Ed Apologizes to His Daughter | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

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Ed admits to his daughter that he was being selfish.
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Rheanne Chan
Rheanne Chan Hace 20 minutos
BillHK Hace 8 horas
I feel sorry for her. Him doing this reality show and lying as he did, must make her social media a nightmare.
Risa Satitisungworn
Risa Satitisungworn Hace 16 horas
He plays such a good victim lol
Ivar The Boneless
Ivar The Boneless Hace 6 horas
He legit said he was sorry, admitted the wrong he did and mocked himself. Your just saying that's because he's short and ugly. If he was normal or good looking you would have tough As good he tries to make up for it and decides to man up
Papa Bear
Papa Bear Hace 21 un hora
Can someone please let me know if his daughter is single and what’s her ig? Thank you in advance!
paula ruiz
paula ruiz Hace un día
How is she not disgusting-looking like him?
psal23v Hace un día
He should have apologize to Rose like this
psal23v Hace un día
Dang Ed treats all the women in his life like this
psal23v Hace un día
Grown adult kids to stay out of their parents affairs like she listens to him all the time
Destiny Boyd
Destiny Boyd Hace un día
Big Ed more like mayo ed
Chargey Hace un día
Suprising she has a neck lol
Aasiyah Sheikh
Aasiyah Sheikh Hace un día
His ex wife probs cheated on him because he's a HuMaN FunY DuMbAsS
Isabelle Dubois
Isabelle Dubois Hace un día
ed daughter is pretty and ed is well........... not that good looking
kareena nanda
kareena nanda Hace 2 días
I felt bad for the daughter at first . But seeing her trying to suppress Rose in the Tell All shows that even if she didn't get her father's appearance she definitely got his dumb brain
Ant M
Ant M Hace 2 días
Why this guy be looking like a bowling pin?
F R U I T Y M O O D Y Hace 2 días
His daughter is so pretty- no scratch that she’s *DROP DEAD GORGEOUS* and Ed even said to her he would give her up to be with rose she did not deserve that or this 🥺🤚🏽✨✨💕
Hujan Mentari
Hujan Mentari Hace 2 días
Yes pretty but her personality and attitude like his father so she is ugliest for me.
Jerry Wang
Jerry Wang Hace 3 días
That’s not his daughter! She has a neck plus she’s too tall!
Jennifer Canoy
Jennifer Canoy Hace 3 días
The girl was never in love with him. PIctures speak a thousand words. you know what I mean..
Hardin Luzonia
Hardin Luzonia Hace 3 días
Rose only need money piriod
Hardin Luzonia
Hardin Luzonia Hace 3 días
Rose is a big Pokpok and will always be
Krizel Masinopa
Krizel Masinopa Hace 3 días
Where can I watch the full ep? Anyone? 😁
Jordan Bean
Jordan Bean Hace 3 días
How did that... produce THAT?
II echo II
II echo II Hace 3 días
She’s pretty.. just wish her personality wasn’t as ugly as her dad’s..
Ah, morre!!!
Ah, morre!!! Hace 4 días
They have something in common and it’s not the neck.
Rowan Enzo
Rowan Enzo Hace 5 días
When he turns his head even the slightest it screeches like a rusty door. His daughter is actually beautiful
tommy m
tommy m Hace 5 días
That’s definitely not his daughter
Jr Kularatne
Jr Kularatne Hace 5 días
No offense but all these comments are messed for making of his looks when he has a condition and can’t control it
Aileen Castillo
Aileen Castillo Hace 5 días
What the neck?oooppss 🤭
Aileen Castillo
Aileen Castillo Hace 5 días
Big head for ed..thats why he looses his neck.good thing they didnt end up together..
Elias Reitan
Elias Reitan Hace 5 días
No to golddiggers
Akynna Williams
Akynna Williams Hace 5 días
This is the ONLY moment where I thought no neck Ed was kinda decent guy
Crystal_ CoOkIeS
Crystal_ CoOkIeS Hace 6 días
I’m pretty sure that love isn’t cheating on your ex-wife
Lordy M
Lordy M Hace 6 días
2:38 a lot of money? 🙄
Estrella Williams
Estrella Williams Hace 6 días
Whatever your dad chooses to be with is none of your business girl I understand your worried about your dad but your dad is not teenager anymore he knows exactly what hes doing and that is to play Rose’s feelings and humiliate her infront of television to make money from her. How disgusting, your dad is not even good looking and to have that bad character it says a lot about him. Hes lucky enough Rose loved him back but eventually he just used her for his own agenda “To make fun of her and make money” 😤
Erin McCloud
Erin McCloud Hace 6 días
1 word...pathetic
TeriyakiSauce 100
TeriyakiSauce 100 Hace 6 días
his daughter is BEAUTIFUL
Nelley P
Nelley P Hace 7 días
At least she has a neck
Logan C
Logan C Hace 7 días
aw that’s 😞
double AA
double AA Hace 7 días
Ed no neck lol
Ass Fuck
Ass Fuck Hace 7 días
He must’ve spit some MAD game to bang an attractive enough woman to offset his looks and spit out something as good looking as that.
