Doctor Reacts To Viral SURGERY Videos & Bonus Meme Review

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Doctor Mike

Doctor Mike

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You guys have asked that I check out Michael Reeve's recent video of him building a surgery robot. I decided to take it a step further and react to that & the viral "They did surgery on a grape" video. In this doctor reacts episode I hope you will laugh and learn a few things about the Da Vinci Surgery Robot! Make sure to watch the entire video as there are plenty of funny moments throughout.
Original Videos:
@Michael Reeves :
Grape Surgery:
Articles on Robotic Surgery:
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series in a couple of weeks so please submit more names of shows/episodes you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Banana Rama
Banana Rama Hace un hora
I’m honestly not really a fan of you cutting so many jokes out.
Zemeth Hace 2 horas
man he will flip on the tomato pike video XD
ChrisIsMeYes Hace 2 horas
Hey, you know the robot was created for entertainment right? You don’t need to actually compare them and get into it😅
Archie Sykes
Archie Sykes Hace 5 horas
Royal Oak Offshore?
HeartsASMR Hace 5 horas
I do that to grapes with my teeth to🤣
Enigma Stigma
Enigma Stigma Hace 5 horas
I'm not sure of this guy is being serious with his review...or also as sarcastic as Michael with his entire video lool
MeanCraft Hace 9 horas
Darwyn Mayoree Dashawetz (Darwyn)
Darwyn Mayoree Dashawetz (Darwyn) Hace 12 horas
My mom has no pinkie on her left hand
クラックヘッド Hace 13 horas
I am a normal person I see michael Reeves *click*
Santos Vázquez
Santos Vázquez Hace 15 horas
Dr. Mike: “that’s a little dangerous” Michael: *has a robot that shoots him*
aquasphere4 Hace un día
Micheal won’t collab if you bleep out the swears
HEINZ PETER Hace un día
they did surgery on a grape
Mel Hace un día
the grape meme is old
Ginger Mama
Ginger Mama Hace un día
No you were right you guys should do the surgery on a peach while listening to "peaches" by the presidents of the united states of america (yes the 90s song "moving to the country gonna eat a lot of peaches....") and also "Peach Scone" by Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers
ham sandwich
ham sandwich Hace un día
"Dont run your hand under a sharp knife" This man has clearly never heard of him before
Victory Adogo
Victory Adogo Hace un día
6:15 I thought i was the only one that peeled grapes sometimes,before eating them.I feel like less of a weirdo now actually,thanks(not that there's anything wrong with being a weirdo,i actually quite enjoy it most of the time)
flip chip
flip chip Hace un día
He doesnt even understand the sarcasm he is only making this for funnstupid
ReaperGoliath27 Hace un día
That device has the speed and wobble ness of a sims game.
ODIN x Hace un día
You're not fun at parties are u?
Henry Melon
Henry Melon Hace un día
This video gives off the best kind of boomer energy
Marc Uru
Marc Uru Hace un día
Maybe Michael Reeves is trying to open up a path for the future full body modification (cyborg)
Frostedtwo112 Hace un día
Michaels machine being a toy for kids Also michaels robot having a moving knife that moves with hand motion
Anthony C
Anthony C Hace un día
Did anyone else see the message his dad sent him? "Haven't played basketball in so long just FaceTimed my ex just to c a 3". Lmaoo. Your nephew is a savage.
1FrostySlime Hace 2 días
I understand you have your reasons but I really didn't like how you didn't react to the majority of the video so apologies but imma have to dislike it
Random Content
Random Content Hace 2 días
I bought Micheal’s robot, I killed my 5 year old little brother...
Kai Muello
Kai Muello Hace 2 días
Is Michael aware of this? He needs to be aware of this.
livlivz Hace 2 días
Pluralizes Everythings
Pluralizes Everythings Hace 2 días
Cam you seriously believe that tdsoag?
Kat Has chocolate
Kat Has chocolate Hace 3 días
Ok Michael reeves is not a doctor he builds robots that’s he doesn’t do surgery
Alfredo Alvarez
Alfredo Alvarez Hace 3 días
bruh what is his screen saver?!?!
N. Am
N. Am Hace 3 días
I think you mean a *recipe*
Weezel Hace 3 días
if i am gonna be honest, i don't think michael wanna collab. mike is just too family-friendly. these 2 guys also dont give the same energy. you can find millions of people who can help you with vr tracking. michael is not the one.
Sasha Savelli
Sasha Savelli Hace 3 días
