Draw me close to you Michael W. Smith

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Hace 10 años

We all need Jesus to help us in our life because without him we are nothing


jeni bina
jeni bina Hace un día
I love this song, God Bless you always
Hayley Wallace
Hayley Wallace Hace 2 días
Bob Gally
Bob Gally Hace 3 días
Our Loving Almighty God Jesus Christ you are My Life I Love you more than Core of My Heart Our Saviour Praise the Lord Alleluia Amen
rodrigues Hace 4 días
amem Deus eterno pai
Destiny Brille Etoile
Destiny Brille Etoile Hace 4 días
You are my desired thank you so much Jesus Christ
Destiny Brille Etoile
Destiny Brille Etoile Hace 4 días
You are my desired thank you so much Jesus Christ
Rosa Taisague
Rosa Taisague Hace 6 días
Jesus is who we need most...
Lazaro Michael
Lazaro Michael Hace 9 días
We pray Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Curtis bright jr
Curtis bright jr Hace 9 días
Lord i wanna be closer to you draw me closer to you i love you so much
ruus Jacob
ruus Jacob Hace 9 días
2020 draw me close to you Lord
Muwanguzi Hilder
Muwanguzi Hilder Hace 9 días
I used to sang this song in my youth stage and here today to worship u holy holy holy jesus you're all I want in this time no one can help me in this situation 2020 February
Warman Tuken
Warman Tuken Hace 10 días
Good,, God bless us Thanks🙏🙏
Nomie Muteve
Nomie Muteve Hace 11 días
Drabezu Hellen
Drabezu Hellen Hace 11 días
U better believe it when u never see
Hassan Abdullahi
Hassan Abdullahi Hace 14 días
Jesus forgive every sin i commit everyday of my life
Maud Joseph
Maud Joseph Hace 16 días
Amen draw me closer to you Jesus
Jasmite Dely
Jasmite Dely Hace 16 días
Jesus love us the more ,if you know that give me a like
jeni bina
jeni bina Hace 19 días
Praise the lord. Amen
Mr.Austin Fresh
Mr.Austin Fresh Hace 20 días
You all I ever needed ❤️💕 2020 still enjoying this amazing song
Damba Araphart
Damba Araphart Hace 22 días
I feel relieved when I listen to these songs
Grace Geraldine
Grace Geraldine Hace 25 días
I cry every time I listen to this song.. Help me find a way Lord, bring me back to You...!!!
DewNot BDeceived
DewNot BDeceived Hace 26 días
Why does Michael use the letter W? Yea, it's his middle name - jut like Geroge W. Bush. But, it is also the 23rd letter of the alphabet. Pagans love the number 23, 33, 13, 9 and 11. Yes, 9/11 together is one they love, call 9-1-1. It's everywhere! Why, maybe because of this verse in Hazon (Revelation) 9:11 And they have over them a sovereign, the messenger of the pit of the deep, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apolluon. Apollo, like Zeus, like Horus, Like Tammuz (mentioned in Ezekiel)! Jesus means Hail Zeus. And the name of the Messiah, does not translate or transliterate to Jesus. It is pronounced Yehoshua! And yes, it makes a difference. KJV perverted His Word as many other "versions" do. Michael W. Smith's net worth is $14 million dollars. He should be doing this for free? 2 Corith 11:13 For such are false emissaries, deceptive workers, masquerading as emissaries of Messiah. 14 And no wonder! For Satan himself masquerades as a messenger of light! 15 It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness,c whose end shall be according to their works I used to listen to his music and it now makes me cringe with it's pagan words and his inspiration from Alan Parsons! Inside Music Magazine, interviewing Michael W. Smith said, “There’s also the influence of such groups as Alan Parsons in your music. It’s especially noticeable on the first record, The Michael W. Smith Project (named after Alan Parsons’ album, The Alan Parsons Project.”) Smith’s reply: “Definitely!” www.oldies.com/product-view/12211S.html?c=gbase&gclid=CjwKCAiA66_xBRBhEiwAhrMuLdO4S20iwhKs2HUcT-ovfyBPAipJZpRUpmkljHkG5RlFqneo4gfKfRoCk3AQAvD_BwE Alan Parsons' they guy praising Horus! Horus is Tammuz is Zeus is the son of Nimrod. The Father (Nimrod), the Son (Horus, Zeus, Tammuz) and the Holy (Holly) Ghost is Semiramis. Semiramis was Nimrod's Mother. Abomination! Christ is a reference to Horus. Tammuz, symbol was a lower case "t". The Messiah, Yehoshua, was impaled. Being put on a cross would have been kind compared to being impaled. Look it up. promotethetruth.com Church means circle, like the sun! Freemasonry satanism!
Sir Reginald
Sir Reginald Hace 28 días
Praise the Lord. And hello in the name of Jesus Christ. Here's some messages I'd like to share. The Truth About Salvation: salvationaccordingtogodsword.blogspot.com Jesus Is God Who Was Manifest In The Flesh: jesusgodintheflesh.blogspot.com
Cissy Ssebugulu
Cissy Ssebugulu Hace 28 días
Who is with me 2020
Keren Mngadi
Keren Mngadi Hace 28 días
Lord draw me closer to you and redirect my life as tou planned.from the very beginning ....restore my pain with your glory lord empty my heart with unforgiveness lord...Amen
Marilou D. Pille
Marilou D. Pille Hace 28 días
Your all i want Jesus!
Louis Tchaly
Louis Tchaly Hace 29 días
My favorite song
Jason Fitness
Jason Fitness Hace 29 días
Im sorry Lord for things have done
Uwimana benitah
Uwimana benitah Hace un mes
Cristina Greco
