Drunk History - Al Capone Was a Syphilitic Moron

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Hace 6 años

After Al Capone lands in jail, he finds out that he has had syphilis for years.

Derek WatersAl CaponeJoe Lo TruglioWill Sasso

RJ De La Rosa
RJ De La Rosa Hace 5 días
the church and the fbi teamed up to bring down the bootlegger
Kaisergun Hace 12 días
Fishing in his pool wasn't that weird, he actually had it stocked with fish.
K Looney
K Looney Hace un mes
Snarky not snorky
sjbcatcher Hace un mes
“A syphilitic moron? What’s that” -It’s a guy who’s had a portion of his brain eaten away by his own cock pus. Completely lost it at this part😂😂😂
Squishy Stefan
Squishy Stefan Hace un mes
Man i didn't know Will "The Kodiak Bear" Sasso knew Al
Roti Abon
Roti Abon Hace un mes
Classic Boyle
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan Hace un mes
The story Capone didn’t get tested because of a fear of blood is bullshit. In fact he was first diagnosed when he entered prison, where tests could only be done with his consent.
Likanen Länsi
Likanen Länsi Hace 2 meses
"pretty much" good ending
Georgia Conti
Georgia Conti Hace 2 meses
With an I.Q of 156, Trump is NOT a moron. Unlike the demon possessed Democrats, who disgrace themselves every time they open their mouths. Capone probably was pretty bright until the Syphillis got to his brain......
Yousef Odeh
Yousef Odeh Hace 2 meses
Too busy making money to care about my puss penis
Pipa Obala
Pipa Obala Hace 2 meses
What breed is the angel at 1:05?
Pipa Obala
Pipa Obala Hace 2 meses
Damn it BOYLE!! You bring shame to the BOYLE CLAN!! There is going to be a talk about you on the next family gathering in Iowa!!
Rajat Roy
Rajat Roy Hace 2 meses
That can't be right, right?
charles Mendoza
charles Mendoza Hace 2 meses
So, he was just like Donald trump.
Escadeus Hace 2 meses
I love you Will Sasso!
caroline Hace 3 meses
omg the doggy so cuteeeeee
Bicentennial Nagger
Bicentennial Nagger Hace 3 meses
We ALL ignore puss coming out of our cocks, right? RIGHT? Who doesn't ignore cock puss, really? *That is how we do*
SARISS80 Hace 3 meses
Not quite right Capone died in prison he had a 20 year sentence for all those murders added with tax invasion.
Michael Coluccio
Michael Coluccio Hace 3 meses
He was sleeping with a prostitute back in the Twenties who came down with syphilis. When her doctor put two and two together and told Capone he ought to be tested for the disease, the man who ruled the Chicago underworld was so petrified at the thought of blood being drawn that he refused. He didn't have that option when he was sent to prison, and tested positive for advanced syphilis. Had he been treated earlier, the disease would have been eradicated.
Call Me Smooth Wit It!
Call Me Smooth Wit It! Hace 3 meses
OGB 1327
OGB 1327 Hace 3 meses
If being booksmart is the standard of being intelligent, then at least 1/4 of the US would be idiots 🤦🏿‍♂😂
Ms Quirky Artist
Ms Quirky Artist Hace 3 meses
1:15 men in general 🙄 😂
Muslim Mystic
Muslim Mystic Hace 3 meses
He was a front used by the U.S government to experiment on how to rule over a people The same Al Capone tactics are now used in the middle east by the U.S government
Martha Masterman
Martha Masterman Hace 3 meses
This is the funniest drunk history I’ve ever seen
NazgulWitchKing Hace 3 meses
I only watched this video because I saw will sasso in the thumbnail
Thomas Mikaelson
Thomas Mikaelson Hace 3 meses
Honestly thought he died in prison
Zachary Osborn
Zachary Osborn Hace 3 meses
for 1920s he was above average
St. Mixa
St. Mixa Hace 4 meses
your reading the police report like its the actual history,typical yuppie shit
RCJH2019 Hace 4 meses
Penicillin didn't exist till 1928. Know your history bro! Al Capone went to jail in 1931. That is why he had puss piss for so long. Its not like he could run to walgreens and get a Z-Pak.
shizukagozen777 Hace 4 meses
0:33 I'm dying 😂😂😂
Bluemilk92 Hace 4 meses
I peed out solid red blood, with huge clots the size of like M&M's. Drank a bunch of water, eventually peed clear. Around 2 weeks later it happened again. Painless BTW, actually passing the clots felt kind of satisfying. Not like sensual or anything, just satisfying like hockin' luges, or blowin' your nose. Just like, clearing out the pipes, ya know? IDK, I haven't gotten laid in years, so I doubt it's an STD. It's been like 4 months since then, so I won't worry about it. I drink a lot, but I'm sure that's unrelated. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
shiv 421 kobra
