Ed Sheeran - Take Me Back To London (Sir Spyro Remix) [feat. Stormzy, Jaykae & Aitch]

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Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

Hace 5 meses

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CrAcK3DbOt Hace 57 minutos
bruh jaykaes first bars accent tho
Zak ra
Zak ra Hace un hora
what a song!
A Oz
A Oz Hace 6 horas
My favourite part is when Birmingham enters stage left followed by Manchester. It's a lot to process.
Darbo Boyle
Darbo Boyle Hace 8 horas
they all want apart of that ed sheeran money, he writes mad songs and is popular like coldplay but not a cunt
Darbo Boyle
Darbo Boyle Hace 8 horas
ed sheern looks like he should be in the dark crystal
Lolola girl
Lolola girl Hace 8 horas
OMG I play this song every time I got to London to see my dad lol From Lololagirl
Rizwana Kousar
Rizwana Kousar Hace 10 horas
Takenback to london but no visa
Rizwana Kousar
Rizwana Kousar Hace 10 horas
Iam drunk
Rizwana Kousar
Rizwana Kousar Hace 10 horas
Rizwana Kousar
Rizwana Kousar Hace 10 horas
Yo come on sing along whith me
Rizwana Kousar
Rizwana Kousar Hace 10 horas
Clb311008 Hace 11 horas
So good to I love this song
Juned Ahmed uk
Juned Ahmed uk Hace 11 horas
UK 🇬🇧
Lamija Avdić
Lamija Avdić Hace 11 horas
2050:kids in bathroom listening to songs like this Me:take me back to these times
Brad Hammond
Brad Hammond Hace 11 horas
Witch the best I've me him
Brad Hammond
Brad Hammond Hace 11 horas
True he is best
pinky floyd
pinky floyd Hace 13 horas
What a fucking useless pack of wankers with this shit music !!!
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy Hace 15 horas
Fuck b40 blues clues fools all about b6 killa from the the villa pride of the midlands snm
Nice Chips ßatiste
Nice Chips ßatiste Hace 16 horas
1st time i listen: Yea is ok 2nd time i listen: This nice 3rd time i listen: THIS THE BEST FREAKIN SONG 4th time i listen: TAKE ME BACK TO LONDON
bobbizon oik
bobbizon oik Hace 20 horas
Диссы поставили веганы которые плакали когда Эд ездил на машине по ихнему завтраку
Naz Sunny
Naz Sunny Hace 23 horas
Never head of Aitch before but now he's my new British fav (ofcourse after ed)
Caspar Zialor
Caspar Zialor Hace un día
Been living in China and now Japan for 5 years and this song connected with me in an unexpected ways
bubbi76 Hace un día
HipHop coming beck home to the London
ekpo idikwu
ekpo idikwu Hace un día
Who's here because of Aitch?
Nimo Sool
Nimo Sool Hace un día
d3adsoulja Hace un día
All of em proper dickheads with too much money for rapping shite. WILEY FTW
Hunda Hunda
Hunda Hunda Hace un día
Man this is sick I don't take my eyes off this song!
Maggie Butcher
Maggie Butcher Hace un día
Omg aitch says my name in this ❤️❤️
15 cars Rockstars
15 cars Rockstars Hace un día
Maggie Butcher he says ‘manny’ Which is slang for Manchester
-_-Razerx -_-
-_-Razerx -_- Hace un día
Silky Sway
Silky Sway Hace un día
Best song
REEPO Hace un día
chicken sop amelia secretly ghost writed jk and aitch bar with the HIJK
Axton Alex
Axton Alex Hace un día
spread legs for the dicks gettin' high
Axton Alex
Axton Alex Hace un día
spread legs for the dicks gettin' high
Ben Ben
Ben Ben Hace un día
👂 2020
Hans Vandenbossche
Hans Vandenbossche Hace un día
Londen got lots of talent
Saad Waheed
Saad Waheed Hace 21 un hora
Ed is from Ipshwich, Aitch is from manny (Manchester) and Jaykee is from Birmingham.
Saad Waheed
Saad Waheed Hace 21 un hora
Not one of them is from london except stormzy
Kilo Corleone
Kilo Corleone Hace 2 días
Aitch the future player
Eltern10 Hace 2 días
Worst crap. Listen to the lyrics 0:37 What a disgrace that Ed teamed up with this piece of shit.
Saad Waheed
Saad Waheed Hace 2 días
That's a banger line. 🔥🔥
TheFlamingCookie Hace 2 días
Ed and stormzy make the best combo 😂
Veronica M
Veronica M Hace 2 días
Ed Sheeran - Take Me Back To London (feat. Stormzy) [Official Lyric Video] eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-ehQcuKhO5n0.html more rap verses from Ed & Stormzy
Aadhi Kesav
Aadhi Kesav Hace 2 días
Good song
Mike Nation
