Dr. Lee Removes The Messiest Lipoma Ever! | Dr. Pimple Popper

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Paul has had a huge hump on the back of his neck for years, but it has got bigger over the last 10 years. He visits Dr Lee to try to get it removed, and it turns out to be the messiest lipoma ever!
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Therese Mosler
Therese Mosler Hace 13 horas
That’s a case for Dr Vladislav
Landon Beccacio
Landon Beccacio Hace 19 horas
Who else feels sooo bad for the patients even tho there numb
code:Critzerz and sub to him also R3AL Monkeyboi
code:Critzerz and sub to him also R3AL Monkeyboi Hace 19 horas
Lipoma are so good to watch as they get treated
Shyla S
Shyla S Hace 3 días
The patient has really bad teeth
Jenny Reynna
Jenny Reynna Hace 5 días
aww in the end
Isabella Entrekin
Isabella Entrekin Hace 5 días
Maykol Sanchez
Maykol Sanchez Hace 6 días
Maykol Sanchez
Maykol Sanchez Hace 6 días
hungerburger123 Hace 8 días
Non he just needs to see a dentist.
Jackie Hace 10 días
Sweet man. So happy for you Sir continued BLESSINGS
Ozy’s Flip Books
Ozy’s Flip Books Hace 10 días
Hi plsss Like and comment! 👌
wAiT_a_ MiNuTe :p
wAiT_a_ MiNuTe :p Hace 10 días
It’s not a dr pimple popper video without me getting some type of food ruined for me😂😂 No hate to her I love the videos☺️
Bacon Barf
Bacon Barf Hace 11 días
I wanted to watch them take the rest out even if it was skin I wanted to see the rest out lol
Antonette Temple
Antonette Temple Hace 11 días
Ll ok ol
PNG Fella
PNG Fella Hace 11 días
Mac n cheese anyone?
Ronesha Batiste
Ronesha Batiste Hace 11 días
Hendrij Kemal
Hendrij Kemal Hace 12 días
Lisa Gipple
Lisa Gipple Hace 12 días
I love her so much I just want to see her in real life
Moonlite Quimby
Moonlite Quimby Hace 13 días
Itz Gaming with Jaron
Itz Gaming with Jaron Hace 13 días
Ew pls have mercy god
Teri Anderson
Teri Anderson Hace 14 días
Love this Show!!!!!
Ms Sassmouth
Ms Sassmouth Hace 15 días
I finally found yr TLC episodes on youtube:) Yr manner with yr patients is fabulous Dr Lee:) I am a loyal pimple popper addict and it's so nice to see the whole consultation:) Amazing job Doc, the bigger the Lipoma the better😁
JaSir Hughes
JaSir Hughes Hace 15 días
Don't do that again don't do that again
Blossom Love
Blossom Love Hace 15 días
Anyone for cheese and ketchup?
Egg with 1 subscriber challenge
Egg with 1 subscriber challenge Hace 15 días
The new ASMR
Sacarac Arts
Sacarac Arts Hace 16 días
This is glorious, I've been looking for "is it common to have multiple lipomas?" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Beyason Illustrious Blaster - (do a google search ) ? It is a smashing exclusive guide for discovering how to eradicate lipoma lumps minus the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.
JJ'S roblox roleplays
JJ'S roblox roleplays Hace 17 días
ItzMidnight Hace 17 días
I’m just a kid and I enjoy watching this lol
ᄉᄉᄀ Hace 17 días
I think that Dr. Pimple Popper is so enormous
Creamy beamy
Creamy beamy Hace 17 días
Ngl this dudes ears are small and kinda in a cute way
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima Hace 18 días
scrambled eggs
Colourful Wolf
Colourful Wolf Hace 18 días
where can i watch the full vid
Super Toucan Sam Richard
Super Toucan Sam Richard Hace 20 días
It’s Funny to watch
Prathapan Punalur
Prathapan Punalur Hace 21 un día
Great video content! Sorry for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you ever tried - Dinanlinson Collecting Muscle Approach (search on google)? It is a smashing exclusive guide for learning how to get big and lean fast without the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate finally got great success with it.
