Dope Tech: The Probe Lens!

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Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

Hace un año

The Probe lens by Venus Optics is the most ridiculous piece of video gear I've ever seen.
Venus Laowa Probe lens:
B&H link:
OnePlus 7 Pro Review:
The Verge's Galaxy Fold Review:
Viral "shooting macro" video
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Into Engage communications
Into Engage communications Hace 13 horas
That Lens would be a game changer for porno hahahaha
Erwin Hace un día
Samsung video edited with an iMac 🙂
Ricardordz11 Hace un día
No one: MKBHD: you are a bug.
Atticus Conwell
Atticus Conwell Hace 3 días
I think we all know where that lens really goes 😏 (Hint: It is not on a camera)
Timidiz Hace 3 días
It's long and water proof... So it's great for anal probing
נח ג - 1 כנען
נח ג - 1 כנען Hace 4 días
Its pretty cool that you can get such crazy macro with it. But its absolutely insane that if you really wanted to you could shoot landscapes with it
Gear Review Central
Gear Review Central Hace 5 días
Awesome video! I hope to get one of those one day.
FullOilBarrel Hace 6 días
so $15,000 lol
Speedytwitcht Hace 6 días
WHY DID THEY CHANGE THE TIME STAMPS!? I would say at -11:44 i guess It looks like a dril with the handel at the top Edit: its around 0:40 I still hate how it changed
Ryan Dominguez
Ryan Dominguez Hace 9 días
Use the probe lens on the dodge demon intake headlight that would be sooo cool!
Scraggs Hace 10 días
The Red camera is so gay
123dog Hace 11 días
I can finally check if I have cervical cancer by myself
Egy igen komoly ember
Egy igen komoly ember Hace 11 días
Sziasztok itt márk segg sütemény
Lazer Monarch
Lazer Monarch Hace 12 días
Why does it look like a paint ball fun. )-_-)
Noob Hace 13 días
the transition at 5:15 was amazing
Tirth Isamaliya
Tirth Isamaliya Hace 14 días
Andhera kayam rahe 🌚🌚🌚🌚
Chef Badr NCR
Chef Badr NCR Hace 14 días
tibor29 Now you can give yourself a colonoscopy at home!
Tiny Oats
Tiny Oats Hace 15 días
7:50 Did it use protection...
Tiny Oats
Tiny Oats Hace 15 días
Valorant design looks like marques brownlee’s shirts
Guido Haverkort
Guido Haverkort Hace 16 días
8:08 of course america has JARS of m&m's. Didnt even know those existed lol
Шырный Сарик
Шырный Сарик Hace 16 días
Поздравляю, ты нашел комментарий на русском языке! Он ничего не значит, листай дальше
Legendary Gaming
Legendary Gaming Hace 16 días
why on earth would anyone use feet instead of meters and cm to measure length? are all of your feet the same size? i dont get it
Victorylion Hace 17 días
I dont have any idea what all these terms mean but im still somehow impressed
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor Hace 18 días
No fooood shots
Jose E Leon
Jose E Leon Hace 18 días
POV: you are a bug in a tech video
Andresetti Monart
Andresetti Monart Hace 18 días
Can it be attached to Canon 80D?
colten 13
colten 13 Hace 18 días
Elglef doobles
Elglef doobles Hace 19 días
Peter Mckinnon has a couple of good videos on the probe lens too including a head to head of footage which can show some of the crazy things these lenses can do.
david larette
david larette Hace 19 días
anyone go subscribe to RAMZYY man needs support
Clint Hightower
Clint Hightower Hace 19 días
Sweet video, and very cool camera gadget. I just got a velbon 443D tripod and I can do a little of that with it. Stocked.
Rogelio Soriano
Rogelio Soriano Hace 20 días
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.
Shabadoo Shabadoo
Shabadoo Shabadoo Hace 20 días