dr mike: 'you know, sometimes i do that with my teeth... me, *shocked pikachu face*: you skin your teeth? dr mike: the grape' me,*face palm*: I am utterly disappointed and disgusted in my lack of basic intellectual abilities...
CAYDEN STINE Hace 3 días
I am pretty sure this guy gets horny for surgeries
100,000 Subscribers With No Videos
100,000 Subscribers With No Videos Hace 3 días
yea grape mad old
Random Person
Random Person Hace 3 días
"its a red grape i prefer green" INSTANT DISLIKE
Jim Flagg
Jim Flagg Hace 3 días
It is a "Formula" for disaster.
macefilms Hace 3 días
i reeeaaallly wanna see his reaction to the last parts of Michaels video
Gavin Nelson
Gavin Nelson Hace 4 días
this guy has no idea how sarcasm works
Ronnie H.
Ronnie H. Hace 4 días
I thought he was talking about the ASMR Surgery on a Grape smh 🤦🏻‍♀️
Princess Leai
Princess Leai Hace 4 días
who else only clicked because they saw Michael in the thumbnail? also make this happen
Androxus Hace 4 días
Dr. Mike: No that's not how it works Michael Reeves: Haha robot go brrr
Haleigh Hunter
Haleigh Hunter Hace 4 días
I have a question so I had surgery on my ears and my doctor or who ever did it( I really don't rember what my mom told me ) I lost some of the fluid in my left ear and so I had to get 2 more surgery to fix that so I had 4 surgery in total and j think I was 9 years old or younger then I had another surgery to pull my left ear out then that did not work out well ( I'm profoundly deaf also I where a hearing aid) so pls help me with my question
isaac voorheis
isaac voorheis Hace 4 días
Caesar Yumury
Caesar Yumury Hace 4 días
Ain't putting my life under a robot surgical machine.
lionbear Love
lionbear Love Hace 4 días
Michael reeves video is so hilarious
Michishige Kazuma
Michishige Kazuma Hace 4 días
Doc. Mick: "I think, The davincii robot is has minimal mobilazation. That's because, they need to do perform surgery on that spesific area." The Davincii robot creators: "Y-yeah, that's totally the purpose..."
Nicholas Tedesco
Nicholas Tedesco Hace 4 días
Michael having like a 200 dollar budget making a god tier robot. Davinchi having millions off dollars and the robot still can’t slap the patient. Tsk tsk tsk
MathanSaralonde Hace 4 días
@MD Mike, later one of his friends who lives with Micheal Reeves said that he had perimeters for the robot so it cant cut a real human organ actually...
Konnichiwa, Mon ami
Konnichiwa, Mon ami Hace 4 días
Dr.mike I agree you're a huge you tuner cause you got haters here (not me)
Konnichiwa, Mon ami
Konnichiwa, Mon ami Hace 4 días
Why does st his video haunt me in yt?
Paulo Moisés
Paulo Moisés Hace 4 días
It's not cool. It will take the place of you
Joshua Brooke
Joshua Brooke Hace 4 días
I know that Michael’s machine isn’t practical in a surgery... but you gotta give him massive credit for having the brain power to build that
Muge Shakir
Muge Shakir Hace 4 días
In 12 min. he reacted to memes, he did Q&A, he messaged his nephew and he even called him :D :D God, I am tired instead of him :D :D
godlvl1 Hace 4 días
I hope he realized Michael Reeves makes satire videos
Lucy Stewart
Lucy Stewart Hace 4 días
“It’s really expensive” me: “hmm I think not I like the UK”
kl kl
kl kl Hace 4 días
micheal is made for this
sagashi100 Hace 4 días
i see micheal reeves. i insta click
Jen Balat
Jen Balat Hace 4 días
Crackhead with the not crackhead?
Flaviu M
Flaviu M Hace 4 días
I got a hand samitazor add on this video
YamiNevaeh Hace 4 días
*Sees Michael Reeves in thumbnail* *Clicks*
Jms Erro
Jms Erro Hace 5 días
I hope doc mike would react on kdrama romantic doctor either season 1 or 2. It would be interesting seeing his reaction.
deathsecretary Hace 5 días
"You done malpracticed" greatest quote I heard all day.
andrew mcferraz
andrew mcferraz Hace 5 días
Would you use Michael's robot? 😂
Petey Hace 5 días
I love how he's trying his best to make a serious reaction video on something that is complete sarcasm
Rick Vaughn Diaz
Rick Vaughn Diaz Hace 5 días
Why the hell are they using robots anyways manual surgery is good dont add anything that could make it worse
Apple Online
Apple Online Hace 5 días
me: *scrolling down the comments for Michael Reeve's comment*
Panic Panda 9994
Panic Panda 9994 Hace 5 días
Michael never even went to college and now his video of him making a shitty, cheap, surgery robot got reviewed by a doctor on ESwomen... the world we live in
Panic Panda 9994
Panic Panda 9994 Hace 5 días
Michael never even went to college and now his video of him making a shitty, cheap, surgery robot got reviewed by a doctor on ESwomen... the world we live in
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