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Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous

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Disembark, Commander, and leave your mark on the galaxy in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. Explore distant worlds on foot and expand the frontier of known space. Be the first to step out onto countless unique planets as you discover land untouched since time began. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey invites you to become a true pioneer.
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Jericho Pelous
Jericho Pelous Hace 7 horas
Just a wish, I hope the customization system will be revamped to accommodate for things like weapons and such for the on foot missions, and please for the love of Randomious let me walk around space stations and get into a gun fight. Would be cool.
Maxime Dufour
Maxime Dufour Hace 8 horas
No vr?? At worst, make it a giant flat screen inside the headset (like steam theater mode) whenever you get out on on foot. I can't go back to a flat-screen. Elite Dangerous is the most immersive vr game I have played. This game is perfect with vr as it is right now, don't ruin it!
Goyavas Hace un día
so atmospheric landings, I guess ?
Dragon gaming
Dragon gaming Hace un día
everybody is hyping in the comments, while im here waiting to see how much fdev can screw this up, after screwing up fleet carriers, somehow managed to screw up balancing the careers (mining, combat, trade ,exploration, the biggest part of the game), screwed up multicrew, and also made the game a grinding mess.
Chris Pittman
Chris Pittman Hace un día
How much you wanna bet when odyssey launches you get no interiors of ships or stations and you just unload onto the barren planets like your SRV currently does
O Gato De Botas
O Gato De Botas Hace un día
Tantos anos esperando, e CHEGOU PORRA
5pu7nik Hace 2 días
Walking around in the ship???????????
Sam Ward
Sam Ward Hace 3 días
I think with fleet carriers you could have player driven ground invasions of bases or thargoid lairs, this could go from 0 to Starship Troopers real quick.
Sam Ward
Sam Ward Hace 3 días
You could contract out mercenaries and have large raids with people on foot with rover support. Suddenly the game adds more strategic layers as well.
TheDeleted117 Hace 3 días
Best studio in the world, along with Psyonix and CD Projekt
spock Hace 3 días
please let us go to habitable planets please let us walk around our ship please let us walk around space stations please let us board enemy ships please let us go into buildings on planets
CMDR Mackenheimer
CMDR Mackenheimer Hace 4 días
No VR at launch, with no commitment to making Odyssey VR compatible. Elite died with the Beyond updates, let me know when your game is being "built to support VR from the ground up" again.
LycanTroop 3
LycanTroop 3 Hace 4 días
Please, give us CAPES!!
J.R Shiels
J.R Shiels Hace 5 días
You will play first person on foot, so all the footage is basically just a cinematic made in-engine. I’m going to keep my expectations really low.
Guilherme Cardozo
Guilherme Cardozo Hace 5 días
hahaha like you really found someone in this game
Kompraaj C
Kompraaj C Hace 5 días
Thats Great! Now I can go & piss in a thargoid's bedroom
K R Hace 5 días
Star Citizen? Never heard of it 😏
maxdamageman Hace 6 días
"Pre-alpha in game footage". In engine footage maybe. Those animations are obviously written for this trailer, not gameplay.
Bodhi Sattva
Bodhi Sattva Hace 6 días
Thumbs up if you’re half as psyched as I am about space legs!
josephscottadams39 Hace 7 días
I just want to dock my ship in a space station, walk to a green space area, sit on a bench, and just look up...
