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Our video editors star in another EPIC video and go BIG!
Thanks to Whistle for partnering with us on the video!
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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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Pound it 👊🏻 Noggin 🙇🏻‍♂️
- Dude Perfect

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Matt Swade
Matt Swade Hace 12 horas
Tim is the best
Cooper Ganglen
Cooper Ganglen Hace un día
Sooo cool!
Cooper Ganglen
Cooper Ganglen Hace un día
Simpledoer Hace un día
Who is in the Panda costume anyways, they never revealed who is inside.
Sil3nt_ brick
Sil3nt_ brick Hace un día
Will is a fellow Asian like me😀
Troll Day
Troll Day Hace un día
I'm going to appreciate more the edit of the videos next time
Megan Toronga
Megan Toronga Hace un día
This was AMAZING! Y’all made me so happy. 😹
Imperial_M Hace 2 días
Panda is in more videos than that. In almost every trickshots video he's on the back wall during the outro
dayaadityan king science
dayaadityan king science Hace 2 días
Pound it noggin see ya
True Dzedaj
True Dzedaj Hace 2 días
But wait, who filmed them
Kyle Credeur
Kyle Credeur Hace 3 días
My life Cut the red wire They are all red Cut all of them
Kyle Credeur
Kyle Credeur Hace 3 días
Chad: Will I need you to cut the big satellite Will: The big one? Chad: Yes the big one
Fredéric Lanteigne
Fredéric Lanteigne Hace 3 días
Wonder there's a editor edition 3
Dhilan Sandesara
Dhilan Sandesara Hace 3 días
do you fake your shots?
Ram K
Ram K Hace 3 días
Now- who's the new editor? OT 13- Will-the best editor ever!!!
Wole Adegoke
Wole Adegoke Hace 4 días
This vid was fire
Agnieszka Chrostowski
Agnieszka Chrostowski Hace 4 días
Will: I can’t do this! *Has to only cut wires*
Nikhil Pahalan
Nikhil Pahalan Hace 4 días
Great vid. What editor do u guys use, DP
Tzviel Kahan
Tzviel Kahan Hace 4 días
The dropping stuff is on purpose because why would they have it on camera
Niko Jelic-masterton
Niko Jelic-masterton Hace 4 días
I hate the editor editions Am I the only one or not ¿
tesla is bad
tesla is bad Hace 5 días
I like how the backboard landed as well 7:31
Electric Napkin
Electric Napkin Hace 5 días
1:10 If the editors are the ones filming, then who filmed this?
Sarah Clayton
Sarah Clayton Hace 5 días
wait is this real?
HK's flight simulations
HK's flight simulations Hace 5 días
PLS tell me when will the video come
HK's flight simulations
HK's flight simulations Hace 5 días
I wish there were an editor edition 3.
im a crazy loser
im a crazy loser Hace 6 días
4:48 no dumpster fires 4:49 there was a dumpster fire..............
Wyatt Games
Wyatt Games Hace 6 días
Am I the only one waiting for editors edition 3
Nidaa Hs
Nidaa Hs Hace 6 días
Who’s the cameraman in this episode?😂
Nikhil Pahalan
Nikhil Pahalan Hace 4 días
Who knows
kritin jain
kritin jain Hace 7 días
this was the most boring tricksho video ever
Not All The People Laugh To You, Terrell, Not Me
Megumin Hace 7 días
them: Videos deleted me: *dramatic reenactment*
Isaiah Rubalcava
Isaiah Rubalcava Hace 8 días
"Pound it, Noggin, See Ya!" 2:46 😂😂
Roipz Hace 8 días
I like how the scissors were scotch scissors.
Nizar Hace 9 días
You used the command prompt for the hacking and created a fake virus that panda was using in another room using a USB
BeastTrooper 99
BeastTrooper 99 Hace 9 días
Can you guys subscribe to my ESwomen channel BeastTrooper 99
Rayyan OMG
Rayyan OMG Hace 9 días
6:26 cody's 3 D printer
Parker Brewster
Parker Brewster Hace 9 días
qwerty15907 Hace 9 días
2:29 *Avengers music plays*
Alexandra Hace 9 días
Gacha Oop
Gacha Oop Hace 10 días
I know who deleted dude perfect's videos THANOS!!!!
Dev Anand
Dev Anand Hace 10 días
🐼 panda🤣🤣
Richard Lee
Richard Lee Hace 10 días
3:43 look at the computer screen
Shryan Anil
Shryan Anil Hace 10 días
Make a editor edition 3
Rajesh Debar
Rajesh Debar Hace 10 días
Finish ed
Rajesh Debar
Rajesh Debar Hace 10 días
Do is the best
Rajesh Debar
Rajesh Debar Hace 10 días
joseph frankl
joseph frankl Hace 11 días
i love it!
Gabriel Zahn
Gabriel Zahn Hace 12 días
That was awesome when they ran all the data out of the building
HeroBit Hace 12 días
Wait, who filmed the camera guys if they weren't filming each other?
Christian Johnston
Christian Johnston Hace 12 días
William Wilson
William Wilson Hace 12 días
my question is how did the dumpster fire start 4:48
Clark V
Clark V Hace 13 días
Who's up for editor edition 3? Anyone? Just me? Ok...
Sarah M
Sarah M Hace 13 días
The editors should have their own channel
Chirag Mehta
Chirag Mehta Hace 13 días
We want editor Edition 3
JJ Wrestling
JJ Wrestling Hace 13 días
Yes ESwomen. Please recommend 9 month old videos to me
RockyPlaysminecraft Hace 14 días
How did the fire start
RockyPlaysminecraft Hace 14 días
So dramatic that it’s funny
Jacob Mills
Jacob Mills Hace 14 días
Can we get a total behind the scenes from a video where they show the camera moving and how the video is edited
Amir Aslanbaigi
Amir Aslanbaigi Hace 14 días
imagine if they missed that rocket shot 😂
Julia Fleischer
Julia Fleischer Hace 14 días
This is amazing I love it! Editor 3?????
DR.Dragon12 Hace 15 días
Bro who is hitting the dislike button 🤬. Dude Perfect is the best 😎😍 I hate the people who pressed the dislike button go f*** yourself people.
Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer Hace 15 días
Devjeet Mishra
Devjeet Mishra Hace 15 días
The greatest video you have ever seen. Star wars verses DP editor edition
Gubby152 Hace 16 días
what’s that song in the intro?
Eyoel Zelalem
Eyoel Zelalem Hace 16 días
Made my day in Quarintine
Eyoel Zelalem
Eyoel Zelalem Hace 16 días
Their acting and editing is ⌨️🔥🔥
Lucas Hace 16 días
“Now we gotta edit this”
Polar bear
Polar bear Hace 16 días
They said it couldn't be done.but I thought otherwise. JaegerFTW
LolpT Hace 17 días
Matias Ignacio GARCIA
Matias Ignacio GARCIA Hace 17 días
1:15 the BIG one
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