Donald Trump is Drunk with Power

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The polls closed for the New Hampshire primary, Donald Trump fired up a crowd a rally and called Mike Bloomberg a racist, Roger Stone's nine year prison sentence was reduced to something far less severe after Trump's tweet, we checked in with recently fired Gordon Sondland (Jeff Ross), and the 144th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog show kicked off with an unlikely duo.
Guillermo at the Oscars
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Donald Trump is Drunk with Power


randy tabron
randy tabron Hace 19 días
This person talks out of butt because his mouth knows better what I see
jeff strong
jeff strong Hace 20 días
Trump said he doesn't believe in S Korean drive thru testing and then he calls S Korean government asking for help in shadow and announce that it's innovative way from him. LOL..
pleappleappleap Hace 29 días
Anyone who thinks dogs don't know when they're in competition has not spent much time with dogs.
lee jones
lee jones Hace 29 días
You guys are cowards to block my comment!!
lee jones
lee jones Hace 29 días
Long live Switzerland!!!
CD Smith
CD Smith Hace un mes
Bluevember is coming
Slavic Klaminko
Slavic Klaminko Hace un mes
Trump is the best President ever. Best Economy Ever.
Snow Shadow
Snow Shadow Hace un mes
I am offended by liberals calling people names. It isn't nice and until democrats can unify in a positive message( their only unity is hating Trump) until they have positive unity they will continue to self destruct. Conservatives are not hating on democrats, we just think it's crazy! Calling people ugly names, who may not agree with you,is not supporting any form of constructive thought or progress.
Millie Cortés
Millie Cortés Hace un mes
Liar, racist, egocentric, hates poor people, latinos, black people. GET OUT HORRIBLE PERSON. 👹👺🐲🐀🐍😲😵😠
Curtis Jones
Curtis Jones Hace un mes
And what was the antichrist sodomite obama and big mike drunk with???? HUH????
John Boy
John Boy Hace un mes
People who are quick to point fingers at others do so in order to deflect attention from their own bad behaviour ,stupidity and ignorance!
connie ryan
connie ryan Hace un mes
At least she wasn't drunk and crazy
Jonathan Hace un mes
Trump was acquitted out of fear. What a bunch of wusses. America has grown soft.
jan braham
jan braham Hace un mes
This guy is the very definition of sleaze.
Tub Vaj
Tub Vaj Hace un mes
Jimmy kimmel, Trump is coming to get you too for making fun of Trump. That how communism works
Isabel O'Hanley
Isabel O'Hanley Hace un mes
Besides being bdrunk with power, it was reported by soeone who worked on the apprentice that TRUMP was heavily into drugs and a psychologist has vonfirmed that hus behaviours is consistent with drug use, especially adderall and cacaine. These drugs cause irritability, problems with comprehension, loss of sleep, rage , poor decisions, paranoia. etc. It all fits. Article 25 anyone? one?
DwW IcFam
DwW IcFam Hace un mes
Sure you didnt mean "butter"?
Las Zepol
Las Zepol Hace un mes
Trump Sucks.
Susan Delaney
Susan Delaney Hace un mes
How many DRUNK drivers R still on the road? How many Chances t do DRUNKS get? AMERICANS need to get trump off of “OUR” Political road!!!!!!!!!!Blue. Vote. Blue. Vote. Blue
didyasaysomethin2me Hace un mes
4:08 "You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in." Shouldn't he be reminding the people who voted for him of that?
Earnest T Bass
Earnest T Bass Hace un mes
I still see the fake late night comedians are still crying... W.I.N.N.I.N.G🇺🇸
James Jarrard
James Jarrard Hace un mes
America had best sober up before the next election and vote BLUE !!! Vote for a President and get the Dictator out of The White House!!! Our Democracy is still great !!!
James Jarrard
James Jarrard Hace un mes
His followers are all drunk on Trump!!!
Eric Blackmon
Eric Blackmon Hace un mes
No. YOU are drunk with his power.
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez Hace un mes
He knows he can do what ever he wants, he will ask Russia again!!! 2020.
Tammy Rich
Tammy Rich Hace un mes
Trump must feel awful left out its been following the Democrats rallies
Lisa C. Humble
Lisa C. Humble Hace un mes
@ To Hyuck Yourself; We better hope not. The reason he's so dangerous is he's q the most powerful man on earth, and he's hell bent on destroying it all.
Lisa C. Humble
Lisa C. Humble Hace un mes
If I had 3 wishes 1. DJT woke up one morning soon to find he's a(very) black man who lives on the S. side of Chicago with 2 beautiful daughters and 2 teen aged sons and he stayed that way for at least 8 weeks. I suppose it's too much to hope he'd learn compassion but he'd have to learn SOMETHING he should know, ..