ВВ В Hace 8 días
The elite does not need to screw the shooter with the people in the spacesuit until she has what she needs. The elite needs: to remove the solo mode, to develop a global chat (not just one, but with channels, as in EVE), to give players large ships (and not what they gave), to complicate the management of ship management, to make it profitable for players to fight in factional wars like this in EVE, scatter across the galaxy, alien races with unique goods (and ships) that you need to look for yourself. .Give 1 - strong pvoe bosses for the big ones! groups of players or players on large ships (dressed) from which some unique technology will drop out and allow to build a unique cannon or module or ship (yes they did with aliens), any weapon should equally hit both aliens and normal targets. Give 2 - pvp goals: so that there is no sleepy kingdom: remove the system of leaflets and supplies, instead of them immediately fight at the planet-appointed time on each planet 1 time per day every day of the cycle, until the attacker wins, if there is no battle until the new cycle wins , and the object is considered conquered and belongs to the winners, the system is considered to belong to the one who controls the key object - a planet or station. players who belong to the enemy faction cannot sit on the station, the participant in the battle for the object of the key object receives a medal and a solid prize and rises in the rank of an empire or federation. Need beautiful pictures of goods - That's what the game needs.
ВВ В Hace 8 días
Элите не нужно привинчивать шутер с человеков в скафандре пока у нее нет того что ей нужно. Элите нужно: убрать соло режим , разработать глобальный чат (не один, а с каналами- как в EVE) сделано, дать игрокам крупные корабли (а не то что дали), усложнить менеджмент управления кораблями, сделать что бы игрокам было выгодно воевать в фракционных войнах как это в EVE, разбросать по галактике , инопланетные расы с уникальными товарами (и кораблями ) которые нужно самому искать . .Дать 1 - сильных пве боссов для больших! групп игроков или игроков на больших кораблях (одетых) из которых будет выпадать какая-нибудь уникальная технология и позволять строить уникальную пушку или модуль или корабль(да с инопланетянами сделали) , любое оружие должно одинаково бить как по пришельцам так и по обычным целям . Дать 2 - пвп цели : чтобы было не сонное царство : убрать систему листовок и снабжения , вместо них сразу бой в назначенное сервером время у каждой планеты 1 раз в день каждый день цикла , пока нападающая сторона не побеждает , если побеждает боев нет до нового цикла, а объект считается завоеванным и принадлежит уже победители система считается принадлежащей тому кто контролирует ключевой объект -планету или станцию. игроки которые принадлежат к вражеской фракции не могут садиться на станцию, Участник битвы за объект ключевой объект получает медаль и солидную премию и поднимается в ранге империи или федерации. Нужны красивые картинки товаров -- Вот, что нужно игре.
soulayman chhayra
soulayman chhayra Hace 8 días
they need to make an app for ios with face id to map your actual face to use it in game with your character
Danieru Hace 8 días
Can you walk in your ships? How beautiful Beluge will be?
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams Hace 8 días
I cannot wait for this update I am super excited! I do hope however we can see ship interiors and maybe even some space station interiors such as hub areas.
President Trump
President Trump Hace 8 días
Destiny has entered the chat
TheDeleted117 Hace 3 días
destiny is trash
Acklord thecoolguy
Acklord thecoolguy Hace 8 días
Yo imagine a thargoid battle on the surface of a planet. That would be kiiindaaa awesommmeeee.
Johnathan Lemnard
Johnathan Lemnard Hace 8 días
I have faith as they achieved a lot with elite and it’s the best space sim out but let’s not go overboard guys
NightGamer Hace 9 días
Frontier makes Elite: Dangerous into Star Citizen? Damn I need a refund on SC then. :D
Gavyn Kopcho
Gavyn Kopcho Hace 9 días
Damn, I loved bounty hunting in my Eagle and then Vulture. I will absolutely reinstall this game when it comes out, or maybe even sooner...
Cartography Cops
Cartography Cops Hace 10 días
699,669 views, nice
FaveAss Hace 10 días
See you guys in 2027 when this finally comes out after being delayed for the 24th time 👋🏻
Lekuru Hace 11 días
Wait... Does this mean, i can finally WALK?! YAAAAY
Xtariz Hace 11 días
I think this is the update we can get to land on those earth like planets... and can actually find Raxxla... Maybe it requires the player to get out of the ship to solve a puzzle
Nightmare Hace 11 días
i thought the ships are as big as a mountain hmm but this is still cool,
Donato Tusi
Donato Tusi Hace 10 días
yeah that anaconda seemed terribly downsized lol
jrizzle1222 Hace 12 días
Orion Hace 12 días
Does anyone know if we'll get ship interiors? I hope it's not just another teleport outside thing...
