Ed Sheeran - Photograph (Official Music Video)

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Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

Hace 4 años

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Directed by Emil Nava
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nurul aini
nurul aini Hace un hora
So cute... are u?
Yifei Gong
Yifei Gong Hace un hora
I don't know why i come here first, but RIP Kobe
Taylor Stuart
Taylor Stuart Hace un hora
All-Time Hip Hop Essentials
Taylor Stuart
Taylor Stuart Hace un hora
Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love [Official Video]
Taylor Stuart
Taylor Stuart Hace un hora
Mix - Ed Sheeran - Photograph (Official Music Video)
Taylor Stuart
Taylor Stuart Hace un hora
Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill [Official Video]
Neymar Sontos
Neymar Sontos Hace 3 horas
I wish I had videos of my childhood
muddy pool mcqueen
muddy pool mcqueen Hace 5 horas
for all us gingers xxxx
Juan Hace 5 horas
Puro comentario en ingles y yo llorando sin entender la letra :c no mentira si me la se jajaj
Ritheli Sivico
Ritheli Sivico Hace 6 horas
Essa música é linda ♡♡♡♡♡
fernanda leal
fernanda leal Hace 6 horas
i love this song , is a lovely song❤💕💖😍😊
バラRousmary Hace 7 horas
i like 2020 musig song ( munaycha yuyarinapaq jina )
Julio K Ceaser
Julio K Ceaser Hace 8 horas
End Sheeran is the "Goat" of all Music
ALLIENS_ GAMER Hace 9 horas
The baby jaajj i love you
Francisco Santos
Francisco Santos Hace 9 horas
kamilly souza
kamilly souza Hace 10 horas
FFF Potterhead
FFF Potterhead Hace 10 horas
A bit early 🤔😂
Ару Ибрашева
Ару Ибрашева Hace 11 horas
Our sweety Ed Sheeran❤
John Hace 12 horas
I just think it's crazy how when you look at these childhood videos now, you're like "this child is gonna be the biggest music star in the world" but they don't know it yet
FFF Potterhead
FFF Potterhead Hace 10 horas
Joy Saha
Joy Saha Hace 15 horas
Loving can heart sometimes But it is the only thing that i know😍😍
Charles Marion M. Marcera
Charles Marion M. Marcera Hace 15 horas
Why is this so flippin' pure??
Jomari Esgana
Jomari Esgana Hace 17 horas
SUONI DI ACCORDI DIFFERENTI DI OGNI VERSIONE E NUMERO(Mini Cuccioli/TDI🍎): -CM/GM: Peppa Pig/Maroon 5(10:54/04/14) -BM/F#M: Lil Nas X/Maroon 5(Intenso/42/06) -DbM/AbM: Ed Sheeran/Frozen(08/51/39❄) -Singolo/Single(Peppa Pig): CM/GM(10:20🎬) -Intenso/Main(Total Drama): EM/BM/EM(🍎) -Esteso/Extended(Frozen): AbM/EbM/Fm/DbM -Alto/High Version(TLK/39): FM/BbM/FM/CM -Inglese: Single=Italiano: Singolo(Peppa Pig🐷) -Inglese: Main=Italiano: Intenso(A tutto reality) -Inglese: Extended=Italiano: Esteso(Frozen❄) -Inglese: Regular ext.=Italiano: Regolare(❄☀️) -Inglese High=Italiano: Alto/Ampio(Il Re Leone) -COORDINATORE: Amosdoll Music(04/28/39) -VERSIONE DEL 22: Intensa/Main(Total Drama) -VERSIONE DEL 33: Estesa/Extended(Frozen#) -PUNTO DI PRETE NERO: Nordovest(Chef🍎#) -PUNTO DELL'OMINO BIANCO: Nordest(51❄) -VERO NOME DI UOMO NERO: Chef(02/14/28) -VERO NOME DI OMINO BIANCO: Olaf(28/39#) -VERSIONE DEL 28/14: Versione intensa(🎬🍎) -VERSIONE DEL 39/51: Versione estesa(🌨❄) -Versione intensa=TABELLINA DEL 14(🍎🎬) -Versione estesa=TABELLINA DEL 13(51/39❄) -Quartiere Nordovest: Monte Mario(Main ver.) -Quartiere Nordest: Flaminio(Extended version) -MONTE MARIO(14)=A tutto reality(22/58/04) -FLAMINIO(51/08)=Frozen(Extended/❄🌨☃️) -10:42=Versione intensa(Main version🍎🎬🎬) -11:53=Versione estesa(Extended version🌨❄) INFORMAZIONI RELATIVE E CORRELATE AI NUMERI IN VERSIONE INTENSA ED ESTESA:
Liu Taiwan
Liu Taiwan Hace 17 horas
Amazing MV
Heiko Rusch
Heiko Rusch Hace 17 horas
I love tis Song♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Zahra Esmaeili
