Dr. Lee Removes Multiple Blackheads From Patient's Face | Dr. Pimple Popper: This Is Zit

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Here are some great 'bonus pos' from Dr Lee, including extracting a 'cheeky' cyst, and removing multiple blackheads from a patient's face and ears.
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Caprice Ocean
Caprice Ocean Hace 3 horas
Don't stretch yr years or cheeks ppl. It's hard to repair.
Raquel Pimenta
Raquel Pimenta Hace 8 horas
Jakob Putzel
Jakob Putzel Hace un día
i bet we can sell them on ebay LMAO
Jhon Vlogs TV
Jhon Vlogs TV Hace un día
Deliciaaa adoro.
Joanna Lucy
Joanna Lucy Hace 2 días
I'm so fascinated bu these idk wjy but i have fun watching them
Willow Bee
Willow Bee Hace 2 días
Thank you on behalf of everyone you've helped. Stay beautiful and may God continue to bless you and future patients and staff.💐🏵🌿🌹🥀🥀🥀🌼🌼🌴
Cat Cat
Cat Cat Hace 3 días
Why don’t people talk about how beautiful and healthy her hair is! It’s gorgeous
Giselle de Campos Rocha Kulakauskas
Giselle de Campos Rocha Kulakauskas Hace 4 días
Love you You are the best
v z
v z Hace 5 días
Hello from Croatia! We watch you in Europe too. You are famous in the World as well. Love ❤
yummygummy33_gacha peach
yummygummy33_gacha peach Hace 5 días
Hi Miss Dr. Pimple Popper ....I'm a teenager im 19 years old only that have a big fan and interested to all your posted how to help the people who had problem on their skin..I always watch your video.. So, one time sink on may mind that I try to comment it's because I want to tell about ,what is their on my face and neck it's a Warts I watched to your video that called is this on what on my face is warts...I hope that you may give me a recommendation to do how can I remove it and how can I stop it ..... Because one time I pinch it the first one but,,blood is flow continuesly I'm so scared to that situation and I will never try again to pick it....Miss Dr. Pimple Popper I hope that help me..thank you
Insha Mohiuddin
Insha Mohiuddin Hace 9 días
I love u sandra lee
abirdkilledmeh Hace 9 días
Dr Lee is the Picasso of stitches.
Zeromok Animations
Zeromok Animations Hace 11 días
This is disgusting but so satisfying! 😮😮😮
Nariana Sky
Nariana Sky Hace 11 días
I feel like because doctor Lee is explaining it, I'm not that grossed out, kinda like science, but interesting
Kemarion Jackson
Kemarion Jackson Hace 13 días
What is that thumbnaill
zoe bell
zoe bell Hace 13 días
The girl with the stretched ears did it way too fast, and that’s why they looked like that, poor girl
Sapphie XOX
Sapphie XOX Hace 14 días
Your beautiful girl never give up
하예신 Hace 16 días
God bless you Dr lee😇😇
Cat Hace 16 días
i’ve been binging these for over an hour...i really need some help.
Alex Kastano
Alex Kastano Hace 16 días
That bitch with ear loops seems crazy as a fish))
Shanna Pickett
Shanna Pickett Hace 19 días
Ew so gross but I love how she treats her pashents
Linda Henderson
Linda Henderson Hace 20 días
So glad I have company in my fascination with this gross stuff‼️
Erlene Donaldson
Erlene Donaldson Hace 20 días
There re soo satisfying
Mami Fanai
Mami Fanai Hace 20 días
Fake nose
A awungshi
A awungshi Hace 21 un día
Oh my foot it started tickling
Tori Richardson
Tori Richardson Hace 22 días
That looks like strawberry cream cheese ;-;
High3rThanNASA Hace 24 días
What I wanna know is, what size gage did that woman wear in her ear? I'm a size 0.. about the size of a pencil. Anyone please answer. I'm rlly paranoid now. Haha (And no, I'm not going any bigger. This is the biggest I'll go. Anything bigger is a little gross to me.)
Seth Peters
Seth Peters Hace 25 días
Homeboy forgot to wash behind his ears
zodiac slut
zodiac slut Hace 26 días
gameplayer502 Hace 26 días
5:59 he's a what?
Lookout Now
Lookout Now Hace 28 días
I think that Dr. Lee is 🔥🔥🔥
Amber Baker
Amber Baker Hace 28 días
Her new earlobes are adorable and perfect! Amazing.
Demented Dog
Demented Dog Hace un mes
I forgot I was watching this.. I started to eat some food looked down and saw a mans face being sliced open .. I almost threw up. 🤮
Demented Dog
Demented Dog Hace 27 días
AyoT7 Yes
AyoT7 Hace 28 días
Did you eat the throw up after?