shiv 421 kobra Hace 4 meses
high performance Diamond King
high performance Diamond King Hace 4 meses
You all are full of it too....get it checked out!
Humane Garbage
Humane Garbage Hace 4 meses
1:14 Me when I have to do something that I still have a few hours to do
Sam Struckman
Sam Struckman Hace 4 meses
my boy will the mesomorphic minotaur sasso
Franceska Tha Queen
Franceska Tha Queen Hace 4 meses
Prettyyyy much
Gabriel Aciata
Gabriel Aciata Hace 4 meses
He will see u in hell
Al Capone373
Al Capone373 Hace 4 meses
I resent that
Yousif 7
Yousif 7 Hace 4 meses
That judge looks like the love child of Bill Hader & Paul Rudd
Louie Deez
Louie Deez Hace 4 meses
"Moron" .... K 👌
Ess Etoile
Ess Etoile Hace 4 meses
They should play this video at sex ed
berserk972 Hace 4 meses
Bragging about running Chicago is like bragging about being Kings of the retards.
BaronOfAnarchy Hace 4 meses
This is basically Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories the show.
PALEHORSE Hace 4 meses
Julio Fuentes
Julio Fuentes Hace 4 meses
Shit was kinda annoying saying a guy who ran all of chicago and was a multi millionaire was stupid. Give cred where creds due. Not everyone has the balls to do what they want in life Al Capone did.
Pauly Hace 4 meses
Jesus, those dudes from MTV’s The State just don’t age.
Alex Camacho
Alex Camacho Hace 4 meses
“He’s a weird fucking mook.”
David Canelas
David Canelas Hace 4 meses
1:16 Will Sasso!
Jeremy Hace 4 meses
That is one unhappy dog. He looks like a scared abused wife.
Bigfoot Hace 4 meses
So wait, peeing pus isn't normal?
Captain Bigot
Captain Bigot Hace 4 meses
That sounds like AOC. A complete dumbass. LOL
Rainey Cooper
Rainey Cooper Hace 4 meses
My great grandfather worked for Al Capone. Straight up have photo's ! Crazy! 🤘❤🤘
TheWellEndowedPenguin Hace 4 meses
I will steal your kneecaps
I will steal your kneecaps Hace 4 meses
“Oh and he started peeing puss when he was fucking eighteen years old and he didn’t fucking say anything about it.” _Jesus fucking Christ Al._
Horus Da Sky God
Horus Da Sky God Hace 4 meses
Love drunk history but this is by far my favorite episode. I still use quotes from this show and call people syphilitic morons
paranodstoner19 Hace 4 meses
How often do you have to piss puss to have syphilis? Just asking for a friend
Midas Grey
Midas Grey Hace 4 meses
He still made more money and power than all the people calling him a moron. Not defending his evil ways but let's not discredit his ability.
Ronald Cammarata
Ronald Cammarata Hace 3 meses
Not my idea of a good time. I think I'll skip all that.
Terry Smith
Terry Smith Hace 4 meses
Jonny Cigar
Jonny Cigar Hace 4 meses
I live in Cicero and let me tell you that man ran the fuck out of a city that was filled with bad ass motha fucks he may have been dumb as they say but lets not forget he made 700 million in 10 years not bad for a dumbass
Ronald Cammarata
Ronald Cammarata Hace 3 meses
But the whole living in jail until he became a raging nut-job part was pretty unappealing. Not a great way to spend your golden years...at age 33!
Damien X
Damien X Hace 4 meses
And people look up to this goon! LMAO 😂
joyusa 31
joyusa 31 Hace 4 meses
He was really ahead of his time Any one hu does fishing in rdr2 knows what he was really doing
Paige Madison
Paige Madison Hace 4 meses
inchaoswetrust Hace 5 meses
DJC Hace 5 meses
Will Sasso's in here!
Rachel Wells
Rachel Wells Hace 5 meses
Will Sasso!
Abhijeet Shrivastava
Abhijeet Shrivastava Hace 5 meses
here of 🅱️🅾️🈂️🛴E
Bru Meehan
Bru Meehan Hace 5 meses
I wanna be called snarky
Ian Laue
Ian Laue Hace 5 meses
So, I'm gonna be the guy that points out that when Al Capone was arrested penicillin was not well-known and it didnt become a standard treatment for syphillis or any other infection until the mid 1940s at which point it probably wouldn't have done Capone much good medically. Syphillis is easily identifiable and treatable now, but it wouldn't have been in Capone's time until basically the time he got arrested anyway...and at that time peniciilin was still only beginning to be used as a treatment. Only in the aftermath of world war 2 were antibiotics so common as to be used regularly by doctors in part due to medical testing on troops during that conflict.
Sarah Finn
Sarah Finn Hace 5 meses
No lie, my imaginary friend from childhood was named, "Snorky". I remember telling my mom that.
Jakeski87 Hace 5 meses
And to think some people actually look(ed) up to this guy! Ha!
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