Baleur Hace 12 días
Notice how the characters on foot in the trailer didnt actually have anything TO DO?
Tmant321 Hace 10 días
this..... this was a minute long..... have you ever been able to accomplish anything in this game in 1 minute?
Von_Geist Hace 13 días
“Great”, so we waited 3 years now to walk on dead rocks, that always look the same and never have different gas atmospheres geology, water, weather, or anything that makes every planet in the universe actually immensely interesting.
Mikkel Galsgaard
Mikkel Galsgaard Hace 13 días
Is it really happening???? Stopped playing years ago, am deffinetly returning for this
Pablo Hace 13 días
I like to see the characters keeping social distancing. Wash your space suit! say no to SpaceCovid-76
djmikeymack Hace 14 días
Finally! Can’t wait to upgrade my field gear and utilize the DropShip or Kheelback the way they’re meant to be used!
Ren McCormack
Ren McCormack Hace 14 días
People who don't play ED. "What they landed a ship?"
Dracoth Begone
Dracoth Begone Hace 14 días
*Cool, now i can pay to walk on empty planets*
Dracoth Begone
Dracoth Begone Hace 6 días
@iShayne sup bro
iShayne Hace 6 días
lmfao wtf karen relax
Nekdo Zahadny
Nekdo Zahadny Hace 14 días
PUNIDINHO Hace 15 días
Take my money
Humanoid Nfin8
Humanoid Nfin8 Hace 15 días
Beyond just the fact that we're getting our "space legs", it looks like we're getting guns, jetpacks and then some. I'm excited to see what personal gear we will have access to. Even if it's only half as much as compared to our other stuff, it'll still be pretty cool. I'll be tempering my expectations, but I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed that they really surprise us with things like medkits, stims, hacking equipment, and other various tools.
Patrick Lloyd
Patrick Lloyd Hace 16 días
I know it is something of a pipe dream to get all (or any) of these in this comment, but I hope we get some means to really make use of the new mechanics and variety of surface installations. For that, I've got a few ideas knocking around this head of mine I just want to get out: - A new, "Oversize" class of ships. The very definition of endgame. Base prices in the billions, too large to fit on stations, outposts or carriers, but they do have an integrated small ship pad allowing players to carry a small ship with them that could be used to ferry goods and services to and from. Only surface installations/cities have huge-size landing pads that could accommodate them. The ships would be very versatile, aside from the possibilities from being able to carry an additional small ship with you, the Oversize vessels will have bountiful and large internal modules. Services for repairs and outfitting is predictably going to be quite pricey. A-Rating it might even be more expensive than a Fleet Carrier upfront. Maneuverability is very poor, and will rely on mighty shields, fighters, escorts, and turrets to adequately defend themselves. Fixed and gimbal mounts are simply incompatible and cannot be installed on them. Ships would include the _Boa Mk.2_ for independents, _Panther Clipper_ for the Alliance, _Puma Clipper_ for the Imperials, and the _Narwhal Liner_ for the Federation. - New SRVs. Actually make the H-class hangars fundamentally differ from the G-Class ones. While G would be used for smaller rovers, H would fit much larger rovers, from large cargo mules to ferry goods, to heavily armed and armored vehicles that could assault bases, or large mining rigs and surveyors able to seek for ore deposits and artifacts deep underground. In order to fit them however, the ship needs to be compatible with a fighter bay, and would indeed, deploy those heavy rovers from the fighter bay lift rather than the cargo hatch. - The return of Airfighters. A way to bring these useless ships from FE2 and FFE back into canon and make them worthwhile. These Airfighters shall differ from a traditional Ship-Launched Fighter in that they are faster, more maneuverable, and just generally perform better than the current SLFs in an atmosphere, while also costing much less to purchase. However there is a caveat: in that these Airfighters could _only_ be used in an atmosphere. They cannot be deployed in space (and indeed if you were to lift it out into space, would float away helplessly like the SRVs do.) The Federal _Falcon,_ Alliance _Hawk,_ Independent _Saker,_ and Imperial _Kestrel_ would be your hangar options.
