Ed Sees Rose's Home For the First Time | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

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Ed arrives in Rose's hometown and is shocked to see her home.
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Ahmeddasavage 98
Ahmeddasavage 98 Hace 6 horas
I can’t find the episode where everyone was making neck jokes! I’m so neckst level angry!
Zairen Mae
Zairen Mae Hace un día
Where the windows. where is your neck then? Charot...
Anirudh Prasad
Anirudh Prasad Hace un día
"Where's the windows" gee, i don't know ed. Where is your neck?
Marissa Gonzalez
Marissa Gonzalez Hace un día
Ed: Where are the windows Me: Where is your neck?
neena chouhan
neena chouhan Hace 2 días
What really shocked me is how Ed asked "where are the windows?" when Rose's family members just stared at him. Did they make any comments about you? NO! So don't disrespect their culture
Dominique Hace 2 días
She deserves a lot better. At least someone with a neck and a personality
x Romee
x Romee Hace 2 días
He is so freaking rude like I was like don’t say it don’t say it and he was rude again
_ thatasianguy
_ thatasianguy Hace 2 días
Uhhh....I don't think Filipinos bow when they greet each other. Smh🤣🤣
Richard j
Richard j Hace 2 días
I hear a rumor that the amount of money she asked for was 70 dollars...Ed is cheap and disrespectful. Cant believe he didnt even learn one word of tagalog for her. I have a girlfriend in the PH and I know some phrases. Its respectful to do.
pisceanrat Hace 2 días
Filipinos are the best when it comes to hospitality. Yknow what kind of guest will tell to your face where are the windows. Of course there are beautiful mansions in the philippines even prettier than where he came from. But why would he expect that. If rose was filthy rich she would have a better catch, younger and handsome
pisceanrat Hace 2 días
She says he is short and fat She prolly pictured a different prince charming
ma. gracielle bea malaluan
ma. gracielle bea malaluan Hace 3 días
Where are the windows?" The question is where is your neck because we can't find it*
uncreative lord
uncreative lord Hace 3 días
Didnt he say he wanted to look younger big fella if you wanted to look younger from the beginning you should've shaved😂
ffinosie Hace 3 días
personally, i think their home is very inviting and cosy. big ed needs to get a reality check and realise how utterly rude he is.
Shauna Raymond
Shauna Raymond Hace 4 días
'Where are the windows?' You cant even look up to see them lol
count quagmire
count quagmire Hace 4 días
he should respect the houses of other filipinos who lives in some poverty place (idk how to say it) hes lucky that he has a nice house in his place but i know that he doesnt know how hard it is to live like that, i used to live in places like these but i moved to another place... ok what iam trying to point out is to respect them because rose exposed ed and many filipinos are being disgusted already
Demon Hace 4 días
I love there home :D
ItsShawJ Hace 4 días
His rudeness aside, I’m struggling to see any indication of the money he spent on her..? There’s nothing actually around of value, so was it all lies? I know a lot was on shipping but even so
Fernanda Romero Matute
Fernanda Romero Matute Hace 5 días
This guy is greedy
Lily's World
Lily's World Hace 5 días
I know that it's not a big deal but they touched thier shoulders at the same time at "00:21"
Rocky Twix
Rocky Twix Hace 5 días
Why do I low key like roses house😂
Chelsea Hernandez
Chelsea Hernandez Hace 5 días
I just came here for the comments lmfaooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lady Sparrow
Lady Sparrow Hace 5 días
Where's the window??! Haha. What did u expct, u met a humble and poor girl online. So accept the reality
Pale 1234r
Pale 1234r Hace 5 días
Okay but the sister was so weird with him she was like ew he’s so ugly and fat😂😂
Darwing Jimaes
Darwing Jimaes Hace 5 días
how could a human can be so desperate to do that?
sᴀᴛᴀɴs ᴀɴɢᴇʟ
sᴀᴛᴀɴs ᴀɴɢᴇʟ Hace 5 días
Her sister is a savage 😂😂😂
K a i C h e e
K a i C h e e Hace 5 días
Anomalisa H
Anomalisa H Hace 5 días
This guy is soo horrible , he is criticizing a poor house ! Ugly outside and inside
Syafira Marsha
Syafira Marsha Hace 5 días
Can we talk about how lovely are rose family is, they still smiling even this guy insulted their house
They suprise their sister and ed and his only question is "where is the windows?"😑😑😑😑seriously bruh the real question is where is his neck😐😐
@charli mochi really true😑😑
charli mochi
charli mochi Hace 5 días
true tho
Slushie Hace 6 días
i feel like if he wasn’t so rude they could’ve worked u can tell when they first met she tried to look past his flaws, rose deserves better
Umaru Chan
Umaru Chan Hace 6 días
He literally has his expectations and needs to high levels. They live in a poverty and rose is proud about her home. And all he can say that her living space is really bad. There poor for crying out loud. They dont live in america were you have a luxury house with windows and air conditioning. He needs to grow up.
