Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - E3 2019 Trailer | PS4

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Relive the story of Goku in DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT! Beyond the epic battles, experience life in the DRAGON BALL Z world as you fight, fish, eat, and train with Goku. Explore the new areas and adventures as you advance through the story and form powerful bonds with other heroes from the DRAGON BALL Z universe.

Dragon Ball Zdragon ballkarakote3 2019

Fear Glass
Fear Glass Hace 17 minutos
This is how many games Frieza killed Krillin in 👇🏽
Jayy Marley
Jayy Marley Hace 33 minutos
Bro I can’t be the only person tired of playing the same game. I’m not buying this
cris ureta
cris ureta Hace 36 minutos
Y las voces latinas!?
ya boi youtubee
ya boi youtubee Hace 41 un minuto
Im so excited
Jonas Pater
Jonas Pater Hace 42 minutos
i wished for this so here it is also i lost 5 ct trough the whole process
David villegas
David villegas Hace un hora
Stop making New DBZ games. I think we all know that what we truly want is a DBZ Budokai Teinkaichi 3 remastered
Frost France
Frost France Hace 59 minutos
Or just Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4
XQCentraL Hace un hora
When are we getting DBZ BT3 ...?
Daulton Crosswhite
Daulton Crosswhite Hace un hora
Should come on the switch
Bokenza Hace un hora
I think i have already played this game on PS2 called Tenkaichi 3 😅
InVz Frank santiago
InVz Frank santiago Hace un hora
Creo que me he empalmao
STEVE Game10
STEVE Game10 Hace 2 horas
Hermoso kakaroto
Dead E
Dead E Hace 2 horas
Is this for xbox too?
SirHunter Hace 2 horas
imagine an open world version of this with a quest line and rpg elements 🤤
ya boi youtubee
ya boi youtubee Hace 29 minutos
Bruh it is open world
Melo Hace 2 horas
the best graphic game.....nice!
Danny Uchiha90
Danny Uchiha90 Hace 3 horas
Super sayan is the best trasformation 😊
Alejandro Guari
Alejandro Guari Hace 3 horas
Lo unico que te voy a pedir es que este el doblaje latino
Bryant Cooper
Bryant Cooper Hace 3 horas
Looks dope but I’m tired of playing the same story I’d rather watch it 😂 can they make up a fake storyline I’d appreciate that more and would rather play that.
Dark Démon
Dark Démon Hace 4 horas
De toute façon il écoute tous se que je lui dis ce Karim mais toi il va pas t’ecouter ses mon chien
Superior Saiyan
Superior Saiyan Hace 4 horas
Lol looking at every new Dragon Ball game like I'm going to see something different. And still looking foward to it 😎
Jahmaine Holt
Jahmaine Holt Hace 4 horas
How many more games are going to come out and be flooded with “Tenkaichi 3 needs to be remastered” comments and it just doesn’t happen, literally has to be the most demanded game this isn’t being acknowledged
cloudscholar22 Hace 5 horas
Wow! Intensifying! No matter how old I get. I will always be a Dragon Ball Z fan! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😂😂😂😂😂
THUNDER BALLZ Hace 5 horas
Hopefully this runs for the entire storyline
Mago Gamer
Mago Gamer Hace 5 horas
Es exclusivo de sony? Me mato si es asi
Royal kiwi
Royal kiwi Hace 6 horas
Geil :o
Ludovic PANSA
Ludovic PANSA Hace 6 horas
Ça va être très très saal 🔥🔥
BarbaKahn494 Hace 6 horas
Se ve que va a ser una porquería la jugabilidad
Dominium Mundi
Dominium Mundi Hace 7 horas
Dear playstation help us. In the game we need the option Spanish dubbed. This series bring back to much memories to all of us, we need if it's possible the original dubbed.
javier lisandro Sanhueza
javier lisandro Sanhueza Hace 7 horas
Ojala que venga también en audio japones original... Porque el ingles es asqueroso
Josh Martian
Josh Martian Hace 7 horas
Screams internally
Joaquin Martinez
Joaquin Martinez Hace 7 horas
q asco dbz en inglés
River MSF
River MSF Hace 8 horas
A dublagem em inglês é uma bosta.
