Dr Lee Removes Abnormal Growth From Man's Upper Leg | Dr. Pimple Popper

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Dr Lee is surprised when Ravon shows her an abnormal growth hanging from his upper leg area. It turns out to be a lipoma, which she removes for him.
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Colin Amondson
Colin Amondson Hace un hora
The guy is a frigging star...tbf I have the hots for the Doc she is looking good ... what a nice guy ....yes ma' ma ...big respect to this man.......dam do not slip Doc.....is that it ...that's what she said!!!
BlueHood Hace 2 horas
As a guy, I can only imagine how that would feel, and how weird it would be to be in bed with a girl and for her to see that, AGH, I’d never date again before getting it removed
Masiya Taylor
Masiya Taylor Hace 3 horas
Brenda Testa
Brenda Testa Hace 9 horas
Is it just me saying how unhygienic putting your foot, still with shoes, on that chair
unspeakable,s helper
unspeakable,s helper Hace 9 horas
Andy Prasetio
Andy Prasetio Hace 13 horas
ooookaaaayyy....... extra balls...
JustSebbi Hace 13 horas
Guy: (Reaches up his pants) Dr Lee: *"HOL' UP-"*
Denrick Goodman
Denrick Goodman Hace 14 horas
Dr Lee she's beautiful sexy and smart
Blade Blair
Blade Blair Hace 15 horas
TheTwo Trollers
TheTwo Trollers Hace 16 horas
chase moore
chase moore Hace 16 horas
he says bump i say big ass third testical
Alejandra Ortega
Alejandra Ortega Hace 17 horas
CALYPSO PETE Hace 17 horas
It seems o painful to have it there
Oh Snap Cider Is Fizzy
Oh Snap Cider Is Fizzy Hace 17 horas
The thumbnail scared me
shockandawe7 Hace 18 horas
When she said “that’s what she said” I smiled so hard
F_Mxnty Hace 18 horas
wrong sack_
Angelon Lopez
Angelon Lopez Hace 19 horas
Testiculos amputados
Dillsprainleg Hace 21 un hora
*Uh Lee, He Showed us the wrong thing, the bumps on the OTHER side.*
Captain_Starducks Hace 22 horas
This man tried to get laid porno style and ended up getting his balls cut off
Jamarius Watts
Jamarius Watts Hace 22 horas
That is disgusting
Jailan Holley
Jailan Holley Hace 22 horas
Imagine if that was a third ball sack he mistaken for a growth. that would have been so fucking tragic
Lacey Docherty
Lacey Docherty Hace un día
I thaught it was a ballsack ngl
oscar godoy
oscar godoy Hace un día
she dont use safety glasses during the surgery
Tatila Varo
Tatila Varo Hace un día
It looks like a... penis
Brooke Kamara
Brooke Kamara Hace un día
Idk if it’s just me but this mans is so adorable like whhhaaatttt?
Malachi Greenidge
Malachi Greenidge Hace un día
Me i thought is was a ball sack tbh
Asghar Ali
Asghar Ali Hace un día
Wow she was really a good surgeon
Asghar Ali
Asghar Ali Hace un día
Wow she was really a good surgeon
Saimon Gurung
Saimon Gurung Hace un día
Damn that’s very bad
Misty Mayder
Misty Mayder Hace un día
Imagine he was beating his meet and then he realized it was his big ass pimple
Alex Cruz
Alex Cruz Hace un día
Broo his airforces arent even creased
Wild Snugybear
Wild Snugybear Hace un día
Is that his nuts
Maverick from rainbow six sige
Maverick from rainbow six sige Hace un día
I wonder did he have a pillow when he sat down every time or was it uncomfortable
nariah nixon
nariah nixon Hace un día
she was like woah dude what are you doingg
David Craig
David Craig Hace un día
Anyone want a cup tea?
David Craig
David Craig Hace un día
I sorry say we made a mistake and now your a woman.
nariah nixon
nariah nixon Hace un día
i wonder what people thought it was when we wore pants or shorts or somethin
Paul Tsinas
Paul Tsinas Hace un día
i thought he half-alien as the double ball. oh, wait. from an old film called "Total Record"
niya bluegirl
niya bluegirl Hace un día
Plot twist *it was a decoy so he wouldn't get kicked in his real nuts*
niya bluegirl
niya bluegirl Hace un día
Say there were two of those lumps on both sides but there not balls
rucks Hace un día
dude he have a second ball sack imagine how much pee he can store
rucks Hace un día
it was not filled with pee my life is a lie boys pee is not stored in the balls
Brinda s
Brinda s Hace un día
I bet she wanted to laugh
Whitney Hunter
Whitney Hunter Hace un día
*how to get dr Lee to casually handle your balls*
Everett Young
Everett Young Hace un día
The thumbnail kinda scared me at first
Prince Morris
Prince Morris Hace un día
Umm I’m more shocked that he showed this on TV than him having the actual growth! Omg 😱
Yvng_ Kd
Yvng_ Kd Hace un día
Plot twist he just didn’t wanna pee or have kids
Yvng_ Kd
Yvng_ Kd Hace un día
What if he just wanted to get his balls touched
Sania Kadanyo
Sania Kadanyo Hace 2 días
I'm happy for you...Thank you Dr. Li
VR. Alldaway
VR. Alldaway Hace 2 días
He got another nut
Airin Hace 2 días
Hahahahahaha WHAT the fuck is this
Tony G
Tony G Hace 2 días
Word of the day, pedunculated
Does it shrink when it gets cold 😂😂😂😂
Nita May
Nita May Hace 2 días
I'm happy that he got his 3rd sack off
Anthony Reyes
Anthony Reyes Hace 2 días
He got Af1s
ZAYZ YT Hace 2 días
I thought it was a sack of balls lmao
Nikki Lee
Nikki Lee Hace 2 días
Go slow
Nikki Lee
Nikki Lee Hace 2 días
DADDY Dominguez
DADDY Dominguez Hace 2 días
What happens if she cut the wrong thing
Shelena Johnson
Shelena Johnson Hace 2 días
Forget that I would've just told women I got three balls. I bet they would've took they birth control then🤣🤣
Kevin Ireland
Kevin Ireland Hace 2 días
Grow a pair... hmm, OK.
Kali Gillespie
Kali Gillespie Hace 2 días
Notice how she hesitated to touch it And the "I don't want access to any other areas either" Laughing so hard
Sony Xperiaaa
Sony Xperiaaa Hace 2 días
Mans got a 2nd ballsack
maude germain
maude germain Hace 2 días
Who went straight to the comments and saw what everybody was thinking about this video “STAY CLEAN “🤫
Namekian God Piccolo
Namekian God Piccolo Hace 2 días
At least girls think it's a 3rd testicle
Billie Eilish fan
Billie Eilish fan Hace 3 días
you sure that's not his third ball sack ? 😂
Nik_ Untul
Nik_ Untul Hace 3 días
Looks Likes Nuts
Just Wondering Tv
Just Wondering Tv Hace 3 días
Trust me you weren't the only one confused about the thumbnail go ahead check the comments.
Debora Priscila
Debora Priscila Hace 3 días
Poderia ter legenda né
Patrizia Ballini
Patrizia Ballini Hace 3 días
Power you How
Uvence Delvalle
Uvence Delvalle Hace 3 días
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