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Some secrets should stay buried...
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.

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GoobersnappinPineapple Hace 11 horas
Can we just talk about why Ethan has a giant bag of-
AppleMegumi Hace 13 horas
Kinda sad Mark didn’t put corn in his.
Ideka Hace 16 horas
Wait why is no one talking about the connect four piece where ethan was saying one of their first videos together didnt pan out and ??????
Bob The Guitar Guy
Bob The Guitar Guy Hace 20 horas
When Ethan asked Alexa for the half life of peanut butter my echo dot heard him and answered. She said two days so there is go buddy crack that capsule.
Natazya Svetlana
Natazya Svetlana Hace 23 horas
13:25 Mark: You are not married anymore Ethan: HerHEhe
SugarCube VR
SugarCube VR Hace un día
as everyone starts turning on Ethan for not liking beddar cheddar, make a video of eating a record amount of hotdogs but istead is beddar cheddar lol
tom toot
tom toot Hace un día
wait how will the people of 2080 see this if we delete it
Lylø the gacha bunny
Lylø the gacha bunny Hace un día
Unus annus: emotional music Me: *tactical shovel*
PikachuBoss Hace un día
I guess im an UNUS because when Ethan saud the Beddar Cheddar hotdogs were gross I agreed with him.
Draco The Little Puff
Draco The Little Puff Hace un día
Mark: Jafar Me: WHAT REMAINS OF A MAN WHEN THAT MAN IS DEAD AND GONE ONLY MEMORIES OF HIS DEEDS WILL LINGER ON (Twisted: The Untold Story Of A Royal Vizier by Team Starkid, it is a musical like Wicked but for Jafar, available in full completely for free on YT. I'm not self promoting I'm just a fan lol)
Maddie Langley
Maddie Langley Hace un día
Next time anybody needs Vaseline at marks house they’re gonna get hotdog grease too
Valkyrie Hace 2 días
Johnsonville hotdogs are pretty terrible, Mark.
Minxy the pirate fox
Minxy the pirate fox Hace 2 días
I love how mark got a FNAF box
Royal Twat
Royal Twat Hace 2 días
"You, Mr ADD, will forget." Why am I laughing so hard? 😂
rares pop : kemocat
rares pop : kemocat Hace 2 días
Man when the channel gets deleted its gonna be a very sad day
Arah Satterfield
Arah Satterfield Hace 2 días
The King of FNAF HAS a FNAF lunchbox!
UnSkilledOne Hace 2 días
Watch them forget about the time capsule
DarkDevineGaming Hace 2 días
The ending got depressing all of a sudden
Extarus Hace 2 días
out of the 3 aladin movies my favorite happens to be return of jafar, i just wish robin williams was genie in it then it woulda been perfect
Herovid Hace 2 días
Mexican fud cheese sausages ARE BAD REAAAALLY BAD taste like past MILK i mean it is but the taste is horrible 🤮
Idfk Hace 2 días
Dang That's A Lotta Beans Wow
Dang That's A Lotta Beans Wow Hace 3 días
Why does Ethan in the thumbnail kinda look like John Kramer
A Pan Slytherin
A Pan Slytherin Hace 3 días
9:09 has Michael from the office vibes
Shnuggle Bugs
Shnuggle Bugs Hace 3 días
Okay but all jokes aside, Ethan's letter was really great. Almost made me tear up a little bit...
CavLee Hace 3 días
When Amy said baby I thought she was calling Mark baby and it made my heart melt for a second
Dingo Operator
Dingo Operator Hace 3 días
Mark looks like the most badass old man ever
noah allard
noah allard Hace 4 días
I didn't think Mark was going to follow through on his peanut butter threat, guess Ethan is truly never seeing that capsule😂😂😂
reagan biediger
reagan biediger Hace 4 días
gotta agree with ethan on the hotdogs/sausages with cheese in them; they're so gross
Raven N.
Raven N. Hace 4 días
hey hold on this will be deleted by 2080..*click*
Rsbf Playz
Rsbf Playz Hace 4 días
You set off my Alexa and she gave an answer, I think you actually contributed to someone giving her the knowledge to answer that question
April Rodriguez
April Rodriguez Hace 4 días
12:55 holy shitt. thats pretty wholesome.
Dae Is pretty great
Dae Is pretty great Hace 5 días
momento mori everyone
Grace Thomas
Grace Thomas Hace 5 días
Of course Mark has a FNAF lunchbox
Angel Torres
Angel Torres Hace 5 días
beddar cheddar i don"t like them
Gergő Takács
Gergő Takács Hace 5 días
My Alexa actually picked that up and told me it's 1.25 billion years...