Otaku Mais 18
Otaku Mais 18 Hace 10 horas
De 100% dos jogos de Dragon Ball 80% tem que matar o Nappa ;-;
Estou Bravo
Estou Bravo Hace un hora
Liam McDougall FTW Warren Sucks POE JEDI KAW
Liam McDougall FTW Warren Sucks POE JEDI KAW Hace 11 horas
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot: “exists” Me: IS THIS THE WORLD WE CREATED?
Lor00D Hace 12 horas
This almost looks playable!
Jhon Trujillo
Jhon Trujillo Hace 12 horas
thatoneguy youmightknow
thatoneguy youmightknow Hace 12 horas
Ka-ka-karmen electra, show him what for it mean to be...
modesto quilloy
modesto quilloy Hace 13 horas
Should rename game title to Dragon ball Tenkaichi bukodai 3
SonicBaller31 Hace 14 horas
“The following is a non-profit fan-based parody!”
Rhman Freedom
Rhman Freedom Hace 14 horas
عود هاي شلون تلعب 😂😂
Bruno Menezes
Bruno Menezes Hace 14 horas
Acabou o exclusivo ahaiauaha
Vauhti Viiva
Vauhti Viiva Hace 14 horas
Now i have a reason to buy ps4 or ps5
Nile Rootz
Nile Rootz Hace 15 horas
Legacy of goku remake 2019
James Bryant
James Bryant Hace 16 horas
'This better go all the way to the buu saga or we riot who's with me
10K Hace 16 horas
Why we can’t we get a vegeta game
3ahrukh 4nsari
3ahrukh 4nsari Hace 17 horas
We want Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4
fabroche69 Hace 17 horas
Dommage que les combats ne seront pas en temp réels 😕
Patricia Rey
Patricia Rey Hace 18 horas
Wow, if this is supposed to sell me on how superior PS4 is to Switch, I think I’ll just get DragonBall FighterZ for the Switch instead... As far as graphics go, isn’t this pretty much last-gen and worse still, not a segment of DBZ/GT/Super storyline that fans actually WANT to play either, even though the Saiyan saga had it’s moments and the Namek/Frieza saga picked up the pace in terms of action? But I digress, I’m just venting and must express my disappointment that a PS4 game has such awful graphics, even for a fighting game. Couldn’t they have prettied it up a bit more, made the graphics more like what we’d expect to see from a PS4 game? I reiterate, this is just my opinion and not at all factual or even correct. Dunno why I’m complaining since I don’t even have a PS4, so yeah...
reviewfor thetube
reviewfor thetube Hace 18 horas
Going to be amazing
Benjamin Villagra
Benjamin Villagra Hace 19 horas
Dragon ball z Budokai Tenkaichi 4 plz
The Dark Lord
The Dark Lord Hace 19 horas
Aye maybe they could do the super storyline as dlc, or even make us play as other characters story's
1JizzleE Hace 21 un hora
You know how much I would kill for an open world Dragonball game like this? I’m talking kid goku, training, RR army, king piccolo, piccolo jr, world martial arts tournament dragon ball. With all that being said....I’m still getting this game 🤷🏾‍♂️🙃
nιcнтιge. Hace 21 un hora
There's something about this version of Vegeta's plea to Gokū that made my heart skip a beat. Just... look at his tearful face! -nιcнтιge oυт.
XxCountryBoyxX1 Hace 22 horas
It’s the same fuckng game everytime...
Yea I Get my cheeks clapped, but
Yea I Get my cheeks clapped, but Hace 23 horas
Jimmy Axel Obregon Tello
Jimmy Axel Obregon Tello Hace 23 horas
Q bueno q tengo pkay4
Charles Box
Charles Box Hace un día
Graphics look great
Daniel QP
Daniel QP Hace un día
Ya quiero verlo en español 0:51 ya basta freezer!! 1:22 Estúpido!!!!
Austin Garcia
Austin Garcia Hace un día
Is this a non xbox game tf
red inferno
red inferno Hace un día
Please include dbs and DBs broly
David Zelenov
David Zelenov Hace un día
Oh great another game that's gonna be dead in A week.
