Edgelord rapper goes too far... On Dr. Phil...

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Edgelord rapper goes too far... On Dr. Phil...
Dr. Phillip C. McGraw's show draws on his 25 years of experience in psychology, sociology and observation. Beginning his TV career as the resident expert on human behavior on Oprah Winfrey's daily talk show, Dr. Phil continues to deal with real issues in his blunt style.
Dr. Phil Can't Take this Fortnite kid... eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-6EzXrqL08LU.html
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John Murphy
John Murphy Hace 13 horas
Undercover Gaysey
Wolf hunter 2259
Wolf hunter 2259 Hace un día
I liked g
Rex The Mouse
Rex The Mouse Hace 2 días
Shawn Naylor
Shawn Naylor Hace 5 días
He needs a heart to heart with Dave Ramsey
ToTaLy NoT a FuRrIe ;3
ToTaLy NoT a FuRrIe ;3 Hace 5 días
Art is my hobby but it’s gonna be my job
The Springtrap
The Springtrap Hace 7 días
BUT I give this dude credit. He can get 2 DIFFERENT CONTACTS in while I cant even get one in after an hour of battling.
Strike The Furry
Strike The Furry Hace 8 días
0:37 *_Menacing_*
Wade Scott
Wade Scott Hace 12 días
He is so far in the closet.. poor fella
Ina Amani
Ina Amani Hace 13 días
Dr phill : king crimson All jjba fans: *KING CRIMSON*
Plain Pickle
Plain Pickle Hace 14 días
Man's face is a baseball.
Chunky Tomato Soup
Chunky Tomato Soup Hace 14 días
King Crimson? Robert Fripp won’t be happy about this.
SlowrollYTBFF 1
SlowrollYTBFF 1 Hace 14 días
I would've left him if he hadn't worked in two years
Bryant Angton
Bryant Angton Hace 16 días
Can we hear a track???
Aria Kindler
Aria Kindler Hace 18 días
keeng crimson
kuda Hace 18 días
Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: King Crimson: 🤡
Caboose Gamer Gamer
Caboose Gamer Gamer Hace 19 días
We found the lord juggalo
Copy & Paste
Copy & Paste Hace 20 días
Grim? pfffft more like Dr. Grim!
random stair
random stair Hace 20 días
"Let me focus on my art!" Art is an EXPLOSION
Kyl Save
Kyl Save Hace 21 un día
My dad literally has tattoos from his shoulder to his elbow you should be able to get a job
Woomyand Veemo
Woomyand Veemo Hace 21 un día
*Meme status*
Jhan Carlos Molina Arana
Jhan Carlos Molina Arana Hace 21 un día
0:34 nibba watching jojo
Don't ask Questions 8143
Don't ask Questions 8143 Hace 22 días
Soooooooo am ICP rejection
Insert your feelings [here]
Insert your feelings [here] Hace 24 días
hello Hace 25 días
Btw king crimson is taken
Diana Young
Diana Young Hace 25 días
King crimson jojo reference
August Lacroix
August Lacroix Hace 26 días
Vincent Schorlemmer
Vincent Schorlemmer Hace 26 días
It just works
Bumble Juice
Bumble Juice Hace 26 días
he said 🎤 🤡
Jason Houle
Jason Houle Hace 27 días
I don't need sleep, I need answers.
Michael Kariuki
Michael Kariuki Hace 28 días
Please don't make another bhad babbie outta this I don't think we could deal
Mike Gudelj
Mike Gudelj Hace 28 días
Roboslaya78 Hace 28 días
Lillie Risner
Lillie Risner Hace 28 días
This guy isn't just disturbing... He's an outright DIRTBAG!
Saucy Sausage
Saucy Sausage Hace 29 días
Uhmmm as someone who likes clowns and doing clown makeup we don’t claim him :////
Me Chicken
Me Chicken Hace 29 días
Man this is one Golden experience.
Ikhlas Aden
Ikhlas Aden Hace 29 días
Matthew Florio
Matthew Florio Hace 25 días
America's Ass
America's Ass Hace 29 días
CxKarma Hace 29 días
Im 13 and im working.
Alice Hunter
Alice Hunter Hace un mes
This man looks like the demogorgon from stranger things
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader Hace un mes
John Willson
John Willson Hace un mes
Matthew Florio
Matthew Florio Hace 25 días
Hyp3r Gaming
Hyp3r Gaming Hace un mes
"King crimson" Bruh moment
Ui shaggy
Ui shaggy Hace un mes
Seven Hace un mes
I don't need a job. *Gets 25k debt*
Basically Eli
Basically Eli Hace un mes
1 _ MRW _ 2
1 _ MRW _ 2 Hace un mes
He sings about killing people but never even shot a bb gun before
Justin Proulx
Justin Proulx Hace un mes
King Edgelord?
Srikar Baru
Srikar Baru Hace un mes
First Kid Buu now King Crimson
Conn Films
Conn Films Hace un mes
Can someone tell me the music?
Subscribe To Me For No Reason
Subscribe To Me For No Reason Hace un mes
Grim... No offense but you seem like a discount leafy😧😧
Armageddon Aaron
Armageddon Aaron Hace un mes
Lazy p.o.s
Praz Hace un mes
I love ICP
magic maniac
magic maniac Hace un mes
Goth version of a weeb
Brittany Patton
Brittany Patton Hace 18 días
B717R BLRO Hace un mes
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-5uVuW7VhIsA.html thnk me later.
Jose Manuel Manjarrez Vega
Jose Manuel Manjarrez Vega Hace un mes
Lol :v
AlexLolBye Hace un mes
YNM Melly: *Sits quietly in the corner*
Adam Ouellette
Adam Ouellette Hace un mes
326th comments
MAurice Sk8s
MAurice Sk8s Hace un mes
Garrett Lewis
Garrett Lewis Hace un mes
ICP is still as popular as ever
Sketch Eli Official
Sketch Eli Official Hace un mes
King crimson is literally as far back as the 80s, guys...
TRASHEDIT S Hace un mes
your mom
your mom Hace un mes
He listened to Insane Clown Posse once.
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah Hace un mes
I just subscribed oof
Jermaine Parojinog
Jermaine Parojinog Hace un mes
Me is new part of notification squad
William Bradford
William Bradford Hace un mes
Dr. Phil be like annoyed noises
Novaach the Commie
Novaach the Commie Hace un mes
OoOoo edgy
Fluxz TheProGamer
Fluxz TheProGamer Hace un mes
you sound like just destiny
Will Anthonio Zeppeli
Will Anthonio Zeppeli Hace un mes
This guy makes me want to PreDicT tHe FutuRe
Will Anthonio Zeppeli
Will Anthonio Zeppeli Hace 24 días
@Matthew Florio wat?
Matthew Florio
Matthew Florio Hace 25 días
Ashon James
Ashon James Hace un mes
King Crimson? Is that a Jojo reference?
just_a_ hoodie
just_a_ hoodie Hace un mes
I have like every comments www.modtubeapp.com/cappoz30.dl.html
Dr. Phil Exposes SCAM Artist...
Morgz is actually poor...
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