Dr. Lee Removes The Messiest Lipoma Ever! | Dr. Pimple Popper

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tlc uk

tlc uk

Hace 6 meses

Paul has had a huge hump on the back of his neck for years, but it has got bigger over the last 10 years. He visits Dr Lee to try to get it removed, and it turns out to be the messiest lipoma ever!
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dearthea Hace 3 horas
y'all ever wonder how these stuff smell like?
AlexOriginates Hace 10 horas
Anyone else watching this during the lockdown because of Coronavirus?
Ms. Understood
Ms. Understood Hace 18 horas
Lie po ma or Lim fo ma? Have I been saying it wrong?
Yo NuG
Yo NuG Hace un día
Um- I feel like I'm learning something everyday! 😤
Olivia hser
Olivia hser Hace un día
Olivia hser
Olivia hser Hace un día
Hi my name is olivia
Olivia hser
Olivia hser Hace un día
Gail Collins
Gail Collins Hace 2 días
It disgusting to watch but it seems to me that it helps u know the things u get when u have it but I love wait have this ESwomen channel plz,Support me
Hyacinth Pringle
Hyacinth Pringle Hace 3 días
It's disgusting to watch but kind of fun but that was so so big and so much blood 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Kathy Ramdhanie
Kathy Ramdhanie Hace 3 días
Love dis
DerpyGaming Hace 3 días
It is like exploded brain matter
Linda Lulu
Linda Lulu Hace 3 días
Poor guy! Why didn't the other doctors tell him what it was or help him? He is such a nice person.
Finn Productions
Finn Productions Hace 3 días
Dr lee goes around cleaning up doctors mistakes
Zeeismee Hace 3 días
Guy:10 years dr pimple popper: screams internally
JamesMUA Hace 3 días
The noises they add are so unnecessary 😂
chris carey
chris carey Hace 4 días
That sound effects tho
Jung Chang
Jung Chang Hace 4 días
Is it possible to remove the lipoma as a whole?
Chassity Baldwin
Chassity Baldwin Hace 4 días
who else thinks this is disgusting but still watching
Victoria Quick
Victoria Quick Hace 4 días
Yes I agree I’m stuck watching them lol
Mateus Bampi
Mateus Bampi Hace 4 días
Senti mais nojo da boca desse veio do que desse tumor gigante
Victor252 Hace 4 días
quem veio pelos salles da like
Mike Cirio
Mike Cirio Hace 4 días
That HAS to smell.
:3 Podemos Conseguir 10.000 subs sin videos?
:3 Podemos Conseguir 10.000 subs sin videos? Hace 5 días
Primera en español ☺️
javier sutton
javier sutton Hace 5 días
I love watching this
Sheila Santiago
Sheila Santiago Hace 5 días
Oh how sweet he is... Not just smile at the back but also a smile from his ❤️
emily evans
emily evans Hace 6 días
This is awesome!!
Makiyah Collazo
Makiyah Collazo Hace 6 días
jel bugnay
jel bugnay Hace 6 días
I love how Dr. Lee handles the surgery. Like, instead of me feeling grossed, she makes me become excited to watch the whole video, to see how will she remove THAT thing. 😁😁 Dr. Lee is so professional. She's amazing. 😁😁
Eriyonna Jones
Eriyonna Jones Hace 7 días
How are you not scarred after that🤢
Karine Rondeau Lavaute
Karine Rondeau Lavaute Hace 7 días
Karine Rondeau Lavaute
Karine Rondeau Lavaute Hace 7 días
Isn’t anyone gonna talk about his teeth
Lazer Hace 7 días
My mind is telling me no but my body is telling me yes
Diamond Graham
Diamond Graham Hace 7 días
🤢🤢😱😱😱🤢😱😱🤢😲😳😯😯🙊🙈🙉🙉🙈 oh my gosh*\0/*:0
Natalie Jimenez
Natalie Jimenez Hace 8 días
That's literally the food in my stomach 🤣
Niessuh oyadal
Niessuh oyadal Hace 8 días
It looks like Hans Pork n Beans hahaha
al birdie
al birdie Hace 8 días
a lot of soap and cat food can be made out of this one
Zee Zee Watson
Zee Zee Watson Hace 9 días
It's so nasty but very interesting
Lisa Chaplin
Lisa Chaplin Hace 9 días
Dr. Lee, I teared up watching you with this patient. You warm my heart the way you warm your patients hearts. I just simply love you!
luhDre Hace 9 días
When she touch a pimple with out cloves
luhDre Hace 9 días
Ewww wash your hands😵😵🤧🤧
Mariyah Dukes
Mariyah Dukes Hace 9 días
Is that real dr lee
Myzier Harley
Myzier Harley Hace 9 días
I feel bad 😞
Molly Tarr
Molly Tarr Hace 9 días
Sean Hace 10 días
Imagine she left the building at 3:42
Looks like he has a hunch. Sorry
Keyri Rivera
Keyri Rivera Hace 11 días
Like I felt bad for him because like a big hump on your back that would not feel really well it is disgusting but like cool to watch
Alessandro Esposito
Alessandro Esposito Hace 11 días
Dinner's ready
Outerswap Blueberry
Outerswap Blueberry Hace 12 días
The little pieces look like Mac and cheese
carolyn torres
carolyn torres Hace 12 días
Olivia LL
Olivia LL Hace 12 días
"that's a smile on my heart too," that melted my heart!
Fatima Barrett
Fatima Barrett Hace 13 días
Where’s my spoon???? I like to talk about food?..????? Me: why??. Just why did you have to ruin Mac and cheese for me???.
Fatima Barrett
Fatima Barrett Hace 13 días
Me: eating Mack and cheese. Doctor: gets lipoma on hands. Me: throws up and throws all Mac and cheese out the window
ziggy morris
ziggy morris Hace 13 días
He needs to see the dentist next.
Mezzed Hace 14 días
Bruh he had a travel pillow built in and he removed it
Sanaya Westbrook
Sanaya Westbrook Hace 14 días
Ew the sound thou🤢🤢
Michael Rauch
Michael Rauch Hace 14 días
That was fun
Angie Hauxwell
Angie Hauxwell Hace 15 días
next time teeth
emmanuel cédric
emmanuel cédric Hace 16 días
Do your teeth too
Lovely Rose
Lovely Rose Hace 16 días
God bless doc ur my idol now we love u from Philippines
Andrew Hudson
Andrew Hudson Hace 16 días
Like cleaning out a pumpkin
Charles Peter Watson
Charles Peter Watson Hace 16 días
Now let's fix his teeth.
Monique Cummings
Monique Cummings Hace 16 días
My Icon House
My Icon House Hace 17 días
Thulani Goolsby
Thulani Goolsby Hace 17 días
It looks weird
Kim Clifford
Kim Clifford Hace 17 días
That's disgusting and I feel bad for him pray for him plz
Devron Youngblood
Devron Youngblood Hace 17 días
Bruh ijust keep looking at them teeth 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣😂
Devron Youngblood
Devron Youngblood Hace 17 días
Looks at his teeth 😨😨* dose his breath stink 🤔🤔🤔
TTV_G00D_V1B3S Hace 17 días
Anyone want lasagna? Jokes 😂
DripFox YT
DripFox YT Hace 18 días
*skips to gaming video*
Immanuel Taylor-Jordan
Immanuel Taylor-Jordan Hace 18 días
Yeah me that's cool
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