Dope Tech: The Probe Lens!

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Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

Hace 3 meses

The Probe lens by Venus Optics is the most ridiculous piece of video gear I've ever seen.
Venus Laowa Probe lens:
B&H link:
OnePlus 7 Pro Review:
The Verge's Galaxy Fold Review:
Viral "shooting macro" video
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Nicole Demetrius
Nicole Demetrius Hace un hora
Tried buying one fbi busted in yelling that I hand an illegal machine gun that would sneak past customs
Bohemian GroWve
Bohemian GroWve Hace 7 horas
Yoooo if the matrix had this camera tech
Henrik Stougaard Nielsen
Henrik Stougaard Nielsen Hace 22 horas
7:55 "Pull vs push moves" for the "probe" lens. Omg this lens is so naughty. "Even the GoPro lens wouldn't fit in the places this thing is fitting through" 😂
Omar Delawar
Omar Delawar Hace un día
How much does it cost? It must be in the thousands probably.
XavP Hace 3 días
Dude, if this was waterproof imagine what you could do in underwater caves or coral reefs
ShoeFanatic 707
ShoeFanatic 707 Hace 6 días
Just say how much. Don’t be a dick
The Kid With A Tie Show
The Kid With A Tie Show Hace 6 días
0:41 I don't know... Look like a deadly weapon to me.
Tens Hace 7 días
If I see another red camera I'm going to have to unsubscribe after like 7years or more. Please make this the last one showing red camera. Just proves ya sold out to red scam company.
John L Rice
John L Rice Hace 7 días
Excellent review, thanks!
Tracy Schweitzer
Tracy Schweitzer Hace 8 días
$1500 toy, heck yeah I want one.
Great tool for porn video industry! It is waterproof too! ;)
Elmir Elmir
Elmir Elmir Hace 8 días
I fail to see the object of production of the lens.
Adzemo Hace 8 días
Lol the camera looks like a vaccum cleaner
tra-artist Hace 9 días
who came from macro room's video to see if it really shoots laser i feel dump
Straxx Hace 9 días
It looks like he is holding a hand held hoover
Veezy Hace 9 días
create a creative 3 minute video with this lens , will be dope
aguaviva Hace 10 días
urologists have a similar one lense
Mike Burley
Mike Burley Hace 10 días
"The Probe lens by Venus Optic" I think they need to go back to marketing on the name.... Just sayin C'mon we were all thinking it.
Shafici Bashe
Shafici Bashe Hace 10 días
Includes paid promotion in this video!
Michael DeSanta
Michael DeSanta Hace 10 días
Marques Brownlee looks like hes about to head into a wal mart in el paso
Bill A
Bill A Hace 12 días
Venus Optics Laowa 24mm f/14 2X Macro Probe Lens $1,500 on Amazon Venus Optics Laowa 24mm f/14 2X Macro Probe Lens $150 on AliExpress (knockoff of course) xD
egshane Hace 13 días
Sorry to say this, but this lens will change the 3d porn industry.
Laribi Emrane
Laribi Emrane Hace 13 días
What???@!!!! don't tell me this is a shooting camera!!!!
Fraust James
Fraust James Hace 13 días
Is that a gun barrel???
Captain Noob
Captain Noob Hace 14 días
Looks like a gun
Rajat Maurya
Rajat Maurya Hace 14 días
OKAYY!! I get it. I'm a bug!
MISHIT KINGS Hace 15 días
This is freaking awesomeee. Must get this..
My Tech HD
My Tech HD Hace 15 días
Great video! Keep up the good work! Just subbed to your channel.
Yagami Taiga
Yagami Taiga Hace 15 días
dude you are the black version of Kal Penn (Kumar Patel)
Khaled Movies
Khaled Movies Hace 15 días
Jimmy Richards
Jimmy Richards Hace 15 días
The porn industry is going to love this lens..
YY8811 Hace 3 días
Prostate exams in ultra hd
Bill A
Bill A Hace 6 días
From now on, super-deep anal will never look the same again. Just sit back and enjoy the show! xD xD
nan kee
nan kee Hace 6 días
oh no 。。don't Don't let them find out
Elon Musk _
Elon Musk _ Hace 10 días
plus it's water proof sooo...
Yung Jun
Yung Jun Hace 13 días
Semir Zeynu
Semir Zeynu Hace 16 días
