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Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care [Official Video]

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Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

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Brianna Crisel
Brianna Crisel Hace 11 horas
This vid is so weird lol i love it😂😂
william vikbaldh
william vikbaldh Hace 11 horas
Love this so much can’t stop spamming it
LiamBell Hace 11 horas
First time on lsd 😂
hen pace
hen pace Hace 11 horas
أنا أحب هذا الشخص إذاكنت عربي ادعم التعليق بالإعجاب ليرتفع للأعلى
suman mgr
suman mgr Hace 11 horas
love this song because both are my favorite singer in the world and song is best in the best
Ignacio Rivas
Ignacio Rivas Hace 11 horas
Junstin del 2014, retrocedimos en el tiempo???
ጆን ኢቲ ከርተተኛ ኤ ሪ ት ራ ዊ
ጆን ኢቲ ከርተተኛ ኤ ሪ ት ራ ዊ Hace 11 horas
Charlie puth: we don't talk anymore Ed : I don't care
Lukas Wicher
Lukas Wicher Hace 11 horas
This is the most irritating song of his... Like he just run a marathon and forced himself to sing a rap song, but fell short of it... and hired a monkey to do that "u-u-u-u-uu-uuu"...
Elin & Elvira
Elin & Elvira Hace 11 horas
Editor: How much green screen effects do you guys want? Justin and Ed: YES BOI
Adarsh Bhat
Adarsh Bhat Hace 11 horas
*prems's EDITING
이연화 Hace 11 horas
Teddy Bread1011
Teddy Bread1011 Hace 11 horas
Yo when Justin became a corn cob I actually W H E E Z E E D
Andrea Gandolfi
Andrea Gandolfi Hace 11 horas
Like ed sheran Comment justin
Teddy Bread1011
Teddy Bread1011 Hace 11 horas
Am I on drugs?
Teddy Bread1011
Teddy Bread1011 Hace 11 horas
That A+ green screen
gacha cookie uwu
gacha cookie uwu Hace 11 horas
Hey its -koala- and the *baboon* playing rge green screen.
mehrnoushrm Hace 11 horas
Low budget music video
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Hace 11 horas
this is great LOL
Kircho Grozdanov
Kircho Grozdanov Hace 11 horas
Post production is awful :(
kyle cooper
kyle cooper Hace 11 horas
the only music video that ive seen that DOESN'T ruin the song for me, i love it even more.
Parveen Hassan
Parveen Hassan Hace 11 horas
Came here after watching cross me
CGI Future
CGI Future Hace 11 horas
No one: Ed Sheeran: I want to be a meme
Silva Calulo
Silva Calulo Hace 12 horas
as vezes a simplicidade nos videos transmitem exactamente a mensagem da musica like like like
Mirof Dummy
Mirof Dummy Hace 12 horas
Ed sheeran and Justin Bieber feel so crazy when they we're together
CGI Future
CGI Future Hace 12 horas
Everyone: you can't make a music video with green screen Ed Sheeran: hold my beer
jamesYT gaming
jamesYT gaming Hace 12 horas
My favrti song now ❤️❤️❤️ give me like more than 1k
karl steinberger
karl steinberger Hace 12 horas
Lied ist cool aber das video finde ich nicht so gut 👍👎
Factorial K
Factorial K Hace 12 horas
The comment section is all about Green Skin... Ed & Justin: I Don't Care
Rajyasree MUKHERJI
Rajyasree MUKHERJI Hace 12 horas
Frozone: "Honey! Where's my super suit!?" Ed and Justin: Hold my beer.
Justin Bieber 😄😂😁😀👑🎃🎄❤
Lilianne Kauane
Lilianne Kauane Hace 12 horas
Ed + Justin = GREEN SCREEN kkkkkkkkk 😂😂😂😂😂✔✔✔✔✔✔👌👌👌👌👩🏻👩🏻❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Alex Wedderburn
Alex Wedderburn Hace 12 horas
not the best vid
Rosie_ Playz
Rosie_ Playz Hace 12 horas
1:35 his feet are inside the girl's legs xD
Nature Lover
Nature Lover Hace 12 horas
Biggg fan of Ed Sheeran ( from India)😘❣️
Vanessa Saldanha
Vanessa Saldanha Hace 12 horas
que música mais delicinha ♥
stella isthebestpinkieunicorn
stella isthebestpinkieunicorn Hace 12 horas
Arul Din
Arul Din Hace 12 horas
2010:Love me 2014: Love yourself 2019: I Don't care
moises rocha
moises rocha Hace 12 horas
Iacopo L
Iacopo L Hace 12 horas
enes akkus
enes akkus Hace 12 horas
La Burda Hiç Türk Yok
Tanya Coldebella
Tanya Coldebella Hace 12 horas
he is ugly!
ali von
ali von Hace 12 horas
The song are good but the photo shop is like they have Done it under 30min
Go Official
Go Official Hace 12 horas
Amazing song 😀
Steven HTB
Steven HTB Hace 12 horas
Loufter L'officielle
Loufter L'officielle Hace 12 horas
I'm in Sénégal but i knwo why USA is good country Love Ed and Justin🔥🔥 One like 🙏
-HexFlip- Hace 12 horas
I like this kind of justin beiber
วิทวัส บุญนาม
วิทวัส บุญนาม Hace 12 horas
RUCHI SHUKLA Hace 12 horas
Any Asian here?
