Don’t let your girlfriend near Jason Momoa… 💔 - BBC

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Jason Momoa talks about having photos done with fans where he poses with the girl and pushes the boyfriend away.
Graham is joined by actor Jason Momoa, who stars in Aquaman, dancer and Strictly Come Dancing judge Dame Darcey Bussell, who presents her new book of photographs, Evolved, and comedian Bill Bailey, who talks about his latest show Larks in Transit. With music from Little Mix, who perform their new single Think About Us.
The Graham Norton Show | Series 24 Episode 11 | BBC
#TheGrahamNortonShow #GrahamNorton
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What’sitsay Hace 9 días
This dude looks like scar became a real person
LetsPlayWithRafsan Hace 10 días
MaXiMuS54 Hace un mes
Seriously he looks like homeless cave man, I don't see the appeal at all
Titan X
Titan X Hace un mes
Theese womens deserved to be cheated on
maya M
maya M Hace 2 meses
Mauriti De Melo
Mauriti De Melo Hace 2 meses
Vc Jason solteiro vc te solteiro Por que juntou a sei dele deferência do SEU celular e escreveu muitas coisas responder minha Uberlândia MG e quê cidade longe VAI saber não qual E MUITO AMOR Conhecê outros mulheres mais diário rápido possível Qualfamilia de festa MUITOS oi Entendei Certo Só Quem passar Verdadeiros Convide Nao minha surda Oly morena livinha de respondeu que qual minha hoje hora muito Termoiu tenho feliz Natal para Entendei Olívia Despois
HARRY K Hace 2 meses
I'm a man and I want to have his babies.
crimsonraen Hace 2 meses
Hahaha Loooove it! It would totally be me with Jason in the picture though! ;P
david vickers
david vickers Hace 3 meses
he doesnt look like a jealous husband, he looks like hes trying to get affection from jason too.
Lawrence C
Lawrence C Hace 3 meses
I want to see one where he's hugging the guy lol. I mean, he's got some gay fans obviously
Janice Bowman
Janice Bowman Hace 3 meses
Conceited men never look attractive to me.
Darth Revan
Darth Revan Hace 2 meses
You mean Jason?
DanTastic Hace 4 meses
You know the worst part about this? If I had a girl in my life who I loved, and the situation was reversed, say Scarlet Johansson or Gal Gadot, I would NEVER do this to her. Even as a joke. It just seems shitty. I would never want or make her feel the way these dudes probably do. I guess that just makes all these girls human garbage.
Yusef Aryan
Yusef Aryan Hace 4 meses
I mean, who doesn't love Jason???????
White Simurgh
White Simurgh Hace 4 meses
Look at that stare....
reece Biudole
reece Biudole Hace 4 meses
"Who am I?" ... Lol..meanwhile
Wendy Solo
Wendy Solo Hace 4 meses
Wow! He looks really unkempt here. Not liking that look. He's hot but....not here he isn't. :(
Paul Sack
Paul Sack Hace 4 meses
Since when did Mace Tyrell start taking interviews?
depecheddurand Hace 4 meses
He can definitely help guys who wanna get rid of their wives.
NawedeX Hace 4 meses
Hollywood promoting cuckoldry as always.
Nor 888
Nor 888 Hace 4 meses
Hes just plain fun...dont worry...
Yega Hace 4 meses
Bill actually just wants the beer
old kilu
old kilu Hace 5 meses
Dude you're not that good looking man! You look gay
Annie Conway
Annie Conway Hace 5 meses
I’m almost as tall as Jason. Be nice to get a hug from someone taller than me
Steve Robertson
Steve Robertson Hace 5 meses
I have nothing to worry about. Sure Mamoa is in great shape, but so am i, plus i dont have a nasty scraggily beard or long hair. My girl wouldnt give Jason Mamoa a second glance if he wasnt famous.
Richard Ellerington
Richard Ellerington Hace 5 meses
Tbf that photo was hilarious!
Crucial2Inflict Hace 5 meses
I love the guy. But he looks like he has lived in the forest the past years
Claude Teina
Claude Teina Hace 5 meses
jason momoa and my dad with his hair out looks similar Bubba Lau'ese Bubba Papali'i
Jen Mills
Jen Mills Hace 5 meses
Jason Momoa, aka Mr. Steal Your Girl!!!!! Yummmmm......
Sir Cliff
Sir Cliff Hace 5 meses
He looks like a groomed dog
sam banks
sam banks Hace 5 meses
If Your Girlfriend Shags This Fool Then See Ya Would Not Wanna Be Ya When He Shags The Next One!
Marc Aliventi Aliventi
Marc Aliventi Aliventi Hace 5 meses
My wife would shoot me, bury me in the backyard, And go after him in a second
George Isaak
George Isaak Hace 5 meses
hahahahaha man you're cracking me up badly here !!!! I am rolling on the floor !!!! I am sure she wouldn't shoot you ...just set up your kidnapping ...before she leap in to his hug !!!!
manpreet singh
manpreet singh Hace 5 meses
Don't let your kids near this creep..
414MrMilwaukee Hace 5 meses
If my gf ever took a pic like that.... She's sleeping on the couch..... In the *BASEMENT*
George Isaak
George Isaak Hace 5 meses
You wouldn't dare to do that ...she would leave you before you even pronounce it properly !!!! LOL
Crabmaster Hace 5 meses
If it were me, Jason would just be holding my left hand Get it?
Scarlet Ragneel
Scarlet Ragneel Hace 5 meses
I don't know why I'm comparing Jason readily holding any woman like that and Keanu Reeves not letting an inch of himself touch a woman while posing for pictures...leaving aside the comparison it really right on Jason's part?
nathan maduna
nathan maduna Hace 5 meses
This guy is a pedo. Google him groping a teen on camera.