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher Hace 5 días
*Mark:* 0:30 *Me:* Legacy, what is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.
mistermanthe4th Hace 5 días
As a Wisconsinite from the same area as the central headquarters of Johnsonville who has tasted the Beddar Cheddar brats, I can conclusively declare that Mark is entirely wrong about those nasty tubes of processed cheese and meat. Never in the history of bratkind has injecting artificial cheese into an already perfect creation been a good idea. Do not listen to Mark's lies.
Grace Swanson
Grace Swanson Hace 5 días
I keep remembering how sad im gonna be when this channels deleted
JellyBOB7190 Hace 5 días
Ethans Time Capsule Placement Was Beautiful
Tyler Hensley
Tyler Hensley Hace 5 días
The letters were both so beautiful 😭😭
Tyler Hensley
Tyler Hensley Hace 5 días
i will now wonder for the rest of my life why Ethan has a literal bag full of sex toys
SoundOfSilence Hace 5 días
Ethan's message was really sweet. Bless.
imagine being a mouse
imagine being a mouse Hace 5 días
freddy fazbears pizza
i_like2_ sleep
i_like2_ sleep Hace 6 días
At 10:49 I got some huge office vibes 😂😂😂
memer screamer
memer screamer Hace 6 días
I’m not crying my eyes are sweating
•_• Hace 6 días
Did Ethan call a shallot a scallion...?
lea Hace 6 días
im sorry mark but you are a cult leader. you always have been. *you must open your eyes and face the truth that lay in front of you*
Vanessa Pang
Vanessa Pang Hace 6 días
Why do I feel like this is a farewell video at the end even though I know full well it isn't
Anonymous Hace 6 días
Ya know ethan was cool But after the hotdog statement He less cool There’s still time to redeem
LordDraevan Hace 6 días
Anyone else's Alexia answer that question when Ethan asked?
FrostedMocha Hace 7 días
1. seeing Mark be so happy about his thermos was adorable 2. both of their letters were so touching in different ways. i love these guys.
Llamax Panda
Llamax Panda Hace 7 días
8:43 Period. I foster a deep hatred for those
Matt Does Youtube
Matt Does Youtube Hace 7 días
Ethans letter sounds like he was one of the 21 pilots
Trinity Nunya
Trinity Nunya Hace 7 días
After Ethan said the Bedder with Cheddar sausages were disgusting, I went and ate two of them- the conversation made me start to crave them lmao
Phlixr Hace 7 días
Unus annus
untipped lid
untipped lid Hace 8 días
God mark still looks good even when he's old
Jolt of Lightnin
Jolt of Lightnin Hace 8 días
I feel attacked as an Annus with a bad memory
Pokebro Gaming
Pokebro Gaming Hace 8 días
Ethan's note to himself was actually very poetic and amazing while marks was very egotistical and funny, which shows the two sides of them both, which is honestly amazing
sunnA sunU
sunnA sunU Hace 9 días
Anyone going to tell them that this won't exist in 20i0
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor Hace 9 días
My f*cking Alexa answered Ethan's question...
Xander Pascua
Xander Pascua Hace 9 días
Lol the sex toys 😂😂
Sade Williams
Sade Williams Hace 9 días
Ok but like can we just take a moment to think about how sad it'll actually be when they die
zToxic Anime
zToxic Anime Hace 10 días
How am I supposed to open this in 2080 if it's gonna be gone by the end of the year?
superlolgal555 Hace 10 días
Ethan: has a bag of sex toys Fanfic writers: WHITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN!!!!!!
Big Ben Games
Big Ben Games Hace 10 días
I liked the part where mark and Ethan argued over the weiners
David Eldred
David Eldred Hace 10 días
If Ethan just started going "I am groot.... i am groot?... i am groot" when Mark said "repeat it back to me." That would have made my life. ROFL
Sebinsci Hace 10 días
Ethan is right those cheese hot dogs are disgusting
Jai-Lin McKelvey
Jai-Lin McKelvey Hace 10 días
Ethan’s letter almost made me cry 😂
Stephanie Gutierrez
Stephanie Gutierrez Hace 9 días
Same here
Chey Dragon
Chey Dragon Hace 10 días
Marks box is going to be horrible to open and it's going to smell so bad
Bubbly Chubbly
Bubbly Chubbly Hace 10 días
Ethan's letter made me cri.
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