Dream State - Primrose [Official Music Video]

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I can’t come in today
I think I've caught a bug
I know I need the pay
Right now I don’t give a fuck
Because today I’m just so tired of myself
I just want to dwell
I’m thinking slowly
I can feel my only way out
Is through my restraints now
I wish I had another way

I’ve been drinking
And maybe it’s not such a good thing.

I’m not good
God just give me some release
God just give me something please
Cause I’m drunk
And on my knees
I’m not good
I’m naked
I know
I can’t let it go

I broke from my god
I covered myself in dirt
I can’t get stuff done
I’m feeling the dread
I’m smoking too much
I’m staying in bed
I’ve let those demons
Back in my head
I need to find a balance
Before I lose myself again

God just give me some release
God just give me something please
because I’m drunk
And on my knees
I’m not good
I’m naked
I know
I can’t let it go

Will you just leave me alone?

Why do I keep falling back on myself?

I’m not alright

I’m not good
God just give me some release
God just give me something please
I’m not good
I’m naked
I know
I cant let it go

Directed by: Zak Pinchin
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B1llyPunk Hace 17 horas
That opening riff sounds almost exactly like Slot - AngelOK
sam fesko
sam fesko Hace 4 días
theyre on track to get aoty
Daniel Esslinger
Daniel Esslinger Hace 4 días
First time hearing these guys. By accident too. Lifes good
KayMeer Hace 5 días
Huge Papercut vibes. This band is surely gonna be the next best thing after Linkin park real soon.
Josh Forest
Josh Forest Hace 6 días
BMTH meets Paramore. Cool
Hello Friend
Hello Friend Hace 7 días
Dream state should get the right to do a dark crystal themed music video. Bet it would amazing.
Novustory Official
Novustory Official Hace 8 días
we couldn't adore this MORE
ElAirOfficial Hace 9 días
the singer in this band and the singer from Hunt The Dinosaur have alot of personality, i can see them becoming legendary frontmen/women in the future, most of these new bands have good vocal work in them, but it's rare to find one of those lead singers that have a full package that sets them apart from everyone else
charlieorsomething Hace 9 días
Venom Leech
Venom Leech Hace 10 días
With discount Jonny Craig on drums.
tipoftheweekgodx Hace 12 días
tipoftheweekgodx Hace 12 días
whats up? GGX Gang
Christian Marinho de Souza
Christian Marinho de Souza Hace 13 días
Repeat it repeat it repeat it again and again and again
dani vargas
dani vargas Hace 13 días
amazing !!!
Arika Uchiha
Arika Uchiha Hace 13 días
Andrew Wessel
Andrew Wessel Hace 13 días
Metalcore + Evanescence = This
Flappy tick
Flappy tick Hace 14 días
Very underrated band! The vocalist is definitely unique unlike the typical haley William's wannabe female rock band vocalists!
Wrath a.k.a Max
Wrath a.k.a Max Hace 14 días
Definitely relate to these lyrics here. Beautiful voice to.
ThePhatStack Hace 16 días
0:10 Mannnn I wish I was those sheets.
Raul Rubalcava
Raul Rubalcava Hace 17 días
Good to see screams are making a comeback.
Jessica Is Magical
Jessica Is Magical Hace 18 días
Hadn't listened to this yet omg the lyrics and level of relatability.
Josefin Ståhl
Josefin Ståhl Hace 18 días
DiabolicPumpkin Hace 19 días
My favorite song ever !!!
SevenHours29 Hace 20 días
Loving every song they put out. Can’t wait for the album.
Brianna James
Brianna James Hace 21 un día
Why does this hardly have views?
Ian Price
Ian Price Hace 21 un día
Fooking amazing band, can't wait to watch them again in October, my best find this year alongside Skarlett Riot!
NathanPlays13 Hace 21 un día
Just discovered this band and this song today, cannot stop listening to this! New fave!!!
Adam kahn
Adam kahn Hace 21 un día
i swear, English women just get more attractive with age
CosPearly Photography
CosPearly Photography Hace 22 días