Tommy O.
Tommy O. Hace 7 días
I'm suprised she had a neck.
Edgar Vasquez
Edgar Vasquez Hace 7 días
Funny cause,eds mom seen like she was a good looking woman.and his daughter is very pretty.
KitKat_Oof Hace 7 días
Man with no neck
Isabel Knapp
Isabel Knapp Hace 7 días
His daughter took all of his neck
Wiilow Ivuria Amunet
Wiilow Ivuria Amunet Hace 7 días
what tiffany doesnt realize that he was the main problem that rose and him broke up, he embarassed her on national tv, and you dont ask about someones past if they dont talk wanna about it then you dont put pressure on that person to talk about their past. Ed rose wanted to leave her past in the PAST, that was really wrong of you to embarrass her like that Ed it really was. Tiffany yo need to realize that your dad was the problem of their relationship you dont go on national tv and ask for an STD test do you know how embarrassing that is, like honestly.
Rowthiram Ezhu
Rowthiram Ezhu Hace 7 días
He used Rose for sex and his daughter is like, It's ok daddy😌 Hate to see these people! Producer, Could you please record a video of rose after this shit, her life is ruined.. How is she now??? Why can't you record her life after this? It's because she is not rich? You people ruined her life with money both the producer and this dumb ass with ugly heart
Czharlene Geconcillo
Czharlene Geconcillo Hace 7 días
woooahhh this is recent yesss
Kelly Savalas
Kelly Savalas Hace 8 días
You are the love of my life...I tried to leave you the way I left Rose
Jackz Hace 8 días
Is this at sea port village in San Diego?
zylan Hace 8 días
How did this attractive women come out if that turtle's balls
Jesus Gilbert Valle Jr III
Jesus Gilbert Valle Jr III Hace 8 días
You Came.You saw.You learned.Now Use this Knowledge
d e s r a
d e s r a Hace 8 días
How did his daughter end up to look so beautiful? Like the only thing Ed’s daughter got from Ed was his height.
Ivar The Boneless
Ivar The Boneless Hace 6 horas
@psal23v Fact. All facial features are normal. Just very short, fat and bad hygiene. He got better eyes and skin then many "normal" people
psal23v Hace un día
He is not bad looking in the face if he was a good person I think people will Overlook his physical appearance
Teddster Pinx
Teddster Pinx Hace un día
Teddster Pinx
Teddster Pinx Hace un día
Damn that’s cold blooded 🧊
Beatriz Barrera
Beatriz Barrera Hace 2 días
small boobies matter lmao what the hell was that guy on about ?🤣
FINATY Hace 8 días
He's an idiot and she is gorgeous.
Cameron Bleecker
Cameron Bleecker Hace 8 días
that woman came from that nutsack. impressive.
Letisha Saroop
Letisha Saroop Hace 8 días
All he cares about is sex
that one hispanic
that one hispanic Hace 9 días
She has his nose low-key
that one hispanic
that one hispanic Hace 9 días
So having no neck is a recessive gene having a neck is more of a dominant gene now it all makes sense
Yay nessa
Yay nessa Hace 9 días
Garrett Funke
Garrett Funke Hace 9 días
Bro his daughter is shorter than him... HE'S 4'11
Humayra Kadir
Humayra Kadir Hace 9 días
Am i the only one who thinks she does look like her dad but she still pretty
Janet Renteria
Janet Renteria Hace 9 días
99% of her genetics have got to be from her mother ......and I am low balling it
Judit Macias
Judit Macias Hace 9 días
How can such an ugly creature make a beautiful girl? maury voice "you are not the father"
Ressuu Hace 9 días
Rose was 23?! She looks like 33 at least. I don't buy it.
Ice snow
Ice snow Hace 9 días
He has upset alot of ppl Ed is rude and left his daughter....Idk how i feel about Ed he was rlly rude to ROSE and RLLY rude to his daughter...
Atavia gamble
Atavia gamble Hace 9 días
He told his daughter f u like oh no
Rida Fatima
Rida Fatima Hace 9 días
Ed be looking like a blue balloon
D00M Hace 9 días
Omg whatever necks
Victoria Fale
Victoria Fale Hace 9 días
Why he look like a frog at 0:59
Mr.Giggles 0702
Mr.Giggles 0702 Hace 9 días
His daughter is really beautiful but you can kinda see she has her dad nose!😂
Ricky Cheng
Ricky Cheng Hace 9 días
Guess she got the face from her mom and height from her dad 💀
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