Does Anybody Else Remember "Manswers"?

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Kurtis Conner

Kurtis Conner

Hace 2 meses

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Do you remember Manswers? If so, you know how insane it was; but if you've never seen the show...buckle up. I watched this show a lot when I was younger, and I still think about it pretty often because of how crazy it was, so I figured I would take a trip down memory lane to see if the Spike TV sensation "Manswers" really was as insane as I remember it to be.
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comment "manswers i hardly know hers" if ur reading this


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Alex R. R
Alex R. R Hace 2 meses
I wanna be lesbian
Jimmy's Urine
Jimmy's Urine Hace 4 horas
i mean being gay ain't that fun :/
Prepper Spray
Prepper Spray Hace un día
like no one ever was
SwedishHedgehog Hace un día
beansaurora Hace un día
oh shoot I thought u were American sorry
L0ST S0UL Hace 2 días
@Big Toe Impossible
Meghan McCloskey
Meghan McCloskey Hace 14 minutos
My new favorite kurtis video
Olivia Garber
Olivia Garber Hace 20 minutos
me talking to my psychiatrist: idk if just felt really down lately.... psychiatrist writing down on notepad: needs...more semen
Keessie Klok
Keessie Klok Hace 2 horas
manswers i hardly know her
Phillip Guetterman
Phillip Guetterman Hace 10 horas
11:21 is that Hal Rudnick from screen junkies? Because it definitely is
Shipping Loveit
Shipping Loveit Hace 12 horas
Digimon is epic af
Lunar Tenebris
Lunar Tenebris Hace 15 horas
I think I’ve been mentally scared.
Chief Jocelyn
Chief Jocelyn Hace 22 horas
should have shaved your head
Snowflake Hace un día
can anyone tell me where the sound effect at 20:57 is from? been looking for it.
asmRTPOP Hace un día
his dick is in his pocket..?
Saskia Hadi-Surya
Saskia Hadi-Surya Hace un día
The commercial couldn't look more 'michael bay' than that. We got the girls+cars+guns= a michael bay film
Charlie Asky
Charlie Asky Hace un día
kioni richards
kioni richards Hace un día
Kurtis: alright let's get into it Me: yuuuhhh get intoo it😗
Caitlan Walton
Caitlan Walton Hace un día
A show about mansplaining before mansplaining was a thing 😂😂 this show seems sexist against men
Literally Why
Literally Why Hace un día
The fact that Kurtis even knows the word camisole restores some of my faith in men (well, mostly cis men. I’m also a man but when you spent years of your life wearing camis and getting called a girl, it’s a bit different lmao)
pAWNproductionsDE Hace 2 días
18:07 I looked away for a moment and thought that was you adding a bit. I was pleased to find out it was the real deal
yourryn Hace 2 días
Please do 1000 ways to die
Blake Geometrio
Blake Geometrio Hace 2 días
I hated this show, but 1,000 Ways to Die was the best show on Spike.
K.W.C.W Hace 2 días
I had no idea how over the top this show was. Now I understand why my dad thought I was an idiot at 13. Why do they all wear lab coats for a day to day basic job😂
Nothing Rhymes With Orange.
Nothing Rhymes With Orange. Hace 2 días
I really really want to punch the narrator
Andrea Rupe
Andrea Rupe Hace 2 días
Troom Troom: teaching little girls what its like to be a BIG KID AND DONT HAVE TO LISTEN TO MOMMY AND DADDY ANYMORE! Manswers: teaching 13 year old boys WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE A *MAAAAAAAN!!!!!*
Amanda Morgan
Amanda Morgan Hace 2 días
My last name is Morgan and my best friend in schools name was Morgan!
Nick Dankelberg
Nick Dankelberg Hace 2 días
I thought this was a fever dream from when I was like 6
Faggot Is a me
Faggot Is a me Hace 2 días
Are the straights ok actually like are y’all good
10xBetter Hace 2 días
Currently finding it extremely funny to think that kurtis had to go up to his girlfriend like,”heyyy Jenna, can I borrow one of your bras? It’s for a bit.”
Julz Bustos Moreno
Julz Bustos Moreno Hace 2 días
I was 20 when I learned about that network and I loved it it was so ridiculous it made me laugh 🤣🤣🤣
Renee Leffler
Renee Leffler Hace 2 días
We'll never know if you can fart so hard your balls explode or not.
froot oot oot oot
froot oot oot oot Hace 2 días
i love being a lesbian
killjoy mari
killjoy mari Hace 2 días