Zahra Esmaeili Hace 18 horas
زز شصت زاران
Kun Pimmasorn
Kun Pimmasorn Hace 18 horas
Aarohi Barahalikar
Aarohi Barahalikar Hace 19 horas
Adorable 💓💓
Find Me
Find Me Hace 20 horas
Someones has memories all I remember is 3 inch long scar on the head
Акбота Кульманбетова
Акбота Кульманбетова Hace 20 horas
So cute
rebeca Hace 20 horas
DN Rachmadani
DN Rachmadani Hace 21 un hora
I always in love with this song❤️
MsLA Hace 22 horas
This video brings such nostalgia and as a mom, I can see how much his parents adore him and how they always encouraged him to develop his talents!
Xx_Apple_Pie_xX Hace 22 horas
5 years later..This song still make me cries :')
Laura Alonso
Laura Alonso Hace 22 horas
😘😘😘Ed Sheeran hermosa canción 😘😘
Saseendran Kandiyil
Saseendran Kandiyil Hace 22 horas
Haris Prianto
Haris Prianto Hace 22 horas
Who is the baby? Maybe someone can tell me about it
Danyelle Gaddis
Danyelle Gaddis Hace un día
What are these mysterious balls of water falling from my face. They’re evilll
Évilla Pontes
Évilla Pontes Hace un día
perfeitooooo 😍😍😍
andress gamer pro 123
andress gamer pro 123 Hace un día
ed sheran it is legend
Ken Max
Ken Max Hace un día
Awww, such sweet memories 😍😍😍
spycy gamer 001
spycy gamer 001 Hace un día
Song this song at my year 6 performance
musicwiz Hace un día
thanks ed, when things get hard you al way get me through them.
itz petra and alex
itz petra and alex Hace un día
itz petra and alex
itz petra and alex Hace un día
I dont have a word on that 😶😶
itz petra and alex
itz petra and alex Hace un día
Its soo ...
Famous - Roblox
Famous - Roblox Hace un día
❤😭 If a was born at that time or older I would be friends with Ed Sheeran
Clara Gularte
Clara Gularte Hace un día
sagar soni
sagar soni Hace un día
I'm a photographer 😇
Julia Wiedner
Julia Wiedner Hace un día
Thank you so much for sharing your privat moments with us
Fallen lmao
Fallen lmao Hace un día
its 5 years after, and I still tear up to this song.
Ravana Selimli
Ravana Selimli Hace un día
Mundo dos youtubers
Mundo dos youtubers Hace un día
Alguém em 2020 ? 🥰💜♥️🥰💜♥️
xx_SjMalay Hace un día
This song just makes me wanna cry 😢 💕
not your problem
not your problem Hace un día
i'm crying
Zuzia Fruzia
Zuzia Fruzia Hace un día
Heiko Rusch
Heiko Rusch Hace 17 horas
Hi, you from?
cethnicgamingandstopmotion _YT
cethnicgamingandstopmotion _YT Hace un día
Awwww! Thats so cute
Ice Plays
Ice Plays Hace un día
Aww omg so cute im crying its to cute
Ximena Arroyo
Ximena Arroyo Hace un día
Me da mucha ternura 😔💞
RyE4Z XBL Hace un día
Funny how we bopped this when we were younger now we here actually hurting lmfao
zdenek huallanca
zdenek huallanca Hace un día
wonderful i love this song !!
I’m A Celebrity
I’m A Celebrity Hace un día
The only music video where I get lost in the moment and forget to click of it 😍
TUA MADRE Hace un día
Ангел Боянов
Ангел Боянов Hace un día
I will listen this song every fucking day in 2020
Heiko Rusch
Heiko Rusch Hace un día
I LOVE YOU ED♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
• your • going • to • be • awesome •
• your • going • to • be • awesome • Hace un día
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much of a beautiful baby he was?
Meng GerOnly
Meng GerOnly Hace un día
2020 😌
german cejas
german cejas Hace un día
Te amo
IURINHO 030 Hace 2 días
this guy and a half
antu sebayan
antu sebayan Hace 2 días
One of the best MV
Sérgio Braga
Sérgio Braga Hace 2 días
Alguém falando em Português?
llegamos a los 1000 suscriptores sin videos
llegamos a los 1000 suscriptores sin videos Hace 2 días
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