Wassup Hace 5 meses
He looks like Gandalf a few hundred years younger.
Maxemos Hace 5 meses
Jason Momoa is the guy she tells you to worry about
Shomron Hace 5 meses
Jason Piece of idiot go and learn what is respect
zimzalladim Hace 5 meses
Soy drinkers this is what you will never be.
M k
M k Hace 5 meses
Who's this hot gilf
Mikail Hace 5 meses
Bad boy jason momoa
Cheryl Pollock
Cheryl Pollock Hace 5 meses
Love you Jason but patent shoes with no socks. Really? Other than that you are all man.
Gökçe Karagöz - Official Music Channel
Gökçe Karagöz - Official Music Channel Hace 5 meses
Greg Dundee
Greg Dundee Hace 5 meses
If I could look like anyone in the world, it'd be Jason
Derangedxzombie Hace 5 meses
Solution: grow your hair longer and some facial hair, sorted.
Alien Gods
Alien Gods Hace 5 meses
He's gonna make ladies wet because he is Aquaman. 😂
Tamara Dembo
Tamara Dembo Hace 5 meses
He is trying very hard to look wild, sexy, funny and cocky. But I bet in his private life he is a total beta...
Dominic Friel
Dominic Friel Hace 5 meses
Why does he look like a muscular Johnny Depp
thedon2005 Hace 14 días
He looks nothing like Johnny should make an appointment with your optometrist as soon as possible 😂😂
The Click-Bait
The Click-Bait Hace 5 meses
I like the fact that he sits like he is about to fart
MineCraftDadnSon Hace 5 meses
Snyder cut is SICK!
Ludvig McRotten
Ludvig McRotten Hace 5 meses
My gf doesn't like Jason Momoa, neither does my mother...heh. I guess Slavic women don't like mongrels
Ludvig McRotten
Ludvig McRotten Hace 5 meses
@EvilFookaire Ah, sorry i have hit your soft spot by posting mildly negative comment about the hero of your cock-hungry anus. Get your shitstained dildo, and go watch Aquaman my sensitive "fella", that should make you feel better 😘
EvilFookaire Hace 5 meses
I can totally relate, my mother didn't like having me either. But hey, don't worry lil' buddy, life goes on, even for chromosomically challenged fellas like yourself.
R Moocher
R Moocher Hace 5 meses
The truth is, a lot of women would likely leave their partners for him if given the chance!
Екатерина Журавлёва
Екатерина Журавлёва Hace 5 meses
no not really, i don't want a husband who is wanted by half of women on the planet and is constantly on the road... though i'd like a weekend with him >:)
EvilFookaire Hace 5 meses
Heck, if I had a wife, *_I'd_* leave *_her_* for him... as straight as I am, if Jason would say that we're doing something next weekend, I'd be shopping for an "easy access" type dress. I'd let his beard do stuff to my beard.
Kp SA Hace 5 meses
Why? Pretty sure he's gay
coxac1 Hace 5 meses
It's no coincidence this video was published by BBC. Anyone who watches porn knows what i mean.
Ace Truth
Ace Truth Hace 5 meses
Yeah I didn't notice 😒
Hades Hace 5 meses
He looks a lot like Aquaman 🤔
Shadows Hace 5 meses
hope that was ironic.. if not, its because he is Aquaman.
Faraz Hace 5 meses
Man he look lIke a douche
Kira Davis
Kira Davis Hace 5 meses
This man right here ..lawd Jesus its a fire
Syahmi Rosli
Syahmi Rosli Hace 5 meses
Jason's just a HEAP of testosterone.
Imtiaz Sk
Imtiaz Sk Hace 5 meses
Jason can have any guys girlfriend. I don't even think he needs to ask. He is the kind of guy who can steal a girl without talking. There is a good reason every guys dreams of being like him. Sad part is when he is smashing your chick you won't even be sad because "how can you compete with that?"
iPat24Rick Hace 5 meses
i don't worry, they're just friends ... right?
Ervlax Steelcool
Ervlax Steelcool Hace 5 meses
There are way sexier men that Momoa. Like the German rasmus 6 ft 7 270 lbs long blonde air and green eyes...wonderful basketball player and bodybuilder
Ervlax Steelcool
Ervlax Steelcool Hace 5 meses
@Parth Sahu I guess so. But he can run 100m in 10.9s and playing the best Steve vai solo and completing ab hockeneimbring lap in few minutes. Good pilot and musician skills, I know him
Parth Sahu
Parth Sahu Hace 5 meses
But question is can he climb a mountain and have a good sense of humour ?
craig duncan
craig duncan Hace 5 meses
People are lost
Joshua Beattie
Joshua Beattie Hace 5 meses
Mr steal your girl
Grant Pitkethley
Grant Pitkethley Hace 5 meses
Another giant New Zealand man.
Levi KH
Levi KH Hace 5 meses
Grant Pitkethley Nope, hawaiian 🌺 Aloha
Ahnaf Dragneel
Ahnaf Dragneel Hace 5 meses
am I the only one who thinks Graham Norton is a stupid ass douche?
very good bad boy
very good bad boy Hace 5 meses
Jason Momoa is the guy that she tells you he's just a friend
Lee count
Lee count Hace 5 meses
To me he looks like a scruffy tramp that's just Crawled out of bin, needs a shave and a hair cut.
taterchip888 Hace 5 meses
Jason Mamoa is a cool guy.
Manuel Tessari
Manuel Tessari Hace 5 meses
Jason momoa is too hot.....and i'm a man....etero man
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