Hebatate 2k
Hebatate 2k Hace un día
Do not trust Bandai and their anime games you will be greatly disappointed
Jay_king234 Jay
Jay_king234 Jay Hace un día
Add Roblox to the PlayStation store plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
heblasian channel
heblasian channel Hace un día
When goku says “you fool!!!!” That gave me mad chills
King wolf
King wolf Hace un día
budokai tenkaichi 4 o 3 remastered
Wizdavision Productions
Wizdavision Productions Hace un día
Freiza: “You must! You must DIE BY MY HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!” Goku: “YOU FOOL!” TFW the most hype thing about the trailer is the voice acting! 🔥🤘🏾🔥
Luis Renato Ortiz Zavala
Luis Renato Ortiz Zavala Hace 2 horas
At Japanese it's a lot better
Jose Amaury Mendoza Flores
Jose Amaury Mendoza Flores Hace un día
No mames no dejan morir la saga parece serie de disney.
John Edwar Monto ya
John Edwar Monto ya Hace un día
Hola buenas play station quiero play 7 Holograma muy original potente para jugar ya a lo moderno
Christian Jordan
Christian Jordan Hace un día
Looks like Xenoverse.
SmallBoiH !!
SmallBoiH !! Hace un día
Legit the same game every year with better graphics🤦🏾‍♂️... Please If you’re going to copy the same game every year at least copy budakai tenkaichi 3💯
xMark Hace un día
We want xenoverse 3
AmitNaor Hace un día
Wow this looks cool...wonder if they'll make a tv show out of it
Gustavo Gang
Gustavo Gang Hace un día
godie vídeos
godie vídeos Hace un día
Ojalá la saquen el juego en español latino seria genial
Humble Servant7
Humble Servant7 Hace un día
I saw some ppl was concerned about limited transformations (including me) but looking at this trailer i think its permanent. Notice he is just glowing in SSJ, but after he punches frieza in the gut n power ups he then has an aura. N we saw something similar to that in the gameplay, where he powered up and had a blue aura in base form.
Jkobe Woods
Jkobe Woods Hace un día
It’s buddikai 3 but remastered
Stevelan10 Hace un día
O mai ga
Alex DJ Seville
Alex DJ Seville Hace un día
And for xbox one too
Dillan Alvarez
Dillan Alvarez Hace un día
Man I want the song that plays at 1:04
El señor de La tienda de las maquinitas
El señor de La tienda de las maquinitas Hace un día
Please Dragol Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Remastered😭😔😭❤
Mustakrakish16 Hace un día
While Sean Schemmel and Sonny Straight keep phoning it in as Goku and Krillin, Chris Ayres knocks it out of the park with his portrayal of Freeza.
kdash kyo
kdash kyo Hace un día
lol xd
Endermanny77 Mejia
Endermanny77 Mejia Hace un día
Do I have to wait for the dlc to come out or
Endermanny77 Mejia
Endermanny77 Mejia Hace un día
It said I will have it IN A WEEK early
Endermanny77 Mejia
Endermanny77 Mejia Hace un día
So disappointed
Endermanny77 Mejia
Endermanny77 Mejia Hace un día
Am disappointed
Endermanny77 Mejia
Endermanny77 Mejia Hace un día
Endermanny77 Mejia
Endermanny77 Mejia Hace un día
Hey play station
Ярик Бенжа
Ярик Бенжа Hace un día
Хрень анимешная.МСТИТЕЛИ КРУЧЕ😎
Szczypek Hace un día
Looks a bit like budokai tenkaichi. I like it!
Ramon Reyes
Ramon Reyes Hace un día
Real question is will this be the one thas actually like tenkaichi 3 😑
ka0s Hace un día
I wish this was in UE4
me quedo con el dragon ball budokai tenkaichi 3 perros
William Kilpatrick
William Kilpatrick Hace un día
Remake Legacy of Goku II
Tactical Player
Tactical Player Hace un día
Finally a game that's just dbz related and not DBS or dbgt
Guillermo Estrada
Guillermo Estrada Hace un día
Dragon Ball Breath of the Wild
Rafael Pacheco
Rafael Pacheco Hace un día
No super characters please
tato torres
tato torres Hace un día
When comes something like Budokai Temkaichy 3??
dragon cityozinho
dragon cityozinho Hace un día
Acho q ci vcs paracen com essa besteira de PSN PLUS teriam mais vendas
MelonLordx40 Hace un día
To those who are complaining about playing through the db-super story once again then just simply don't buy the game. Truth be told it's the quality and gameplay that should matter, not the story mode aspect that should be the main target.
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