yeet Hace 12 horas
In the comments section: 99% about how Ed discovered green screens 1% about how the song was great
mama3bs c
mama3bs c Hace 12 horas
Cutest video ever
SVEEP SAGAR 2019 Hace 12 horas
Wonderful song but foolish graphics
Aymen Harkati
Aymen Harkati Hace 12 horas
Really its amazing music i like it 😍👌👌
Fzn Gaming
Fzn Gaming Hace 12 horas
Anderstanding of for nite ricis the batle fel
كاتيا *
كاتيا * Hace 12 horas
يخبلوون ☹❤❤❤❤❤
marco ramos
marco ramos Hace 12 horas
What shit of video but amazing song 👌
Disismealexis Hace 12 horas
nice editing skills👌🔥
Kim Sayegh
Kim Sayegh Hace 12 horas
My favorite song of 2019 😍
Yigit Bahadır Ince
Yigit Bahadır Ince Hace 12 horas
bad music
Lia Terlizzi
Lia Terlizzi Hace 13 horas
I'm italian😂😂😂
Polygon Jelly
Polygon Jelly Hace 13 horas
Director: How many green screens you want?? Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber: Yes
Gloria Gordon-Brown
Gloria Gordon-Brown Hace 13 horas
When someone has access to preimum editing
Μιχαέλα Τσόη
Μιχαέλα Τσόη Hace 13 horas
rinaldo nainggolan
rinaldo nainggolan Hace 13 horas
Who is here because of DONT CHECK ON ME ?
miss jordan 可爱
miss jordan 可爱 Hace 13 horas
I like how they planned with the green screen. Although I hate Justin, the way they planned this is interesting, other than others, using the green screen perfectly, they made it different. But nice different. I love it :D
John Guy
John Guy Hace 13 horas
Maxamed Khaliif
Maxamed Khaliif Hace 13 horas
Crazy editinG🤪🤪
Alex Estrada
Alex Estrada Hace 13 horas
So cute ed sheeran in first line while standing
Ark Zachive
Ark Zachive Hace 13 horas
The file is corrupted Ed & Justin : I don't care !!
Lucien •
Lucien • Hace 13 horas
Producer: How much greenscreen do you want to use? Ed Sheeran n Jb: Yes
Mouna Sou
Mouna Sou Hace 13 horas
Gacha Banana
Gacha Banana Hace 13 horas
Justin:dammit maybe we are kids Kids:omg yous get a thumbs up for making this great!!
Zbieram 1000 subskrypcji bez filmów
Zbieram 1000 subskrypcji bez filmów Hace 13 horas
Ed screen 😂
-- Hace 13 horas
Ed so cute
Lidia Kedra
Lidia Kedra Hace 13 horas
Ahahah this video is genius!
Miza Adriana Syafiqa
Miza Adriana Syafiqa Hace 13 horas
1 like=1 green background
Miza Adriana Syafiqa
Miza Adriana Syafiqa Hace 13 horas
To much green background
Maxsuel  Silva
Maxsuel Silva Hace 13 horas
Brasil carai
ツhassan Hace 13 horas
Producer:so what is the name of this song? Ed and justin : i dont care! Producer : noice
letstalkapocalypse!!! Hace 14 horas
This sucks cmon Ed!
FARIDAH OTHMAN Hace 14 horas
I don't think is ok
Abegail Chan
Abegail Chan Hace 14 horas
Ed Sheeran Is A Genius Singer Actually Justin Bieber
Anechitei Lucian
Anechitei Lucian Hace 14 horas
Low budget video
Chubs Villamor
Chubs Villamor Hace 14 horas
Not hating but this video is very weird and like if u agree
Jsks s
Jsks s Hace 14 horas
Does Ed Sheeran ever make a bad song lol ? So good.
Beanster Hace 14 horas
Next : Boyinaband - Roblox
Brenda Kouma
Brenda Kouma Hace 14 horas
Funny and perfect.
anes As
anes As Hace 14 horas
Adam Field
Adam Field Hace 14 horas
1:35 physics, look at his feet
최상준 Hace 14 horas
He doesnt care about music video
Agung Gio
Agung Gio Hace 14 horas
17.26 Kabupaten bandung dan sekitarnya mengucapkan enak banget ni lagu njeng.
Md Sumon
Md Sumon Hace 14 horas
The song was very romantic for me Even, when i go out with my friend I hear this song
Mahesh Sharma
Mahesh Sharma Hace 14 horas
total language practise
Elzette Potgieter
Elzette Potgieter Hace 14 horas
Why are they showing the green screen?
Elcid Miguel Callao
Elcid Miguel Callao Hace 14 horas
Akomg pinsan dili ganahan sa imo sorry
Nadia Maulinda
Nadia Maulinda Hace 14 horas
Keren but kocak aseeliiiii😍
Praze Hace 14 horas
STARLEX Hace 14 horas
The editors made this video while they were as high as f
The Official CPS
The Official CPS Hace 14 horas
this is so funny xD
Bob lee
Bob lee Hace 14 horas
Livia Maggi
Livia Maggi Hace 14 horas
They discovered green screen and it shows
RIFFAT YUSA Hace 14 horas
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