Cristina Greco Hace un mes
Jess Ja
Jess Ja Hace un mes
Jesus love you all .. thank you lord
Best Worship Songs
Best Worship Songs Hace un mes
I listen to this song every day and I feel God's love is so great. My God. My heart thank you. you hear this song, it felt that ???
Mark Robertshaw
Mark Robertshaw Hace un mes
Mark, Robertshaw cristion an with no believe now I'm oliver mary I don't ever want her back she evel very sorry person I don't forgive her never now she ml won't make heaven jell for her or death with drops she owes me 9 00 00 pounds dept I have past it to a agent drug Cleator for her to pay it dept is dept oliver mary you will pay
Sue Salvador
Sue Salvador Hace un mes
Ilove u Jesus my God
Maa Maa
Maa Maa Hace un mes
This song is near to the God's Heart!
vvi Vic
vvi Vic Hace un mes
god bless 🙏😇 you all
Faith M Shendama
Faith M Shendama Hace un mes
You're all I want.
Sheryle Birdsong
Sheryle Birdsong Hace un mes
Indeed only you I need....
Best Praise & Worship Songs
Best Praise & Worship Songs Hace un mes
God is loving I'm ex Muslim Christian now I face a lot of difficulties where I'm if they find out about me I will be killed please pray for me that god will change my life god bless you all Thank you guys god answered your prayers now I'm in Canada love you all
Jim Merchant
Jim Merchant Hace un mes
No better way to go standing up for Christ if it comes to that. John 15:13. He did it for us on the cross. Scary however if we place our faith and trust on Him, He will provide the courage and guide us. Prayers for you my brother.
Scigen3 Champs
Scigen3 Champs Hace un mes
Anyone listening in ✨2020✨
Chevelle TM
Chevelle TM Hace un mes
2020 💕😭😢
I long to get back to where I was, dear Lord; locked in your tight embrace. Please draw me back to you, my one and only love
GhostsnGoblins Hace un mes
good catholic christian song
Cecilia Rivera
Cecilia Rivera Hace un mes
2020 present!!!! ❤️
Metuschelah Brooks
Metuschelah Brooks Hace un mes
Joey R Nakaitaci
Joey R Nakaitaci Hace un mes
Who's listening on 1'st January 2020.
byenkya moses
byenkya moses Hace un mes
May the Lord cause us to hunger for Him than any other thing in 2020
Barbie Lorenzi
Barbie Lorenzi Hace un mes
Rhea Raji
Rhea Raji Hace un mes
Praise God
Annaliza Calleja
Annaliza Calleja Hace un mes
There is no old song to Praise God.. I love you Lord🙏
Ricardo Vicente canal3 gospel
Ricardo Vicente canal3 gospel Hace un mes
lowaki loys
lowaki loys Hace un mes
Anyone listening with me dec 27 2019?
Zenny Cuzon
Zenny Cuzon Hace un mes
I love you lord
Annaliza Calleja
Annaliza Calleja Hace un mes
me Dec 28 2019
slim now
slim now Hace un mes
Help me know you are near
Mourice Hace un mes
feeling blessed praise the most high God
Elizabeth Kyarisiima
Elizabeth Kyarisiima Hace un mes
Love this song
Hindi Bollywood Songs
Hindi Bollywood Songs Hace un mes
I grew up in Church but by 18 I was tired of it. I went my own way. Went to work, school but with my own self destructive habits my performance suffered. Had bad relationships. Crippling depression to the point of employment being impossible. But I've come back 12 years later. I hope and pray the Lord can forgive me for the things Ive done. I pray for peace in my mind.
Madoda Simon
Madoda Simon Hace un mes
May you please saints send us Jimmy Swaggart
Thando Mazibuko
Thando Mazibuko Hace 2 meses
When I came to know Jesus for the first time, this was playing. Thank You Lord and work through us like You are through Mr. Smith. May so many more also come to You after being reminded of who You are through this magnificent song. Amen.
Vinette Burgess
Vinette Burgess Hace 2 meses
Lovely - I really enjoy singing along with my favorite songs. Thanks guys
Monica West
Monica West Hace 2 meses
No matter what you are going through in your life Jesus is all you want he's all you need he's everything peace comfort Joy fun love and kindness in quietness and confidence shall B bye strength
Saimanda Hace 2 meses
2020 goals!! Amen.
cathrine atavi
cathrine atavi Hace 2 meses
Amen God help me find a way in 2020
Ina Crooks
Ina Crooks Hace 2 meses
Anyone in 2019?! Please say yes 🤒😥
Brandon MC eowen
Brandon MC eowen Hace un mes
Oh yeah 2020
Louisa Navarro
Louisa Navarro Hace un mes
Yes yes Jesus 🙋🙋🙋
L simmonds
L simmonds Hace un mes
I found this amazing singer from an appeal video for Morgan Nick the innocent little girl who was only 6 years old when she was abducted on June 9th 1995 in alma arkansas USA from a little league game she is still missing today her family continue to search for her 😘
Prince Johnson
Prince Johnson Hace un mes
Sereima Ura
Sereima Ura Hace un mes
Poullet Kavuvi
Poullet Kavuvi Hace 2 meses
No one can come to me by himself unless my father draws him!
Thank you lord.. against all odd i am still breathing.. will serve you forever
Mary Mbugua
Mary Mbugua Hace 2 meses
Justice Mercy
Justice Mercy Hace 2 meses
Hayley Wallace
Hayley Wallace Hace 2 meses
Jesus I love you
Apostle Moses Tembo
Apostle Moses Tembo Hace 2 meses
Draw closer LORD JESUS eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-b4tSnd-YQkY.html
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