Mike Nation Hace 2 días
The song is in fire, the first time I heard it the beat had me going nuts.,........
Rachel Conkova
Rachel Conkova Hace 2 días
Defo first me like😂
Itz Gold
Itz Gold Hace 2 días
Who the fuck is wiley
David Pap
David Pap Hace 2 días
You can tell this is Stormzy's camera crew
Maisha 10
Maisha 10 Hace 2 días
This has got to be the most unexpected people to do a video together 😂
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith Hace 2 días
I love this version of take me back to london
Zac has skills
Zac has skills Hace 2 días
So good at rapping ED /STORSY
Imrose Nayem
Imrose Nayem Hace 2 días
It is nice to be listened without the remix😑
Veronica M
Veronica M Hace 2 días
Ed Sheeran - Take Me Back To London (feat. Stormzy) [Official Lyric Video] eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-ehQcuKhO5n0.html more rap verses from Ed & Stormzy
Jane Punt
Jane Punt Hace 2 días
Famous - Roblox
Famous - Roblox Hace 2 días
Aitch: Pack Your hat and jacket like that part
Famous - Roblox
Famous - Roblox Hace 2 días
Adding Aitch is a little weird but he is good at rapping and rhyming
Gerald Olpindo
Gerald Olpindo Hace 2 días
P.A.Q got me here
Tyler D
Tyler D Hace 2 días
Yo man ed Sheeran and. Stormzy are the best 😁😁
A Oz
A Oz Hace 3 días
I chat so much shit. Not a single scratch. Wallahi I'm blessed. Thank you for reading.
Fovvs' Girl 896
Fovvs' Girl 896 Hace 3 días
FaM aRe yOu dOm! That’s my favourite line. Didn’t realise how much I actually say that 😂😂
SilverFlame819 Hace 3 días
I love that Ed's wearing a seatbelt while he's trying to kill the dude hanging halfway out of the car. *lol*
Derkil CZ
Derkil CZ Hace 3 días
Ed rapping is so fu*king dope.
Aleksejs Aniscenkovs
Aleksejs Aniscenkovs Hace 3 días
The song is the best it up so good because it's the best song in the whole world diving play everyday I listened to every day on my Xbox phone and iPad it's like the Best Song Ever I listened to every day because of the Best Song Ever on my love I watch every day and I know your favourite games I think if you even play games already care air or if you do songs that go like this one the so good going to be so I'll get song so make-up song actually no I want make up a song I want to be a ESwomenr like you
Dan Alex
Dan Alex Hace 3 días
You don't treat a RR like that....sry, unliked
Veronica M
Veronica M Hace 3 días
it's an off-roader
Sumin Jin
Sumin Jin Hace 3 días
Is it just me but when stormzy starts rapping, it sounds so dope??🤪🤪🤪
Saad Waheed
Saad Waheed Hace 2 días
Listen to your kpop shit boiii
Станислав Стаменов
Станислав Стаменов Hace 3 días
I didn't know Romelu Lukaku could sing!
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi Hace 3 días
Like if you’re actually from London
Asad Bajwa
Asad Bajwa Hace 3 días
ed sheeran and stormzy best duo still
Jay0161 Blazing
Jay0161 Blazing Hace 3 días
How can Russ diss aitch when aitch is on a video with stormzy Ed he must be smoking crack
Sandwich_Playz Hace 3 días
ed=im new to the roadman life guys- Stormzy=s o u n d s o f t h e s k e n g Jaykae=im a pro chav Aitch=C H A V F O R L I F E
GMS Loyalty
GMS Loyalty Hace 3 días
This song as well bring me back when things in my life was more peaceful. Peace stormzy
Dan Trinh
Dan Trinh Hace 4 días
Zaller Mayhem
Zaller Mayhem Hace 4 días
Damn I hate Britain but the music is popping. Like a Provos AR-18 Or a British car in Derry city
SaladMan Hace 3 días
I mean, Britain is the best country in the world for music. Queen, The Beatles, Radiohead, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Coldplay, David Bowie, The Who, I mean the list goes on and on and on.
SaladMan Hace 3 días
Why do you hate Britain?
Bren W
Bren W Hace 4 días
Love this collaboration xx
Oreo; Hace 4 días
Aitch couldn’t be more British if he tried
Professor Lastrade
Professor Lastrade Hace 4 días
Роблокс Roblox in Cosmos Look up video of this game by Russian schoolboy. Thank you brothers. eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-fxd0UV95Ojk.html
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