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How is jaywalking a thing? What’s up with food fights? And why is the Happy Birthday song so sad? Trevor tells the audience eight stories about things in America that have surprised him.
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Philip Petty
Philip Petty Hace un hora
If you ain't voting for Kanye, you ain't black!
Empress Baker
Empress Baker Hace 2 horas
T M Kazii Ru-el Facebook #PBP-PEOPLESBANGLAPARTY Hace 2 horas
Marcus Davis
Marcus Davis Hace 5 horas
Y’all sound ignorant AF do you know when that song was written or even listened to the words of the actual song?? Sit y’all selves down somewhere and read a book sometime to know your history? Better yet use your smart phone because it’s right at your fingertips
Jimmie Robinson
Jimmie Robinson Hace 6 horas
Marry me, Trevor!
Subayeel Hace 6 horas
4:19 "One year closer to death" That is true,maybe that is why the maker of this song combined the word "Happy" and sad tone just to remind us that u lived 1 year of ur life but still u are "One year closer to death" aswell.
Basketlady Hace 7 horas
I have a small correction for #6. The Americans with Disabilities Act recognizes only two animals as service animals---dogs and miniature ponies. These two are allowed anywhere that the public is allowed. Therapy animals can be just about anything, but they do not have public access. Thank you for your program. I have learned a lot from it.
Wheelie Blind
Wheelie Blind Hace 9 horas
It's not just the tone and the pitch the the fact that most people can't sing. I have to agree it is the most depressing shit lol.
Gloria Roberts
Gloria Roberts Hace 12 horas
Jake Tapper's book................the outpost
Mr Mongz
Mr Mongz Hace 13 horas
Freddie Smith
Freddie Smith Hace 13 horas
Stop wasting food, other peoples are starving.
Darren Pene Junior Pati
Darren Pene Junior Pati Hace 13 horas
In samoa, the inmates get to go home in the weekend so that they may attend church. Interestingly, they all return Monday. 🤣🤣🤣
Sookie Sookie
Sookie Sookie Hace 15 horas
I'll NEVER sing the Happy Birthday song like that AGAIN😲I'm thinking the origin of the melody & tone from that song dates back to witches whom may have very well cast a spell of death on those who they sing the song to. Just like Nursery Ryhmes have a tragic subject matter& the phrase,"God Bless You!', after someone sneezes😲
Estefferson Torres
Estefferson Torres Hace 15 horas
4:15 -- Trevor thinks that because he never went to a brazilian birthday party! We sing Happy Birthday with joy and clap our hands the whole song! PS: Of course we sing the portuguese version, but the melody is the same, just more lively.
Malini MONICHON Hace 15 horas
Huge fan from N.C
Mythic Pie
Mythic Pie Hace 16 horas
ESwomen is pushing this awful dogturd on me
Fakhrus Salhin
Fakhrus Salhin Hace 17 horas
Billionaires who pay for vaccination in Africa, India and other poor countries will never spend those billions in removing root the cause of all those disease:POVERTY. they'll never invest in creating Jobs for the Africans because welfare of the poor classes is never their motive all the "charity" work always has some hidden agendas be it saving taxes or controlling population (according to some conspiracy theories) or whatever
Thendo Siphuma
Thendo Siphuma Hace 19 horas
So American cats can't climb down tree ?🤔 hahaha
Advic77 Hace 19 horas
The richness of diversity.....Enjoy
G Bridegan
G Bridegan Hace 20 horas
President Trump loves and fights for America, Dems want to disband the police, destroy our statues and insight mob violence. No wonder he will win again in a few months. Boycott Fake News!
Lisa Jeffersonnn
Lisa Jeffersonnn Hace 21 un hora
America: the goverment doesnt work properly Belgium: Whats that?....
Sbu Hlengwa
Sbu Hlengwa Hace 22 horas
Andre Francis
Andre Francis Hace 23 horas
Who wrote the phrase ---" Racism Denial" ? That caption was written by someone with racist views --- a traitor is among you Trevor. Someone or individuals sympathetic to racism is in the editorial staff of Trevor Noah.