this show makes me lose faith in humanity
Becky Tiding
Becky Tiding Hace 2 días
Ok but now i want to know what manswers thinks my personality is based on the shape of my boobs
Lily Hace 2 días
this is why i hate men :D
Big Toe
Big Toe Hace 3 días
Manswers is just the adult swim 3am shows
Cera Gibson
Cera Gibson Hace 3 días
I’m sorry, but the dude getting bitched out on the couch would never snag a girl that sexy hahaha just sayin’. Bitchy or not. You can’t be a misogynistic asshole and ugly 🤷‍♀️
Yungneither Hace 3 días
I hate that I’d watch this and 1000 ways to die at 12&13
Kellie Brady
Kellie Brady Hace 3 días
why does that young photo of you make you look like Jim from The Office
sarah rangel rodgers
sarah rangel rodgers Hace 3 días
Fiona Sorensen
Fiona Sorensen Hace 3 días
11:32 this is beautiful
Hank Bishop
Hank Bishop Hace 3 días
I used to watch deadliest warrior on spike
Spacetimeluke Hace 3 días
Writing my dissertation for my master's and I like to have your vids on in the background cos they're funny as, but this one I just had to turn off because it was SO MUCH at once
Steeplemomma Hace 3 días
can you fart so hard your balls explode tho?
sage2031 Hace 3 días
omg the arthur imagination sound effect
Soul _LD
Soul _LD Hace 3 días
Why did you post your onlyfans on ESwomen?
Randy Lewis
Randy Lewis Hace 3 días
"Hey babe mind if I borrow one of your bras for a video?"
I wash myself with a rag on a stick
I wash myself with a rag on a stick Hace 3 días
All I can think of is Michael Bay after seeing this
Ruthanne Marie
Ruthanne Marie Hace 3 días
other ESwomenrs: *makes a relevant skit* Kurtis: *makes a motion picture*
Bf G
Bf G Hace 3 días
Kate Baldwin
Kate Baldwin Hace 3 días
Husband: Why did you use to watch spike that’s like a dude’s channel. Me: just stares back at him. Husband: okay point taken.
Kate Baldwin
Kate Baldwin Hace 3 días
I “unfortunately” had to order the dvd 😅
Lemons & Cheese
Lemons & Cheese Hace 3 días
morgan Hace 3 días
pro tip: maybe not the best video to watch in front of your mom
Emmitt Morgans
Emmitt Morgans Hace 4 días
There's more than one die on that cover, so they are, indeed, dice. Oh, wait... Hal Rudnick at the bar? Whaaaat?
Tori Hace 4 días
ima feed my boyfriend chili dogs so his diarrhea and farts kill him
Noah Chang
Noah Chang Hace 4 días
Straight ppl honestly confuse me
Cassie Boston
Cassie Boston Hace 3 días
Omg, they confuse me too
Sonia Nouri
Sonia Nouri Hace 4 días
Kurtis say what you will but there’s definitely some Manswers ifluence in your editing
b W
b W Hace 4 días
I legit thought Kurtis edited in the hot jugs girl in
prototype4225 Hace 4 días
Since covid hit it’s almost like people forgot about hair clippers and just shaving their heads bald
Connor Bygrove
Connor Bygrove Hace 4 días
* tips fedora * m'answer
naomi bolduc
naomi bolduc Hace 4 días
I literally died when he said "are you in a rut? Just have some nut."
Kai Long
Kai Long Hace 4 días
This channel is funny as fuck wdym. I laughed at this ironically more than plenty of things that were meant to be funny
McKenna Suorsa
McKenna Suorsa Hace 4 días
You kinda look like the kid Juni from spy kids
Madi Hace 4 días
Oh so that's why I’m depressed. Because I’m a leabian. Not circumstance or chemical imbalence or anything, it's because i don't get any dick.
Cassie Boston
Cassie Boston Hace 3 días
Me too
Datepigeon Hace 4 días
The real answer to the question "boobs or beer?" Is... FUCK YOUR CAR!!!! I died, I'm dead, laughter has killed me
Catalina Franco
Catalina Franco Hace 4 días
The og ESwomen poop...... no pun intended
Izzy Gigs
Izzy Gigs Hace 4 días
It would just be amazing if Conners last name was kurtis
Grayson Tartt
Grayson Tartt Hace 4 días
**Tips fedora** M’answers
summer bellomy
summer bellomy Hace 4 días
Manswers I hardly know her
Reeses Puffs
Reeses Puffs Hace 4 días
manswers i barely know hers
Reeses Puffs
Reeses Puffs Hace 4 días
even though kurtis grew up with this hes still a respectable great and honest human being
Connor is c a crepe
Connor is c a crepe Hace 5 días
oh my god- is nobody going to talk about how the truck hot tub was in father of the year
Lunnaru Hace 3 días
Black Hayate
Black Hayate Hace 5 días
Manswers is the description on the iced coffee cartons.
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