Very nice work, you are brilliant and your Ideas goes free for everyone... You should make a course...
Jensi Oquendo
Jensi Oquendo Hace 16 días
I can already imagine the horrible uses for it.
Alwin Ho
Alwin Ho Hace 17 días
Is this video 18:9?
vcastik Hace 17 días
😂😂😂😂 Proctologyst will loved that!
João Pedro Neumann
João Pedro Neumann Hace 19 días
moral of the story: you're a bug.
Christopher Adams
Christopher Adams Hace 19 días
I can see this being used in porn videos for internal cumshots.
Tommy Fox
Tommy Fox Hace 20 días
You should try shooting musical instruments with that lens.
Jimmy Lor
Jimmy Lor Hace 20 días
ok markass brownshit
Igor Smelov
Igor Smelov Hace 22 días
haha, man this is so fun, you`re blessed being able to play with all the new gear :) Love it!
blue phenix101
blue phenix101 Hace 22 días
Dude that’s not a camera that’s a gun
Silent Anons
Silent Anons Hace 22 días
Its just like machine gun
Eamon Shields
Eamon Shields Hace 22 días
Seems like a solid vlog lens to me
Alex 2017
Alex 2017 Hace 22 días
Yea we can nice close up of your face.
MagDL Lop
MagDL Lop Hace 23 días
Great edit minute 5:15 going from the book shot to your video!
Hrithik Vishwakarma
Hrithik Vishwakarma Hace 23 días
So. You are also a good film maker
kokot sity
kokot sity Hace 23 días
8K Colonoscopy! Thats what im talking about!
Kombucha Dan
Kombucha Dan Hace 23 días
@Marques Brownlee for the zipper shot you could have tied a string to the zipper's wrist and tied that to part of the camera rig to help stabilize the distance from the lens to the zipp
Serdar Recepoğlu
Serdar Recepoğlu Hace 24 días
Looks like a dyson v8
Spymooping Ovaltine
Spymooping Ovaltine Hace 24 días
The dream camera of all colorectal surgeons
ssjLancer Hace 25 días
"I've actually had this lens for a couple weeks now, started messin' with it." *pause
Giovanni Leo
Giovanni Leo Hace 25 días
Imma sit on it
Andrew Yormick
Andrew Yormick Hace 25 días
5:15 Raw transition
Adam lee
Adam lee Hace 25 días
Me: I have many smartphones. . . . . Marques: 7:40 Hold my beer😂😂
sidharth Hace 25 días
Marq don't distract us ,U make good stuff buddy but don't get greedy and edit stuff to attract viewers.Good Luck!
Justanothercarguy 1
Justanothercarguy 1 Hace 26 días
How the heck would a bug hold a marker!?
TheMightyUnknown Hace 26 días
Probe just sounds so wrong.. /watch southpark.
Aravind .R
Aravind .R Hace 26 días
Talk about the new Indian made iPhone
Carter Herwig
Carter Herwig Hace 27 días
3:18 When you have to get a second high cost camera....just to film your OTHER high cost camera. "Ladies and gentlema, we got em'!"
Rene Truzzi
Rene Truzzi Hace 27 días
Careful with that lens on the streets, one may get shot.
M Rs
M Rs Hace 27 días
Yo Negro talk less and show more ffs
TruthIsABitterPill Hace 28 días
thumbnail look like ghostbusters 1984
Phire Brake
Phire Brake Hace 28 días
Thought you had a turret in your hands.
Mike Hace 28 días
So you saw someone else do it and decided to copy, yep this is ESwomen content alright.
Sergej Nadaždin
Sergej Nadaždin Hace 29 días
area 51 tech already came!
Budi Setiawan
Budi Setiawan Hace 29 días
please don talk to much, just shut up. .. make practice more in video, not bla bla,
Sukrat Singh
Sukrat Singh Hace 29 días
Mark ass brownie
Eric Belanger
Eric Belanger Hace un mes
sooo.. if you had a hard time using it ar f/14 with all the lighting you had, how in the world are you supposed to use this at f/40?
wonder mike
wonder mike Hace un mes
Can I use this lens on my Blackmagic? Red cameras are prohibitively expensive.
boden gibson
boden gibson Hace un mes
Put It through a mini LEGO village, u could go through doors and windows and stuff
Flame Seeker
Flame Seeker Hace un mes
I think the porn industry will find uses for it 😏😏😏 Just saying...
Arctic Wolf Official
Arctic Wolf Official Hace un mes
7:50 Hehe
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