DUELISTS // Official Launch Cinematic Trailer - VALORANT

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The fight’s just getting started. Click here, play now: riot.com/3gBWPLo
VALORANT, the 5v5 character-based tactical shooter from Riot Games is free to download and play right now.
Original composition by: 2WEI feat. Ali Christenhusz
Produced by: 2WEI
Video created in partnership with Blur Studio
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el Zardel
el Zardel Hace un hora
1:16 dats the cutest face ive ever seen hahaha cornered chick
SolarisUM Hace 3 horas
Phoenix just why? *Ascent sucks
사제수행 Hace 5 horas
오 영국흑인캐네
Humbug Hace 6 horas
am i the only one that thinks the vandal sounded like a guardian when pheonix shot it
World React
World React Hace 6 horas
미안해서 어쩌나?
Cartoon Provider
Cartoon Provider Hace 7 horas
So we are playing on that floating island thing called ascent map?
Jubo Hehe
Jubo Hehe Hace 7 horas
I can watch this trailer 100s of times but still wont get bored
WavesPC Hace 9 horas
Vaefa Hace 9 horas
Riot back at it again with the cinematics
Icy_Foe Hace 9 horas
where my controllers at
andrew wong
andrew wong Hace 11 horas
Where your blind at phoenix ?
Carolina Noguerado
Carolina Noguerado Hace 12 horas
omfg awesome
Jack Greer
Jack Greer Hace 13 horas
I love all of the clips and vids I have seen about this but I’m just sad I can’t play it coz I’m on Xbox
IGotsTheMeat Hace 14 horas
i just got the chills
Albertus Bayu
Albertus Bayu Hace 15 horas
Dear Riot, please fix the error that occured in Windows 7 (We couldn't install a required dependency. Please try again, restart your computer or reach out to us at Riot Support.) . I wanna play this game so hard, but I can't. Hope will be repaired soon. Thank you!
paul Hace 16 horas
into the spiderverse vibes
SQUIGLEZ Hace 16 horas
anyone know what animation/art style this is? it looks really nice :)
conut co
conut co Hace 18 horas
0:28 Akali “Q”
Ladrio Sv
Ladrio Sv Hace 20 horas
1:18 momento verga
ksawik 1212
ksawik 1212 Hace 21 un hora
Jett be like *"shashamga"*
Rodoshee Sarder
Rodoshee Sarder Hace 23 horas
Jett reminds me of True Damage Akali.
개_나리 Hace un día
어머 제트언니 목소리 너무 좋다..S2
Storm Weaver
Storm Weaver Hace un día
What is she saying before the headshot?
Storm Weaver
Storm Weaver Hace un día
Captions says "aww sorry."
Jawad ahnaf Grade7
Jawad ahnaf Grade7 Hace un día
holy shit this is lit pun intended
Rizky Hibatullah
Rizky Hibatullah Hace un día
I wish Riot focusing make a more animations so there will be Riot Games & Riot Animations
Mohammad Ali Naqvi
Mohammad Ali Naqvi Hace un día
And now even if the spike is in front of defenders they can’t pick it up. Amazing!!
Marcelo Henrique G. Moreira
Marcelo Henrique G. Moreira Hace un día
Bukan Rait
Bukan Rait Hace un día
we need more!
Pause 11
Pause 11 Hace un día
Pheonix is such an unlikable character and I feel like all the other characters revolve around him its kinda lame.
REFRESH Hace un día
Хочу чтобы сделали сериал по валоранту
The Person
The Person Hace un día
thats all of us when we fought a good jett for the first time
William Aguirre
William Aguirre Hace 3 horas
BloxyCatRoblox Hace un día
Jett: So sorry, what to do.
A-A-Ron Hace un día
Wait. The gun phoenix used in the animation appears to be Vandal, but when he fires at 0:49, it makes the gunshot sound of Guardian. So what gun is he using??? 🤔
Antonio Pozelli
Antonio Pozelli Hace un día
The animation is DOPE, i love that
Bishop King
Bishop King Hace un día
should have made him from south london
Jaiden Games2
Jaiden Games2 Hace un día
this animation is really good the best one ever
ArtisKraft Hace un día
So... is Jett a villain?