Unblind Mymind
Unblind Mymind Hace 6 días
Where did his neck go!!!????
Stryker Ramirez
Stryker Ramirez Hace 6 días
Even the sister know he ugly as fk 😂
africanmoose Hace 7 días
"i expected it to be pretty bad, but this is really bad" i hate colonizers
ollie Gorman
ollie Gorman Hace 7 días
He’s such a little prick
Miri Sisolak
Miri Sisolak Hace 7 días
He doesn't understand you don't need to say every flaw if everything
Deborah D
Deborah D Hace 7 días
The only roach is Ed... a creepy one at that...
Vannie Hace 8 días
Ugh so judgmental
Naturally Me.
Naturally Me. Hace 8 días
He so rude
syrah시라 Hace 8 días
KinginA mo nasan leeg mo? May pa where's the window ka pa di naman kita leeg
Create me 2020 Art
Create me 2020 Art Hace 8 días
WOW, big ed
LalisaDragQueen Hace 8 días
Her sis was like "the fk.. This is ed?"
Appleshot Hace 8 días
I can’t help but curse on every insult that he said.
Bladibanx 5
Bladibanx 5 Hace 9 días
Neck reveal
Jasmin Sandoval
Jasmin Sandoval Hace 9 días
The fact that he doesn’t realize this is the reality for most low income countries is sad like he’s so entitle it irks me🤦🏽‍♀️
Rainiel CC
Rainiel CC Hace 9 días
Ed: Where are the windows Rose' family be like: Where is your neck
Rainiel CC
Rainiel CC Hace 9 días
Ed: Where are the windows Rose' family be like: Where is your neck
aljxhara Hace 9 días
ed is beyond disgusting and disrespectful. they welcome ed and rose to their house, yet he looks like that and says ''WeRe ArE tHe WiNdOwS??'' like bruh, its not hot its just your out of breath from walking 3 steps 🤦🏻‍♀️
alina zigon colja
alina zigon colja Hace 9 días
Ohhhh. Did he ran out of mayo? 😂
Bren0098 Hace 9 días
What a creep. Ugly inside and out.
dulce mendez
dulce mendez Hace 9 días
kenny Hace 9 días
the way ed stands looks like a centaur without its horse legs
Erick Delgado
Erick Delgado Hace 9 días
What a little troll where's the windows more like where's you're neck he's apparently got 36 marriage proposals who out there can think this little leprechaun is a catch is beyond
Lauren Murray
Lauren Murray Hace 10 días
The sister is not impressed 😂
Marlene Manzano
Marlene Manzano Hace 10 días
he built like shrek
Abern Curt Canono
Abern Curt Canono Hace 10 días
The way the filipino family welcomed Ed was so heart warming. We Filipinos even though some families are not rich, still find ways to bring up a decent meal for their guests. It was a bit rude for Ed criticizing Rose’s house.
Unfunny Retard
Unfunny Retard Hace 10 días
Ed is the type of guy to obnoxiously comment on Rose’s weight if she happened to gain 5 pounds. He lacks that much self awareness and humility
Andrei Valdoñez
Andrei Valdoñez Hace 10 días
Yeah I think you need a big window cuz in the philipines its so hot!
Janis Haro
Janis Haro Hace 10 días
Ed is so annoying 😖
John Halim
John Halim Hace 10 días
He’s so uncultured it kills me
Nico Heaven
Nico Heaven Hace 11 días
"No flying bats or cockroaches" ok I'm not a scientist or anything but...I think bats do fly😂🤣
Park Nin Hyung
Park Nin Hyung Hace 11 días
IchHeiße Lea
IchHeiße Lea Hace 11 días
Dimension1 Hace 11 días
First of all: * He lies about his height * He does not have a good body condition (Trying not to body shame since im a bit bulky myself) And still has the audacity to complain about Rose's living standards.
Dimension1 Hace 11 días
Where that neck go though?
milkshxky Hace 10 días
imagine rose give him a necklace
Clöudy Time
Clöudy Time Hace 12 días
Big Ed should respect her and her home because she forgave him but all he said was *where are the windows*
Angelina Escobar
Angelina Escobar Hace 12 días
if he “loved” her so much why is he judging where she lives.
Jeremy Coleman
Jeremy Coleman Hace 12 días
Of course she’s not in on it why would she ask u not to tell her about her asking
GachaAri132 YT
GachaAri132 YT Hace 12 días
He is so gross and disgusting no offense. She is using him as a way to get a baby and have a better life in America. She deserves so much better. She is not using him for his money, she is doing all of this for her son. She deserves an award for being an amazing mother. I’m not trying to make her sound like a gold digger cause she is not. She is a amazing mother who is fighting every day to be able to provide for her son. This opportunity to get with a man who has money and a good home who she thought was a nice guy was perfect for her. She thought she found love and a better life for her family. She was willing to over look his ugliness and awful personality if she could get a better life for her family. He just treated her so awfully she couldn’t take it anymore. ROSE IS A HERO!
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