Cozmyc_chrix Hace 22 días
Y am I watching this i was just watching a fortnite montage😭. Edit: I just threw up😖
Jackson Neace
Jackson Neace Hace 22 días
I can’t believe during that situation she still has the will to tell actual funny jokes I would have passed the fuck out
Georgia Smith
Georgia Smith Hace 23 días
Im eating mash potatoe right now 😳
Layla Silva
Layla Silva Hace 23 días
I'm down for a Pimple Popper Pop-Up 🤤🥴
Kis wehalib Adam
Kis wehalib Adam Hace 24 días
Honey Trap
Honey Trap Hace 25 días
6:38 Look's like the pasta bake that I had for dinner last night.
Vin Mar
Vin Mar Hace 25 días
And Thought she’s going to pull out the spinal cord of this guy
jollymations Hace 27 días
he should brush his teeth more often.
It’s just Taylor
It’s just Taylor Hace 28 días
The sounds and the looks are just nasty when I watch this I don’t even wanna eat
Ashleigh Tompkins
Ashleigh Tompkins Hace 28 días
I watched this entire thing... What in the world is wrong with me?
Ptia Moss
Ptia Moss Hace 29 días
Nayeli Concha barrio
Nayeli Concha barrio Hace un mes
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Hace un mes
Omg does no one think that he looks like a fat version of adam sandler hahaha
ŤÆ dagurl
ŤÆ dagurl Hace un mes
I throw up every night before bed just by watching this I'd hate it for anybody to have this
Lissette Baca
Lissette Baca Hace un mes
What a sweet guy
Sherry Singleton
Sherry Singleton Hace un mes
He was such a good person of character!
Brandon Weiser
Brandon Weiser Hace un mes
are you ok?
Hell_boifanpage Hace un mes
The hump back of notre dam is back little kids
Hell_boifanpage Hace un mes
Me skipping through the video to find when she cuts it open :>
Qistina Izz
Qistina Izz Hace un mes
Im new here n i feel so bad for him
Zacharria Yeates
Zacharria Yeates Hace un mes
I love you br lee
mymy's worldd period sis
mymy's worldd period sis Hace un mes
and it is not b it is d DR LEE
A B Hace un mes
now just get those teeth and the rest of you fixed and youre all set... 95% more work to go!
Tessa Grace
Tessa Grace Hace un mes
Ew like gross macoroni
Łøłãbëãr Pãñdãbëãr
Łøłãbëãr Pãñdãbëãr Hace un mes
I just got a shiver from the thumbnail
Miss Lahe
Miss Lahe Hace un mes
iimbre Hace un mes
so he said it began growing when he was 15 then said it’s been their for 10 years , i don’t think he’s 25 💀
jadon dunkwu
jadon dunkwu Hace un mes
Y'all ruined the "hi cysters" meme it's not funny anymore
Jennifer Colon
Jennifer Colon Hace un mes
Taste like chicken.
Jennifer Colon
Jennifer Colon Hace un mes
I cant understand how someone can let this happen as soon as i have a little bump im on it.
iM_Z3KPHY Hace un mes
Its like he ate a bunch of popcorn and get stuck on her neck and its a popcorn vomit
Maria Alexandre Alexandre
Maria Alexandre Alexandre Hace un mes
Lucy Stewart
Lucy Stewart Hace un mes
I hat short vids
Bionic C
Bionic C Hace un mes
I watching this while eating oatmeal.... I’m actually sick now..... my head hurts,I throw up every 2 minutes help me
Jared B
Jared B Hace un mes
Dr. Lee "you gotta massage it out" Grabs a handful of lipoma
Kam Mike
Kam Mike Hace un mes
That's nice now all he has to do is fix his teeth
Kam Mike
Kam Mike Hace un mes
That doctor is mad fine!
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