Bebe Ortega
Bebe Ortega Hace un mes
Let’s keep feeding trump of egos til he explode 🤣
Robby Robbins
Robby Robbins Hace un mes
And now? Girls jumping on trampolines, you’re just drunk Kimel.
len thomas
len thomas Hace un mes
Don’t make a second mistake, you were conned by a thief and conman, look at it this way, is there any one issue on which you agree with that he claimed he would do or made out that he will do and make when he was made King Donald after the 2016 Election And Why? Remember that we expect that Promises made should be kept *I agree with him replacing “Obamacare” with “Trumpcare” that will cost less and do more for Americans who work for a pay check. *I agree with him saying he’d release his tax returns as soon as the audit was done? *I agree with him saying he’d be so busy doing the people’s business he wouldn’t have time to play golf. *I agree with him saying "If I'm elected president, I will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress." *I agree with him saying “I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.” *I agree with "The Trump Administration seeks to invest $550 billion to ensure we can export our goods and move our people faster and safer." *I agree with "A complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections." *I agree with "Allowing individuals to fully deduct health insurance premium payments from their tax returns under the current tax system." *I agree with "Requiring price transparency from all health care providers, especially doctors and health care organizations like clinics and hospitals." *I agree with ending birthright citizenship (unlike a majority of my fellow Democrats). *I agree with “bringing [the GDP] from 1% up to 4%. And I actually think we can go higher than 4%. I think you can go to 5% or 6%.” *I agree with "getting] rid of the $19 trillion in debt. ... Well, I would say over a period of 8 years.” *I agree with "I would not be a president who took vacations. I would not be a president that takes time off.” *I agree with "The Trump plan rewriting the tax code to allow working parents to deduct from their income taxes child care expenses for up to four children and elderly dependents." *I agree with "Everybody getting a tax cut, especially the middle class." *I agree with eliminating the carried interest loophole: "As part of this reform, we will eliminate the carried interest deduction and other special interest loopholes that have been so good for Wall Street investors, and for people like me, but unfair to American workers." *I agree with balancing the federal budget 'fairly quickly': "It can be done. ... It will take place and it will go relatively quickly. ... If you have the right people, like, in the agencies and the various people that do the balancing ... you can cut the numbers by two pennies and three pennies and balance a budget quickly and have a stronger and better country." *I agree with bringing back manufacturing: "My plan includes a pledge to restore manufacturing in the United States." *I agree with enacting a 5-year ban on White House and congressional officials from lobbying: “First, I'm going to reinstitute a five-year ban on all executive branch officials lobbying the government for five years after they leave government. I'm going to ask Congress to pass this ban into law so that it cannot be lifted by executive order, right. Second, I'm going to ask Congress to institute its own five-year ban on lobbying by former members of Congress and their staffs.” *I agree with all of King Don’s positions on these issues. Just one problem: we now know that Don doesn’t. After three years, two of which during which he had all of Congress controlled by his party, along with the Supreme Court…he hasn’t kept a single one of his promises on any of these issues. He’s kept other promises, but in general nothing that might cost the oligarchs anything. He’s a President of the oligarchs, by the oligarchs, for the oligarchs, when it comes to pocketbook issues. Trump-O-Meter: Tracking Trump's Campaign Promises That said there is one more issue on which I agree with him: all that flow restrictors on shower heads and faucets accomplish has to run the water longer to wash to soap off. He hasn’t done anything about that either.
Bernard Barnett
Bernard Barnett Hace un mes
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law Hace un mes
King 32
King 32 Hace un mes
Democrats are drunk with Trump derangement syndrome it's just like global warming all the snowflakes are melting down and it is hilarious
Hydra Dude
Hydra Dude Hace un mes
Ironic, as trump supporters get triggered whenever a dem says anything.
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson Hace un mes
There is nothing funny about trump...all late night shows need new material and America needs to wake up and realize that trump is going to drown them in hate and criminal activities.
Ted Zeiller
Ted Zeiller Hace un mes
He got shat?
Oswaldo Capriles
Oswaldo Capriles Hace un mes
And he will continuing drinking more of it !! Get lost losers !!! President Trump 2020 and beyond !!!!!!
Hydra Dude
Hydra Dude Hace un mes
You are aware that there’s an 80 million dollar bounty on trumps head right? People will go after that. Trump should be scared. Oh and he also thinks windmills cause cancer and solar panels drain energy from the sun. Yeah. He’s a genius.
David Edwards
David Edwards Hace un mes
So, in tRumps world, if you are a criminal, you will get presidential defense. But if you uphold the law, you get punished. In tRumps world, if you are rich you will get tax cuts. But if you are poor you get benefit cuts. Does anybody else see the problem?
hondorus Hace un mes
This unlikely DUO stole the show!!😅😅 🐕 🐶
hondorus Hace un mes
Various fashion related crimes!!;)😅😅🤣🤣🤣
may june
may june Hace un mes
Yo Stop inviting that Moron 50c on the show,it's a disgrace how He disown& DOGS OUT his 1st born son!!!!