Tara Hudson
Tara Hudson Hace 23 horas
You’re gonna judge me but I judge you back!😂😂
Death Heart
Death Heart Hace 23 horas
The happy birthday song... I've told my brothers something similar to that. And I have never seen this video or scene... So that's weird... Or is it?
Thomas Granner
Thomas Granner Hace un día
STOP THE PANIC!!! It is absurd, you are bombared by drama and fakenews. Get real information from independant scientific source and vote this idiots that lock you down and destroy your life out of office: swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/ You are massivly mislead, they are always taking about "cases" or "infected", this is a big LIE! These people are a result of excessive PCR testing, at least 90% of them people will never ever get any symptoms, less than one percent will get really sick. Even worse, the PCR Test has a huge false positive rate and is extremely unreliable in situations where there are only few cases, as it is the case in most of the world, mainstream media spreads lies and manipulation, this is big money and big hype, stop following those idiots. Preserve sanity, preserve democracy, preserve humanity, do not let you be driven into Corona Dystopia with total control, powergrabbing government, and idiots that attack people who want to live their life in peace. This is the time to stand up for libery, or it will be gone for decades!
Dexter Karl
Dexter Karl Hace un día
Over grown chicken .....buffalo chicken
Uday Tej Singh
Uday Tej Singh Hace un día
5:03 that guy is a savage
Poemi10304 Hace un día
Idk, I think of the happy birthday song as an earnest wish for someone to have a happy birthday, like....heartfelt, you know? Like a sweet expression of caring for someone else.
Sena Tese
Sena Tese Hace un día
YO! We also grew up with the Disney birthday song XD as well as the Happy Birthday by DJ Bobo. XD
DS Domination Dad
DS Domination Dad Hace un día
agreed, that's why i totally play around with cadence and pace...otherwise it's horrible.
- Hace un día
Here in puerto rico we shit talk each other in the second part of the song , refrencing how old they are getting . Even comparing the person whos older is as old as old milk behind the fridge. Idk if this was a commmon thing here , but i hear it a LOT
Amazing man. I've been seeing your videos (earlier John Stuart's) for quite some time now. I think this is exactly what I wanna do. Telling people about serious issues in a simple and non-serious manner. But I don't think I'll be even a hundredth part effective in delivering the ideas the way you do. Respect and love from India, Trevor.
Gugu, Mc Anthony Ngcobo
Gugu, Mc Anthony Ngcobo Hace un día
True reflection of home
Lali Lata
Lali Lata Hace un día
That congress analogy of the broken window was so spot on. As an immigrant myself, I use to get so boiled inside when I see class mates treat their food like nothing, and waste paper and pens like it's nothing. But now... I'm comfortably numbed.
Ingrid Jager
Ingrid Jager Hace un día
It's true. If a person don't speak English and don't know the "happy birthday song" ( wich are not much😅) that must really sound sad😂
Mny AKcy
Mny AKcy Hace un día
My fav bithday song 😂m.eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-3kyn9Es4HoY.html
zunai andre
zunai andre Hace un día
I love my South Africa with its problems 😘
Junene Wallace
Junene Wallace Hace un día
Tell us more...😂😂😂
Katie Hahn née Santos
Katie Hahn née Santos Hace un día
Trevor! My family has sung the Donald Duck bday song since the 80's!!! I thought we were the only ones who remembered it! ♥️😂♥️
you can have Draco imma have Aizawa
you can have Draco imma have Aizawa Hace un día
I’vE never really needed to use 999 cause the only crime that I’ve ever experienced was when my friend was being followed when she left Costa early cus her mum was picking her up. My friend got scared and called me and my friends who gave her directions and we after we found out she was, we emailed our school’s safe guarding counseller and gave details about the man who was following her. We didn’t even think about the police cause by the time the police would come my friend might’ve been kidnapped cause she didn’t know the place much. I mean we didn’t need to cry to the police when my friend was nearly kidnapped so why are people calling the police for things like selling water without a permit???
Comedybrand Hace un día
Its called a funeral derge....