So glad they have new music and I'm buzzing for the new album out soon! 🤘🏼 1:34 - 1:58 is so sick! :o
Shereen Fakhouri
Shereen Fakhouri Hace 22 días
Tadayuki Shirono
Tadayuki Shirono Hace 22 días
Every song has everything I need in metal music. Wales is a dream state, indeed.
Harris Hace 23 días
Saw it, clicked it, my house burned down but i survived. Worth it.
J Alex Summer
J Alex Summer Hace 25 días
Omg I love this!.
Aubrey Annjulia
Aubrey Annjulia Hace 25 días
You guys are awesome 💕
Loco Cid
Loco Cid Hace 25 días
The lyrics are very childish. Need more mature lyrics from the band.
Tony Martin
Tony Martin Hace 26 días
Feckin AWESOME tune!!!!
kaicheese Hace 26 días
Just found this band. Loving the vocals!
Sam Grove
Sam Grove Hace 27 días
Dallas TX pls! House of blues?
Tomáš Arvay
Tomáš Arvay Hace 27 días
Melisa Martinez
Melisa Martinez Hace 27 días
Amo su voz!!!!!!! 💣💣💣💣💣🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Melisa Martinez
Melisa Martinez Hace 27 días
Amo esta mujer!!!!
Douglas Souza
Douglas Souza Hace 28 días
Great music ! dat screams
ArtTzu music
ArtTzu music Hace 29 días
Great wee tune, well done folks.
Fromthepast Hace 29 días
I keep expecting heavier shit from Cjs vocals. She has so much going on there.
Mason Hyden
Mason Hyden Hace 29 días
Oh, man this one is incredible! Soo happy to see the direction this group is going! On a straight path to the top! Keep it up! :)
Alexander Hall
Alexander Hall Hace un mes
This video's so intense that even 1080p is struggling to keep up...
Josefin Ståhl
Josefin Ståhl Hace un mes
This song is so fucking great.
SERBIE Hace un mes
I love this band
Rick Kana
Rick Kana Hace un mes
A Band that save my life 😊
ESTK 11 Hace un mes
Discovering a new band 👍
ALEX SNAKE Hace un mes
Ну, что тут сказать....АХУЕНННо!!!!👍
Kailah Sullivan
Kailah Sullivan Hace un mes
No words describe how much I love these guys
Flo' Wlanse
Flo' Wlanse Hace un mes
Terry Reynolds
Terry Reynolds Hace un mes
Me flipa, hacía tiempo que no escuchaba una canción que me gustase tanto
Thomas Gracia
Thomas Gracia Hace un mes
It’s as is Paramore and Flyleaf had a baby 🤔 I love this band!!!!
THiS GuY JeFF Hace un mes
God Just Give Me Some Release, God Just Give Me Somethin Please! #sheputsmeinadaze💥
Tadayuki Shirono
Tadayuki Shirono Hace un mes
The best emo-band ever to me. Now I know they are from South Wales, UK.
Alice Freeman
Alice Freeman Hace un mes
What a fucking brilliant song !!!
viverga Hace un mes
nice piece, but beginning of the song is chintzy. it's a pity
Guillaume Castel
Guillaume Castel Hace un mes
I'm counting on you to do the first part of slipknot's uk tour
Lara Worsfold
Lara Worsfold Hace un mes
That would be sick
konlord 93
konlord 93 Hace un mes
Just realized i need to buy more of your music. Literally the only rock/metal female vocalist thats voice doesnt make my ears bleed... so yeah thanks for that. Come to the u.s. already!
Samwise Gamgee
Samwise Gamgee Hace un mes
the screaming bridge(?) holy fuck? i'm hesitant with female screamers but they nail that fast rush u crave with synth rock and then the screams? spot the fuck on. Both the singles with similar artwork styles hint at an album or an ep and boi am i ready for it
Elowow Hace un mes
I really love it ! - Hope Dreamstate come in Strasbourg one day *_*
X DICAP Hace un mes
This popped up in my recommended, I’m definitely gonna find more
sillent kevim
sillent kevim Hace un mes
I like his music and style. beautiful vocalist lml is perfect
Povy Hace un mes
I listened to this song two days continuously and I can't stop! Greetings from Italy
Brian Jones
Brian Jones Hace un mes
I might be the only one who thinks this, but it sorta reminds me of the song My Angel by SLOT. lol.
Max Yaroshenko
Max Yaroshenko Hace un mes
Спасибо #radiorocks за то что дали мне это услышать)
Роман Ф
Роман Ф Hace un mes
Роман Ф
Роман Ф Hace un mes
Хит огонь
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