Eating Only ONE Color of Food for 24 Hours!!! Rainbow Food Challenge

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Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino

Hace un mes

Got a lot of requests for this video!
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We had so much fun trying to eat only one color of food for 24 hours! It was a super fun #Challenge. What other type of #Vlog would you like to see? What was your favorite #Food in the video?
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Maria Cordova
Maria Cordova Hace 6 minutos
Kate Croke
Kate Croke Hace 26 minutos
I just searched if wheat grass was edible and it is not ahhhhhhh😳😝🤯😱😫
XxPastelDonutsxX XD
XxPastelDonutsxX XD Hace un hora
Maria Cordova
Maria Cordova Hace un hora
Mila Foran
Mila Foran Hace 2 horas
Mylene Rose Cruz
Mylene Rose Cruz Hace 3 horas
I made the fortune teller many times
Kamilė Kasparavičiūtė
Kamilė Kasparavičiūtė Hace 5 horas
12:23 so he's ganna eat the skin your ganna eat the inside
Jenelle Kane
Jenelle Kane Hace 5 horas
I mean to
Jenelle Kane
Jenelle Kane Hace 5 horas
I love this chatterbox I still do them tea
TheLegoBuildings Hace 6 horas
27:06 ”We’re gonna sensor this word”... 27:36 leaves the word unsensored
Amazing Ava
Amazing Ava Hace 8 horas
Watermelon is red
Tayla Samuel
Tayla Samuel Hace 11 horas
I sawed the word
Riley Rules!!!!!!
Riley Rules!!!!!! Hace 14 horas
1990: Look mommy there’s a toy in my cereal box! 2019: Mom the WiFi is down so I can’t download my free pumpkin carver! Lol
Maherun Nasa Rina
Maherun Nasa Rina Hace 15 horas
Rock and Cena you love you eat pizza which is not pink or green.😭😭😞👎👎 I am soooooo sorry about it.
jlb311298 Hace 17 horas
Matcha pocky is soooo good. tast like heaven
Maricela Limon
Maricela Limon Hace 19 horas
But I’m blue
Maricela Limon
Maricela Limon Hace 19 horas
You guys are not going good
ColonyYouTunes Hace 20 horas
I know what the censored word is
Gacha Potato
Gacha Potato Hace 20 horas
She's so much shorter than him😂😂😂
nanimf25 Hace 21 un hora
I’m like Mike with green stuff 🤢🤮
Cameron Harris
Cameron Harris Hace 21 un hora
omg the guy is so tall compared to Rosanna
Preet Gill
Preet Gill Hace 22 horas
27:55 they forgot to sensor the word b*tch on the pizza box
Alexis V
Alexis V Hace 22 horas
You could see the pizza box name
Becky Wu
Becky Wu Hace 23 horas
Do last one to get out the bathroom challenge plz!
Remas Sweilem
Remas Sweilem Hace un día
Pink YUMMY unicorn
Cookie UwU
Cookie UwU Hace un día
What the watermelon 🍉 you did not do it
KR Bozick
KR Bozick Hace un día
isn't it pronounced moh-kuh not mah-chuh
Cheryl Upchurch
Cheryl Upchurch Hace un día
i love matcha
Adyson Ries
Adyson Ries Hace un día
Wanda and Cosmo tryna be slick
Ria Dadarwala
Ria Dadarwala Hace un día
I saw you On nailed it
Camryn Ellis
Camryn Ellis Hace un día
Watermelon is red on the inside ro
elaina padilla
elaina padilla Hace un día
He’s so much taller than her🤣😂
Katka Trinnerova
Katka Trinnerova Hace un día
The moment when Ro was trying to reach for the wheat gras was so cute
Holly Ramsell
Holly Ramsell Hace un día
I do not now what it is
Finley Hace un día
I've never had macha. ://
Vipul Jain
Vipul Jain Hace un día
Wait i saw out the window and it was still morning even though they just had dinner........... .....
Marcella Mendoza
Marcella Mendoza Hace un día
You could’ve gotten maybe like chicken or noodles or cauliflower and dyed them pink and green
Spindy YetThrifty
Spindy YetThrifty Hace un día
The new Cosmo and Wanda😅
Monty Makes
Monty Makes Hace un día
I saw I shouldn't say
Monty Makes
Monty Makes Hace un día
Everybody doing this challenge: buys colour food Me doing this: food dyes any food my colour
Emma Frances WADEY
Emma Frances WADEY Hace un día
I make what U call fortune tellers but I call chatter boxes and i still make "em !!!
Fatima Chou
Fatima Chou Hace un día
❤️❤️❤️matcha everything
Ls yta
Ls yta Hace un día
So Rosanna I saw what was on the box 😳
Claire Abercrombie
Claire Abercrombie Hace un día
You need to do a flash back video where you go and make one of your old recipies from a popular old video.
ebony smith
ebony smith Hace un día
It sounds good
Morgan Hiebert
Morgan Hiebert Hace un día
I hate matcha, my family got me a matcha green tea kit kat bar and it was discussing!
Pryl Solo
Pryl Solo Hace un día
Ro’s little kick tho 12:06
adri Hace un día
Ro literally could’ve had salmon and Mike could’ve had salad 😂🤦🏾‍♀️
the awesome unicorn the sweet unicorn
the awesome unicorn the sweet unicorn Hace un día
Meredith S
Meredith S Hace un día
anyone else think cosmo and wanda with these colors?
Paul Fellowes
Paul Fellowes Hace un día
It's ridiculous and an epic does not count period.
Seaside Mooncloud
Seaside Mooncloud Hace un día
I love Matcha but not the Pocky
CookieMystic Hace 2 días
There’s a mtw Baja blast slushy at Taco Bell he could have gotten 😂 🍃
The Ella Bella and Stella show
The Ella Bella and Stella show Hace 2 días
You get a pee flavor lol
Katheryne Lopez
Katheryne Lopez Hace 2 días
Ro you should do a handcuffed to your boyfriend for 24 hour's
luna thegallixygirl
luna thegallixygirl Hace 2 días
It's not macha it MOCA
Dana Donut plays
Dana Donut plays Hace 2 días
I saw what is said but thanks for not showing it u da best
Clarissa Zamora
Clarissa Zamora Hace 2 días
Ana Garza
Ana Garza Hace 2 días
i am a new subscriber
Bonnie D.T.
Bonnie D.T. Hace 2 días
I’ve never had macha but my mom loves it
Maria Serrato
Maria Serrato Hace 2 días
Hi i love this vídeo because it looks fun hope u all have a good day !
Stephany Ko
Stephany Ko Hace 2 días
A watermelons is red 🍉 oof
Madeline Kopakowski
Madeline Kopakowski Hace 2 días
Or can you do a house tour plzzzzz
Draya Iynn
Draya Iynn Hace 2 días
😂 lol
Wild Wolfie88
Wild Wolfie88 Hace 2 días
You should try to paint with the jelly! XD
Zoey Galasso
Zoey Galasso Hace 2 días
That’s not how you eat pocky
Gabrielle Wasicuna
Gabrielle Wasicuna Hace 2 días
hello comso and wanda poppin up in 2019
Loll Lol
Loll Lol Hace 2 días
The monster energy is the best omg
Chloe Meyers
Chloe Meyers Hace 2 días
Matcha tastes like hay.
Kosumi• Gacha
Kosumi• Gacha Hace 2 días
There is Matcher green tea KitKats... they are AMAZING
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