E Robertson
E Robertson Hace 2 días
America certainly needs a truth and reconciliation committee! Sadly the group that would be most opposed, would be diabetic, gun toting, trailer dwelling whites in the south and midwest. I come from that stock, but recognize how working class people have been pitted against each other and been made pawns, to defend the status quo! I hope real empathy and a sense of commonality can come from recent events. Police aren't benefiting anyone except the landed class! It's gonna be hard to break 300+ years of conditioning these knuckleheads, who've never benefitted from the confederacy though. They're only cheering for the Celtic's in the 80's with a few more white players.
Matt King
Matt King Hace 2 días
Trevor Noah is a punk. He is a fake journalist who thinks he is a real one. He couldn’t get a job as a comedian so he took over Jon Stewart's job. Luckiest break this man’s pathetic career. He’s not even funny. He’s just a typical whiney liberal puss.
Caleniel Thranduillion
Caleniel Thranduillion Hace 2 días
11:11 Even in India
idary silva
idary silva Hace 2 días
Lol right when he said he ruined the surprise for the game an ad came up and said what a surprise 😂😂😂
Mfundo Nzama
Mfundo Nzama Hace 2 días
Me: *opens video * 16mins is too long *video ends* is there a part 2?
Otherworldlytwo2nine Hace 2 días
Trevor's accents are EVERYTHING!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Glenda Davis
Glenda Davis Hace 2 días
Trevor why are these people always walking I'm front and back of you.
Soul Punker
Soul Punker Hace 2 días
That last one tho is like super true
King Cyrus
King Cyrus Hace 2 días
Who else miss Trevor and his audience?? I miss him very much
Beatriz Rocha
Beatriz Rocha Hace 2 días
CryBite Hace 2 días
People respond they have nothing to do with slavery because the most of the time when someone brings it up they don't want to talk about IT. They wan't to talk about how it connects to you and the fact that you owe them something in their opinion.
Abegail Quilario
Abegail Quilario Hace 2 días
He is so funny and smart
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Hace 2 días
Raiha NS
Raiha NS Hace 2 días
You are right about the chicken
Kibe Ndung'u
Kibe Ndung'u Hace 2 días
...he is my hero of story telling ....i struggle telling stories...
Kibe Ndung'u
Kibe Ndung'u Hace 2 días
...ask anybody brought up as Jehovah's witnesses they will honestly tell they dnt relate to celebrating birthdays
Kibe Ndung'u
Kibe Ndung'u Hace 2 días
...i hope he is not lured into politics or holyweird
Sun Rabbit
Sun Rabbit Hace 2 días
He's right. I have similar mental notes from my few years in the USA, like the depressing fact that most people live in wooden houses. As if the original immigrants quickly discovered what a horrible place the USA is, and just wanted some cheap temporary housing similar to the Indian teepees. I'm sure they did it as a cost-saving measure so they could save up more money before they left, but sadly they didn't, and nowadays their descendants live in them.
TheBrownIsland Hace 2 días
People thought I was Crazy for thinking the "Happy Birthday" song is Depressing. I never liked it.
nikte ibarra lopez de la fuente
nikte ibarra lopez de la fuente Hace un día
XCHRXSTXAN Hace 2 días
Two first names
DC 21
DC 21 Hace 2 días
Yes Sir.. I was raised to believe ..eating was like praying and WE Never waste food... and yes the African Poor CHILDREN.. so 30 sum yrs later..what you think I tell my kids ...
BRETT WHITE Hace 2 días
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Sparkles Hace 2 días
Help me. I’m in love with Trevor! ❤️
DC 21
DC 21 Hace 2 días
😂👏Trev you're absolutely right on that traditional HBD Song😂👍
sana Tamboli
sana Tamboli Hace 2 días
In India they don't even pick up the call lol
steven dominguez
steven dominguez Hace 3 días
21Devil God
21Devil God Hace 3 días
I really don’t celebrate happy birthday because of religion and it’s also one year closer to death
Peter Slegers
Peter Slegers Hace 3 días
If you put time stamps in the description, the red timeline will be cut into pieces. That makes it easy to jump ahead if you already know a piece. 0:00 #1 Calling 9-1-1 2:15 #2 The Happy Birthday Song 5:14 #3 World Cup Commentary 6:48 #4 Jaywalking Laws 7:50 #5 Racism Denial 11:06 #6 Silicon Valley's African Trends 12:57 #7 Governments Shutdown 15:17 #8 Food Fights
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