokesman for the yeast infected minds of the third bathroom party. Wipes with leaves, is not going anywhere.
leslie choudhury
leslie choudhury Hace 8 meses
Liz and Bernie for 2020. Let's do it America.
Lyfan Deth
Lyfan Deth Hace 8 meses
Actually the Constitution does not say the President must ask Congress to use military force, the War Powers Act puts weasel words on that. The Constitution is simpler, it says *only* Congress has the power to declare war. Which IIRC was last done for WW2, not Korea, not Vietnam, not any middle eastern incursion....weasel words.
America's Citizens Will Not Be Silenced By Government Intimidation
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