Noah Atcha
Noah Atcha Hace 12 días
I do like the sound of that, but do you think we'll get new ships or possibly possibly get ship interiors or none which a lot of people think, only time will tell, nice ideas though 07
Hubelbupf Hace 16 días
Don't get your hopes up guys. As far as we now, we are going to be able to land on planets that are like the ones we can now, but with a blueish skybox and walk instead of drive around. Wouldn't be surprised, if you would teleport out of your ship too, like with the SRV and not even walk inside your ship. I'd like to be wrong, don't misunderstand me. Just don't think it will be, what we all want it to be
Dan Smith
Dan Smith Hace 16 días
No mans sky is looking great these days
Mac Hace 16 días
YEARS OF DISSAPOINTMENT after DEVS add shite we did not ask for. So much requires outside help as it is not provided in game. So much of their shite ideas is dull and they do not add Gameplay. Utter shite job by FD and they will continue making Shite. Yes a huge DISSAPOINTMENT. It won't get better than shite.
Yoda Hace 16 días
Hmm yes blue sky 🧐
Ilias Christens
Ilias Christens Hace 16 días
The hype is Real.
Osmone Everony
Osmone Everony Hace 16 días
How much?
Aorus Hace 16 días
Big thanks for the developers, i am 100% after the release we are all going to play this complete space game, like all the features on this game, it's going to be very well made with a lot of interactions and exploration to do
exodus2oo Hace 17 días
Wow ww get a release timeline for star citizen?
badhabit Hace 17 días
Elite FAIL!
Biggy Cheese
Biggy Cheese Hace un día
It’s a trailer, what do you mean it’s a fail?
VNV Fan Hace 17 días
OMFG I've been hoping for this for so long!!!
Chrome Wolf
Chrome Wolf Hace 17 días
iv been sitting down in this game so long iv got the worst case of cramp
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin Hace 17 días
I bought the game when I saw this trailer, I'm waiting for dlc!
jake araon
jake araon Hace 17 días
This is really beautiful
Arturo Castro
Arturo Castro Hace 17 días
I really want to buy it, but not until you fix the broken mechanics, economy and add content to make exploration interesting.
ValleyoftheKings64 Hace 17 días
*When Star Citizen is taking too long* Elite Dangerous: Fine, I'll do it myself
Khải Trần
Khải Trần Hace 17 días
Will it available on steam? I'm a steam player.
Biggy Cheese
Biggy Cheese Hace un día
Odyssey already is up on steam to wishlist
Prime Technophilia
Prime Technophilia Hace 18 días
I don't see the point unless this costs $25,000. I mean that is what people want!
Surreal Supercell
Surreal Supercell Hace 18 días
Perhaps I have a an actual reason to play ED agaib
Charlie Luck
Charlie Luck Hace 18 días
I know this is only pre alpha footage but doe anyone else thing the anaconda looked a little small? I couldn’t be more excited for this update but I hope the scales of the ships stay the same
Rice Cooker
Rice Cooker Hace 18 días
This is going to be fun...
Good Apollo
Good Apollo Hace 19 días
Lifetime backer, I absolutely can't wait for this. I was always with this game for the long haul. Since its release, Elite Dangerous has some of the best audiovisual presentation I've ever seen in a video game, and is capable of truly making you feel like you're traveling across a galaxy in space. While not for every gamer, I'm so grateful for this game and am so excited for the future.
Pier IWTB Hace 19 días
Finally! Great news!
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Hace 19 días
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