Andrew Lake
Andrew Lake Hace un mes
Jimmy, in all honesty your a damn fool and so is everyone that keeps on with this constant defamation.
Laughter Talks
Laughter Talks Hace un mes
I agree, the police should stop and frisk trump's brain.
Mel Hace un mes
And your show sucks ever since you went political.
Bella Bella
Bella Bella Hace un mes
@Mel Im sure they still have millions of viewers that can handle it.
Mel Hace un mes
@Bella Bella They do every now and then but they don't dedicate their entire show and every episode to it. That's where I stop watching.
Bella Bella
Bella Bella Hace un mes
Mel All night show hosts get political.
KingSabsLane Hace un mes
What a dingbat😒😒😒
william maurer
william maurer Hace un mes
excellent lmao
James Kowalski
James Kowalski Hace un mes
What an idiot he gives the Medal of Honor to Rush Limpjaw who is best known for spewing hate and dividing this country.Hold it now I know why he gave it to him.Birds of a feather
Matthew Huszarik
Matthew Huszarik Hace un mes
No one has ever told Trump no with real consequences. He believes he is so popular he can do anything he pleases. Republicans have reaffirmed his delusions.
likahmac Hace un mes
Presidential skin tone😂🤣😂🤣😂
Ben Hur
Ben Hur Hace un mes
Have the USA a bad comedian as president, my answer is yes... He Twitter so much bullshit...
Man in the Park
Man in the Park Hace un mes
Who will ruin the country more the next four years? Donald Trump (scoundrel)? Or one of the democrat scoundrels running for office?
The Loch Nest Monster
The Loch Nest Monster Hace un mes
Wonder what he said mumbling.
WafflingWallet2020 Hace un mes
Yep...this is what happen when USA voted the dumbest human being in the world's powerful country.
Tots Mini
Tots Mini Hace un mes
Mr. Kimmell!!!... Another Great depiction of the Drunk tRump!!!!... Its Brilliant how he acknowledges he's a SNAKE!!!!... The Skunk-tRump is a Snake!!!... usually this reptile gets its head Chopped-off !!!!
Ellis Conner
Ellis Conner Hace un mes
“this place is dirtier than Ted Cruz’s Pornhub search history” 😂😂😂
Nolan Kuffner
Nolan Kuffner Hace un mes
Also, Pence may be the dog, but Trump's the one humping legs (and flagpoles).
Nolan Kuffner
Nolan Kuffner Hace un mes
Jeff Ross roasting Trump from ANY platform is a good time 😂 More Jeff Ross!!
brian lockhart
brian lockhart Hace un mes
Jimmy 111
Jimmy 111 Hace un mes
Diane Gagnon
Diane Gagnon Hace un mes
I read another "daddy's beautiful little girl" comment this morning from "little girl's creepy father" and thought maybe he could put the accent on cultivating what's inside rather than her "frosting" as beauty is fleeting , her mom is a good example,no? Then what's left of a pretty face when that's what she's relied on in her younger days. Sad to say ,not much. Not much at all. Hopefully she'll see that and start cultivating what's on the inside for her own future happiness. God knows she'll have to wear "alligator skin"for the remainder of her life in order to cope with the myriad of comments and questions she is going to have to face in the years to come after the beauty is gone. And it goes,for sure . Wake up daddy,wake up !!!!! What you're telling her is empty of a father's love. Diane Gagnon
pat comerford
pat comerford Hace un mes
Ah Jimmy you are outdoing Stephen with your brilliant satire! I mean "the obedient training paid off" - this is priceless!
Michael DeNunzio
Michael DeNunzio Hace un mes
Well those 3 quotes were all true hahaha
Carter Knapp
Carter Knapp Hace un mes
He is our president deal with it
Carter Knapp
Carter Knapp Hace un mes
Trump 2020
Jimmy 111
Jimmy 111 Hace un mes
Betty M.
Betty M. Hace un mes
Sociopaths for Trump 2020!
Elvira-Irina Reisinger
Elvira-Irina Reisinger Hace un mes
Good one. Thank Loki Bill Barr is not hunting Kimmel... yet. ...
Stupid Lady
Stupid Lady Hace un mes
Can someone explain to me exactly what the charges for impeachment were?
Sabin Figaro
Sabin Figaro Hace un mes
I miss his corn rows
Sabin Figaro
Sabin Figaro Hace un mes
Mormon joke in bound
KB B Hace un mes
Twenty-first century strongmen do not suspend the constitution and replace it with tanks on the streets. They pay lip-service to the constitution while behaving as though it didn’t exist.
Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens Hace un mes
The look on Mr Trump's wife says it all........"Why the **## did I marry him!!!?
Joe Duke
Joe Duke Hace un mes
With a hat like that, they give you a bowl of soup. Oh, it looks good on you, though.
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