Maciek Bajorek
Maciek Bajorek Hace un día
Is the music specially made for the cinematic or is it from somewhere else?
Maciek Bajorek
Maciek Bajorek Hace un día
What does she say?
ֆɨӄɛֆ Hace un día
I am still waiting for episode 2
xbabushka Hace un día
They should add a Russian character that would be nice
imsowetirl Hace un día
Freeze Arts
Freeze Arts Hace un día
riot u should make the movie of the valorant
Kyle Lol
Kyle Lol Hace un día
Even the tiniest details like Phoenix sniffing before he goes in is complimented by a twitch with his face. The animators did a phenomenal job along with the voice actors
Killer- A
Killer- A Hace un día
Valorant need a campaign mode!
Hiếu Hoàng
Hiếu Hoàng Hace un día
Phoenix: I got this Still Phoenix: *got shot
Carlo De Vera
Carlo De Vera Hace 2 días
Yuqqi Hace 2 días
ilmu-dunia-game Hace 2 días
valoran ada 4 jurus / skil tetapi kenapa gak bisa di pakai semua , biasanya yg nyala / bisa di pakai cuma yg tombol E , tolonglah agar 4 skli bisa di pakai semua , dan bisa di pakai terus selama pertempuran biar player puas pakai skilnya.
ilmu-dunia-game Hace 2 días
valorant game seru tapi tolonglah agar player bisa membuat room sendiri jadi bisa milih room , dan player lain bisa masuk sendiri ke dalam room yg kita buat , trus rondenya kita juga bisa pilih sendiri , 3, 7 ,9 ,13
ilmu-dunia-game Hace 2 días
please dong tombol Q jadikan quick change biar enak buat main shotgun , seniper , lihatlah game point blank enak banget cara nembaknya, trus klo main piso kurang enak lihat game point blank main pisau enak banget ayunan pisaunya real.
10,000 subcribers with no videos challenge
10,000 subcribers with no videos challenge Hace 2 días
They should add subtitles when agents speak on their own language (Even on english they should still add it)
Sancheezy Hace 2 días
I’m gonna need an animated series of this game now. This looks incredible. The animation is gorgeous.
Animoumou Hace 2 días
Are there any credits for this? I can't find any of the animators
Ranieer Vantaz
Ranieer Vantaz Hace 2 días
Riot never make me dissapointed. Game can be suck, but trailer always awsome :)
Keith Harish
Keith Harish Hace 2 días
i need to know the song at the end
littlezedy pugayan
littlezedy pugayan Hace 2 días
a bit too late
Caleb Senephimmachac
Caleb Senephimmachac Hace 2 días
the music and random text pops remind me of spiderman spiderverse
AlStorm 7
AlStorm 7 Hace 2 días
Another cinematic that made me wish that the game had an anime.
Oktavius Theo
Oktavius Theo Hace 2 días
Please make Valorant The Movie, its gonna be awesome!!!
Chicken Pizza
Chicken Pizza Hace 2 días
God he has a dope ass hair style
random commenter
random commenter Hace 2 días
Why is the thumbnail changing every week....
vai cagar nao aguento mais suas propagandas
Piña Colada
Piña Colada Hace 2 días
Baptiste gave up on overwatch and just moved over to this game. Following Sombras steps as she moved on to Apex
Kisa122 Hace 2 días
roman2mvp Hace 2 días
Your Game is boring and trash!
mehr gurung
mehr gurung Hace 2 días
holy shit that was so good
Edgar López
Edgar López Hace 2 días
La copia barata de Apex jaja
ivo flashboy
ivo flashboy Hace 2 días
I would like to play this game but I have nowhere to play it. I'd like to play it, but unfortunately I don't have the money to buy a PC. I'm from Argentina and I don't speak English very well.
Brayan Garcia
Brayan Garcia Hace 2 días
Can somebody write what Jett says in Korean, pls
Teagan Martindale
Teagan Martindale Hace 2 días
Best Game ever
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