This video got me thinking, my every day perspective is like im a bug living in a humans face.
Jordan Thistle
Jordan Thistle Hace 21 un día
I wonder how long before POV adult film movies start sticking this thing in weird places.
desepticon4 Hace 21 un día
That thing looks like it keys off micro changes in air density (if you know what I mean).
Ariya Ikhsan
Ariya Ikhsan Hace 22 días
My dirty mind is curious, i mean really curious. Has anybody ever use it for..... you know what I mean?
PK Hace 22 días
Let me just shove this up my butt real quick.
maxcyaneye Hace 22 días
what are you doing step camera
Laxter Hace 23 días
I’m glad they chose venus as the planet for their name
Dileep M
Dileep M Hace 23 días
Who's here after watching 10 year old video from mkbhd
Rev_dude Hace 24 días
That really do be lookin like a vacuum tho
• • •
• • • Hace 24 días
0:21 “This... this is a m2 browning”
Ready Set React
Ready Set React Hace 24 días
Vacuum cleaner camera , who would’ve thought?
Bugs Hace 25 días
מי שמע ישראל וראה את הבקבוק פריגת שיעשה לייק⁦👍🏻⁩
James Hace 25 días
Tell me that that did not look like a machine gun
Maitreya Kanitkar
Maitreya Kanitkar Hace 25 días
It looks like a machine gun
Warren Lehmkuhle II
Warren Lehmkuhle II Hace 25 días
From the thumb nail it looked like you got a Machine Gun.
Fishing Valor
Fishing Valor Hace 26 días
Sir can I have a Go pro sir to Start a ESwomen sir pls
Vinny Games
Vinny Games Hace 23 días
Angus Keenan
Angus Keenan Hace 26 días
9:59 CSI Miami: Enhance 1980’s movies: Just hacked the mainframe! Marques: This looks like a fun shot
Mystic iOS
Mystic iOS Hace 27 días
Big pp
Frank Coffey
Frank Coffey Hace 27 días
Dude, watch out for flying saucers, aliens will want that thing.
Jean Naimar
Jean Naimar Hace 28 días
I have an idea: why not making it go trough a cup handle and then a human subject behind it actually take the cup and sip it?
Bhaskar Patel
Bhaskar Patel Hace 28 días
Ghostmarine10 Hace 28 días
Me knowing nothing about cameras: Neat sword
Ghostmarine10 Hace 28 días
Me knowing nothing about cameras: Neat sword
Christopher Jansen Ng
Christopher Jansen Ng Hace 28 días
excellent video with the RED Epic W,
Mendy Man
Mendy Man Hace 29 días
thats cool
Teo Laurich
Teo Laurich Hace 29 días
FINALLY, i can take dick pics now!
Mr Tech Kul
Mr Tech Kul Hace un mes
Why this video is not monetise?
CMDR Yogurt
CMDR Yogurt Hace un mes
The anal probe lens
Denis Denis
Denis Denis Hace un mes
So I was the only one who thought he got a assault rifle ?
Prana Ranjan Mohanty
Prana Ranjan Mohanty Hace un mes
you should have done a human eye video.
sn4k3 Hace un mes
normie: “yeah might do some commercial shot using this” psychopath: “yooo might do some street photography later, idk.”
CRS LACROSSE Hace un mes
When I clicked on the video the ad had you in it for ridge wallet
Angelo Ben Charles
Angelo Ben Charles Hace un mes
After seeing 5:13 Give this kid a medal 🏅
Hactrixed Hace un mes
The transition was so underated
Ranjith R
Ranjith R Hace un mes
So its an all weather torch with a lens ;)
Carl Hace un mes
Reminds me of that Pirates of the Caribbean scene where Jack whips out that absurdly long telescope to show his is longer than Barbossas
the_soli_vagant Hace un mes
Can u snd me one smartphone in that tray😂
Vinny Games
Vinny Games Hace 23 días
shivam kumar
shivam kumar Hace un mes
7:10 For probe lens shots
ANDREW Hace un mes
It’s perfect to film inside a Lego Technic set
prototypexxx13 Hace un mes
"push and then pull" in order to make a good shot. Now, I'm learning the basic trick.
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