Michaela VanDuesen
Michaela VanDuesen Hace un mes
The tunnels from the ear cyst got me fucked up, I can't look at that again
Olivia Niamh x
Olivia Niamh x Hace un mes
This video is age restricted lol
Patrema Gilbert
Patrema Gilbert Hace un mes
Newest lobes nice.
Donna Tichenor
Donna Tichenor Hace un mes
Brianna Peralta
Brianna Peralta Hace un mes
This is how many times this guy said mhmm
Shaw Cremeans
Shaw Cremeans Hace un mes
3:40 that is absolutely disgusting the ears are moving!!!
Temmie Temmieson
Temmie Temmieson Hace un mes
Shaw Cremeans She’s stitching back together the two sides that’s why. Ears do not contain muscles thus they’re not prehensile.
Jancel Melanis
Jancel Melanis Hace un mes
I have to look a lot closer on the screen and read the title because i saw a very different thing the first time i saw the thumbnail of the video. 😜😂🤣
Alexandra Foulston
Alexandra Foulston Hace un mes
Wow Satisfying
Kay Doyle
Kay Doyle Hace un mes
I love your channel Dr Lee (Dr pimple popper)
vonlester Hace un mes
im getting the vibe that those people are getting very uncomfortable with dr. lee showing them the stuff..
Yolanda Rosado
Yolanda Rosado Hace un mes
The girl: I bet we can buy them on eBay Me: nobody would buy that
Yolanda Rosado
Yolanda Rosado Hace un mes
The girl: I bet we can sell them on eBay Me: nobody would buy that......
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton Hace un mes
@sunflower Gaming bro chill out fam
sunflower Gaming
sunflower Gaming Hace un mes
Martha Feliciano
Martha Feliciano Hace un mes
Maja Shan
Maja Shan Hace un mes
Idk why i look at these videos thir gross but i just cant stop
Frostie Hace un mes
She really just said that she could sell that sh*t on eBay..
Vijay Mhalon
Vijay Mhalon Hace un mes
Doctor is this boil
Kosh Bhardwaj
Kosh Bhardwaj Hace un mes
Please tell where can you be found as I have some similar facial condition
mae mae
mae mae Hace un mes
when i woke up this morning i didn’t think i’d see a woman with someone else’s earlobes around her finger....
Arya ilov yo
Arya ilov yo Hace un mes
Replies arya and
Arya ilov yo
Arya ilov yo Hace un mes
Replies. arya
Josiah _vlogs
Josiah _vlogs Hace un mes
Bella Marie
Bella Marie Hace un mes
Jon Rabben
Jon Rabben Hace un mes
The Dr. Pimple Popper weight loss program: Let the doctor remove a huge growth and you lose weight without dieting and the doctor does all the work!
Giovanni Teresi
Giovanni Teresi Hace un mes
Lisa-Marie Keogh
Lisa-Marie Keogh Hace un mes
People really don't think about the years to come when they have Stretchers In their ears or Tattoos all over their bodies!!
Bernadete Be
Bernadete Be Hace un mes
Gostaria de entender oque Dr Lee fala gosto do trabalho dela mais não entendo uma palavra.
Oleyoz ROTMG
Oleyoz ROTMG Hace un mes
3:07 yaay
Shitty Boh
Shitty Boh Hace un mes
I really enjoy seeing dr lee did an operation.... Can i know any tips to get rid pimples from my face... I really suffer to handle this pimples 😭
Nafiz Doan
Nafiz Doan Hace un mes
Ah çe dégueulasses
Bart Dehullu
Bart Dehullu Hace un mes
you know that you strech that your ears fuked up.that the part of the game.i have stretch and never tho this.
Rajinder Kumar
Rajinder Kumar Hace un mes
Dr. Lee, I am your big fan, from india, I love you🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💓🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Kelvis Ortega
Kelvis Ortega Hace un mes
I had one in my eye
LightningEclipse Aka Lapis Whiskers
LightningEclipse Aka Lapis Whiskers Hace un mes
Pat Kelly
Pat Kelly Hace un mes
Now get the ink done
Superiorshon Hace un mes
Tammy Taylor
Tammy Taylor Hace un mes
In life when young we some times makes choices that later on in life we can go back and change. That's a gift. Ty Sandra Lee.
DRP smurfy
DRP smurfy Hace un mes
imagine selling your earlobes on ebay
Tam rymer
Tam rymer Hace un mes
Are there anymore videos of the last guy?
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